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Monday, December 12, 2022

Sisi Senaponis Corner - Landpikin The Mistress!

Na wa ooo

Una doh o! I hail o! dem Bambinos? I salute O!
I go greet this my friend wey nor too well for house.

Her parents don kpai, the bobo wey she date for 6years, wake up one morning say, im mama say make he nor marry am! He go!

This house wey she dey live, the landlady na old woman, she nor dey gree give house to single lady.
When this my friend wan rent the house sef, agent tell her say if she nor get Bobo, make she go rent o! Say she fit later say the guy travel for work Once the Landlady don see the two of them!

Person go reason say na because the Landlady nor want single fornicators for house, dey nor know say na another reason!

The first night wah spend for that compound, i notice one yellow, fine lady wey get jeep.

I ask my friend who she be?

She say na Landlady only pikin be that! Say she dey live for there with her mama plus she never marry too but she born boy.

Hmm...the next morning, i say make i go help my friend buy custard from supermarket.

Na im i jam drama for staircase! Wey the man wey dey live upstairs run downstairs!

I follow to see wetin he dey pursue!

Na him wife carry pestle go break landpikin jeep window! *chineke!*

The man try hold the wife before she go commit more offence.

The landlady sidon for balcony, she nor even bother say anything!

The landpikin, come downstairs with spagetti and bumshort!

Nna ehn, na serious grace of God, go fit make grown man nor glue eye for her body! *choi! See freshness!*

Na im the tenant wife say she go destroy Landpikin!
People for their street don enter to help and solve the matter!

Calm down madam! Na wetin hapun?!

My friend dey wink me for balcony mah face the supermarket wah dey go,! I say ahia! I tanda for gate, dey watch the occuremce!

Tenant wife say na the 3rd year wey dem dey live for that house be that! She say she nor get belle not to talk of miscarriage!

She say everywhere she go for prayers, na this Landlady dem dey see!

Ehn, why you nor kukuma pack comot!

She say everytime she tell her husband, make dem leave, he go say next year, next year!

Na that previous night she give husband valium, wey she check him phone. Na there she see say he dey befriend Landpikin!

Infact, the 2year old boy wey Landpikin born for that same house, she see proof say na her husband get am inside phone!

She never land, wey another female tenant begin laugh like crase person! *sideeyes!*

Madam, hope all is well o!

She point her husband for balcony where he dey peep!

She say Ola, you see your life outside?!

She say for over 2years now, na im her own husband go dey use Landpikin threaten her!

Say he nor dey even hide am say he dey knack her and she don born for am!

She say her own husband dey send Landpikin monthly allowance o! Say she nor remember when last her husband buy her ordinary panadol for house!

He go dey cuss her say she barren! Say he go port her go her village, as she no get anybody for Lagos!

Wonders e!Inside Life!

Landpikin say she nor know wetin any of the women dey talk!

She say the gate dey open o, anybody wey wan pack comot, is free to go! But she no go refund kobo give anybody!

Trust Street agboro na, na Landpikin dem defend o.
Na im dem face the tenants wives dem and say, no be by force to stay there o!


  1. Shokpongelete o! 🙆‍♀️

    1. Abeg which language be this o🤣😂🤣

  2. Hmmm but why some men dey useless like this sef

  3. Nnaa na wah oo! I throway salute for some men wey no fit respect the wife wey dem marry.

  4. Kai sisi I don miss your amebo wella,na to refresh all.hmmmmm things dey happen sha, landlady sabi why she want her pikin to be only single tenant.

  5. Some Men can send some wives to their early grave. No be ordinary, make them team up for violence prayers. They pack out.

  6. The women will go no where. Even if they will port later, they must stay frustrate their husbands, landlady and landpikin. Its the husbands that the landlady needs. So if anyone is leaving, it should be a couple. Not a wife. Let the two women join hands and frustrate landpikin

  7. That landlady na beta yeye parent she be, so as her pikin fine reach, she no fit guide am make she focus get better single guy wey go marry am, check that jeep now, e go be anoda tenant or married man somewhere wey buy am. Na to dey frustrate married women make their husbands dump dem dey follow her daughter. Tenants, dey research house before you pack enter oh, before you go see wetin you no fit carry.

  8. The landpikin should kwantinuwe


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