Stella Dimoko Reality TV Star Khloe Discusses Closing Her Womb, Her Surgery, Suicide Attempt And Life After Big Brother


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Sunday, December 18, 2022

Reality TV Star Khloe Discusses Closing Her Womb, Her Surgery, Suicide Attempt And Life After Big Brother

Reality TV Star, Oluwabusayomi ‘Khloe’ Abiri on a recent episode of #WithChude,  discussed her surgery, how it led to her suicide attempt, closing her womb, and life after #BBNaija.

After undergoing plastic surgery in 2020, Khloe shares about how the leak of a photo of her post-surgery body led her to a suicide attempt. 

“Never for once has anybody ever made me feel bad about myself. If you tell me I am crazy, my mouth is enough for me to help myself. But something happened about a year and half ago, when I had my surgery, that brought me out of my comfort zone, pulled me out of my confidence, and pulled me out of everything that made me Khloe.

 It is not the fact that the picture came out that is my problem. I have posted naked pictures on Instagram, and if I like tomorrow, I will post naked pictures and that does not mean that my money will be less. But I was betrayed, ‘I still do not know who posted that picture, I just want to know. I have forgiven the person, what has happened has happened, let us have a drink over it.

“I am a very forgiving person. But I felt betrayed, I felt like who could have done that to me, because at that time I only had close people, and I am like ‘why would you, what is the gain?’. It is okay to put the story out that ‘she just had her body done’, but why the picture. “Why was I lying unconscious on a bed out of surgery and somebody that has a soul took a picture and sent to one stupid dirty-ass blog?” 

On her reaction to the event

 “I was suicidal; that was the only time the media got to me in my whole life. Thank God I have great people around me, my friends - and they were amazing - and my mom, my dad, and my aunts. You know, when they say people are suicidal, I laugh. But when that picture got to my phone, I could not think of anything; everything was black. That night was dark. I do not even want to talk about it; I am having goosebumps already. For anybody that is trying to take their life, please think of your mother or your father. You might be at peace, or be in hell, but the pain will linger on their mind every time, every day.” 

Khloe also shared how being in the reality TV show Big Brother Naija changed her life. 

“I have been unappreciative about it before, but looking back, now that I know better, I am calmer; I know that the experience changed my life and opened my eyes to everything. Before Big Brother, I would be in a room of 10 people, and I would talk to only one. Big Brother made me connect with others. People used to think I was rude, arrogant, or stubborn. I said it when I had my interview that I just wanted people to see the real me. Big Brother opened me to a lot of things and made me see that people are not who or what it seems like.

While speaking about relationships and starting a family, Khloe mentioned that she was taking her time, she also added
'' I can’t get pregnant if I don’t want to. My womb is sealed, and I did it because I don’t want to bring a child into this life to suffer.


  1. If your decision makes you happy please do it, wishing you all the very best.

  2. But Khloe, you can take care of a child and the child won't suffer unless you're living a fake life. Maybe you are talking about emotional part of parenting not financial part of it.

  3. From a Reliable source. You go to Dubai to chop shyt, u invited her on a coded level, she declined and cut u off permanently.
    Nne abeg the tot irritates d hell it of me. Nonsense girls


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