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Monday, January 02, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...



Please who knows how I can be delivered from spiritual husband. I have prayed and prayed. I tried to conceive for long and just discovered that i am pregnant. I don’t want to lose my baby. 
Please somebody should help me I am having sleepless nights.

I have no idea about this but only have a question... Are you pregnant for your spiritual husband?



I keep getting worried over the fact that this man wants us to be married. I feel like I am not ready for marriage and so I keep posting him. They think I am crazy as I am 34 years already. Why am I like this?

Not everyone wants Marriage........
You are the only one that knows why you are the way you are ... Please be sure that you are sure that you don't want Marriage cos you might lose him to someone else and regrets will start coming in.....You are an an age where getting pregnant easily begins to get difficult.. Or dont you want babies as well?
Make up your mind!


  1. Poster two, you don't love him. Maybe he doesn't know how lay his pipe, cos that alone can confuse you.

    1. How do you know you have a spirit husband?. Be positive and believe that what God can't do doesn't exist.

      If he loves you, marry o

  2. @Poster2,you possibly aren't cut out for marriage and it's understandable.
    Do you and be happy.

  3. Chronicle2...hmmmm, na u only fit identify wetin dey worry u ooooo cuz anything wey we tell u here na base on speculation..

    Try to identify why you don't want marriage and Stella don kukuma finish am for u..abi u no want children ni? You might also be scared due to some experiences.

    Poster 1, ... Who told you that you have a spiritual husband? Na u just tink am abi na ur pastor manufacture am for u?

    You see my dear sister, some of us do not have problem but we tend to creat wahala for ourselves but making what people say the see about u become reality.

    No worry, Dem go give u solution here shaaa

  4. I was like poster 2 over choosing till I ended up in one chance.amu robber

    1. 😁,at least he has amu

    2. She’s not over choosing
      She’s not ready
      You have different issues

    3. She's not really in love with her man, that's why. When she meet the man of her heart, na she go dey rush marriage.

      @poster1, I think this your issue goes all way down to tradition, if we're being truthful here.

      I wish you luck.😎

  5. @Poster 2. I bet you, if he's well to do we would not have read this chronicles today.

  6. Poster 1
    For the fact that God made you pregnant shows you are below the spirit husband. You must put on the armor of Christ (the word of God) and pray. Once you are fully equipped with the word and you stand firm in prayers, you will experience no such things in your life again.
    Poster 2
    At 34 and as a female, you should be concerned about getting married because of your biological clock but please to the right one. You may not love this guy now but the love may grow as time goes on.its better a man loves you more than the other way round. Remember you will not remain beautiful for ever.make up your mind.goodluck!

    1. Poster 1
      you are above the spirit husband.put your trust in God alone. Good luck

  7. Poster 1 If you think you have a spirit husband, one of the fastest ways to break their hold over you is to stop living in sin, any kind of sin at all.
    The next thing is to build a close and personal relationship with God.
    Then you have to rid your mind of fear and worries. You must have complete faith and trust in God. Believe truly in your heart that the God can deliver you. Do not be afraid or feel intimidated by this spirit.
    Let me give you the two major things that powers them and give them a hold in people's lives (I mean all demonic entities). 1. They feed on your fear. It empowers them and makes their attacks stronger. I believe this has to be the reason that the Bible always tells us no to be afraid. If you are fearless, they'll have no power over you. 2. Sin is a portal their can use to access you. The bigger the sin, the greater the portal. So you have to close all portals by rededicating your life to Christ and living a good Christian life
    Next is to pray! Personally, midnight prayers works for me when I face challenge.
    Remember to Speak positive words, speak life, health etc in your life and in the life of your baby.

  8. Poster 1, it is sin in our lives that open the door for evil spirits to torment us. Spend sometime to confess and expose your sins to God and forsake them. Jesus came to set the captives free, turn to Him and if you need help in doing so send a message to Stella, I can share with you personally how to be free from the oppression of the enemy; but I assure you it is totally connected to your personal relationship with Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

  9. Poster 1 the spiritual controls the physical and yes spiritual husband and wife exist (very wicked entities). They can come into one’s life through foundation (ancestral covenants) and sexual immorality (lesbianism, homosexuality, masturbation and fornication).
    To beat them is not a day job but requires consistency and sacrifice. Firstly genuinely seek God (He is the only way) then start to be consistent in praying, fasting and reading the scriptures, it’s this point that sacrifice come in ( it’s not easy to do this back to back) but the Holy Spirit is there to guide and help you achieve this.
    Go and download the mystery of deliverance by Apostles Joshua Selman and download his other teachings relating to your issue. Spend time with God, be consistent and Dont get discouraged. Download gospel music that speaks to your spirit ( Nathaniel basset, Steve Thomson, minister guc) a lot it helps too.
    God will remove the fear you have (I feel you are really scared), 1 thing you should know is that these spirits fear you but it’s becos you are ignorant about the power you possess as a child of God that’s why the have hold on you.
    Trust me the moment God opens your eyes to the truth them go run.
    Matt 6:35 says it all, pls put your hope in God (he isn’t a scam or liar). God Will deliver you.

  10. Poster one I’ve said before this spiritual husband is a scam. They said you won’t marry and now that you have married they are saying you won’t have kids. You better stop believing nonsense

  11. Poster 1 .... please don't credit your gift from God to spirit husband, it's God who gift children.hence you should continue to declare that the gift God gave you is for signs and wonders and not for destruction, since you've gotten pregnant the battle have been won. you don't love that man enough, that's the reason for the undecided answers.

  12. @Poster 2...

    You are either just the non-marriage kind, who wants to be the fun aunt that spoils her nieces and nephews....OR...he's just not the man for you, and you know this deep down.

    Just like we advice men....stop wasting his time, if the latter is the case. It's unfair to him. You are still holding onto him because you're probably scared of not meeting someone else. He is your last-resort. Someone, who if all fails, you can just proceed life with.

    I don't think you have a future with him, but fear on the unknown won't let you do the right thing.

    My advice...let him go, so that he can meet his future wife and have the family that his heart desires.

    When you meet your "one", no one will beg you to formalise things.

  13. poster 2 , just continue to pray and stay positive. when you meet the one meant for you, their existence in your live will erase all doubt and bring you peace. happy new year jeweluchi

  14. Marry him
    You like him enough to be thinking about it

  15. Try Sorting Out Program done by Living Faith Foundation

  16. Why are you not ready
    Are you afraid it will be like glorified house girl ?
    Maybe discuss your fears and take it from there

  17. Poster 2: If you don't love that man. Let him go. Getting married to a man that doesn't spark butterflies in your tummy is a disaster. The reason why the marriage proposal is not appealing to you is bcus u don't love him. Being 34 doesn't mean you can't get pregnant. If u are rich u can freeze your egg. Marriage is not a must for everybody.

  18. Poster 1, please buy prayer rain by D K Olukoya and use the relevant chapters to pray every night before going to bed. It worked for me.
    God will surely deliver you and grant you safe delivery.

  19. Poster one who told you that you have spiritual husband, your head or dome fake prophets. If you feel that you are pregnant for your spiritual husband why don't you join the alter of fire from Monday to Friday at 7am.

    Poster two you do not love this young man, of you don't want to marry him please discharge him on time do that he can get someone else. Make sure you are serious with not getting married to him. Not after he is married to another person you will show up go claim your husband.


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