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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



Dear Stella and BVs.

What i am about to do may cost my sister her marriage but i am beyond caring... It is better to squeal and save her from what is to come than to allow her continue in the sham she is in.....

I will not go into much details because i dont know if my sis reads this Blog and dont want to be shocked like that Blog visitor that asked her ex for money and she discussed it here and he called her....

My sister is abroad where she want to birth her baby and her hubby did not go with her.....I dont live with them but i moved in temporarily to take care of the  kids until she comes back.

Her hubby has been nice to me and all other family members but i didnt know my case was different.
He drugged me and had his way with me and i feel like telling my sister and ending it all...I feel horribly violated.

I also found out he got the house girl pregnant and made her go through an abortion ....I have sent the house girl packing and asked her not to return....

He boasted that i cannot tell me sister cos i dont want her marriage to crash.... he is rich and has been a source of goodness to everyone in the family....

If i tell my sister, wont she say i tried to take her man? should i also tell her about the house girl?  

I want to end it all, should i tell my sister or not? i cant even look at myself in the mirror.
He did not use protection and that alone is driving me crazy.....

what do i do?

This is horrible, oh dear.... Does end it all mean end her marriage or end your life? Dont hurt yourself cos of someone that is not worth it..
Your sis may not be in the right frame of mind for this kind of news
Wait until your sister returns and move out of the house first to see how you feel...
If you tell her and she doesnt believe you, that would be sisterhood ruined cos of a man..


  1. Kai Kai

    I am sorry sis, please do not Kill Yourself please.

    This one is hard o, very hard. Does the house not have CCTV? Can the maid support your claim if push comes to shove? It will take a miracle for your sister/people to be lieve you o.

    Chineke ekwekwala ihee ojoo!!

    1. Please record him admitting to it, whether your sister leaves him or not is not your business but get your family involved. Let them know what has happened to you. I don’t think you should such traumatic experience to yourself.

      Push up ( original)

    2. Go on ahead and tell your sister mbok
      She deserves to know every tiny little bit of what transpired amongst y'all

    3. You never taught of helping the maid when you found out his evil atrocity on the poor girl rather you sent her Parking for a stupid man's crime now you have tasted yours, you understand how hurt and broken you are feeling. Anyways, Please tell the man you are broken he could do this to you but while doing it record it. Tell him he not only did it to the house girl, but also get her to perform abortion. That he will never have Peace burst into tears and cry so he confesses and apologise while it's recording. Then take it to someone he respects apart from your family. After you are called to forgive him. Inform your sister and family. If you want him to pay then go to the police Station after that. Do not go to his area police but state CID together with the maid to though she will settle out of court as she needs the money.

    4. Stella why do you mean by 'don't tell your sister'? Haha!!!!!
      Has marriage now become a do or die affair that family members cannot tell themselves the truth again?
      God forbids evil!!!!
      Me I would have told everyone single extended family immediately it happened, is that one marriage?
      So she should be collateral damage because of a bastard man?
      Me I will sing like a canary and deal with that man in my own way, if my sister wants to sit in the sham of a marriage, that's her headache, not mine.
      God abeg ooo, this story is turning my stomach, such a vile vile, animal roaming about in the skin of a man.

    5. I hope my advise didn't come too late.
      Please don't tell your sister FOR NOW. She is pregnant as you have said.
      She might end up having HPB which could harm her or the innocent baby she is carrying.
      Please, goad your sisters husband to confess while recording the conversation, wait for your sister to return back to Nigeria after delivery, leave the house, wait a little for her to get out of the PSTD Stage then lay it out to her alone.
      Let her plan her escape if she wants and if she wants to stick with her husband, good luck to her. You have done your best.

    6. Nene you don't know that the poster helped the house girl by sending her packing 🧳?
      She did her a big favour because she would have been constantly violated and forced to go through several abortions till she is TIRED 😩.
      Twins ♊ Squared

  2. First of all, do you have evidence to show your sister?

    Try to hold a conversation with him again, this time put your phone on record. Tell him what you know about the house girl, tell him you want will tell your sister everything that happened and dont care what the outcome will be. Make sure to narrative what he did to him and after that, discuss with your mother or an elder in the family you can trust. Watch their reaction to know if they don't care about losing the rich man. In all, look for a better way to tell your sister since you already have the evidence with you. Good luck as you ponder on what to do.

