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Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative..



Please help me, how do I overcome spiritual husband? it’s so bad that I experience it even in the day time, the more I pray and fast the more the attack increase.

 I have done deliverance with mountain of fire, joined NSPPD and other great men of God, my friend wants to take me to a traditionalist for cleansing but I am scared to mix altars for future implications. 

Please I am desperate.

Hmmm this is serious.
Please dont go and jump from frying pan to fire. If its ot God you are running to for help, anything else will definitely complicate it...
May you find solution soon oh...


  1. Keep praying oooo no join anything together ,God will answer you it is well

    1. Most times, big trees are not cut down at once, some trees are harder to cut but keep at it, after going for deliverance, look out for those things you do that immediately cuts you away from God, like anger, malice, pride, fornication/adultery, watching porn,etc, know yourself and keep working on your weaknesses . Dont stop praying, continuous praise and worship. The environment attracts or resist, if you resist the devil he will flee. Fishes like water, if you remove water from the environment, they die. Going traditional is using water to quench water, the water will increase instead. But keep the fire burning then the water dries up. God doesnt share HIS Glory, so dont try both. Dont jump from one church to another, if you have eye problem, you go to an optician not a dentist. Church is like Hospital with different abilities. Stay put in MFM until you get your freedom and can fight on your own. You can try the Head quarters/Camp as well.

    2. You are disturbing some things and making progress, the tree doesn't fall at the first stroke, keep praying. The tree will fall , the darkest hour is before dawn

    3. When it comes to spirit husband enh it’s not only by deliverance, you have to cut off from a lot of things most people see as normal.

      You have to really detach yourself
      It’s not by praying and fasting alone, your whole life has to change for the good, no fornication, no worldly music, no sex related movies, like you have to really be born again.

      There are certain vices this things uses to get back into your life so you really have to cut them off.
      It’s not an easy battle but it is worth it.

      Push up ( original)

    4. Also take the advice from push up

  2. You go pray and fast tire. You better go and meet the traditionalist. Talking from experience.

    1. They don't know and understand it. It's best experienced then you'll know the extent of the damage. All of them are not the same. For some, if it's not done traditionally, they'll never leave.

    2. And then it’ll be replaced with something else she go keep battling with. Poster don’t go this route abeg. keep praying if this is indeed spiritual husband. God’s power is still the greatest and sometimes it might take a while but don’t give up. I still doing get this whole spirit husband thing sha. Lord help your people.

  3. This thing called spiritual husband/wife is a serious something. Poster, please do not visit any traditionalist for any form of cleansing. This will definitely add to your problem. Intensify your fasting & prayer. God will answer and set you free. It is well with you.

  4. Stick to what you have always been stuck to mbok
    Don't go to any traditionalist whatever

  5. Please don't do it

    Keep praying and keep hoping sis very soon your joy will be full

  6. Look for a prophet that is annoited for breaking altars they can help you if you are born again,what a pity it can be very tiring by the Lord will see you through

  7. Poster, the problem is you still believe you have a spirit husband. Why do you believe what an evil spirit says about you over the one God has said about you? Why believe a liar, the father of lies over the living truth, over truth himself? You have to change your thoughts and mindset cos it is still cloaked in fear. Perfect love casts out fear. Yes you are praying - but you don't have a relationship with the one who is able to save you. Your prayers are not from a place of love, but from a place of what I can get from him. Once you get it, you bounce. Build a relationship by learning more about Jesus. Read the word, abide in the word, hold unto the word, pray the word, but most importantly, live out the word. Live in obedience and prayer. You will see your life and thoughts transform. Faith gives confidence, hope will come. Then you will know who you are and the authority you have. Evil will bounce. But as I said, it comes with a cost - you have to obey him and live a life of obedience...

  8. Always anoint yourself day and night. Try and see if you can meet the G.O of mfm himself. Meanwhile, continue with the prayers, fasting and deliverance. May you be delivered swiftly.

  9. @Poster, this could be frustrating. Are you living rightly? If so, don't bother yourself so much. If indeed you are living right then probably you are overwhelming yourself in thoughts. Pray, then live it for God. He will do it at his appointed time. God is never late. Please do not follow your friends' advice; it would compound your problem.

  10. First of all, have you discovered the actual source of this problem? Is this a family problem or it's an association based problem? I ask this because some spiritual problems are best tackled when you go down to it's roots. If it's a family issue,you might need to ask your parents certain questions. There might be a deity demanding for worship or a strong covenant which needs to be addressed.

    1. My dear I have, it is a family problem. Some of my siblings are also affected. My parents are born again too, They are equally worried.

