Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama.....


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Tuesday, January 03, 2023

Labour Room Drama.....

Interesting and hilarious labour room drama!...A Must read!

Good day SDK,

It’s BV ******. This is my labour room drama. Please pardon me as it’s going to be a bit long.

So I got married December 2021 and got pregnant around March 2022. But let me digress a bit..........Before getting pregnant, I started getting subtle hints and pressures from different angles o, I was shocked!

 I mean even my boss at my office, a man o, called me around February to his office to advise me. He said I shouldn’t hesitate to let him know if I was having issues conceiving as he is an experienced Northern man with six kids. Lol.
Even though I knew he had my best interest at heart, I felt somehow. I began to imagine what others that were TTC were going through.

Anyway, back to my gist. After confirming my pregnancy, my husband and I were so excited and trust me na, I researched and googled about every single sign and symptom.

During my first trimester, I could not keep anything down. Though I did not vomit nor spit ( I was told I’m lucky…sigh), but that period was one of the toughest for me. I even asked for tips on how to deal with nausea in anonymous mode. I lost so much weight and my vain self loved it. Lmao

Second trimester was a breeze for me as I regained my appetite and began to eat but my taste buds were now funny. My favorite foods became my worst and vice versa.( Thank you hormones o). I began to add weight but my bump was still not visible. I was happier as I’m a serious foodie.

Third trimester , I ate more and my bump grew slightly at 7 months. I was sooo happy. A bit shy at first but really happy.

Fast forward to 9 months. My bump tripled in size and everybody was shocked. Some even thought I had just gotten pregnant. Come and see guesses about how far along the pregnancy is. 

So I got to 40 weeks and there was no sign of baby o. I was sooo tired at this point. I’d take breaks at work and go for long walks every 2 hours hoping it’ll induce labour… yinmu. Took a lot of pineapples, dates, danced a lot at home after work, followed gbogbotigbogbo tips that I’ll see/read about online… nothing worked o.

Baby wanted to start school in my tummy.

So a day after my EDD, I just observed that baby did not kick all day. I now mentioned it to my younger sister who was staying with me casually. She suggested I do some exercises, which I did. After that, I ate, drank cold water… nothing. I was not even scared at this point o. It was my sister that started putting fear in my body. She asked me to put on my clothe so we go to the hospital immediately. Told her e never reach like that naw, she said she’s taking no chances. It was 11:00pm at this time.

Hubby was asleep so I went to tell him the development. He said we should all sleep then go in the morning but even him couldn’t sleep anymore.

By 11:30pm, we were on our way to the hospital which was a thirty minutes drive from the house.
Did I mention it was a weekend, so the hospital was kind of scanty and had few of their workers and patients. I went on to lay my complaints to the doctor on duty who asked me to go for a scan after series of questions.( These hospital workers on night duty, their own story is for another day ).

After analyzing my results and going through my file, the doctor called another colleague of hers and they concluded to induce me o. That’s how I was admitted and asked to bring my hospital bag. Thank God I took it when we were leaving the house. This is where my nightmare began. I was told it’s a 50/50 chance and if it doesn’t work, I will be taken in for CS.

At first they inserted a drug into my vagina to ripen my cervix, that one was to be there for six hours. After 6 hours, they said I was only 2cm dilated. They inserted another one again o, for another 6 hours. This is where the pain began.

My sister and hubby already called my parents by that midnight so that they’ll pray for us. I initially asked them not to call family members so as not to cause panic. My mum came in the morning as we stay in the same town.

After the second round, I was 4cm dilated. Hhmmnnnn, the pain was more than the first time but still not intense. Then, they gave me ***** through a drip. That was when the real drama began. My waist was on fire. I couldn’t lie down, sit down or stand. There was no comfortable position. This was around 7pm the next day.

My husband and mother kept taking turns to rub my back and waist to ease the pain. It did nothing jare. I started contracting 5 to 10 minutes apart. I’ll shout that I’m in pain, then it’ll subside. The nurses and doctors kept coming in occasionally to check my vitals and the baby’s heartbeat. Then they started timing the contractions. It intensified that I was not getting any breaks anymore. I forgot to add that, when the pain was becoming unbearable, I asked for epidural but only God knows why they didn’t want to give me. They said it was not available in the hospital after lying that the anesthesiologist was not around.

