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Friday, December 23, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Stella , I don't know where this falls into. But I need help, I need encouragement, I need prayers, I need kind words. 

Anxiety is eating me up and its threatening my Life. Fear, Palpitations.

 I got married 3 years ago and I had this before I got married. I had been trying to conceive and still I am very afraid too. I am pregnant now and I am so nervous cos I heard that anxiety and blood pressure will terminate it!! 

Stella I don't want to see me loose my baby, so I want to secretly go terminate it( stella I am dying slowly of anxiety) I will feel guilty loosing my baby from my stupid anxiety and blood pressure.(I will forever hate myself) 

Pls my BV's the more I fight my anxiety, the more it eats me up. I heard that anxiety terminates the baby and sometimes kills the mother? Is it true? 

I am just 1 week pregnant and my heart is really pounding fast. Pls be kind with your words cos I am too feeble to take some . Is there anyone like me on earth? Am I the only one going through this? Is this gonna make me hurt myself?

*Anxiety is this bad? what caused it? I have never heard of negative anxiety before and dont know what to tell you but please do not terminate your pregnancy by yourself..... Please...
Please breath slowly and calm down, nothing will happen to the baby!


  1. Nothing will happen to you or your baby, calm down and you will be fine, keep imagining how beautiful you baby will look, stop bothering yourself please

    1. Poster talk to Jesus. Listen to Christian songs, study the word of God daily and pray. All your fears will whisk away

    2. You are being too hard on yourself
      Don't terminate the pregnancy and i pray that something positive happens for you

    3. Please go and see a doctor. Anxiety is a medical case. It has a cure! My friend was only given one medicine that she takes once a day. She has been on it for over one year and is doing ok now. I don’t want to say the name of the medicine cos I don’t want you to self medicate. And also because you are pregnant
      PS. I’m a Pharmacist so I know what I’m saying
      Take this seriously please. You need to see a Psychiatrist or a Clinical Psychologist. Pls don’t be afraid to get help. It will save you years of torture and heartache. I wish you the best and try to be calm


    4. Let me now tell my story. My anxiety was crippling. I spent many nights in hospital just because of anxiety. The symptoms of mine always came like heart attack. What did I do? I went to therapy. It still happens once in a while but it's smaller and I learned some breathing techniques that really help.

  2. Please calm down poster. Don't terminate the pregnancy, it's a beautiful experience.

    Can you make reading of the Bible your daily routine, especially verses that dwells in God's promises to us.

    Sending you πŸ«‚

    1. Such person isn't in the right frame of mind to read and digest.. it happened to Me when I was pregnant. It stopped after medication

  3. Firstly congratulations dear, I cancel every spirit of anxiety in your life. YoΓΉ will carry your baby to full term and give birth in peace.

  4. I’m confused, so u won’t feel guilty if u use ur hand to terminate it but u will feel guilty if a sickness that you have no power over makes u lose ur pregnancy?

    Make it make sense pls.

    Pls see a qualified doctor, I’m sure there are treatments for anxiety

    1. exactly oo, poster, go and see a therapist or psychiatrist, there is psychotherapy for anxiety before we even think of medication

  5. Please discuss this with your doctor immediately.

  6. Make Jesus your friend.. Please, leave your environment and be with family. You need positive company to be free of negative thoughts.

  7. I pray for God's hand of mercy on your life ma. Why not try therapy and Try tuning to NSPPD every Monday to Fridays and the lord will visit you.

  8. There are medications for this. Go and see your gp as soon as possible for appropriate referral to a psychiatrist.

    Also if you are a Christian embrace the word of God like your life depends on it.

    I used to battle with so much fear in my life, some said it was because I’m melancholy and I almost accepted it but at some point it was almost debilitating I ran to Gods word. I had a real revelation of Psalm 23 that I had been reciting all my life and fear lost its hold on me whenever the thoughts came I reminded myself that the Lord is my shepherd, that even though I walked through the valley of shadow of death (literally) that I did not have cause to fear because the creator of the Universe was always with me, I ate up those worse day and night and gradually the hold of fear on me collapsed. Now I can’t remember the last time I had such thoughts

    Poster pls don’t touch that blessing. You will be fine

    1. That verse helped me overcame mine gradually too. Haaaa, I almost lost my mind

  9. You are not the only one. I can be this anxious, in fact when I was pregnant I was this anxious. It is a conscious to calm myself, till date. I'm so anxious that when my friends call me on phone, the first thing they say is " everything is fine", before I start panicking.
    You have to make a conscious effort. Breathe and count numbers. I count to 10 and backwards. Speak to your doctor too. All the best fam❤️

  10. I have experience with anxiety and panic attacks. I suffered from them for about four years. A number of things helped me.

    1. I realised that whatever I focus on will expand. That is the painful truth. The first thing to do is change your focus. Start meditating on and imagining good things. Focus on the good things in your life.

