Stella Dimoko A Wordless Memo To Men...


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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

A Wordless Memo To Men...



  1. All the men on this blog will not comment on this, well except for Martin.....

    1. You think we're biased like you guys..
      We're on the side of truth and honesty unlike most of you here..
      If a larger percentage of you girls tow this path, there would be less issues in this world

    2. All the men?
      You are cruising right?
      If you are not, that means you know all the men on this blog? Those who comment. Those who don't comment but read and chuckle over the comments of both female and male Bvs.

      If you are not cruising it means you take all you read on the social media to heart as 100% true?

      Anyway, there is nothing in cooking when the man knows how to. What men fear or worry is that some women abdicate home responsibilities where their husbands are equally or more than competent.

      Now home chores are not meant for women alone. But is bad to abdicate them for the husband just as it is bad to abdicate all for the woman. It is worse to leave them all for a husband who bears 100% financial responsibility for the family simply because the man can do them. Such marriage is slavery.

      The problem of marriage is that women married to domestic orientated men don't shout their praises as do other women shout the complaints about their husbands.

      All men, indeed.

    3. Anon 16:14, sense will not kill you for me 😍

  2. My hubby sure takes the πŸ‘‘!
    He's a wonderful cook and he does it effortlessly.

    I must say that many husbands now are being more intentional in helping at home, it doesn't reduce their headship at all.

    Shout out to all the wonderful men out there, thriving and making their home cozy and warm for everyone.

    1. Loud it πŸ‘πŸ‘

    2. You're blessed. My husband rarely helps.

  3. Normal levels..

    Husbands also face as much stress as the wife during pregnancy but they rarely complain and play victims..
    Even during the nursing the baby stage..
    I have been with friends and family when their wives were pregnant/ newly born and I know what they go through..

    One who just birthed recently do sneak to my place once in awhile so he can have a short nap cos after returning from work, he must times help out through the night so his wife can sleep..

    We need to appreciate Men more..

    1. Fair enough Man Dante, Fair enough πŸ‘Œ

    2. God knows I won’t touch a pin when I’m pregnant 😜


    3. You couldn't help yourself but still throw shades bcos your one, ONE oo, one friend dodged his fatherhood duties....

      You know nothing about period pain or pregnancy pains/stress, labour pain, healing from stitches and other after birth complications, breastfeeding, night feeding till nipples get sore, babies needing 24hour supervision, yet you boldly say "husbands face as much stress....."

      Its like me claiming to know the pain of adult male circumcision, I don't know it so I hail the men who choose to go through it.

      This art is mostly fiction in Nigeria that we all know....

  4. My landlord who is also a senior big boy in the petroleum sector does more than for his wife each time she is...
    1) Pregnant: his reasons is that he always wants to be around his wife during those months so his children will look like him... Lol

    2)going through visible stress both at the office and at home (maybe in handling the children
    3) on her birth week.. Reasons is that he do not want her to feel older than the first day they met (10-11 years ago).. Lol.

    4) during her period so to prepare her mind towards giving him the best reward after her flow (bedmatically).. Lol.

    Man doesn't joke with his wife o,, I sometimes envy them when they talk about such times bodly in a crowd. I want such husband pleasssssssssse!

  5. Always cook on Saturdays and Sundays ever since. Mom brought up all her boys cooking


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