    2. Your parents being born again now doesn't mean they have always been so. Since you aren't the only one affected, ask them again about your family tree and lineage. Certain things our relatives might have done with good intentions have lasting effects on the descendants. My dad's great aunt entered the evil forest back in those days to get a medicine to prevent her children from dying in childhood. All her children stopped dying but as I am talking to you now,none of her descendants lives. All her grandchildren died young till none remained. Ask your parents to investigate this pls

  11. I have found out that the right prayer point is the issue in most of the problems we have as christians, I had this issue of being defiled in the dream sexually almost every night, so even during my personal midnight prayers I'll pray very well against spirit husband but to my amazement I'll sleep after the prayers and still have the same experience. It became a big problem to me that going to bed was now scary to me, so as I was thinking about it one day a thought came to me to prayer against witchcraft spirit. I changed my prayer point and addressed it to a witchcraft spirit that is sexually harassing and defiling me in my dream, that was it! From that very day it stopped. Infact that very first night I prayed that way, the demon came and it now happened that there was a pant I was wearing that couldn't allow the demon to enter. As we were struggling I overpowered the demon and pushed it away and that was it. Since then No more of such. So you can see that the pant I saw myself wearing at that point was a spirit barrier that the Holy Spirit put on me as a result of the prayer I prayed. So poster change your prayer point. It may not be spirit husband but witchcraft so you might be praying amiss

    1. I encountered this kind of your problem & I prayed & fasted as I was instructed by a society in our church then it stopped & later continued. Then I continued praying & it will stop & start again. Then I joined our society for my second LIFE IN SPIRIT SEMINAR & after the holy spirit descend on us that was the last time I experienced sexual abuse in my dreams. Note it's over a year. Glory be to God

  12. Poster what you should know is that you cannot give God a deadline, condition or time to handle your case. I have read and heard testimonies that happened instantly, some first day of joining NSPPD while some it happened after some months or years. Now everything happens depending on our faith, and consistency.

    You should continue to trust in God, and let God be your only solution. How sure are you that where your friend is taking you too will give you a lasting solution? Hand in there, alot are facing worst things than you but everyone is trusting in God.

  13. Stay away from anything called sin. Anything sin you can think about in this life even lies. Again pray with understanding and you will testify.

  14. About this spiritual husband/wife, how do people know they have one. Pls am not doubting anyone, I just want to understand

  15. Its not sbout "I have gone for deliverance" . After the deliverance what happened with your spiritual life? Did you maintain the fire ? Check your life style too. Watch what you feed your mind with. Make conscious and deliberate effort to read, meditate on the word of God. Pray without ceasing !!! . God will come through for you.

  16. Poster, You have gone to mountain of fire and you are still tormentted. First, deliverance comes to those living rightly. During the deliverance, did you surrender yourself to God. Are you born again now? Do you go to church, do you study your Bible daily. Trust me, if you study the word of God daily, your heart, soul and mind become purified. Evil spirit does not dwell in a clean heart. What are the things you wear? Attachment, sexy dresses, skimpy trousers, hot jeans, heavy make up and jeweries?

    Be modest with your lifestyle, and study the word of God and see if any spiritual husband will come again.

    You want to go to spiritual places like voodoo, herbalist? Ok now, just know that your problem will compound. Spirit husband and juju be 5&6. They are friends

  17. Thank you darling Stella for posting🫂

  18. I had a spirit husband sometime,it got to a point he started appearing physically and people around will think something was wrong without me,I was very single then.I won’t lie,I had married men I was seeing and some we had sex.These men gift me with money and material things,I was very young.When this problem started,it was in the middle of the night,that I had these sharp pain in my tummy.From there,we kept spending money on drugs and treatments
    From one church to another cos my mom was even an evangelist.Fake churches and genuine ones keep telling us to fast and pray,These we did for two years.I was always in pains,I made up my mind to do anything to get well,I was taken to a traditionist,my mom put aside her evangelist belief,we did a lot of stuffs there,we settled the spirit o and God set me free.Try the traditionist too,it is God that create herbs for use.

    1. No , it is not God that set you free

  19. dear Poster Pray in tongues more than praying in your understanding. It will build you up spiritually and your faith will be jacked up. praying in the Holy ghost gives you more power over the enemy, Study the word of God; it will cleanse your inner man,
    This has helped me alot.

  20. There is nothing like spiritual husband and wife. It's all in your head. Are you on any medications, e.g BP or pain medications? See your doctor and also check your hormones.

