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Sunday, December 04, 2022

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



I’m exhausted and tired of eve
rything ……. 

My mum and I are being attacked spiritually, for years I used to think my mum was just being over religious and spiritual but mehn (iye mi ti shi)
 I’m now aware of what is going on! 

We’ve prayed, fasted gone for deliverances …… there was a time we were going for mfm deliverances every 2 months ….. still nothing has changed for almost 10 years as if one is struggling backwards! 

Any pastor we go to meet for counseling once they tell us visions and prayers to pray, next time we try to contact him/her they just stop talking to us or picking our calls like they were warned not to help us or something ….. at first I thought it was just coincidence but it has happened one too many times that I am now convinced they’re being chased away!

 Later we decided, no more pastors let’s just be praying by ourselves, still nothing has changed! 

Imagine my mum at almost 70 is still doing dry fasting for days, I’ve begged her to stop but she’s just so worried about our situation and now her health is being attacked, she has gone for several tests at the hospital both private and general, nothing was found! 

We pray every time, fasting and vigil at least 3 times a week, I’m on NSPPD and other prayer alters EVERY morning for 2years same as my mum but it’s as if God has forsaken us! 

I’m now so worried for my mum, Please does anyone know any genuine man of God (please not ogboni or occultic pastor) please drop a comment so I can send Stella a mail or something. We don’t need financial help just counseling and deliverance from this spiritual battle!

AH!!!!..Please dont send me mail oh... THE comment section will have enough details for you to work... God will see you and yours through in Jesus name.


  1. Poster start from the beginning
    What is it exactly that you’re praying for?
    Cause in this life not Everything is prayer and fasting
    The Bible says wisdom is profitable to direct. So again what are you asking of God

    1. Please don't be angry....can you just try going to shiloh.....if you are in lagos just go to the otta or you can watch to any winners branch and participate but be in church and also go for the specialized sessions. It's starting Tuesday to Saturday. Just expect God to speak to you, go with expectation and trust God to come through for you. I'm sure God will speak to you. You are not going to meet any particular pastor but go and look for God there. I know you will find Him there. Just try.

    2. You can join midnight prayers by pastor Vincent Greg by 12:am

      Or visit his presence embassy in auchi Edo state
      Everything you are going to. Will come to an end.

    3. Good question anon.

    4. My dear poster , I understand your plight! Is high level demonic attack from the heavenlies, networking with witchcraft powers of your foundation, and there are high level witches and wizards in your family. Most of the Pastors and Prophets in Nigeria do no have capabilities for long battles , if you don’t have money to be sowing seed; and like you said the powers go and warn them. It’s consistent warfare that destroys their activities. I did not detect the trend early enough until I almost committed suicide abroad! The powers wait until you want to enter your greatness!!! Even me I almost killed myself with fasting! I even went to prayer city and it was as if they positioned their agents there. Look for a MFM branch close to you; most times there are firebrands in those kind of branches! Leave your mum to fast but until 12pm daily, the fasting helps. The favor I have is when a Pastor is tired or is warned ; God reconnects me to a Pastor with higher authority. Once you are alive, you have hope. Hang in there , thank God your Mom can fast, but let her break early and have at least 2 heavy meals a day , she will need the energy to pray. Always be in the mood of praise, prayers and worship. Stop telling people your problems, especially friends and family, except the one you can really trust. Most times these set of people are the agents taking back your information to their covens. Most of all change environment if possible. Most importantly know that God is more than able. Most Nigeria prophets, they will almost wreck you with sowing of seeds. They only see, no solution, you will only have brief relief, but with a dedicated Mfm team, you will get victory, if you see the team in the Mfm branch is getting fed up, change to another branch with a fresh team. Just like how they transfer cases from coven to coven, you too transfer them from prayer team to prayer team. Now them they see me run now. You will have complete victory if you can follow this strategy. Shalom

  2. It's well with you, poster.
    Pls look inwardly and see if you can see anything wrong within.

    See if you are talking or associating with the wrong people.

