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Saturday, December 17, 2022

Doctor Freaks Journal - What Do Men Really Want?

What a shocking Narrative.....Some men and longer throat!

I had not heard from cousin Z in years and to my greatest surprise my mobile phone rang recently and behold it was cousin Z! 

We grew up together and shared fond memories. She sounded so excited on the phone and I could not contain my happiness as well. We both scheduled a meeting and in a matter of hours we were together again years after separation.

She was in the country and she was about to purchase a property for her and her husband so she needed a solicitor to perfect the documentations. I offered to render my services for a paltry fee and in a matter of days we were done. Please note that her brief was that I should prepare the title deeds in the names of Mr A and Mrs Z Abc and I did just that.

Work commenced immediately on the site and I think the husband visited for some weeks to supervise the project. Everything was fine until I got a call from cousin Z and she was wailing uncontrollably on the phone.

 I tried to calm her down without luck but minutes later, she called back to inform me that her husband had just got the workers on "their' site arrested and I was taken aback. Why would Mr A be doing that? Cousin opened up to me for the first time that the entire sum expended on that project came from her but she only got him involved and made it look as if it was a joint property out of sheer love.

Let me quickly add that they are blessed with X no of girls, but no boy. So what could have prompted the latest war in the home? Cousin Z just found out that Mr A had put 2 women in the family way in Nigeria simultaneously in his quest for having a 'male successor.'

Was Cousin Z heartbroken? Yes, she was and rightly so. The 'down payment' for the mortgage of the new home they just moved to in their location (outside Nigeria) was hundred per cent hers. The one in Nigeria was hers too because she's a very hardworking and ambitious lady.

Mr A on the other hand was just busy "looking" for a male successor who would inherit cousin Z's estate. It came as a shock to Mr A when upon the discovery of his escapades, cousin Z was seeking to single handedly sell the Nigerian property and it was at this point he started using the police to frustrate her efforts.

Meanwhile, at the same time, Mr A launched another war against cousin Z overseas by lodging false complaints against her with the police but you know what, karma they say, is a b.tch.

 Mr A had bugged the entire house for over a year before that period and cousin Z only became aware recently. What she did upon discovery was to remove them and the now frustrated Mr A rushed back home to physically assault her but unknown to him, there was a service provider in the house who had come to fix something. 

Mr A pushed her and she rolled down the stairs. She had refused to report any of the abuse to the police despite the fact that they both live in a county where women actually "own" the home. Interestingly, the service provider who was present at the time quickly packed his tools and ran away but he did not fail to write a report by the time he got back to his office. 

His employer alerted the police and pronto, the police were at their doorstep. The police got him arrested. He was restrained from coming near the home and I wish to announce that the divorce proceedings has just been concluded. He lost the home- a five-bedroom terraced house in a choice area. He lost custody of the children who are all below 18 and he now lives in a one-bedroom apartment. Back to square one. Cousin Z called me few days back and she sounded so happy.

Life. What do men really want?


  1. Successors...They want successors.

    1. They don't know what they want. Because even the ones with successors still go a wandering. Only few are focused and know what they are here for.

    2. Thank God for your cousin Z Dr F.

    3. I'm happy for your cousin. He could have killed her and claimed she slipped and fell. God used the service provider to document the crime else it would have been her word against hers. Women abroad, please if you are a DV victim, you should report to the police. Without that police record, your divorce won't be straight forward and you may even end up paying him monthly alimony. Men like that are wicked. Imaging bugging his house for over a year. He could have used her shouting against the kids to claim she abuses them and win custody and still have the woman pay child support to him. Useless man wants male children but nothing for them to inherit. I hope your cousin has changed the name on the Nigerian document. She should write a will too to make sure her properties go to her girls.

    4. He will soon make a video of how a woman he married from Nigeria and brought abroad threw him out of his 5 bedroom house. Stupid man. Thank God for your cousin. He is now free to knock up 50 women if he wishes. The stupid women that spread legs for him would be waiting for the apartment, monthly allowance, car + abroad trip he promised them if they have his baby.

  2. Good for him let him continue chasing a male child and May child support be his portion

  3. I won't say men are scum but majority of them are so ungrateful.. .You will bend yourself to do them 10 favours for them, my dear, make just 1 mistake, they will leave you or misbehave.

  4. Want to have a hardworking woman and use her money to fund another woman’s lifestyle and be oga to both

  5. They keep looking for male children as if the females they have are robots. Shebi he has lost everything now. Serves him right.

  6. Sadly, many women who have just girls would experience the heartbreak of finding out that their husbands, even those that told them they are fine with just girls, is having another child outside in the quest of finding a male child. What pisses me off is they and their family members would want to pass on properties the wives worked for to that male child.

    My sincere advice to all women, irrespective of the sex of your child, is to ensure your properties are in your name and you have a will clearly stipulating that your children are your heirs. God forbid you die, your husband will remarry and the new wife would make sure your children get nothing.

    This desperation by some Nigerian men because they don't their lineage to end. How many of you bear your grandfather's name?

    Cousin Z would have lost everything if she wasn't smart legally.

    Don't let love blind you to the extent you put your financial stability in the hands of a man.

    1. Her property should be in her name and his property should be in his name..

      Balance it up✌️

    2. Unfortunately most women are blinded by love and will refuse to heed to any warning.

    3. Thank you Dante @14:33.

      Soon after marriage, l bought 2 plots of land for my daughter and 1 plot in my name and Madam's maiden name sef as does not have any ID in marital name.

      5 years on I now know better.

      I went to buy land again, I remembered my full names to cover all the squared name boxes.

  7. Ended well..
    He got what he deserved..

    Polygamy isn't a crime, neither is impregnating a female who isn't your wife,. It's really insulting when you do either of these, hide it and still come to live with the person you did this evil to, mocking her sense and intelligence daily like everything is perfect..
    It's more evil that this person you're doing this evil to is actually the one funding your life and covering your shame..

    Useless SIMP of a man,. When his mates are hustling to get jobs, it's to be impregnating women up and down, not even one, which we can excuse as a 'mistake'..


  8. Which male child is he looking for again. He deserves it. I am happy he is back to square one.
    He should go and hustle so he can feed the 2 women he impregnated.
    Good for him.

  9. Karma is a fucking bitch. This one sweet my belle.

  10. What a relief I feel that the table overturned in her favour. Weldone sir family man 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. But why did the man bug the house. And why did Cousin Z wanted the bugs removed.
    It appears despite Cousin Z joint names purchases, the marriage was not sailing well.


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