    1. Exactly what I wanted to type. Hold a conversation with him and record, that way you have evidence.

  3. Don’t tell her that her husband is a rapist ? Who can even rape his own kids ? Na wa oo Stella . What is a man (a foolish goat ) for that matter that she should protect ?

    The only issue I see here is looks like the man’s money is the one taking care of everyone in her family and he knows it which makes it so sad .

    Please tell! Damn all consequences and tell !

    Rape not some game
    Tell your sister tell the police tell anyone you want to tell. They believe or not is their business
    If I tell my sister someone raped me and she doesn’t believe me then she doesn’t need to be my sister again

    1. Police kwa? With which evidence please? Na Nija be this o

    2. 16:08 Still tell if you want
      You don’t need evidence to report a crime. You only need it to convict but report it if you want to

    3. Thank you!!!!! My blood is boiling. I don't care if they believe me or not, they should do whatever they want with the information.

  5. Poster,so sorry about wat happened to u but do u think ur sis doesn't know about d help? Am saying this bcos it has happened to a friend and she cut her sister off saying she was trying to break her home and seduce her husband.u said he is Rich,she is presently out of d country to birth?ah! She won't believe u.but kip your eyes open and protect those kids.watever u decide to do pls pray about it first.and make sure u take a test to be sure ur fine.

  6. Tough one. What do you mean by end it all.?
    Kill everybody including yourself.

  7. First, report that man to the right authority, I'm not talking about the police, if you're in Lagos, please visit any of the listed organisations:
    1. Lagos State Domestic Violence response team
    2. Mirabel
    3. WARIF
    4. FIDA
    Please, report him by scheduling a meeting with prominent families without informing him, you can trick his family, especially those that are important to him that there's a surprise lunch or dinner for him, and let the cat out of the bag.
    Kill him with shame, telling your sister will do little or no good, who told you she's not even aware of his lifestyle, some women don't care inasmuch the man is financing their dream lifestyle, breeding kids with a cursed man.


    1. Exactly.

      Imagine the audacity, you can't tell your sis bas per rich husband/in law.
      Surprise him with family meeting including his pastors, the men that he respects much.

    2. I dey hail, how we all dey? Happy new year. Stelleme.. I salute you.

      Chai! This matter get as e dey, so you have to handle with care poster; first you have to talk to your family about about it , to see how they react to it. Then wait for your sister to come and tell her, the out come might be good or bad but what ever it is you owe your sister that. Good luck.

    3. Sense won't kill you, na him go die of shame. My sister is married to scum and then I will still be helping her package nonsense?

    4. Sense won't kill you, na him go die of shame. My sister is married to scum and then I will still be helping her package nonsense?

  8. Kai what a bastard your sister married. Please anything you can do not to get in contact with him do. Don't leave your door unlocked. Don't even eat or drink in the house, he might do it again.

    Get evidence of his doing, like the house help evidence is good.

    Sorry about your pains. Money talks bullshit walk ABI. He is a useless bastard. You can still confide in your mom except money don close all of them mouths

    1. Yori the sister surely knows because he didn't start that kind of lifestyle today and he's also rich too.... fighting a rich man without evidence in our country no be beans!

  9. This is rape na abi eye dey pain me?

    Aunty, forget your sister. You should have gone to a government hospital for a checkup and proof then report to the nearest police station. Wetin you dey talk like this????

    If you've had your bath,then sorry you have washed away evidence.

    Rape victims, first things first - rush to a government hospital for a checkup and Medical examination/report and then report to the nearest police station. I know you may feel disgusted and want to wash away the dog's stench from your body but be patient until after your report has been made.

  10. Wait for the victim blaming to start..
    Tell your sister even though she is more likely to believe her husband ( because in Nigeria Marriage is everything(sic)). While at it, please tell her about her house girl also. Word of warning: you may be blamed for what happened, even by some BVs here, but you need to speak up to maintain your sanity! Sadly,that your pig of an in-law is a by-product of a society that promotes toxic masculinity!

    1. If this ain’t the truth. She’ll throw you out and believe her husband in the end you’ll look stupid. Just look for a way to arrange him or keep shut forever.

  11. The Original ShugarGirl12 January 2023 at 15:45

    What a pity. I don't have any advice for you dear. See a therapist and let everyone know if you have receipt. Like you should have recorded that goat's confession.