    Pray for yourself.
    Seek God in truth and in spirit.
    You will be fine alongside your mama.
    God be with you 🙏

  3. Sometimes you just have to chill and change strategies. I dunno the attacks ye are having spiritually, you just have to chill and do something differently. Sometimes the stress of moving from one pastor to the other is telling on your mom, she needs to relax, cos your lives look hectic. If with all the deliverances, prayers and fasting, nothing works, change your plans.

    1. If our government were providing the barest minimum, tell me why a 70 year old woman will be dry fasting. I don’t know what is happening poster, but whatever the evil is, they let your mum live until 70 years. It’s either your prayers are working or nobody is chasing you

    2. Once people have done blood test, in their mind they’ve done everything. How many organs have you had mri scans for?, CT nko?, cancer screenings nko, tissue biopsy, Pap smear, etc etc

    3. Just attend Sorting Out program.. Google Living Faith Foundation Sorting Out.
      Or attend Sanctuary of Grace 46b Morrison Crescent off Kudirat Abiola Way, Ikeja..

      You will be fine

  4. What is the spiritual attack about?

    1. She implied retrogression/ backwardness/stagnancy and failure.
      Poster pls hold on to God and stop visiting these pastors/prophets.
      Most of them don’t want to relate with you after the first visit maybe because you didn’t drop enough seed/offering.
      Know God for yourself, you are a prophet too.
      The Bible says in this world we will have tribulations but we should be of good cheer cos He has overcome the world.
      He never promised a trouble free life but victory and triumph over them.
      Any Pastor who tells you you shouldn’t have trials because you are a child of God is deceiving you.
      Jesus Christ too had his trials and temptations from men and satan himself.
      Be steadfast in prayers, praise God ALWAYS, study the scripture pertaining to your case and confess them regularly.
      Fellowship with the brethren at a church of your choice and remove your focus from your problems but fix them on Jesus.
      Sadly, the Bible says the poor will always be among us though I don’t wish this on you.
      Have a relationship with the Holy Spirit not for what you stand to gain but because you love God.
      Stop glorifying your problems but God and see what will happen.
      I apologize if my assumptions are wrong.

  5. I don’t know what it is but stand still and see that He is God...

  6. Shiloh 2022 starts 6th December, you can partake in the morning and evening sessions at any living Faith Church near you. Just believe God will settle the Issue via Shiloh and surely He will. God bless you.

    1. I know peop that have gone to Shiloh year after year with the same problem
      Infact one of the first times you hear of Shiloh in the Bible, it’s because a woman named Hannah had gone there year after year with the issue of barrenness. No crusade is an instant solver of all problems. Such is life

    2. @18.22, your assertion is true, infact too many carry over problem from year to year, it can be frustrating most times, but the good news is God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him. The poster has not to lose by giving Shiloh a trial who knows the day of God visitation.

  7. It is well with you and your mum.
    God still answers prayers. He never fails and He will never change.

    You possibly don't need to visit any powerful pastor, whenever there's need for that God will direct one your way.

    Midnight prayers help a lot in this kind of situation.
    Make sure you are always awake before 12 midnight and pray your way into the new day.
    Frequently observe vigils between the hours of 1am and 3am; reading Psalms, praising God and praying.

    Whenever you're praying prepare your mind - that God is right there, hearing you and seeing you, and that He is the only One who can help.

    Read Hebrews 11:6 *with understanding.

    I pray for you that God will send you help.

  8. Sit down with your mum. Have a serious heart to heart with her.
    Tell her to think far back. Did she commit a crime or help someone commit a crime that they covered up, or wrongfully blamed someone else for? Did she impact someone's life negatively, and their soul is holding your mum, "wanted"?
    I have a feeling all your problems will cease after a genuine confession.

    1. Seconded. To add to this, praise is all you need now, you have prayed enough,be grateful for little things,be grateful for big things like life and good is well with your family

  9. Firstly, give your life to christ..
    Secondly, dedicate your time to studying the word and ask God for revelation.
    Thirdly, I am inviting you to Shiloh..if you can, be on ground at Canaanland, attend the special classes related to your case.
    Please don't just attend. Believe in your heart and confess with your mouth that you are not returning the same.

