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Monday, November 28, 2022

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - One Chance Cleaner


Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi! Na who dey haasee e!

Stellamangopapaya, how dey oraizin?! I hail o!

Wonder! Wonder! Wey turn to wanderer!

Na so i dey Mama Nedu side, small time her customer come...we gist and gist..

The woman been grow the area, but all her daughters just dey marry piam! Piam! Piam!

One inlaw even carry Toyota give the woman as better MIL wey she be. Boredom wan finish her for house, as husband don kpai teh teh!

Na as we sidon, one small boy waka pass, clothe don tatter nor be small!

Mama Nedu call the boy, she give him money, make he go use buy food and chop.

She ask if anor remember the boy mama?I say be like...

She ask the customer she say yes na! No be the woman wey dey clean people compound for area, before those developers begin convert plenty old bungalow to modern storey building.

I say wetin do the mother? Wey the pikin be like this?

Mama Nedu customer say,the time wey the boy mama be cleaner for face me i slap you, they nor dey gree pay her in time. Every week na kworeh! Tenants nor dey gree pay!

Na im one mysterious woman approach her say, she go help her find job for at least two of those new houses, wey the tenants get better job and go dey pay her well!*sideeyes!*

Small time, na im the cleaner woman sick no be small o! They carry her go from one place to another! Nothing work!

Na there her people find out say the cleaner woman, dey pack the sand wey she sweep from the entire house, carry and give the mystery woman wey connect her for the house job!

Customer say the mystery woman too na tenant for the other compound o. So she dey pack the thing to go use other tenant goodluck join her own.

I say chineke!

Mama Nedu say, na when one of the tenant younger sister pack enter the compound, wey she sabi fire midnight prayers till daybreak, wey she dey waka for balcony dey pray quietly for early momo join!

*be like the girl don sense some kain airforce activities for de oraizin!

Na im the cleaner woman, go sweep and pack prayer warrior sand and join general market!

Na from sleep Angel flog the cleaner woman come real life, wey stroke hollam. They say if she no go confess, she go die!

The landlord wey she wan carry the matter give say he no want make him tenants vex and ask for refund o! As they just renew rent. He no gree address the matter!

Na the cleaner woman small son go the compound begin confess wetin him mama do for the tenant wey he see that day!

Nna ehn...the mystery tenant wey dey collect sand from cleaner, don pack her load disappear after she don see say matter don turn yam pepper scatter scatter!

I say so where the cleaner now? They say she stii dey chop God buffet as punishment o!

Na her only pikin dey beg upandan, to carry food or money go house for her!


  1. 🤣🤣🤣 no be small God buffet 🤣 no peace for the wicked. Weldone Sisi.

  2. No peace for the wicked

  3. Alright....God abeg eh, evil too plenty

  4. Kai you dey manage, you come dey do evil join, No place for the wicked ones!

    Mummy Anthony-Clever

    1. She wan talk say she no know wetin the mystery woman wan carry the sand do? Finally, she no get the better work wey dem promise her, na sickness she get, she for wait for when God go answer her call or waka by herself go ask those people for big house if dem need house cleaner.

  5. This life no know who be who.

  6. The evil in some people's hearts ehn

  7. May God help and protect us all o!

  8. What is it with this sweeping and packing sand? Is this a new thing because I first heard about it from her last story.

  9. Everybody go reap wetin Dem sow,na that one sure me pass. I just Pitt the poor pikin wey Dom go use him head carry wetin him no know. God go help am and him mama

  10. You no go kee person abeg,she carry prayer warrior sand go general market gat me laughing out loud


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