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Monday, November 21, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



To manage drivers is one of the biggest work challenge at work place, if you can manage drivers without any ISH then you can manage everyone. 

I am a female and i am of a small size, they look down on me since from the first day i was given that position to head the drivers. They are 15 reporting to me and i have seen like few of them give me my respect but few refused to listen to me and when i asked them to carry out an assignment they will tell me openly they will not do that.

 I need tips on how to go about making these people understand that i was placed there by the management and not by myself.

 I don't want to talk too much again, cos i keep on talking each time they disrespect me and that makes me look like a terrible supervisor. person. I want a new approach of talking less but having more actions to give. 

I need tips please, it is very urgent and i want to start acting before others join them if they find out i am not doing anything to those who disrespect me.

*Can you not report them to the management or over head Boss? Or send them to some kind of disciplinary committee?  Just to show them that you can deal with them if you want to...... But please be careful that they dont try to get rid of you by hurting you..
Report one or two of them directly to the Management that put you in that position.


  1. Report them to the management or issue them a query or suspend them for one week.

  2. Talk to management and get permission to suspend somebody
    Then issue the suspension. Don’t tell the driver you got the permission from management. Just call a meeting and say if these violations happen, you’ll be suspended without pay for ....days. Then wait. When someone violates just issue writtten suspension. They might go to management but you already got permission from management and if the bosses are serious about you being oga, the suspension will stand. After that, people will sit up. Worked for me. Good luck

    1. Simple!!!...once there are sanctions that affect one financially, they will adjust.

    2. Make sure you do this. Don’t back out. I had this same issue. Until I gave the ring leader query. They thought he was untouchable. Everybody adjusted immediately. Anyways I don’t need their friendship, just professional courtesy

    3. I won't subscribe to deduction from salary that is breaching one labour law and to avoid employee litigations..Just stick to issuing queries and ensure DC carries out the procedures.

    4. 17:35 lol what Labour law is that

    5. Which labour law? Suspension no dey carry pay nah. What then is the Suspension with pay?

  3. Simple...record them
    Talk calmly,say the right thingd,tell them youv e said whatever you are telling the person before. Don't say you are recording but put the camera in a position and angle they see you and know you are recording.
    This should get the sensible ones to behave properly but if pride pushes the fools to call your bluff,choose one person,the one that seems to be the head of trouble and report him,let the video be your main evidence.. In all these be calm relaxed.
    To earn your respect you dont need to shout or yell. I work in a male dominated environment,they respect a calm action lady in all these be respectful but mean every word you say.

  4. You reporting them to management is the one and only option here

  5. Just like when I was hired as HR…. The guys would disrespect me and refused to do their jobs because I’m a woman. I will talk and talk yet no change. I reported them to my boss one time and he was “maybe you are not fit to be in Human Resources if you don’t know what your job entails” My dear I started giving queries, I started asking accounts to cut out salaries from those who misbehaved or those who spoiled company properties. I tried not to fire anyone but the queries I gave them was enough to sit everyone up. I took charge by force. I stopped being overly friendly and was all about work and it helped. Stop talking and move to action. Don’t even threaten again. If you must give verbal warnings, give it with a stern and professional tone.
    That should work. Above all, pray for wisdom. God answers.. It is well with you.

    1. This is a good one. And most men especially the illiterate ones hate taking orders from female boss you have to show them who the boss is. If it means deducting from their salary

  6. Some men don't like to be boss around by famale supervisor. They believe women are lesser than them therefore they believe they can misbehave and get away with it.
    You need to show them you're their boss whether they like it or not. Serve them query and if possible report them to the disciplinary committee. Also when it's time for promotion don't recommend them due to their character failure.

  7. Be calm & stop talking too much. Start taking action, report them, make one a scapegoat and the rest will align properly.
    Also be very careful and smart to know when they are ganging up or planning evil against you.
    It could happen. Pray about your job

    1. Yea, cos in the end ta persons life is more key than a job

  8. First off issue out queries to them....So talking alone means nothing but action, I believe that you have spoken enough...1st verbal warning 2nd written warning 3rd Suspension from work..4th Termination/Dismissal..This is a case of misconduct right....

    So, issue them a query and give them an ultimatum to explain via email or written letter copy the HOD, HR and other stakeholders...Submit the responses to HR and then ensure they face the disciplinary committee of the organization...Please work with the HR team on this, whatever the outcome maybe...It will serve as a detriment to other drivers....This is the standard practice and make sure it is documented.

