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Sunday, November 27, 2022

AMEBO CHRONICLES - When The Jazz Clears..

Marriage is a beautiful thing and when you find that special person you pray for it to last forever. Don’t force love or go diabolical to tie someone down because one day the rope will worn out and loose.

These couple I know have been married for 24 years and have grown up kids. The wife is a nice dutiful wife and supportive of her husband even if he wants to ruin other people’s lives.

They both attend white garment church and course women go to church regularly and that was how she went for a fasting and prayer session for her children and the seer told her that her life was in danger and she might not live to reap the fruit of her labor.

The rituals to save her started and then she said her eyes cleared and she can’t remember marrying her husband because she was in love with a doctor guy but remember her husband was wooing her too. Ha!

The war began.

They fought every day and family, friends, neighbors and their children were confused over how a loving marriage of over two decades with love like titanic can become a war zone. She was not insane, she claimed and she wanted to leave. She moved out with her younger kids because the older ones were serving in another state.

Everyone was confused. Husband insisted he didn’t do anything to her and she was the one that even took him from the love of his life WOW

Few months later neighbors said they started seeing another woman sleeping over and the two were all loved up. What about the wife? She is at her new place and still insists husband used JUJU on her.

She fell sick afterwards and is still very sick.

The husband goes everywhere with the new woman and doesn’t care what anyone says. New woman is in her fifties and even has grandchildren.

They got married recently and the party was lit. Guess where the wedding took place? In the same neighborhood as the Wife’s family house. Husband married his Ex from when they were in their 20’s. He was seen dancing and happy.

I am confused. So who used juju for who?


  1. Overtake don overtake the overtaker...Fela.

  2. Omawunmi sef never get answer for this question o, if you ask me, na who I go ask?

  3. I think she did the juju, the fasting and prayer got her confused . This diabolical means ppl use to tie dia spouses ehn, hmmm God abeg no let desperation carry my legs land dia

  4. My big sister's friend in naija

  5. I overheard my big sister's friend over the phone advising her to tie and lock her husband. This friend is very active in church o! She was even telling her how strong and potent it is and bla bla, my sis travelled in August and didn't tell her CHAI!

    1. Thank God your sister is wise, she better cut every tie with that friend.

  6. He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High, shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty......... Father, Lord, Protect thy children always.

  7. Possible that neither of them “tied” the other. Confusion and mistrust may have come into the marriage from the prophecy given to the woman which ended up destroying the marriage. The prophecy became self-fulfilling. If you start looking for problems in anything, you will definitely find it. Church prophecy destroyed my own family and turned my parents against their children. By the time my parents found out that the prophecy wasn’t true, the damage had already been done. Keep your eyes and your mind very alert so you don’t use your own hands to bring destruction to your life.

    1. Exactly, some people dey problem with their hands. My father in-law likes prophetic church but thank God I married a man who doesn't believe in it. When he couldn't enter his son, he started bringing that leg towards me. I stood my ground and that was how we were free from him. I will share this story someday

    2. A thinking individual on this blog. Wow 👏 whatever you focus on persists. If people know this ehn they will only focus on and look for the Good in things

    3. I dunno why people will.make the mistake of putting their own destiny in someone else's hands, another human being o. Noone has the authority to prophesy rubbish in your life except you give them authority. Thats why you should decree and declare positive affirmations and things in your life and rebuke any negative you don't want. Even before demon can possess somebody it must be invited or see open pathways

    4. I believe this too. She must have been manipulated by the fake prophets

  8. No one jazzed anyone.

    The person that should be held accountable is the prophet .

    Is it that there is no more intelligent content you guys can bring? It is either jazz or similar content? It is becoming boring.

    Dear Stella,
    Please take note.
    Your columnists need to do better. They lack content and most are not creative, Kindly revamp and introduce new articles.



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