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Saturday, January 21, 2023

Doctor Freaks Journal - Anger Destroys

For some strange reasons, I do not 'celebrate' "new years" but out of courtesy I do wish family and friends "happy new year" and I do reciprocate when others send me seasonal messages. 

For me, January 1st is a day for sober reflection when I stay indoors all day, even 'refuse to take my bath' (so as to be able to resist the temptations of going out to merry). I just review the activities of the past year and come up with strategies for the new one.

Basically, what I do is to identify one fatal flaw in my life and attempt to purposefully work on myself. This year, I've identified and chosen 'ANGER.' Anger, they say, is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.

Some years back, I was driving home and somewhere between Igbo-Efon and Chevron, Lekki area of Lagos, a commercial bus hit my car and sped off. I gave him a hot chase and luckily for me, the traffic light around Chevron area 'arrested and detained' him. I pulled up behind him, bolted out of the car and ran in his direction. I confronted this driver with the cold facts of his act but he blatantly denied and this got me even more infuriated to the point that I attempted to hit his door with my boot. In the process of bashing his door, a daredevil driver showed up from nowhere and bashed my own buttocks and the next minute, I was off the road and sandwiched between two stationary vehicles. The force was so much that I quietly limped back to my car and struggled to drive home. 

Who knows, anger could have sent me to an early grave in the process.

I read a similar case about a man whose car was hit by another commercial bus around Maryland and got run over by another driver in the process of giving the assailant a chase. Another case was reported in Ogun State just last week.

Are you reading this piece and people have been telling you that you've got anger issues? Instead of just waving it off, why not sit down and work on yourself this year?

Destroy anger before anger destroys you!

Welcome to 2023. Thank God we made it!


  1. Anger get behind me this year.
    Early last year along my route, an army officers wife was hit behind by another vehicle. The man that hit her came down and pleaded with her to forgive him, other drivers came down from their car and pleaded with the woman to at least take her car off the road as serious hold up is building behind. She refused to move an itch till her husband who is an army officer arrives from Abacha barracks. A trailer failed break from the opposite lane and crushed this woman and other onlookers and they died instantly. The irony is that the man that hit her was busy explaining to road safety officers when the trailer came and cleared people. He was not affected but his car was damaged beyond repair. Anger is evil. Me that use to be short fuse. I learnt a very big lesson that day.

    1. Itch must’ve been much for her not to move

  2. My brother is number one

  3. Anger is really dangerous, may God help us to overcome it because it's easier said than done.

  4. Anger is a legitimate emotion, but how you express your anger is what is important. Some ppl lose their minds and self-control saying and doing anything when andry. We all have a right to get angry, but nobody has a right to abuse anyone else with words or fists except in the case of self-defence.

  5. I am also trying to work on my anger this new year. God help me.

  6. The mastery of one's emotion is the new gold.

  7. Oga Kunle I'm with you like this.
    I have lil anger issues and I'm doing my best to contain it. Good enough it hasn't put me in tight corners over these years.
    I thank God I realised what triggers my anger is when I bottle things up. So I'm always speaking out and doing it more clearly and subtle , so I don't explode later.

  8. I have been working on anger issue by God's grace and I must say, the results have been amazing................
    Thanks for the reminder Uncle Kunle. Zaram what a story to learn from.


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