They now sent my husband and sister on a wild goose chase to look for epidural in this town. Hubby said he was not himself at that point cause my cry and pain had gotten to him. He didn’t know how he drove from one point to the other. The note he was given from the hospital for the epidural must have had a code written too because any pharmacy and hospital he went to, they’ll first act like they want to bring the medicine, then say they don’t have it after reading the note again. Lol.

My labour progressed real fast though, cos by 8pm, I was 8cm dilated. But that was when I kept begging the doctors to just open me up and bring out the baby since they didn’t want to give me epidural. I kept crying and asking where my hubby was with it as I couldn’t bear the pain anymore. I even asked my mum through the pain if that was what she went through that she had so many kids ( four of us o ). The doctor and nurses laughed at me and said the pain was normal ( Nothing normal about that pain abeg ). I went to hell and back literally! Nothing prepares one for that level of pain cos what!!!

By 8:20pm, I was fully dilated and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl weighing 3.5kg. I was given a little tear so stitching followed afterwards. Mumsy immediately called my dad and the whole world to inform them. 

Me sef that was crying and shouting a few moments back, started pressing phone and telling my colleagues at work and close friends while I was being stitched. I hadn’t even seen the baby then o.

We stayed in the hospital till the next day for observation and was released to go home afterwards.
Mumsy is here doing her own version of omugwo with my siblings. 😂😂😂. I’m incredibly blessed to have them here with my supportive boo boo cos I don’t know how I would have done this on my own. I’m grateful for the support system through the crying, lack of sleep and almost post partum depression.

I pray every woman looking for this blessing to testify this 2023. This year will not pass you by , by the special grace of God almighty… Amen.

P.s. My hubby was called to forget about buying the epidural that I’ll soon give birth but he refused. He kept going ‘upandan’ till he was called that I had put to bed. He said he didn’t believe them and still kept searching for it. Lmao. The doctor told me no one would even administer it to me once I was already 8cm dilated.

Interesting labour room drama, i cracked up when you said baby wanted to start school in your stomach..


  1. Replies
    1. Congratulations sis and a Amen to your prayers.

    2. Congrats. Me, after inducing me 3x I slept off, the nurses became afraid that it was strange. May God continue to grant us the strength, amen.

  2. Lol @ my vain self loved it!

  3. Congratulations. The pain when they induce one no be here o.

  4. Such a sweet read.
    The process of birthing a child is almost always painful but the result takes all the pain away.
    I'm happy they didn't give you the epidural cos of the painful side effect.
    Congratulations to you dear.

  5. Very interesting read.
    Congratulations to you Mama😘

  6. Congratulations dear. Nothing prepares one for labour pains.

  7. Congratulations! That inducement pain ehn, na wa.

  8. Congratulations dearie...

  9. Congratulations
    That tummy not shooting out after 5months can be annoying,ones vain self will like to rock bump😅😅😅

  10. Congratulations. Child birth is not easy

  11. Beautiful story. That's the kind of pain mothers go through. Congratulations dear.

  12. congratulations to you and your family.

  13. Thanks a lot guys. Omo, I didn’t know the write up was this long o. Now I respect you writers. Lol
    SDK, thanks once again for your platform. I appreciate. God bless you all.

  14. Congratulations dear

  15. I’m going through the worst morning sickness; any help /advice

    1. Take vitamin B6, I am pregnant and it has helped me a lot, one tablet a day

  16. Congratulations dear, it was such an interesting read. Thank God for a successful delivery

  17. Beautiful write-up. Congratulations dear and God bless and keep your little princess.

  18. This is so sweet, Congratulations Ma

  19. Wowwwwwww
    A big congrats to u

  20. Congratz!
    I never had the courage to face labor and quietly opted for elective c-section in both pregnancies.

  21. Congratulations


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