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Friday, December 30, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative....



I met a guy one evening who happened to be my neighbor which he didn’t know about it till we exchanged numbers and I left.

 While on bike I remembered his name but his contact was showing his company name. He didn’t call me till after 3 days so I tot he had found out I am his neighbor. We spoke very well and I told him I am his neighbor, I do chat him up for unit money cos we share one meter for pumping machine.

 He confirmed that he didn’t save my number which I can tell if he did or not. Now we are friends, we chat and make calls but nothing is between us. His friend like a brother was my guy and that guy has travelled out of naija, before he left we went apart not like we fought or had any issue. 

When he got to the aboard he only send me a message that he has left naija. I responded what next with us and he kept smiling, I then said you don serve me breakfast but he said nope.

 Few days later I discovered he blocked me on WhatsApp but I didn’t say anything rather than to concentrate. I feel he will be thinking we are no longer in the same class or level. Now the friend I met knows he was my guy but I am worried why is this one close marking me. 

He hasn’t asked me out but I want to put an end to this chat and call before he will ask me out. I don’t know if he wants to waste my time too or see if I am a cheap girl. 

Should I end the calls, chat cos both could be talking about me. Is possible my ex told his brother/friend to come try me? . Should I ask him why he is coming to talk to me or what.? I am entering new year and i don’t have strength for drama. Mind you I don’t have feelings or desperate for a man. 

Just want to know what I should do to this my neighbor.

Hmmm you are talking with your ex' friend and you are worried about what he might be up to? He has not even asked you out so why so nervous? wait until he asks you out and dont put an end to anything cos you dont know the role this man will play in your life.....Just be courteous and be yourself....
If you really want to do something about this then have a conversation with him about your ex and see what he has to say.....


  1. Dude is playing to the gallery, he will shift your pant if you loose guard.

    1. Dear poster
      I don’t see a big deal in being cordial or even friends but if you know you catch feelings to easily kindly let him go.

      If however you become friends and after a long time it blossoms into something meaningful that’s fine cus people have met their better half’s in different ways but that hardly happens

      If he gives off the vibes of being interested in you for something sexual kindly throw him away. Everything is in your control and it depends on how you handle it. We women are always in control but we catch feelings too easily

      Push up (original)

  2. Dear Poster,

    Don't end the friendship with ur ex friend, remember he's ur neighbor you might need his help tomorrow. Just don't get carried away.

    1. And don't let him eat the cookie ever, it might be a test from the abroad guy.

  3. You said you and your ex broke up before he left Nigeria so why did you have to ask him “what next with us”
    It’s possible he didn’t ask his friend/brother to try you, but that should not be a problem.
    I just feel you low key want to get back with your ex 🤷🏿‍♀️you are trying to be xtra careful with your neighbor.
    Bunch both of them. Stick with being just neighbors and put a stop to the unnecessary chats.


    1. She said, there was no issues, he sent her a message to tell her one day that he is in the abroad, that's when she asked, what next

  4. Your ex friend/brother? And you think/feel he doesn't know you. I doubt

    Follow Stella advice mbok. "Just be courteous and be yourself ". Allow things play out naturally


    1. You are right, poster just be cordial and that's all.

  5. Poster just calm down and follow this guy step by step to see what he is up to. But never you give him unnecessary space before he will take advantage of you and want to do something.

    Be nice to him since he is your neighbor but never you fall yakata for this dude. Discuss about you and your ex with him to see his reaction, let him understand you had something with your else his friend abo brother. Please shine your eyes.

    1. Ex and her didn’t officially break up. They just weren’t like before ie they went apart
      She’s worried ex travelled and told his friend she’s now single and available and he should go chop

  6. Poster, if you know you cant wait for him to ask you out, discuss with him about your ex and hear what he has to say. From the conversation, you'd be able to deduce if they planned it or not.

    You need to be careful of guyz like this, they have nothing to offer than to use you and serve breakfast, but if you must date him, do not give him your cookie, it's very important, he'll be the one to lose in the end.

    Lastly, Do not allow them to play with your emotions, those guyz are not worth it at all. Best is to maintain a distance relationship with them if at all you'll need their help in the future.

  7. Don't end whatever thing you have going on with him now.
    He might have genuine intentions towards you.

  8. OP i would say act like a lady, think like a man. A gentleman would never have anything romantic to do with a girl his bro/friend ever dated. That is a bro code these guys never break. I think he is trying to be mischievous here. You see why these guys look down on us, the moment they say hi, u are already planning wedding in ur head. This guy is just being a friendly neighbour but you are already planning a relationship in ur head.
    My advice, please keep it cordial and turn down any love advances from him. Himself and his friends aint the only guys in this life. If he asks you why you turned him down, tell him because you had a romantic relationship with his brother-like friend.
    Another unsolicited advice, please avoid neighbourhood romantic relationships, e get why.

    1. Nah lots happily married to friends ex

  9. Since you and this guy are friends and you guys Chart a lot I think you should just bring up the gist about this your ex and watch his reaction. Who knows may be his own intention towards you is genuine. Just be careful.

    1. Afi chart. Pie chart ni. Mtscheww 😒

  10. Stick to been just neighbors,nothing else.

  11. Well,I will advise you to play along with the guy, he may have genuine intention towards you but pls no intimacy yet for now. He should define what type of relationship he's willing to keep with you. hopefully,it may lead to marriage. Good luck dear.

  12. Don't date anyone near you. Be careful

  13. I have a different take to it. Keep being friends with him and continue with the chat. U can't tell if he is ur husband. Date him if he ever ask, just no off pant. But, u offend no one by dating him and if possible, marry him. So, if a person has dated person he becomes off limit, says who?

  14. Poster, listen to me. Guys are hardly expressive or come direct about what they want until they know it's the only way.

    I don't see this your neighbor being your husband, do not try bringing conversation of your ex up, that doesn't concern you both. All these have a heart to heart talk, full blow Convo, who send us sef? They DON'T work with men in this part of the world!

    Let him see you go about your normal life, give room for potential dates worth your time.

    If he wants you, he should make his intentions known, I repeat don't bring up the talk with him. Let him go back to being your neighbor, only reply when he greets you.

    Good luck

  15. I believe you should be cordial with him. Wait till he asks you out and if you are feeling his energy, u can give him a trial. Any man that wants to marry you will marry u irrespective of whether you sleep with him or not. To be on safer side and to avoid the feeling of being used use super glue to close your legs.

  16. You had better food your slippers under your armpit and run.
    Some one you were dating, relocated abroad and did not tell you until he got there.
    As if that was not enough to show you how he placed you, you were still asking what next? LMAOOOO.
    This one has only come to chop his own portion and clean mouth o. Run o.
    Its like you don't know Nigerian men.
    Run o.
    Before they turn you to neighbour hood pzssy.

  17. Be very careful before they set you up.


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