  10. Try to meet Dr Olukoya of MFM directly

    1. Every child of God can pray, but ONLY God can answer prayers. He said “He will have mercy on whom he will have mercy”. Here is my one cent counsel:

      1. You & your mom should repent from every known sin, pleading the precious blood of Jesus that was shed to cleanse us & justify us. God is under no obligation to bless us in our sin though he often does. Many of the flaunted “financial stuff” you see around is not from God. “Satan is the prince of this world”, remember he offered to give Jesus the world if “he would bow to him” so do not be desperate for money.

      Read up the prayer of David on wealth, it’s to be upper middle class or affluent but not to the obscene point where many idolize money.
      2. Talk to your mom. Probe deeply and ask her questions about your conception, birth, early years, if she ever visited jazz places or did evil against anyone etc Many people do stuff that ends up affecting their descendants negatively. That’s why I pity those who will do just about anything to have money in today’s Nigeria! The devil has no free gift. He operates a “primitive trade by barter” giving you money but taking away something much more precious even for generations. Both of you should repent & attend the deliverance sessions at Prayer city or headquarters.

      Ask God to forgive you every sin, yours, parental & ancestral sins in Jesus Name. Ask God to have mercy on you in Jesus Name. The prayer for mercy works when everything doesn’t seem to. Praise him & plead the blood of Jesus asking God to have mercy on you.

      3. See if you can book an appointment with Dr Olukoya. He is always fully booked even abroad. Some travel just to see him here as I hear it’s easier but try attending corridor prayers. I have trust issues when it comes to some pastors but his sincerity humility & the deliverance anointing on him from God is evident. What Dr Olukoya usually does is listen to you, pray with you & give you Bible verses with prayer points specific to your situation to pray at home.
      4. Buy “ The prayer of Jehu” by Dr Olukoya online & pray the prayers as prescribed in the book. Remember Jehu was the one that executed God’s judgement on Jezebel the wicked wife of Ahab & everything she represents, evil.

      5. Life is never going to be without challenges but Jesus said be of good cheer, he has overcome. Tell your mom to stop the fast & start midnight prayers instead do she doesn’t develop peptic ulcer disease or nutritional deficiencies. I fasted till I developed peptic ulcer that required intravenous PPI to resolve oftentimes! The thing about mfm is that it’s not “microwave commissioned I-will-fast-for-you place”, it’s a DIY ministry so you will pray & fas your way to breakthrough. I feel sorry for those who say there is no spiritual warfare or those in developed countries are immune.
      Are you an only child? What of the others if any?

      6. Join a house fellowship in mfm, volunteer your home for Bible study for “the blessing of Obed-dedom”. He took in the Ark of covenant & his entire household was blessed because of it. Read 2Sam 6:11..” Because of the ark, Obed-Edom saw blessings everywhere in his family, on his crops, & everyone felt peace & joy in his house” Remember if you please God, your enemies have no choice but to be at peace with you”
      7. Always pray God’s word to him. He “magnified his word above his name”. God you said “I will be the head and not the tail, you said you are the one that promotes, that you give us power to get wealth, that the lawful captives of the mighty shall be delivered etc.
      8. Praise him until something happens. He LIVES in the praises of his people & in his presence there is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures for evermore. He will give you grace & glory and will not withhold any good thing from you in Jesus Name.

      8. Be kind & generous to STRANGERS. I have given enough to build multiple houses to relatives over decades but it’s never enough.
      Finally be patient. One challenge leaves, but the solution remains God through Jesus Christ. May he come through for you in Jesus Name. Amen

  11. You have to try another pattern.. Try all night worship or praise and use the blood of Jesus regularly , sprinkling it around your house and drinking it , as you indulge on it declare you are redeemed by the blood of Jesus (declare the word in Exodus 12:12) read the word of God regularly . The Lord will fight you .and yours .You can also attend Shiloh at any viewing center close to your place , it commenced on Tuesday 6th December 7pm .

