Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Chioma Ikokwu Pours Encomium On Her ''Better Half'' Kika As She Celebrates A New Age..


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Friday, December 02, 2022

Reality TV Star Chioma Ikokwu Pours Encomium On Her ''Better Half'' Kika As She Celebrates A New Age..

The real housewives of Lagos star Chioma Ikokwu is celebrating her 'better half' Kika and her strong words will make you go envious if you don't have a Best friend...LOL

''Happy birthday to my ace, my numero uno, my better half Kiksy pie @kikagoodhair.To say that I am proud of the woman you have continued to blossom into would be a gross understatement.
You are the epitome of beauty, diligence and grace and your work ethic is undisputable.

If you dare give kika lemons  shel make a lemonade factory so if it’s not your plan to see her blossom don’t even plant seeds of discord where she’s concerned. You inspire people globally and I couldn’t be luckier to have a partner, sister and friend as blessed as you.

Thank you for being the kind hearted, LOYAL to a fault, generous, funny, dedicated sister you are to me- there’s literally never a dull moment with you and you make my life sooo colourful .

I wasn’t gonna miss this birthday for anything but more importantly I can’t wait to celebrate you properly on Sunday the 4th of December at the Kika Experience Event because finally the lucky few who have been able to get tickets will get a magnificent glimpse into your life and what makes you YOU!

P.s - guys I begged her to release 20 more tickets on my behalf as she’s tryna keep the event “exclusive”  so if you’re in London then you absolutely do not want to miss this event.

Happy birthday again to my baby girl forever and ever. You mean the world to me and I pray that this year will be even better than the last and that our good Lord will grant you your deepest heart desires. May all the things we’ve talked about and prayed for become a reality soon enough for you IJN


Guys you already know the deal! Smother my better half with all the love in the world. Give her her flowers ....


  1. Replies
    1. Love is a beautiful thing! Women's own is charming, men's own wahala

  2. Happy birthday to your better half.

  3. Happy birthday sweetheart

  4. I love beautiful friendship. I need a friend that's a sister, loyal and a die hard fan. But over carefulness and the way I have trust issues won't let me

    1. Me too the one I tot was like this tried to ruin our family

    2. "Over carefulness". This is me. I don't know how to keep friends. We can hang out, party and have the best time but when it's time to get close, i run away. I don't like people getting too close.

    3. Me too. I no longer have the emotional energy required for close friendships. Once bitten……..

    4. 13:05, are you me? I've got burned by friends so no more abeg

    5. My dear nothing sweet like friendship wey be like sisterhood. Been burnt many times, have realised it's all out of jealousy and envy, I have decided to be a lone ranger and on this mission I discovered a rare gift...
      I will insult previous friends who refuse to be smart in doing what will benefit them at d long run,this friends instead of working on themselves to get that which is making them envious of u,they put the energy in competition instead
      I have spoken to 3 ex friends,ether through media, directly or there friends, no more being subtle. I use d harshest of words because I found out ,when it comes from me it sinks faster.
      To God b the glory , 3 beautiful change has occurred in there lives respectively.
      That makes me more accomplished and totally cutting off all ties with them, he g

    6. 2nd part.... Because I believe God has used me to set them on the right path in dealing with whatever they thought I robbed from them (God knows what).
      Will I still have a friend,yes but we must vibe on same level Spiritually with GOD 1st,it will be someone who knows and understands the power of what God is at there low times or peak moments. May God lead everyone

  5. I used to have a friend like this back in school,during our finals we drifted apart and I kept wondering what I did but I searched my heart and it was pure towards her.
    It was later, I got to know she was hiding alot of things from me,her results were so bad,many carry overs and she never for once mentioned it.later got pregnant and hid it too but she later came around but I couldn't continue the friendship again.Everyone thought I was the problem, she never for once mentioned what was wrong with her.
    Infact I blocked her everywhere when she came around again.
    Happy birthday beautiful!

  6. This Chioma wey no loyal, until the chips are down she will stab this one like she did Carolyn. Maybe the going never get tough w Kika yet.

    1. Carolyn did the best a friend could, pointing out the blood stained tracks Chioma needed to avoid as a Lagos chic, she betrayed Carol,too bad.

      I have close friends jare, regardless.
      Love me some lady fun days while being extremely careful.

      Happy birthday Kika.
      God protect you.

  7. Happy birthday to Kika. I love good friendship too but unfortunately, I am bad at checking up on people. This normally affects any friendship I try to build.
    I was a jolly good fellow during my childhood days, I had loads of friends but some situations made me love my space as I grew up😩. Inlaws sef don complain tire.

  8. I like chioma but she should easy on the accent it’s too fake

  9. Happy birthday kiki.May your friendship last for ever.For me female friendship don't favor me

  10. Happy birthday Kika.


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