  21. This one is easy naaah. Attend Sorting Out Programme by Rev PJA Olaiya of Living Faith Foundation
    Just Google it

  22. I appreciate your prayers and uplifting words my people.
    I told her I won’t be going, I brought this issue here because in the past a male friend offered to take me to a traditionalist too, I declined.
    I know my problem is with my foundation, my siblings are plaque with the same issue, this spirit drive my suitors away,crash my business and stop anything good from reaching me. All the people I pray for receive answers almost immediately except myself.
    3 days ago I got to know through midnight prayers that my fore fathers were idol worshippers and somehow the whole idol thing is affecting us because my parents and siblings choose to serve God, my cousins are enjoying their lives because they are not born again. I intensified my prayers and I saw my self in dream breaking all this idols.
    I believe that with prayers and more patience I will triumph in Christ Jesus. Please my fellow BVs keep me in your prayers🙏 I will keep taking this idols to the court of Heaven till I am free.

    1. There is a book on selar dot co titled "Overcoming Food & Sex in the Dream." I can give you a copy if you reply to this comment.

  23. Dear poster, there are doors that we open to demons and wicked spirits in our lives. It is not just about fasting and prayer, handle your sins before God, confess and repent of every sin you have ever committed especially in the domain of sexual immorality. And if you have never consciously invited or accepted Jesus as your Lord and savior which is not just a matter of answering altar calls, you need to do so. Being religious does not make anyone a believer. You must consciously deal with your sins by confessions and repentance and handing over the Lordship of your life to Jesus. May the Lord send you help and grant you deliverance as you turn to Him in truth

  24. Dear poster, change your prayer point. Pray that God should reveal the person behind this attack so you know where to address your prayers to. I once had this problem. Anytime i go to chc they will conduct deliverance. But unknown to me, it was actually a relative who was disguising as spiritual husband to attack me. When deliverance is done, the person will lie low for sometime and then come back. It will now look as if the deliverance did not work. It may not be a spirit but a person who is attacking you.

  25. Stay on Nsppd prayer alter , always play it overnight when you sleep ( they are some combined midnight prayers of it on YouTube ) , the devil can never stay when such prayer is on … continue to serve God diligently and He will surely answer your prayers .

  26. Sometimes it is not only about fasting and prayers or visiting men for deliverance. You can help yourself get delivered from this bondage by :
    Being in right standing with God. Your reproach may be sin. Is there any lifestyle in you that doesn't give God glory?

    I am not saying that God doesn't bless sinners. Infact God doesn't look into our sins before he blesses us. Some people never prayed to God for one day but genuine doors keep opening for them. So being without sin is not a yardstick for automatic blessings but this your case is a spiritual bondage and for one to be free from such an oppression, the person should be in right standing with God. Another spirit is living in you. If you are truly filled with the holy spirit and you have strong faith in who you serve no other spirit will have the audacity to claim ownership of you.

    Remember that the bible says; the spirit of God doesn't dwell in a filthy/sinful environment and the bible also says; "but our iniquity have separated us from God; and our sins have hidden His face from us"
    Most people don't know that the holy spirit leaves them the moment they sin. They sin and continue speaking in tongues even in sin; not knowing that those are not tongues of Angels but tongues of demons. It is only the one that has the gift of decenment of spirits that will be able to know when demonic spirit is speaking through a person. They keep speaking and prophesying, thinking they are prophesying through the holy spirit. That is why their prophesies are always contradicting. The spirit mixes the truth and lies for them and the listeners get confused. They would mix true prophesies together with the fake ones and it will be difficult for people to notice because after all, there is a little truth in those prophesies. Inaccuracy of prophesies everywhere because of sin of these prophets. Our God is not a God of confusion. (I am saying this from experience)

    Search yourself well. What are those things you do that doesn't give God glory. Check for even the slightest of them and do away with them. Even as little unforgiveness ,ungratefulness, pride, God hates the proud. I think if you can do away with those three then the other sin are easy for you to overcome. You know those things that God says you should not do.

    Another way is; make sure you are in a cordial/personal relationship with God. Get to know him deeper. Read the bible. Start from Genesis to revelation. Each day read at least 2chapters. Before you read, ask the holy spirit to interpret for you. This will help you know God better and learn to follow his will through his word.
    Anybody can call on God, but having a prayer life , having a fellowship and communion with God makes you different from other Christians. Do you know that people call God everyday? Who will he first answer? Is it not the person that has a cordial relationship with Him? You can't walk up to a random person lend you money but you can God to your mother. If your phone rings in the middle of the night and it's your sibling calling you will pick to know why they are calling at that time of the day; but you won't pick up the call if it was a random person because they are depriving you of sleep. You answer the call of the one you have a good relationship with.
    Try your best to be in a good relationship with God.

    1. Continuation:
      Have faith in God. Make sure your faith in him is Non shrinking. God hates when we doubt him. Onces you are on God's side make sure you stick there. Don't look elsewhere. God that searches the heart will search your heart to know if you ever have the thought to consider trying other god's if he doesn't answer you quickly.