  12. Poster everything is not deliverance, seek solution in other ways. It might be a foundational thing. Give Ceaser wat belongs to Ceaser and have peace of mind. Try separate yourself from your old foundation. May God see you through. It's well with your soul

  13. I support the comment on midnight prayers. One thing people forget is they pray and pray with no scripture to back. Make reading of thd bible a must in your life and pray with it. midnight prayers is the best solution

  14. Poster is it only your mom's health that is being attacked?
    How about your life generally, are things working the way they are supposed? your finances, relationships nkor? if yes, then continue prayer, don't get tired, do you know what would have become of you people if you gave up long ago? GOD is doing things and the enemy is putting bad thoughts in you to make you feel like God is not working.
    It may be your foundation, family house. Don't relent, continue, make sure you live in obedience to God...
    Try take your mind away from seeing these things as spiritual attack by any human.
    Face God and he will show up soon enough.

  15. I advise you connect to the Deeper Life Global Crusade every last Thursday of every month. By faith in God, you will be delivered

  16. Poster since you and your mum has done prayer and fasting nothing is working, you have gone for deliverance still nothing is happening. I will say you should change the method, why don't you start praising God instead of prayers.

    You can praise him daily or have a 1 hour daily praise time without you asking for anything but only praise him. Remember when you do for God what he cannot do does himself, he will so for you what you cannot do for yourself.

    I don't want you to start looking for a church that gives prophecy before it lands you in trouble. I was invited by one church and I decided on my own to attend that church one Sunday. The church is a small one but the pastor gave me prophecy like twice.

    Cos of how he engaged me with his wife after service I left my dairy in the church. I went on Tuesday so that after the service I will pick up my dairy. Do you know the pastor added me all their what app group chat and asking me to leave my church and join his.

    I wasn't in town last weekend this man has been calling just to be sure I will. He has seen my skin color and feels my salary is big for tithe, offering and more member. He has been calling since yesterday I refused to take his calls because I jave told him I cannot leave my church. I have blocked his what app call but left his calls coming.

    Saying this before you will go and add more problem for yourself. Just stay where you are and keep trusting God. Change what you have been doing and see if things will change.

    Most churches and pastors no longer care about salvation but offering, tithe, members, we all have to be careful while seeking for solutions.

  17. What is the spiritual issue? I remember my mother was this way. She prays fasts , pastors leave her vis versa, evil dream every day, spiritual attacks etc.

    We grew up thinking and believing evil/curses were after us. With that mind set our dreams we’re messed up big time! Weird/demonic dreams.

    Guess what? Nothing was wrong. My mum was a paranoid woman with a bit of schizophrenia. And our minds were messed up by her big time!

    Unfortunately we grew up believing her and we started acting as if something was wrong. We took normal life challenges and issues as spiritual attacks. We FAILED to handle issues with wisdom.

    We were not analytical with issues or problems. It was all spiritual attacks.

    Till I broke off with the help of the Holy Spirit! I was mentally liberated. I started a new fresh relationship with God. Learnt to deal with issues according to the scriptures.

    Learnt to trust and wait for God for issues I can’t handle. Learnt to ask for peace for things I can’t change.

    Most importantly asked God for directions before embarking on expectations and things.

    A mistake I made and my family was making is we plan and expect God to do something about our plans. Sometimes useless/entitled plans. This is so wrong!

    The right approach is to ask God on what your plans should be. And He should give you peace and direction.

    Poster my advice is this, ask God for peace! Ask the Holy Spirit to liberate your mind. Any life issue has a solution in the scripture. Use that scripture to pray to God.

    Prayer is mostly communication with God. Avoid as much as you can , shouting and kabashing every time. Just ask and talk to God and leave the rest to him.

    Simple things like peace, joy, fear, anxiety, confusion etc. Find the scripture on it, ask God using the scripture.

    For Real confirmed spiritual attacks: ask Holy Spirit to direct you on how to pray WITH SCRIPTURES! Not screaming and shouting! Demons only listen to the WORD! Not die by fire etc.