    The house girl needs to speak too and show proof.

    Don't let your emotion get the best of you. Leave there abruptly and speak now with evidence. Remember rape cases are hard to prove as time passes. Often swept under the carpet over time

  12. You have to open up to your family, don’t even have second thoughts about it. I’m so sorry you had to go through that nasty experience. Why do some men do this?
    Tell your sister and if she decided to be stupid about it, then that’s on her.
    Ending it all is not worth it. Life is beautiful and I know you’ll have a beautiful life, just give it a chance.
    Opening up will be the beginning of your healing.
    That man can’t be trusted around his female children.
    Go ahead and expose him.


  13. I'm really so sorry

    1. I am. Really. I just don't even have anything to say. Some people are so horrible, they do not even deserve to be alive.
      How do you drug take advantage of someone like this?

    2. I can bet that her sister knows what her hubby is capable of. He is rich and her family see him as god so he feels he can do whatever he likes and nothing will happen.
      This is what happens when you let money rule you.
      That guy don see that family finish that’s why he was bold enough to drug and rape her.
      That guy needs to be whisked away and dealt with first.


  14. Why do guys with money tend to have compulsive sexual behaviour? What's wrong with using the money to get mentors, coaches to discipline yourself? Chaii 🀦🀦🀦. Then boasting about it😳😳😳. Seems he knows he's the main sponsor of the family, he thinks no one can report him?

    1. People only do that when there are no consequences. And most rich people buy their way out of consequences. Many things Nigerian men do and excuse in Nigeria, they don't try it abroad simply because of what they stand to lose. They've seen their friends go to jail for doing the 'small rape' and other sexual atrocities they do in Nigeria, even attacking and abusing girls who don't give in to their advances. Make them try am for oyibo naa.. never. Nga nga jail straight. Abi one of them was recently jailed for taking c*ndoms and lollipop to visit a minor in England. Toh! It's all about consequences my dear

  15. Call your mum and tell her first, then call her and tell her while crying. That man might even abuse his own kids one day.

  16. Another consequence of porn addiction. Terrible. Tell some guys this and they'll tell you nothing wrong with porn. Smh at this generation.

    1. Hahaha with all the porn men and women watch. Pls leave this and focus on the evil here

    2. Stop finding blame. This man is plain evil. He has wealth so he could easily pay for his desires with any number of different women to suit his taste. Raping a family member is a diabolic act. Most porn addicts are not drugging and raping anyone, much more relatives. And long before porn existed household help have been molested. Ask all those women working in Ar@b countries where porn in banned and cannot be accessed on the internet, even before vpns existed. So many househelp raped, some even ended up pregnant and were sent back home under the guise of being immoral, others were killed when they tried to get justice. Fathers and sons together and alone raping their maids. One wife was arrested and charged because she tried to help her maid by setting up a video recording and taped the man trying to rape the maid. Even their law protected the man in the end.

      Much of the porn out there is vile, but some of these men expect to get sex from any woman under their roof no matter whom. Exploitation and rape of househelp have been happening long before porn existed. A lot of men are just spiritually and morally bankrupt individuals, soulless beings with a heart of stone some of them are.

  17. Let me tell you, your sister knows if her husband’s “sexcapades” including the poor house girl but money will not make some women have self respect!!!

    Stella I disagree with you. Let her tell someone she trusts in the family but she needs evidence. Try to get him on audio record admitting to rape.
    Please don’t commit suicide, there are lots of NGOs that can help. All the best.

    1. Don’t say that about someone’s sister unless you know what you’re talking about

  18. So sorry poster, instead of telling your sister please tell your mum instead. Your brother inlaw is an evil man.

  19. Don't wait for her to return. Tell her while she is there and take your leave from her home. Let your mum replace you there and look after the kids, or take the kids to your home. Also tell your parents and siblings.

    Evil thrives in silence.

    Are you following the news of that doctor that raped his wife's neice? The wife reported him.

    1. If only the wife would not cover him up.

    2. The wife didn’t report him
      Kate henshaw did

  20. In as much as I would have advocated for you to tel her, please don’t rather if your mum is someone you can confide In, let her in. She will have a way of bringing your sister’s knowledge to it. But are you sure your sis does t know she married an Mkpi ?