    You can read the book THE PRINCE by Niccolo Machiavelli...You need to learn how to combine different leadership styles in handling employees...All the best...

    1. Poster, implement these by Bv Phoenix.

      You need to reach out to your HR and know the company policy on things like these. If they don't have one, there is need to formulate one asap. It makes work easier for you and makes it look like you are not 'wicked' as I know it's what you are trying to avoid. After all, you are not the one that set the rules.

      You can also add these practical steps from someone who has being in your shoes before and delivered:

      - Don't be overly friendly with them. Accord all their due respect and keep it moving. -You need good communication skills. Don't start out conversations in a harsh and authoritative approach. Pass on your message calmly but sternly.
      -Dont shout or loose your temper Infront of them. If you need to 'talk' to any of them regarding their action or inaction, make it formal. That is, invite him to your office/desk and talk to him formally. Those in power don't shout, lest they look ordinary and treated so.
      - Organize weekly or biweekly meetings. Make sure the outcome is forwarded to your supervisor and/or implemented. These meetings should help them state their challenges/grievances and also helps them feel inclusive in the company.
      -Applaud good behavior but don't let bad behavior slide either.
      -Don't be afraid to be called tough.
      -Pray to God for wisdom
      -Read up different managerial approach.

      All the best.

    2. Poster, be prayerful and close when others close

  9. Some men have egos that profit them nothing.. lay down your rules without shouting and let them know the penalties. If you need to document instructions do that so it is on record. If they don’t obey punish in line with extant rules in your workplace. I am the youngest manager where I work and I work with subordinates who are older so I get that vibe from some people..honestly if you are too nice they will walk all over you and refuse to do their work which will in turn affect your own productivity…be nice, friendly and firm. I greet some of the older drivers and security men with sir because of their age but I also demand you take your job serious and I won’t allow you disrespect me too…

  10. Omo! If na man now them go respect am weda e tall or short.
    It's well.
    Pls report them to management.

  11. I was once in your shoes. I have a small stature with babyface but no one fit intimidate me oo.

    Poster, what I'll advice is maintain your standard with them. Keep a straight face all the time but smile when necessary. ( Do not give room for play play)
    Pls, after assigning a task to them and they did excellently well, always say a THANK YOU, very important. Always appreciate them for a job well done.
    Always respect your staff too, doesn't matter if you're the Head. This respect of a thing is so underrated! If you respect them, they wont disrespect you no matter what! But if they prove strong head, tell them in a command tone to do that work, else you'll make sure their salary will be deducted for that day.
    Do not let them make you feel intimidated.

    If you staff talks good about you, you are not doing your work or there's a conspiracy between you and your staff but if they keep murmuring that you're always shouting and boning, that means you're doing your job well.

    1. I disagree with your last paragraph, however I agree with the first and second. I feel they are contradictory.

      Any manager who does what you said in the first and second paragraphs, will earn respect of his workers, easily get them to do the work and respect company policies and on the same hand be in their good books. They will say good about you, something like 'He doesn't take nonsense but understands when necessary.'

      I feel the poster's story is one-sided, either she is arrogant (doesn't show the respect she is asking for, talks down on them), unnecessarily (wickedly) not considerate, she is partial (do not treat all workers on equal footing, has favorites); i.e plainly doesn't know her job. If you do any of these and you are really not the owner of the company, workers will make your life miserable, not to talk of drivers who by the nature of their job are rude.

      Talking from experience of who has been under a manager for long and recently now a manager.

  12. Have you become too familiar with them?, Reduce the familiarity!

    Able God

    1. This could be the reason, poster you need to reduce it completely.

  13. Madam, I don't just know what to tell you.. Anything, u want to do, just be careful abeg oooo

  14. Poster set boundaries.whether they are older than you or not,for the fact you have been placed over them,then they have to take instructions from you.if not, report them to the authorities in prayerful,the lord will grant you so much wisdom to tackle even more difficult situations.

  15. With approval from Management, Just develop a booklet of queries where you document their minor misbehaiours. It must have a duplicate copy you will put in the personal file. After 3 queries, give a stern warning. If misbehaviour continues, give suspension. After suspension , the ultimate follows. The one that will pain most is deduction from the salary. Follow company procedure and let the HR guide you if in doubt.

  16. Hmmmm I am actually enjoying this post. Poster lots of good advise.

  17. I can understand. I work with them but not directly. They can be very annoying, reluctant, nonchalant and yet if you pronounce judgement on them, they will being by saying you want to take food off their table. Very terrible set of people to manage.