    For the issue in your home. Stop looking for pastors. Ask the HOLY SPIRIT that knows all things. Pray alone! Leave your mum etc. Seek God alone.

    1. Poster thank u for this. Many people spend all their time looking for spiritual solutions meanwhile things can be handled in other ways. when u spend all day fasting and praying what energy do u have to work? Then u expect breakthrough? Haba.

    2. Dear poster, do you know that the first step of deliverance starts from you? And no, I don't mean prayer and fasting alone.

      First step : Seal all portals. What a lot of christians don't know is that sin does not only create a gap between us and God, it also creates a portal by which the evil ones can easily access our lives. The bigger the sin, the bigger the portal. If you want a complete deliverance start by living a Christlike life. No lying, no stealing, no fornication, no backstabbing etc. That is, complete and total submission to the will of God and total repentance. This It might seem difficult but be intentional with this. Also pray for God to fortify your spirit and flesh and make you hate son. Have a clear conscience as well. It's not enough to avoid doing sin, you have to avoid thinking of sin too.

      2. Have faith and remain fearless. Do you know that the evil attackers feed on your fear? Your fear empowers them and makes them stronger to attack you. You have to have complete faith that God is with you and has not abandoned you. You have to have faith that God is still and will always remain your protector and defender. Have faith that God is greater and mightier than your attackers. Do not fear or panic on the face of an attack. Instead, praise and thank God for being with you and call him to defend you.

      3. Charity. The Bible says that prayer without good work is dead. You must do charitable works. You can buy foodstuffs for a very poor widow every once in a month or pay medical bills of sick people that can't afford it. You can also render services in orphanages or become a worker in church etc. As you do all these, tell God about your heart desires and tell him that is the reason you are doing the charity.

      4. Midnight prayers. This is very effective. If you find yourself afraid of doing praying in the midnight, sprinkle Holy water or anointed oil round you house before you begin. Plead blood of Jesus 7 times and pray before each use. In case of emergency when you don't have Holy water or anointed oil, you can add salt to clean water and plead blood of Jesus 7 times. Pray like this "Let the power of God come upon this water and transform it into the blood of Jesus. As I sprinkle this blood of Jesus around my house, I come against every evil forces in my house and in my life with the precious blood of Jesus." You can add other intention before going ahead to do your midnight prayer. The midnight prayer should last a minimum of 1 hour. You can sing praises and worship for the first 39 or 40 minutes before you start the prayer.

      Note that: when you start all the above, they'll begin to feel the heat. They'll do anything possible to make you stop including intimidations and more attacks. But do not be afraid and do not back down. Have strong faith that God is still interested in your case and is protecting you.

      Good luck

  18. Do night prayers as a poster suggested. Let your mum rest for now. God answers prayers and He won't stop in your case Praise, read the Bible and worship more. He would come through for you and your mum.

  19. Dear poster. It's not about praying. It is about praying strategic prayers. Pray with knowledge. So that you hit the nail on the head. What is the nail and where is it? How do you hit and with what? What This is key.let me check one or two scripture and send.

    1. I swear you are right.
      Everything will start working and making sense to her.
      God answers prayers

  20. Haba Stella. You should please let her send you a mail otherwise its difficult for some people that want to help to reach out to her. I can speak for myself, poster and if God allows me help you in whatever way I can, I'd like to. And who knows, others may be able to help if we understand better what your challengess are. We could even ha e a group of us join you in midnight prayers. Please don't give up on God. The darkest hour of the night is just one hour to morning.

  21. Dear poster, God answers prayers. That I can tell you. Pls ask for. Forgiveness of there is anything standing against you. Then ask God for help. Read psalm. 116:8, you can use this scripture to pray. Psalm 54:17 no weapon fashioned against you shall prosper. Declare that every tongue that rises against you let thr judgment of the Lord rest upon them.
    Pls stop your Mum from fasting. Also. Pray and ask that if you were roped into what you don't know let the mercy of God speak for you.