    2. You need to deal with the root cause of your anxiety. Anxiety mostly happens due to bottled up /suppressed issues and unresolved traumas we have experienced. If you need to forgive people, forgive them. If you need to forgive yourself do that as well. Remember that we are all human. And if we know better we will do better. Let go of any form of bitterness and anger. Stop ruminating on the bad things people have said to you or done against you. Create an atmosphere of thankfulness. I know it is difficult but it is doable.

    3. Anytime those thoughts come up, pick something you are thankful for and keep on thanking God for it.

    4. I can never underestimate the power of the Holy Spirit in my journey to becoming free from anxiety. Study the Bible, meditate on the words and overtime you will realise that there is no reason to be anxious.

    It is doable!
    You can come out of it!
    You will not loose that pregnancy!
    I believe in you!

  11. Discuss with your doctor.
    And please avoid been alone.
    God gave you what you prayed for.
    Don’t allow the enemy to steal from you.

    Are you sure you are not keeping others things away from us.

  12. Dear poster please hold on strong.
    You're not alone on this.
    I fall in this category too, I became anxious after I found out I have LVH at a very young age.
    I'm not married yet, and I get scared of telling suitors of this condition until i talked to my doctor about it. He told me I can get pregnant and have healthy baby but under monitoring.
    I totally understand the way you feel but please dear, talk with your doctor so you get maximum medical attention; you will pull through this.
    I've also learnt how to pray and cast all my cares to Jesus.
    You will be alright

  13. Babies are resilient. Your anxiety is more likely to hurt you than the baby
    The baby will do everything to stay alive
    So just take of yourself. Go study about how the baby kills your immune system so it can stay alive. Once you’ve seen that you’ll see that babies keep themselves alive

  14. Congratulations ma'am.

    Try and see a psychologist and a doctor.

    Then make daily positive affirmations your routine.

  15. Poster it is well. God has got you. Meditate all this verse: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” ~ 2 Timothy 1:7. Your baby will be fine and you will be fine. Listen to slow Christian music and mediate. Much love

    June 27th

  16. Abort what? Please poster don't try it o if not, that's even when you will hate yourself more.
    Please see a doctor asap because this here does not make sense "Stella I don't want to see me loose my baby, so I want to secretly go terminate it( stella I am dying slowly of anxiety) I will feel guilty loosing my baby from my stupid anxiety and blood pressure.(I will forever hate myself".

  17. Poster, are you telling the truth?
    Well, Confess your sins to God and you'll be saved. Move closer to him, read the word of God daily and gradually, the spirit of anxiety in you may disappear.
    Visit a qualified doctor too!

    If you really meant it, do not terminate the pregnancy, it will cause you more harm than good.

    You'll be fine πŸ™‚

  18. You need mental health help. They will teach you ways on how to control your anxiety. The only thing I know is the rubberband method, wear a rubberband on your wrist and when you start feeling anxious, pull it so it snaps back on your wrist, keep doing that until the feeling go away. But since you are considering an abortion for no real reason there may be more than anxiety at play in your mental world. All the best!

  19. Every advice given here counts. Pls hold unto them, and God will see you thr'.

  20. I have just one question for you.. or 2 at most..
    Will you keep terminating all your pregnancies??
    Why did you get married/intend having kids???

  21. I don't know so Much about anxiety but I know blood pressure can be controlled in pregnancy. You will be fine, just meet the professionals that can help you with these things

  22. Poster be strong you hear me, nothing will happen to baby. The devil is just putting those negative thoughts in your mind. I want you to always hold your tummy and decree, that you will carry your baby to term without complications and deliver like the Hebrew woman. Amen

  23. Pls see a doctor and have a discussion.
    God will help you.

    We await the arrival of your child in 9 months πŸ™ congrats

  24. You’re mentally unwell. You need to see a psychiatrist otherwise you gonna harm your baby or kids.

    1. Gbam. Problem is not even during pregnancy. My worry is after having the kids because you’ll experience mom guilt on some occasions where you feel you could have done better which might even trigger more anxiety. See your DR asap!

  25. Hmmmnn... you need to take things really easy on yourself and stop being afraid.find time to read the bible and be in the presence of God,its helps alot.Also spend more time with the father of your child.its well.dear.

  26. Sweetheart how can I be harsh when I deal with anxiety and panic disorder, It started 2years back when I was 23 years old.. it’s a beast trust me and when you share with someone they feel you are over exaggerating, truth is..people tend to underrate this health issue and make it look like it’s not a real problem, but I know because anxiety is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone cause it eats deep and leave its victim feeling drained, I suffered from severe palpitations also, I had severe insomnia thanks to it.. it’s like a vicious cycle with each depending on one another, I’ll stay like two days without sleeping cos once I want to drift away sleeping I am woken up from the palpitations, I’ll cry during the day and pray to God to take my life cos I was a coward to do that, but I just didn’t want to continue suffering this way for the rest of my life, I didn’t want to be a burden to anyone, my psychologist prescribed an anti-anxiety drugs for me as well as drugs for my palpitations and I was taking them but I wasn’t seeing the results till like a month plus before it started kicking in, and also i made conscious efforts to manage it, why am I telling you all this? To let you know you are not alone, you may feel no one understands you, but I do and your feelings are very valid.. also during this period, I reached out to people with my issues on SM and we spoke and encouraged ourselves.
    You have to make a conscious effort to manage it, talk to a psychologist, please don’t just take any anti-anxiety drugs without your dr’s approval especially as you are pregnant.
    I wish I could reach out to you and be your SM buddy till you feel better 😘
    You’ll be fine!! Your baby will not die, it’s all in your head, stop feeding your anxiety, starve those thoughts my love, and start preparing to be a mother 🀍🀍🀍🀍

