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Thursday, December 22, 2022

Wordless Post..



  1. Replies
    1. That guy de low-key unstable sha.

      Na him role for movies (which he delivers effortlessly) wee give us the impression sai Baba na odogwu.

    2. CHEATING IS WRONG.......but 18 YEARS together is a SUCCESS... Let's face it, sustaining TRUE LOVE for 18 years is not an easy task for ANY man. We don't care how much that man claims to love a particular woman...

      From the start, was this marriage conceived out of TRUE LOVE ? How old were they when they got married.. YUL was 22 years.. She was 20.. Let's think about it... 22 Years. Most men know nothing about marriage at 22 ? We heard something like a baby was part of the reason too.. We can't confirm it but YUL married her..Ok fine.. How many ladies today will get married at 20 ??? No disrespect to MAY but you had a successful run with YUL..18 years is a success... If YUL had refused to marry May, she would been a baby-mama.. Nobody like that....Yul made sacrifices an early age. Presently, another child is involve. He has to marry that Judy to honor his child or Divorce Judy.. Well, the child needs both parents so Judy stays.. Since you're not cool with polygamy, and MAY can't make sacrifices at a later age, LET YUL GO!!!! DIVORCE HIM..

      To aspiring couples, Marriage is a long journey. If you start yours prematurely, it is VERY possible that you might not sustain that LOVE... YUL and MAY are VERY good partners that started their journey early....... At this stage, both are really young, 38 and 40, they need to be ADVENTUROUS.. They should write a book together and go for a book tour...

      In our opinion again, 18 years is not 18 days.. MAY, please don't heed to online pressure from single, unhappy, happy, married, divorced and bitter people (mostly unhappy, single BITTER women)..... Misery breads company..It may feel like MAY needs to divorce YUL but she should EXPLORE this situation and other forms of happiness before throwing the towel. They could rediscover their LOVE back. We find it difficult to believe that YUL can invest same passion of 22 into Judy at 40.. It is IMPOSSIBLE... MAY had the best years of YUL already..

      The Final choice is MAY to make.. Again, we say LOOK WELL BEFORE YOU LEAP...

      Divorced and Married Men.

    3. Anon 19:15, can't you see that May doesn't send him again? She has said she doesn't want or accept polygamy but she isn't leaving the house she joined money to build. Yul should just divorce her if he is tired of her. I like what she is doing, make her stand known and bone him to do whatever she likes.

  2. the second wife pikin no b his own, DNA don serve am breakfast

    1. Anon: you're not updated.
      He's still very much with the woman. He wants to bring her over to the house it and May built. He's just trying to reconcile with May so he could have his way.

  3. Shalaye master keep chasing clout as e be say you never know wetin you enter so... confused man!

  4. ' Eweleke", watching the outcome with arms akimbo

  5. He’s just a pathetic clout chaser. Always want to be in the news.
    He will still post them back 🙄

  6. Just embarrassing folks he claim to love. He could have easily kept his private life private from the start, but no. Mtsscchw

  7. Replies
    1. Double up to your feelings jare.

      Don't mind Yul.
      We stand on our submission.

      Who in Nkpor or Umuoji town did Yul pay Judy's bride price to?😏
      Till then?🤷
      More drama Yul.

  8. She wasn't in his IG before but he made a baby with her and married her soooo, putting one on your page or not means nothing.😌😌😌

  9. No be small "odogwu yul' hahaha

  10. I completely don't like how Yul lusted after Judy.

    But I don't believe Mr. Obasi (Judy ex husband) is a good man. No, he is not. He is taking advantage of an existing issue to act like a Saint.

    I wish MAY peace, love, kindness and more love and excess love.



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