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Saturday, December 24, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



Hello Mrs korkus, season's greetings please I need your red pen as well as the black pen of your beevees

I had only returned home for the holidays few days ago to witness a traumatizing occurrence.

My elder brother smokes, he's been on it for many years almost ten years, but three days ago we found him shivering in his room, we were alarmed and rub him aboniki balm etc.. when we offered to take him to the hospital, he refused and became defensive almost aggressive and so we left him...

Sometimes he'll be alone in his room talking... laughing...making funny sounds. He moves things in the house from one place to another....he can even suddenly put on Torchlight on someone's face and be peering into the face, you know, those kind of behaviors...

I studied psychology and so I deduced all of those are symptoms of substance abuse withdrawal, perhaps he's suffering from substance induced psychosis probably he's trying to stop taking it resulting to these symptoms..

He usually has moments when he behaves that way, sometimes he's normal... He keeps to himself and does not eat(zero appetite) he has poor hygiene too...

I only see these acts in movies but my brother behaving this way right before my eyes is traumatizing for everyone at home.

My mother poor mother is beginning to be affected by all of these; I've been trembling since COS we don't know what to do

We need help! How can we manage his withdrawal symptoms?

Will it stop permanently?

What can we do?

We've booked an appointment with the doctor, we don't know if he'll be willing to go or we'll have to use force!

I came home to enjoy Christmas not these...

We need prayers too.

Thank you for you. God bless

*First off... Your brother needs to be removed from home as he is too dangerous to be in an environment with normal people.. he needs to be in a rehab home where people who understand him and can help him recover... He might wake up one day and decide to kill everyone.
I am so sorry this is happening but your analysis is so correct....
Arrange and get him to help center where he can stay until he recovers....
All the best!


  1. Rehabilitation center straight waste time at all ...He needs special attention

    1. please act forcefully and help him to rehabilitation center. It is well

    2. A family friend I had went through the same from substance abuse.
      He even read the whole Bible in a day without eating or drinking anything.
      They had to catch him and forcefully inject him, he slept off and the next time he woke up he was in the hospital.
      Maybe you can try the same.

      Push up (original)

    3. Poster, you’re living in denial because of stigmatization.
      Your brother’s problem isn’t about withdrawal. He is likely to be schizophrenic. Get him to a psychiatrist. After assessment and evaluation, he will be placed on a monthly medication.

  2. Remove him from home and use force if necessary.
    Doesn't eat and poor hygiene- act fast.

    1. You cannot force him. There's something called informed consent.

    2. Anon 17:53, Yes you can force him cos he isn't himself. If someone is having a mental breakdown, they aren't in a position to give consent. Get strong boys to tie him up and take him to psychiatric hospital so they can accurately diagnose what the issue is and you can be sure of what you are treating. Act fast, mental illness gets worse when left untreated for a long time, no matter what induced it.

    3. A person who is experiencing active psychosis cannot give informed consent

    4. He is incapable of giving consent.
      So family can act in good faith.

    5. Mental capacity fluctuates in mental illness, be it acute psychosis, schizophrenia, dementia or whatever!
      If you follow the poster's story, you will see she mentions there are times he acts normal. So yes, there are lucid intervals!

      The more a mentally unwell person is involved in their own care the better, else they can relapse, disrupt or refuse to engage with the treatment process which is more frustrating for the family and I've seen this happen over and over again.
      This "force force" you guys are mentioning is one of the major reasons why there is a lot of failure in mental health care in Nigeria.
      Everyone needs to be treated with dignity regardless.
      I recommend you speak to a psychiatrist ASAP for the best way forward before bundling him to wherever. In the meantime have a family member keep an eye on him and keep away/hide dangerous weapons like knives etc.

      I speak as a doctor who has done some years of work in psychiatry!
      Poster, Sorry, I don't have any recommendations as I didn't work as a psychiatrist in Nigeria.
      I wish your brother finds help soon.

  3. Thanks so much Stelly korks, your words are so soothing. Remain blessed 🙏❣️

  4. OP you are in denial, who told you he is trying to stop? Yes i know about withdrawal symptoms but if he was withdrawing, he would mention. Your brother is very much on drugs.pls take him to rehab or a teaching hospital. Pls do so very fast, good luck!

    1. I also don't think he is withdrawing. I think he is getting worse. This is make or break time because he has to learn to stop now, or else.......... Definitely he can't do that on his own,and will need help during withdrawal. So a rehab center with professionals is a good option. Have you tried discussing his situation with him? May God see you all through, such things are painful and affects everyone in the home.

  5. You might need to give him sleeping med through his meal, then move him unconsciously to where he can get the necessary help ASAP.

    Delay is another form of danger right now.

    May the balm in Gilead restore the health of your brother. Amen

  6. Sorry dear that is sign of substance abuse pls Carry out all that Stella said to the letter,all thighs been equal ,he will be ok in Jesus name

  7. Your brother is a drug addict oooo.Take Stella's advice and do it fast fast. He needs to be taken to hospital ooo before he slaughter you people!

    1. Pls we don't call them drug addict! He is a drug dependent person (ddp). Thank you

  8. Well, Stella is right. He has to be taken 'by force' to a psychiatric center or rehabilitation center. He doesn't have to be told he's going to a hospital, You can say you're going somewhere else and before he knows what is going on, he's in front of a doctor. Sounds like substance induced psychosis. Maybe he started smoking more than weed, though weed also causes psychosis but you say he has been on that for long (I assume that's what you mean when you say he smokes).

    You people arent safe with him at home so he needs to be taken to a psych center ASAP so y'all can find out what he's on and initiate withdrawal in a controlled environment and he can be on appropriate medication.

    1. Sentimental attachments, trivializing and outright denial has gotten many loved ones killed or maimed. He is a danger to himself and your old parents. Sorry that is not your brother, he is in that sick person (mentally unwell) somewhere, but he can't emerge without continuous treatment. Right now his brain has been rewired by the thrash he is /was taking and the junk is in charge. Get him help and get it fast.

  9. Poster, unfortunately your brother's symptoms are those of substance abuse NOT withdrawal.
    Family needs to find a rehab to get him cleaned ASAP especially with his consent, as there is a high chance of relapse if he is forced. Also back this up with prayers for him.
    You can seek advice from the psychiatrist at Yaba, Lagos for good centres or any other psychiatrist around in the first instance and go from there.
    I hope your brother recovers well.

    1. Also understand that relapses are expected and normal but it is the going back on the wagon and keep going that matters the most
      Prepare your parents and your mind towards that reality. Stop the analysis paralysis and get off your behinds to make a an quickly to help him. Forget trying to cover up family secrets and just do what is best for him. Keeping up appearances is an African useless problem that shouldn't be your priority
      To hell with what people will say, just do the best for your brother

  10. Please listen to Stella and take him to rehab

  11. Nobody really knows what’s wrong with him
    He may just be acting out and talking to his TV
    Take a step back and observe him . Black boys are too easily labeled

  12. It's well..... this is a difficult one,may healing come for him

  13. It's simple. Take him to rehab and also continue your of luck!

  14. You need to force him to a rehab center for proper treatment, Is not time for you to ask him let us go to the hospital but is time to forcefully take him to the hospital for better treatment.

    Your brother is not well at all, you people should help him out cos he doesn't know what he is doing. Who will see death and still move to that direction. Prayers is also important at this moment so that the right medications can be given to him.

  15. You mentioned he smokes? Smokes what exactly? If it is just cigarettes, then there are far more worrying underlying issues.


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