Stella Dimoko EkweremaduGATE - Former DSP Denied Bail Again Due To EFCC Letter + Trial Set For January 2023


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Wednesday, December 21, 2022

EkweremaduGATE - Former DSP Denied Bail Again Due To EFCC Letter + Trial Set For January 2023

The Central Criminal Court, London, otherwise known as the Old Bailey, has once again denied former Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, bail, on the grounds that he is a flight risk.

The court gave its verdict at a pre-trial hearing in London, Tuesday December 20, 2022 and cited the letter and assets forfeiture proceedings against the Senator by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC.

In the bail application, Ekweremadu’s attorneys had argued that the Nigerian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom and the Attorney-General of the Federal had written the court that Ekweremadu was not a flight risk and gave a guarantee to produce him should he do otherwise.

They also reminded the court that the Nigeria High Commission in the UK had equally given the option of tagging Ekweremadu electronically to monitor his movement.

Also citing other character attestation by other well respected Nigerians and organisations as well as Ekweremadu’s involvement in other global courses that champion humanity and noting that Ekweremadu “is a highly regarded, well known public figure”, his defence equally argued that the lawmaker had shown himself a caring and responsible father and therefore could not possibly escape from London abandoning his wife and sick daughter.

The defence further told the court that they had sureties and securities of nearly half a million pounds sterling from 11 people to secure Ekweremadu’s release on bail.

However, just as during the July 2022 bail application hearing, the prosecution insisted that Ekweremadu was a flight risk, citing once again, the 18th July 2022 letter by the EFCC signed on behalf of the Executive Chairman, Abdulraheed Bawa by the Assistant Director Operations, Abdulkarim Chukkoi.

Prosecution equally cited the ongoing assets forfeiture proceedings against the former three-term Deputy Senate President in the Federal High Court, Abuja.

Although the EFCC had investigated Ekweremadu for many years without charging the lawmaker to court, the anti-graft agency had upon his arrest and a 17th July 2022 enquiry by the London Metropolitan Police, indicted Ekweremadu and vowed to immediately institute assets forfeiture proceedings and criminal processes against him while in custody in London.

The prosecution equally argued that as a holder of the international passports of two other countries, the lawmaker could also escape to any of the other countries other than Nigeria.

Having heard from both sides, the Judge said: “I am entirely satisfied there remains a flight risk,” noting that bail would not make much difference “as the trial is just over a month away.”

Consequently, he said his ruling was, “this bail application is refused.”

The trial of the Ekweremadus will now begin from 31st January, 2023.

Meanwhile, the Tuesday proceedings confirms claim in the Federal High Court, Abuja, by Ekweremadu’s lawyer, Chief Adegboyega Awomolo (SAN), that the EFCC truncated Ekweremadu’s bail application in July.

Awomolu also accused the EFCC of dishonestly obtaining an interim assets forfeiture order against the lawmaker by withholding vital information from Justice Inyang Ekpo.

Awomolu accused the EFCC of shielding the fact that the lawmaker was in detention in London, hence not in a position to defend himself and that while it started investigation of Ekweremadu for well over a decade, it only found it auspicious to indict and move against him he had issues in London and was facing trial.
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  1. He who eats alone should be left to die alone. Hated by his people. Despised by his friends. Ekweremadu is a greedy criminal who didn't know when to stop. N100m ($130k) could have built a befitting and functional Kidney Center for his Constitutiency. But access to UK developed by his peers blinded his thinking faculty

    1. Are you certain or are you going with speculation?

      Do you know how corrupt naijas are with building projects? Abi contractors never frustrate you before?

      Are you certain you would make better choices if put in a similar situation or do even worse?

    2. $130 can barely build a should so how is it building a kidney center

    3. Anon 10:40. Yes N100m can build a befitting kidney center in Nigeria. The idiot has been in the Senate more than 20+ years. N100m is only $130k today equivalent. Figure out what it was 20 years ago the idiot went into the Senate. There are many contractors to do it. If he chooses to do it "government" way of inflating cost, that's his business

  2. Lock him up and throw away the keys into Atlantic ocean. He has been gone and life moves on normal in Enugu State

  3. Can’t wait for elections to come and a new senator instituted in our constituency. Almost 2 decades as senator and yet nothing to show for it in the constituency. Greedy man

  4. He could have just done that kidney transplant in Nigeria. Import the doctors and nurses.

  5. Omo,not even money and connections can save him now. Even with electronic tag ,they refused him bail.

  6. I don't like kicking who is already down,I pray help comes for him and hope others are learning from his predicament. 🤔😒

    1. Most Nigerian enabled people of his class and status will not learn. They will think him not smart. They will find other wicked ways to lock avoid the mistakes that did him when it false on them to do what he is alleged to have done.

  7. I feel sad for this man and his family at this point. May God intervene in this matter.

    1. Are you for real? If he did the crime........simple.

  8. This judge is overdoing it
    They should appeal the bail issue
    What’s the meaning of January is not that far
    The judge should spend chain jail before issuing such a callous statement

    1. How many days would it take to file and get an appeal decided in the UK court system? You should have told us.

      What the Judge said is right if the trial is all set to go on to its logical conclusion from 31January.

      And did we see his 3 nation's passports status? What if any of those countries don't have mutual extradition treaty with the UK.

      Let us all rather focus on the lessons in this story than calling names. The same system admitted his wife to bail.

      Nigerian political rulers should be humane in rulership.

      The callousness of Nigerian political rulers caused this man travails. Nigerian hospitals were recognized as of world quality standard once. What happened to them. Nigerian political rulers!


  9. Ije ụwa!
    (Journey of life)

  10. Chai,the rich also cry. It is well with him.

  11. This man is finished already....only God will help u sir..

    Keep moving

    1. He is not finished. When the case starts, he will get his fair chance to defend himself. Denial of bail is a part of ensuring a fair trial for all concerned.

  12. Eyaaa. I feel so sorry for him!
    And what about the kidney donor?

    1. I am anonymous 10.40 and I feel bad for him too.

      Isn't this the man that igbos in diaspora beat up, one year like that?

      Some mean comments here comes across as it they don't care if he and his daughter dies

  13. Our greedy polithievcians deservers worse. Na who something never do dey pity for polithievcians.

  14. The daughter has asked for those willing to donate their kidney for free to step forward. There were a number of jokers on this blog who were already alluding to that thinking that a transactional wedding to their pre- O'level wielding selves will follow and they can then be grafted into a family they have been hypocritically condemning as if they are any different.

    Stella please reach out to these unarmed robbers for them to fulfill their promise and other themselves better than the Ekweremadus. If I remember correctly, the running commentary on the blog that day was "wetin day this life?" or something close to that.

    If visa is the problem, I'm sure there are good Samaritans on this blog who will be able to facilitate contact with any teaching hospital in Nigeria for then to fulfill their promise unlike the politicians they condemn.

    Before you judge this man and his family, look out for the cunning similarities you share revealed by this ongoing story since it started.

    May God heal Ms Ekweeremadu and give her a second chance at life.

  15. I will donate the cross and the nails. Let them nail him to the cross. He stole my gf that worked in First Bank, New Haven--Enugu.

  16. They should drop him in the middle of the ocean. We the Enugu people don't care about his existence


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