  27. Poster talk to a psychiatrist asap. There are anxiety medications that’s safe for pregnant women. Also cut down drastically on white carbs such aa white rice, white yam and sugar. Use honey instead if you must. eat anything brown food or whole grain. Our local rice is even better. More vegetables/chicken. Infact, follow a keto diet but with healthy carbs since you’re pregnant. It’ll greatly decrease your anxiety level/depressed mood. White carbs/sugar spike up our insulin too quickly which might trigger serious anxiety in some people. Too much carbs in our system is a B*tch. If you terminate that pregnancy yourself, then get ready to have double of the anxiety that you currently have and guilt and shame because you’ve waited this long for a child. Get help, pray, Bible reading, see a professional therapist if you have the money and positive affirmations.

  28. My darling I think at this stage of your pregnancy connect to a good man of God who will be praying with you on daily basis.....all these are not just normal.i use to have one anxiety then,fear of the dark once it was 6pm down I have this anxiety clouding my mind.... believe me have to put it up in prayer point, it's been a year now I still don't know why the anxiety but I'm very fine and winning.

  29. My dear, those voices in your heart are lying. They are lying!

    I have dealt with severe anxiety and couldn’t sleep for days. I was dying.

    But I found a solution that works and have been working.

    Know this, the only one that can give peace from anxiety is the HolySpirit.

    Whether you are a Muslim, atheist, Christian etc, know that the Holy Spirit exists, and one of His fruits is peace!

    Read 2 Thesalonians 3:16.& Isaiah 26:3. Take a screenshot of them and always say it as a prayer anytime anxious thoughts come. Even if it is 100 times a day. Keep praying them over and over and over for your anxious thoughts.

    No long story, just recite the scriptures as a prayer. Go to God with His word. It works!

    I have peace now and I can assure you the Holy Spirit works.

    Take care dear.

  30. We lost our first pregnancy to anxiety too or maybe that’s how God wanted it but anxiety can affect wife shook it off and went about her normal business the next time she got pregnant again and he’s about to turn 6 now.Just calm,if don’t have any complications,i’d advise that you go about your regular business till you are heavy but don’t put yourself at risk too.

  31. Dear poster, please if you can afford it,. please visit a therapist..I don't know how effective these therapists are in Nigeria, but anytime I feel nervous like this, I just turn to comedy. Watch skits that would make me laugh till I'm tired of watching them. And if I'm done watching them I start imagining stuff like myself in a beautiful house with kids and a devoted husband. Working a very stress free Job that pays well etc..just the good stuff. These things make me relax. Please apply these things and see if it works for you

  32. Fear is what I think you are nursing oo.

    Consciously snap out of that room of fear through prayer, positive and loud confessions of what you desire to see in your life and marriage...

    One of the characteristics of fear is to make sure you have a complete dose of what you fear.

    So whether you are alone or in group speak loudly what you expect and cancel loudly what you don't expect.

    DON'T FORGET, Satan will still try to intimate you even with the aforementioned. But keep moving strong in it, seasoned with praise and dance.

    IT WORKS!!!
    Congratulations on your victory.

  33. You aren’t the only one poster
    I am battling severe anxiety that gives me general body weakness and heart palpitations and I don’t know how to fight it
    Please help

  34. You have been looking for a baby for three years. You have been pregnant for a week and instead of being ecstatic, you feel so much anxiety that you want to terminate? Please help me make some sense of this analysis. Is your hubby not ttcing with you? Or does he have kids? In a Naija marriage, your hubby must have been feeling some pressure to try his sperm elsewhere for 3 years now. Don’t worry, terminate it. Just make sure your husband never knows you ever did.

    1. Don't display ignorance of how mental health works

  35. Looks like your have something called generalised anxiety disorder which some times manifest with symptoms such as feeling of impending doom,palpitations, chest tightness and feeling short of breath.
    Speak to your doctor. They should also check your thyroid levels as it can also cause palpitations.
    You should also know that palpiations is common in pregnancy and stops following delivery.

    1. Anxiety palpitations are something else.

  36. I do not get this post, you want a baby, you are a week pregnant and somehow you won’t be anxious to terminate it. No offense, can you confirm that you are one week pregnant first then go for treatment? Anxiety can create the symptoms of pregnancy so you need to see a mental health professional as that is your real need at this point in my opinion.

  37. Stella anxiety is bad. My daughter has it and when she starts it’s like she’s having a heart attack. She has therapy now and it’s getting better. I know when she starts having children I will have to be around her to help her through. It’s a horrible disorder.


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