  18. They need actions that show seriousness. Queries and suspension will surely reset their brains

  19. i manage bike riders and i can tell you i understand what you mean. First try to be calm and nice to them. Ask about there well being. if its not working. Openly scold one or two of them. if that does not work. If putting one on suspension for a day would not hamper operational activities, put someone on suspension for a day. You can just come to him and tell him to leave the office premises, the other drivers would beg on his behalf. Take about an hour before you accept and reinstate your position and authority

  20. Poster to manage male especially drivers is very difficult plus you are a female that will make them more stubborn. If you must get it right you need to be strike with them, stop playing with them, no more smile smile anyhow.

    You need to speak to your HR department to find out best ways to handle them..they are only disrespectful cos you are female, they feel you are too small to manage them . Poster you need to change your approach, stop talking too much and start acting like issuing queries on ever little thing they do. Do your investigation on the abuse of vehicles given to them and fire query without asking. When a person receives like 5 to 10 queries in one month tje person will advise himself to stay respectful.

    If you continue to be calm with them they will never respect you but once is a male heading that department boom you will hear them calling the person sir, sir.

    Lastly, make sure you follow the company's policy on insubordination at all times and always never discuss about your personal life with any of the drivers. Cos if you talk too much or gist with one of them, that one could be the same person selling you out to others.

  21. Drivers are actually senior agbero, to manage them eeee na wahala

  22. You should be firmer. If they won't follow your instructions then let them know they will be reported for insubordination. Their jobs are easy to replace in this economy, and there are millions willing and ready to come in and do their job without asking any questions.

    Carry yourself big, step strong and with a purpose. Be firm and straightforward if you look too timid and afraid they will test your boundaries. You got the position because you can do it, always remember that!

    I appreciate this different kind of chronicle from the usual romace woes.

  23. A lot of you keep saying...if its a male...they will respect him bla bla bla...

    This is not a gender issue. It's just your lack of management style. If you don't know how to will see things like this.

    Staff don't respect men if they don't have management skills. The only thing is....more men have leadership charisma than women so you all thi k it's because of their gender.


  24. I just believe, the people who work in corporate environments did not see this post.

    In a standard corporate environment, there are processes,procedures and policies guiding every action and inaction.

    As long as you are not working for one underbridge- anything -goes -maduagwu- and sons -group -of- companies, I suggest you follow them.

    What does your HR/Admin policy state?
    What are the sanctions stated for indolence, negative attitude that is detrimental to individual & collective work practices, poor work ethics, rudeness/insubordination etc?
    Read through and employ immediately.

    You need to nip this dirty behaviour in the bud fast other wise, because the drivers are testing you like all office bad attitude that is unchecked is like stage 4 cancer.

    It will spread and destroy like wildfire.
    Before you knowit these foolish people will be talking smack right to your face and challenging your authority.

    If they feel too old to respect a younger person who is in a position of authority, perhaps they should have achieved more with their life, so they can be oga whatever they go.


    *** Don't feel confident that management placed you there therefire blah blah blah. You never jam office politics. It just takes one person who doesn't like you, a gang up by these sane drivers and that same management will sack you with the speed of light.

    Protect yourself on all angles.

  25. Hi poster, I think you are going about the wrong way... unfortunately many uneducated men cling to the gender bias that men are better than women
    Anyways what may help call a departmental meeting with all the drivers and state the objectives of the conpany and ask them to profer solutions on how best to assign task etc. Then also punishments for not doing a task. Have an agreement drafted based on the resolutions of the meeting and they should all sign it. This should help a bit then don't go about being three boss. Be their friend, they will go all out to please their friend and not make u look bad.

  26. Issue them a query, they should respond in writing within 48hours, after they have been found guilty, recommend their suspension and have the duration of their suspension deducted from their salary.

  27. In fact, some drivers are always high. Don't be too harsh as the country is even "harshest" (new word alert). Let them know that you are aware of problems some families are going through, and that we need to be serious with our jobs so that it won't affect our families.

    You can grant them the opportunities to speak up concerning the challenges surrounding the job, just to draw them closer, at times you can cajole them but be wise and set boundaries too.

    Get approval from the mgt on the query issuance and let them know that the mgt has given you the authority to do so even suspension without pay. Also we are here to work and earn our money.
    To get them more close, always ask about their kids, wives and their well-beings.

    Apply wisdom always


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