    How long has the maid been with thΓ© that she got pregnant and even had an abortion? How long has that sexual transaction been going on between the maid and the hubby because she obviously was collecting money and keeping quiet. You just spoilt her plans because she might have been planning on taking over your sister’s house when she leaves to go birth abroad.

    Most importantly, ask God for guidance and also, recordthe conversations between you and both the hubby n maid as evidence when the need arises. But pack your kaya and leave respectfully when your sis returns.

    PLEAAE HAVE SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE BEFORE YOU STRIKE. If you can plant a video recording phone in your room at night, please do. God’s protection and healing. Sorry for what you went through.

  21. your sister may not believe you especially if the man has been all sweet with her, your family, and their children. If you want your sister to believe you do a video recording of your convo with her husband. Make sure your sister has put to birth, birth to the country, and the family is like 6 months old cos your sister is not in a good place to hear some terrible gist.

    Since you are still in that house, her husband may force himself on you again, again, again. Is there a way you can involve someone like your mum so that you both can put fear in his body? I know you feel terrible but that man will never feel any shame.

  22. I can't imagine what you're going through, I'm really sorry. Please don't 'end it all', you don't have anything to be ashamed of, it's the monster of an in law who should hide his head in shame. with time some of the pain you feel will go away. This is too much of a burden for you to carry by yourself. Please you need to tell someone you trust in your family, someone you're comfortable with. Did you visit a hospital to get evaluated after the incident? There should be proof of examination findings if you did. You definitely should inform your sister, with or without proof. Whether she believes it or not, it's on her, whether the family believes or not, it's on them.
    Then you can take the matter up with government agencies if you want, the animal should know that he can't commit a crime of this magnitude and get away with it.

  23. Pls do not tell your sister, it might ruin her marriage. If possible bring in a relative of yours to live in the house with you for now till your sister returns. Try as much as possible to avoid her husband and pray for God's forgiveness.

    1. Which marriage? You are unbelievable!! Mtcheeeeeew


    2. Ruin which marriage???
      Pray for Gods forgiveness???
      Are you for real?!!!

    3. The Original ShugarGirl12 January 2023 at 19:29

      That's not what will ruin an already ruined marriage.
      When you marry a partner who has no business being married that alone is reason enough to have a ruined marriage.

      He that covers a sin shall not prosper.

    4. @ Ross... This is the dumbest advice of the century. A man that is likely to infect her sister with HIV/AIDS. I lost an aunty when I was much younger, I heard that the husband infected her with HIV, he died and after some time, she died too. Please poster speak out even if she refused to believe you, should anything happens to her in Future.

    5. Rose can you hear yourself? Can you slowly re read what you just wrote? Awon abokoku Nigeria limited. Is that the kind of marriage you pray to have or for a sibling of yours to have? Is being married to a cursed man now a good thing? Abi am I missing something?

  24. I am so sorry poster about your ordeal,since you dont have any evidence against him yet,try and record the bastard and him to the office of public defender at alausa,in ikeja. He is not only a bastard,he is a fucking rapist,plus his audacity.πŸ˜’

    1. It's the audacity for me. How do you know you're guilty and you're boasting. Oga oh πŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†

    2. How some people assume Lagos is Nigeria/ Nigeria is Lagos! Did the poster say she lives in Lagos?

  25. Put the man on Record discussing the rape ,wait till your sister comes ,play it for your family members in a meeting ,then leave them to decide ? If they value the man more than their daughter ,by keeping quiet then know that you are in the midst of enemies but if they take action good for it but nobody will then say you destroyed your sister home,some stupid he-goat just because of money are not fit to stay alive

  26. I think you should tell your sister but tell your mother first,iam just angry reading this,iam so sorry for everything you went through,but you need to tell somebody in your family,and you need evidence,this is so painful!

  27. What did I just read!!! I will say report the idiot to the police and tell your sister. That man is crazy and a ticking time bomb, he will be doing something more horrible to your sister soon if care is not taken. Wait! Could this be a ritual for him or he's just sick in the head.

  28. This is a case of rape. Pls report to ur sister whether she believes you or not. Try and gather whatever evidence u can gather, it may be him admitting to it on record. Do not let him know you have recorded him tho. Lastly, leave that house immediately. Let an elderly family member replace u.

