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Sunday, January 08, 2023


Relocating to another country is a good thing and when I hear about my friends moving I get excited and happy for them even the ones that didn’t tell me directly.

I have some friends that relocated and sold all their stuff and some didn’t sell because they wanted to get there first.

Japa did not tell anyone he was leaving and so he locked up his apartment and left the keys somewhere. I got a call from him on whatsapp and he told me his location, I was happy and screamed but he didn’t sound happy. Why?

Turns out Japa settled overseas and so he called his Paddy to inform him about his relocation and his keys. Paddy was supposed to help him sell everything, send the money and he gave him stuff too.

Paddy has not been picking his calls after he got the keys, itemized the stuffs together and set price. sigh

He begged me to please call paddy and if possible go to his apartment. I called Paddy and when I mentioned the Japa sales he was cold on the phone. I told him I had a document in Japa’s wardrobe and so he agreed to meet me there. Hnmmmmm

The heart of man is truly wicked. 

The apartment was empty except for the dining table, I quickly took pictures . He strolled in and out of the bedroom telling me he couldn’t find the document so I passed him and went inside but the wardrobe was gone. Papers scattered all over.

I stepped outside the apartment for security reasons and I made the call and sent the pictures to Japa. He was shocked, they’ve been friends for over 20 years.

Japa called few days later to update me that he sent his brother to arrest Paddy. But why didn’t you send your brother to do the sales instead of your friend? He said he felt his brother might want to take some of the stuff mtchewwww now your friend has taken everything.


  1. Good thing the house is rented, if not he will sell house join.

  2. May we never fall victim of horrible friends

  3. 🤣🤣🤣 I had to laugh. In such a rush he did not tie up his own loose ends. This japa mentality done cause confusion. Sell your shit off before you leave, that is YOUR responsibility!

  4. Some people get mind Sha
    Na wa .

  5. Em no wise at all..
    My sister is the first point of action,she might take something's but atleast I go see money
    Mumu man

  6. Penny wise penny foolish abi how do they say it? Is it not better for your brother you sale and eat the money than an outsider yo sale and eat money?

    If I was his brother I will never arrest that hai friend at left your family members but trust another person. Most people who japa sale odd their things few days to japa.

    Please once you are sure to japa just sale your things on your own and collect the money.

  7. Where he travel go, them nor dey come back , come sort things? Then go back!

    1. You obviously don't know anything about relocation.


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