  22. Poster Search for Gbenga Samuel-wemimo on Twitter and send a message to him. He will councel you and pray with you. If you can reach out to him, I believe by the help of the Holy Spirit your problems are over.

    Stella please post.

  23. Stop thinking about the problems. Stop praying for help and pray for thanksgiving and gratitude instead. Just go live your life and forget about spiritual attacks, declining health and financial problems. Just wipe your mind clean and set out to live in peace no matter the war around you. Try that tactic and come tell us the outcome in 3 months.

    Poster, your mind is polluted, and your spirit too. Cleanse yourself of all these thoughts and beliefs. Wash away the polluted waters of your soul and mind and things will improve 200% for you. Every place you have ran to in the past, every pastor, every institution has added to your pollution and confusion. Stop running to anything and anyone and fight for your sanity and peace. They have used religion against you, you are trapped in a bondage of confusion and stagnancy.

    1. you are obviously not a believer....she has spiritual battles so what are you saying? the issue here is how she will fight not you talking as if she is just imagining her problems.

  24. Your deliverance does not lie in the hands of any pastor. Deliverance can come from you if you believe that you are very much capable to attract the power of the God in your life. After all it is God himself who said that he will poor out his spirit on all flesh in the last days, i.e when Jesus resurrects from the death. After Jesus death and resurrection, it automatically became an inheritance for all believers to be filled with the spirit of God. Not like the days of old when the power of wanders was only given to a certain people. Those days people had to travel to distant lands just to seek Gods face or to meet a certain seer to enquire of God and his power and promises. It is no longer like that this time around. Jer 31:33-34,” declares the Lord, “I will put My law within them and on their heart I will write it; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people. *They will not teach again, each man his neighbor and each man his brother, saying, ‘Know the Lord,’ for they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest of them,”* declares the Lord, “
    People that know who they truly are are taking advantage of these power. We are all legitimate children of God. Nobody has monopoly of receiving God's miracle. It only depends on the spiritual gift you have. But still, even without the gift of seeing vision you can still received miracles. You inability to see or prophecy does not stop you from receiving any kind of miracle you desire. And if you desire the gifts you are running from piller to post to perch from, you will receive. The only thing you need is total surrender to God and earnestly desiring the gifts.

    Pastors you run to may even worsen the case because you are not sure who is real and fake. Some may deliver you but ask the spirit to be transferred to your unborn kids. There is a reason why Jesus Christ shed his blood. Take advantage of the power and authority in the Blood. It heals, it delivers, it washes off anything that is not planted by God only if your faith in him is not shrinking. There is a power in the name of Jesus(Yeshua Hamashiach) take advantage of it. Don't kill yourself with fasting. What is most important is that you be at peace with God. He sees and he knows everything that befalls us all. Our problem is that in our hearts we conclude that God's power is limited to some kind of miracles and God hates it when we doubt him. Do you know that one can be seeking the face of God for years yet he or she may not know who they truly are in Christ?

    Sister your matter na strong one o but nothing pass God power. All you need is to begin to groom yourself into knowing God for yourself and by yourself, surrender totally to God because the prayer of a sinner is an abomination unto God. You have gone to Jerusalem and Jericho all to no avail, please erase that mentality that someone must lay hands on you before you can be free.

    Lastly, if you pray, make sure you challenge God with his word. There are promises he made to his children, remind him about those promises. He didn't forget though. He wants you to always tell him those words

  25. Madam,sorry for your situation.Let me tell you truth.See,those attacks are in your mind.the devil has gotten hold of you people matter how many man of God pray for you , nothing will change.Now what do you need?..the answer is KNOWLEDGE!..You need to give yourself to God's and mummy.Fasting ND prayer won't do anything..Go to YouTube type Apostle Gbenga Igbafen message:there is one on knowledge.listen like thrice..then I will tell you hat next to do.Dont let anyone take advantage of your ignorance.Tr Bible say: Through knowledge shall the just be delivered!Also he said.My people are destroyed fr the lack of start from knowledge..I give you 5days.all will be over..I guarantee you..cheers

