Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponis Corner - Horseband And his Atrocities!


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Friday, December 16, 2022

Sisi Senaponis Corner - Horseband And his Atrocities!

 This is serious!

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi! Una doh o!

Stellalusciouscookies, how de weather?! I hail o!

Choi! Today weather nor be anybody mate o! Sun wey fit boil beans inside rubber!

Una know say, this our correspondence job nor be for the normah normah, Because e get some kain things wey person go see ehn, mouth nor dey fit close like that!

After mass, i say mah wait person wey go lift me reach area! This okada matter na serious something!

Trecking sef fit make person quick gather grey hair under this hot sun!

This couple comot from one of the cars wey pack, i don notice say dem dey argue inside the car, before the woman first come dan, say make husband too follow her enter church. Be like they come for family matters!

Our Murmi and her husband dey aside, dey greet people. Na im me sef reduce radius, mah cover the ferifera!

Wetin hapun?!

Wife say make husband resign for office. Husband say na im be the bread winner!

Ok na! Murmi pull wife aside, she say why she want make her husband resign?!

She say na everyday dem dey put something for him chair for office!

He don change lock sotehh! Na lie! If he nor see tortoise, he go see padlock! If client nor turn to monkey, dem go turn to snake!

She say make he choose job or marriage, say the kain beating wey she sef don chop for dream nko?!

She say how God go even defend them, when the husband dey collect Orisirisi bribe from the gulity!

She say, miscarriage don pass 5!
Pikin remain only 2 out of 4! She say she no go gree and pretend all is well!

Murmi say, make dem begin pray together na!

Wife say no need o As na night husband dey get meeting for orisirisi club!

He nor dey drink or smoke! *sideeyes!*

Should we tell her?! Kiikiikii!

She say dey don make enough money already to dey set for life, wetin remain?!

She want make dem relocate permanently go the abroad, away from their enemies wey dey pass wall enter office!

Should we tell her?! Kiikiikii...God abeg ow!

*Her horseband nor dey go anywia! He nor go pray nada! Person wey get second and third family, he nor dey smoke but the kain things wey he dey sniff get grade!*

How customer no go turn to bird and snake for him office When na there he dey kolobi person babe, wey find help go!*sideeyes!*

To enter church sef na taboo for am! Things wey he don chook hand inside na helelee!

Im secretary wey dey go bacation for Dubai, una see secretary wey dey get P.A? Madam secretary born fine boy, wey get frog eyes like Oga! P.A na young man wey no get bwess, to seduce Oga but he get sense, to arrange concubines!

Mumu Wife think say all the money wey she dey flex na pure notes! *Hian! Akuko!*

Devil nor dey run charity o And e nor need enter airport to locate and collect wetin he give person!

Na only God dey give person freely o! Una nor dey learn!


  1. Hmmmm, Meaning is ways are not pure. Innocent woman suffering for what she has no idea of.

  2. Whatever a man sows he shall reap. That law can never change. May God help us be a better version of ourselves everyday.

  3. 🤣🤣 correspondence Sisi well-done o. Oga hand no pure and madam dey suffer for oga atrocities.

  4. How I won take comot this woman wit her remaining two chidren from tat house na Im I dey tink eeh.

  5. Instead of her to run for her life and her remaining children life,she dey find wetin no loss. Issorait. But sisi,how you carry know the man doings pass him own wife sef? I dey sosipect you oh.

  6. Reveal the secret to her na


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