      Play your part and leave the rest for God. "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and every other thing shall be added unto you"

      Please stay off anything that God hates. Prepare your life so that the holy spirit will come and live in you permanently. Always hold God by his word anytime you pray. And also pray in the name of Jesus/Yeshua Hamasiach . If you don't read the bible how will you know the actual word to hold God with?

      As you pray, make sure you earnestly desire the gift of the Holyspirit. Call the particular gifts that you desire. It is not even bad if you desire the nine spiritual gifts. With that you will know if the Spirit of God has come into you or not.
      Do not fear when you pray. God has made you a god so never you believe that those spirits have power to oppress you. Know your worth. Non of Jesus disciples experience any demonic attack . Make yourself a true disciple on a personal relationship and you will be free. Don't think of those spirits . Pay no attention to them because they oppress you the more you give them attention by believing that they are still in you. Always Tell yourself ' I see the holy spirit in me ' Even if you still see the evil spirits keep confessing that the holy spirit lives in you. Was there anything like spiritual husband in the bible self? All these things that the devil uses to hold people mentally and spiritualy in bondage.

      Our God has no limitation to any circumstance. You have the right to meet God one on one and complain to him. Remove you mind from that believe that your deliverance must come from a man. You have tried your best, you have gone to places seeking for solution all to no avail . Now is time to sit down one place and use this approach.

      May God come through for you in Jesus name

  27. Poster my advice for you is to genuinely seek God, Asin get to know God on a personal level so you can experience Him yourself.
    When you genuinely seek God He will give you light I.e give you insight towards the devil has blinded you from seeing. From there transformation and empowerment follows.
    It’s not by running from church to church it is by running to God and staying with Him till the end of time.
    You need guidance go to YouTube and types koninonia global or Apostle Joshua Selma teachings on seeking God. Dont give up, you are stronger than the devil

  28. Hmmmmm.......I know the battle,is only God who delivers out of it.

  29. Stranger things happen in this world.
    I was once faced with this problem.
    I graduated and was looking for a good job and it wasn't forthcoming, I wasn't really bothered because my parents were okay financially.
    I started praying at a point about it and got very serious in prayers.
    No matter how hard I pray, no job came even when my CV was submitted in different places and friends and family members were putting in words for me.
    I graduated one of the best in my department , so I knew that side wasn't where the problem was coming from.
    As a Catholic, I visited the blessed sacrament frequently and said my rosary meditatively and it was still the same.
    I then got a daily reading and prayer booklet when I went for my legion work.
    In that book, it was written: 'This prayer will change your life'. The name of the Catholic prayer book is Jesus the sharer of all things (JTS).
    My journey to freedom started.
    Family members were angry that instead of accepting marriage proposal I was praying and fasting for what they do not understand.
    In that booklet, I read: seek the God of men and not the Men of God.
    I go to church and vigils yes, but my deliverance I believed was between me and God.
    Nobody knew my challenges better than I did and none can know and pray my family out more than me (the person that knows the family inside out).
    I took the Jesus the Sharer novena every month:my rosary prayers, stations of the cross, my daily readings, precious blood chaplet , thank you Jesus Chaplet, our lady of perpetual help novena etc everyday. Midnight prayer became my second name and then God manifested himself.
    I sleep and get revelations in my dreams and I later got a good job 6 Months later.
    I never stopped praying, through my dreams I found out that the person (so called spirit husband) was a close relative.
    When I started having my revelations through the dreams, I doubted a lot and as days and Months went by, I started hearing a voice before I wake up: Doubting Thomas, will you believe this now?One thing I never forgot was that word : woe to those who are at ease in Zion.
    No matter how good things were with me, I never stopped praying (I even intensified my effort).
    The relative now noticed that I was now acting a bit cold towards him and wanted to know what was happening, I jokingly told him a story. He was bent on knowing where I heard the story from.
    The story was actually what he did Months ago that nobody suspected him of.
    I told him that it was a story someone shared online and that I wanted to get his input.
    After that day, he started suspecting me of knowing something.
    I told a few family members and of course, they told me to nip such thought from the bud.
    God know decided that enough was enough and started his exposure and every atrocities he perpetrated years ago came to light and everyone was left speechless.

    Never stop praying, you alone can pray yourself out.

    1. Just smiled seeing my favorite devotions- daily readings, precious blood novena, visits to blessed sacrament 😊 Also, constant prayer (relationship with God) even when things are good is powerful. Thank God for showing you mercy and answering you🙏🏾

  30. Pls what is this daily readings?

    1. Daily reading is an excerpt from the bible.
      Just google it.


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