  26. Dear poster my advice for you is to start from the beginning, meaning re dedicate yourselves to God. Get to know God in a very deep and personal level, I advice to focus on God and not focus on what God can do for you.
    To love and seek God genuinely is the key to breaking through, I assure you God gives peace, kills fear and doubt and also check apostle Joshua Selman on YouTube. He has a teaching on the mystery of deliverance and so much more.
    Life isn’t fair and it’s spiritual but with God on your side, life is joyful

  27. Poster, God's ways are not our ways.there could be a reason for a delay. the bible its self says pray without ceasing.there are seasons for everything.simply because you aren't seeing the results of your prayers now,doesn't mean things aren't happening in the spirit realm.pls continue your prayers especially at midnight,have faith and believe things will change soon.its well.

  28. Poster pray with Scriptures
    Genuine repentance is needed
    Confess Jesus as your Lord and personal saviour 🙏 🙌
    Start giving God attention,have a personal altar where you come and lean on God's feet,talk to Him directly, praise and worship Him in your personal altar,read His words.
    Select a particular time that you will always come to that your personal altar,whenever you come,God's already there waiting for.
    Make a Pacific time ⏲
    And always be
    consistent in doing it and you will see God and testify that God is real and answers prayer 🙏 🙌 ❤

    It is well dear...


    Your personal altar is a particular place you come to pray to God
    Always be at that particular place and a particular time.

    If it's 10 am ,every 10am be at that particular place and if it's 9pm always keep to time.

  29. STOP going to meet Pastors! For it is written ‘ask and it shall be given to you,seek and you shall find’ You and your Mum should go on your knees and pray to God in your closet and he will surely answer you but faith without works is nothing so while praying also find something to do and work very hard at it.

  30. May God of miracles deliver you and yours in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

  31. Poster dear please be encouraged ....but I tell you God cannot be mocked
    See, HE honors his words more than HIS name.....sorry I am saying this but those pastors are part of your problem
    God has a track record of keeping to his word
    God cannot reveal to NOT redeem!!
    Those pastors maybe fake....
    How does a pastor reveal to run away from a battle
    For those who really worship Christ are not scared to die for him need to get the root of your problem...Have you tried finding out about your root...your foundation
    See it is not every prayer that is casting and binding.. sometimes the prayers may be intercessory prayer especially if it the sins of your ancestors speaking against you...there are people today whose ancestors shed innocent blood.... casting and binding has nothing on such prayers...rather intercessions are being made...ask your mum about her family....know your root it is very necessary... strategic prayers are needed
    If you are a Catholic
    Visit the Blessed the Sacrament
    Most importantly build a relationship with the Holy Spirit ...and watch your life turn out for good

  32. What you need is for God to reveal deep secret of the problems and spirit to discern. Please take note of your dream life. You need a genuine man of God to guide/lead you through deep deliverance prayer section. Try to contact the senior pastor in help from above healing and deliverance Ministry, they are in Facebook, instagram and i think YouTube., the senior pastor’s name is Pastor Ube. They are well grounded in deep deliverance. I pray the Almighty answer your prayers.

  33. If the foundation be destroyed what can the righteous do?
    My people perish for lack of knowledge! Spend quality time to get know God ask the Holy spirit the revealer of all things to show you the source of your problem, then you can know how to channel your prayers. Come to Conquerors house of prayer ministry: no 3 abiloye street Ijegun akinjoe satellite Town lagos...God bless you!

  34. Poster free your mind of all these negative thoughts. Not everyone will end up being rich. Be grateful for what you have while still praying for more.
    Another angle to this poster is that you should consistently and accurately pay your tithe and see doors open for you. That's just the principle of wealth.

    1. There is no life free of challenges. God is working behind the scenes. Please keep on praying. Pray until something happens.