    You will be surprised your sister will believe you and stand by u. Women of these days are beginning to stand for what is right and not to accept nonsense in marriages

  29. Please who can help me with the link for the chronicle this poster mentioned,? The one that a BV asked her boyfriend for money not knowing he is a BV too

  30. Try and get proof (recording, chats anything), make sure that he admits it.
    I wish you'd gone to the hospital and police that first day before having your bath (that is before washing off the semen) that would have been solid proof but it's still not too late. My dear, he raped you. Please seek justice. Have the police and women affairs in your state involved. I'm really sorry for what you went through.

  31. If househelps start speaking out ehn...

    Tell your sister and move out of that house. The death that will kill a man is usually like an insatiable appetite.

  32. Why do i off about this?
    Sis get proof since you said he used drug, without proof this days you ain't got nothing .

    Tell your sis when she returns, she need to know, it's up to her to believe you or not(girls can do anything to stay in so called rish marriage, even if it kills them) , but tell her regardless

  33. Why do people automatically think that her sister will not believe her?
    Did they not grow up together? Doesn't poster's sister have an idea of the kind of sister that she has?
    Why do people just think others cannot entertain bad news about their spouses!!!!

    When I suspected that my sister's husband was involved in shady deals, I told her and told the entire family, even though I wasn't sure. I just told her my suspicions. She didn't accuse me of trying to make her husband look bad or anything, she told me she would dig deep and pay attention. She did just that.
    Everything people will say don't tell, don't tell.

    If you don't tell a friend, a colleague, etc, it will also apply to her own BLOOD!!!!

    I will tell and let the worst happen.. Even if she doesn't believe you, you would have succeeded in planting doubts about her husband in her heart and that's enough.

    Dear Friend,
    I am sorry about what you had to endure. That d*mon hurt you, yet you want to end your life for his sake. WHOSE LOSS WOULD THAT BE?
    YOURS!!!!! Your parents, siblings and family, but it would definitely not be his loss.

    Healing is possible.

  34. When you found out you were raped
    You would have gone to the hospital obtain a report from the Doctor
    Go to the police, submit the report
    Let them invite him for questioning.
    That is an evidence kept.

    Before sending the house girl away
    You call family members and Record the house girl as evidence. Bring her to testify to the police.

    Go to the hospital
    Take PREP because he may be HIV positive
    Then take contraceptives immediately

    Then tell your sister.
    This is not about her or her marriage.
    This is about you
    This is about the house girl
    You deserve not to be violated
    Tell your sister

    If she doubt , show her evidence.

    Make sure before you tell her, you have taken her husband to the police. Leave that house.

    Your sisters feelings don't count, you matter. It is your feeling. You were raped in the most cruel way.


    1. Gbayi!!!!! Point blank fu***g periodt!!!!
      I'm all over this post today as if this thing happened to me. Its pinching my body.

  35. I am really sorry about your experience. My suggestion is that you tell a trusted member of your family. Have a recording of your conversation with him where you raise the issue of how he raped you and also the house maid. When your sister returns, let her know what ensued. This man is a danger to every female around him and even his own children.

  36. Being raped is nothing to keep silent on. I don't know when is the right time to tell your sister, but she deserves to know and so does your mother.

    I honestly do not know why men are like this. All the womwn in the world for a man to pick from an they will still molest the household helper and family members. A rich man has the means to procure anyone for tgeir pleasure and would still prefer to traumatize so.eone jist because they are there.

    I am truly hurt that you had to endure that from someone who should have made sure you were safe while you were taking care of his children, but please tell someone spare no evil man their shame, let their shame be brought forward so they can see what they really are.

  37. I feel so violated on your behalf. This is just so terrible.. please don't tell your sister for now. She's in a very vulnerable state. I feel so bad about this

  38. Look at the way you don't care about yourself

  39. Pls don't kill yourself because of this issue, don't hurt yourself, you did not do bad going to help your sister out.
    Hold the conversation with him and record it but DO IT SECRETLY. DON'T LET HIM SEE THE PHONE ON YOU.

  40. Poster. Sorry about what happened to you. You have to tell somebody in your family!!!! The actual act happened and it is a crime. Do not hold it in. I know you are feeling violated and ashamed. But you will heal better by talking to someone in your family about it. About telling your sister, you can wait until after she gives birth before telling her. You must tell her.
    Please look for rape support groups on twitter or something to get you through this. Ending it all will only give more glory to evil and power to the dog that did this to you. It may seem like the easy way out, but it is not the best way out.


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