      “There are many ways to deliverance but the best way is to pray your way through…prayer has prevailed over fire, it has prevailed over water, it has prevailed over the earth; prayer has stopped the sun in its course before; prayer has prevailed over evil angels before; prayer has cast down the devil and has broken down his kingdom before; prayer has prevailed with good angels too, prayer has also prevailed with God”

      Quote from Dr Olukoya’s book,
      Power against familiar spirits

  35. Dear poster, kindly serach on Facebook
    Prophetess Onyii Manifestation and thank me later.
    Save this cos verily you shall be delivered.

  36. Poster yo can try attending healing and deliverance service at dunamis church or connect's every Tuesday by 9:30am

  37. Sis please listen to Apostle Joshua Selman's messages on mysteries of deliverance part 1-4. You can find it on YouTube Please listen to it with your mum and take the deliverance prayers very seriously and you'll see what God will do. So many testimonies from those messages.It is well with your family.

  38. For your mums health, it may not be an attack. You mentioned she is 70years and has been fasting for a long time. Body no be firewood, the stress of fasting, too much worry and anxiety as a result of what your family believes to be spiritual attacks is most likely telling in her.

    Ill health could be as a result of sickness or poor wellness.

    Since tests haven’t shown anything, your mums wellness may be very poor.

    I suffered ill health for over 10years, blood tests and scans and MRI showed nothing. I was gradually dying (unhealthy weight loss, hair falling off, body aches, extreme tiredness, darkened complexion etc.)

    Guess what, my body wasn’t receiving everyday food well. (Sugar, meat, maggi, egg, milk, gluten etc)

    With the help of a Nautropathic doctor my health flourished! My friends scream when they see me bcos I look nothing like they’ve ever seen me.

    No more going to emergency clinics or admission or countless blood tests.

    Check your mums wellness. Let her start with clean food/healthy food, rest, stop fasting it isn’t helping her, using the scripture to work on her fear and anxiety.

    Simple prayers like God please help me I can’t sleep, I am worried about etc. find scripture on anxiety, fear etc. Ask God using the scripture to help.

    I am almost convinced nothing spiritual is wrong with your family. Just change of approach and liberation of your mind.

    God bless.

  39. My dear,
    Most of this so called men of God belong to covens. Therefore, they can only propheize and tell you your problem but they rarely have the ability to solve it.
    The beauty of believing and trusting in the Lord is this, you don’t need any intermediary. Your relationship with God should be DIY. Follow these easy steps for 7 days and watch what happens

    1. Prayer for forgiveness of sins (pray earnestly, passionately and wholeheartedly) avoids new transgressions during this period. Stay pure.
    2. Prayer for victory ( in the nude preferably at midnight) and protection. Remember to ask for revelation. Read psalm 35.
    3. 3-7 days of fasting
    4. Give Alms daily
    5. Midnight prayer
    6. 3am prayer
    7. Trust and have faith that you are victorious n you’ve conquered whatever it is.

    1. You are mentally unstable. Pray in the nude? Did you see anyone in the Bible praying naked?? Imagine a mad person trying to advise another? Your problems in Africa are a result of your superstition. You believe the demons & devils more than you believe in the God you claim to worship. Someone is complaining about being economically stagnant. Nowhere in this chronicle has the writer mentioned working hard, training or education she has made to try to improve her lot. No she spends all her money and time from fake pastor

    2. She spends all her money and time going from fake pastor to fake pastor looking for deliverances. Newsflash for you. Until you start devoting time to working hard, you will not have a miraculous deliverance from poverty. There is no miracle money anywhere. Your mother has suffered the same mindset issue for over 70years and you are continuing the same trend. Writer there are no demonic forces attacking you. You are your own problem. And until you start to value yourself and apply yourself to work, no financial breakthrough will come. We are cursed by religion - waiting on supernatural blessings that never come. Prayer is not a substitute for hard work. Ask Elon Musk the billionaire who is an atheist how he made money?? Let the poster wake up and spend all the time she is wasting going from church to church working. That is your breakthrough. There are no demons attacking you!

  40. Even if you decide to do nothing else from this section of advice. Please do this. 👆🏽👆🏽👆🏽. You will comeback to testify.


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