Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama


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Thursday, January 05, 2023

Labour Room Drama

Labour room drama with drama inclusive!...

Hello mama bambinos and my lovely neighbor's
I'm BV ****and my labour room drama goes like this.

I got married Oct 2020, I didn't want to get pregnant but my in-laws and my mom were on my neck, especially my mom, she said we need to hold one child at hand before doing the rubbish I was saying (I told her I and my husband have decided to stay two years before we start giving birth) she said it can never happen, not on her watch.

Anyways I got pregnant ending of November 2020, by January I thought the pregnancy will take my life, pregnancy gave me ulcer, I was in serious pain, I was rushed to the hospital late one night coz I kept gasping for air, the drugs I took, I thought the baby will not survive, vomiting and spitting was my second name, I vomited my guts out, i spat so badly, you could use a spit line to locate me if I'm out.

I was so lean, imagine avoid eating everything a chronic ulcer patient avoids, cabin biscuit inside milk was my only food, even with all these my glucose level was high, legs was so swollen. Pregnancy use my eye to see something, I didn't get my self till 6months of my pregnancy, by ending of 6months I was in the honeymoon phase, that was when my husband saw shege, i demanded everything my hormones told me to,I ate everything, that man heard it, he was the man of the house and the kitchen.

Anyways fast forward to 39weeks and 3days, bags packed, baby expected at any time, August 25th,8:42pm,the urge for s#x was just crazy, na so I mount oga, do better cowgirl style with my big belly, climax very well. after that, i sipped garri with cold water and plenty milk, I opened my beverage that was packed in my maternity bag, my husband was like, babe milk dey fridge, why are you opening this one? The bad eye I gave him ehh, em keep quiet. By 12am of August 26th,I saw show, slight contractions started also, it came 1min in every 10min,wasn't strong,(I knew all these, coz my mom is a retired midwife and she gave me her books to read, I was armed with knowledge)

I waited till morning, went to the hospital to get checked, nurses make una fear God, that's how this nurse put her hand inside my fine kpekus, kai I shouted, she said I'm 2cm dilated, I should go and come back in the evening, I went home and by 5PM,I couldn't stand oo, thank God I ate afang soup because what laid ahead, my eyes has not seen.

I went to the hospital, they checked me said I was 6cm and admitted me, I didn't come with my bag so I had to call my husband to bring my bag, he brought my bag by 6:30pm,then the show was progressing, I wan craze, my mom was there with me, she told him to go because oga was almost crying ,he was telling me sorry, my mom told him not to tell me sorry, no body died, she pursued him, he kissed me oo and told me I can do it, I'm a strong woman (yimu×50).

I progressed to 7cm and got stuck, their midwife came to check me twice and it wasnt moving, so she gave me hot drip, contractions is no bodies mate, i saw heaven, i met Jesus but he said my daughter it's not your time, go back, all I screamed was Jesรบs help ME, Jesรบs save me, if I scream mommy, my mom will say dont call me, call jesus ,that woman is a liquid metal.

My eyes were closed all through as I laid on my bed, anyway after the hot drip, they took me to the labour ward to push, kai, why is the bed there so hard?? It's like stick that they use one layer of wrapper to pad...anyways time to push and I couldn't push, I swear I tried, dr said when the contractions come harder I should push, but I couldn't, I started crying, begging them to help me, they said they'll leave me, my mom with her experience said they shouldn't make me feel guilty, that theres what they called assisted labour abi kini kini.

My mom gave them fire ooo, coz she followed me to the labour ward, one of them said they'll leave me so my mom can do my delivery. Heeeeyyy I shouted, you pipu should kee me ooo.

Anyway at exactly 10:25pm to be precise, my babygirl graced this earth, as soon as she came out, peace, the pains seized immediately, when I heard her cry, it was so heavenly, so emotional ,just for this very moment, I want to go down this route again.

Anyway them stitch me better stitching because the Dr cut me wetin no good, my mom said I should have seen the cut, I for disown my kpekus.

The Drs hailed me oo, for a first timer they said I didn't shout down the hospital, I really comported myself, I wasnt rude to any of the workers, neither did I swear for my husband plus I progressed quickly, by 6PM active labour stated and by 10,I had already put to bed. I said it was the hardworking of God.

We were discharged the next day, bill was 86k, I said for what?? For all the pains I went through, no pain relieve drugs or nada, I told my hubby to go and contest the bill ooo, I don born oo, dem go collect 70k or dem no go collect?? Them sha collect .

We came home and my mum started omugwo, my omugwo wasnt really sweeting me because we didn't really have money then, we just dey manage.

My angel daughter is a year plus now and my mom dey look me one eye, say time never reach again?? This time around my NO is firm.

*hahahahahahhahahaha its your mum for me!


  1. ๐Ÿ˜
    Baby geh is a big girl already

    1. She dey worry me wetin no good.
      Shes starting school this January, atleast I can rest

  2. Awwww ❤️❤️
    Congratulations to you both ❤️๐ŸŽŠ๐ŸŽˆ

  3. 2020 mother's are ready....poster what are you waiting for๐Ÿ˜ƒ
    This column always brings fresh memory of my child's labour.

    1. I'm waiting for money oo
      That's wat I'm waiting for๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
      My dear,labour is sweet and bitter at the same time

  4. Congratulations... Do fast and rest

    1. U are talking like my mom oo, but theres no rest,the more you born,the greater your headache o.

  5. Mama bambinos thanks for posting ๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. My dear you Sabi price market oh, pikin don come out, nah 20k me go talk sef๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  7. Congratulations, your mum means well for you

  8. I had a good laugh reading this.
    "Contractions no be anybody mate", thats fact!

    Kisses to your girl.

  9. See me smiling sheepishly while reading..

    Congratulations dear. Thanks be to God and your mum is the real MVP.

  10. The talks about Your mum really made me laugh

  11. Congratulations sweetie
    Make I get my sef fess, I will send in mine.

    1. We dey wait. Congratulations to you and the poster

  12. Congrats regards to your mum ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. I know say you don forget the pain, abeg go another one jare,

  14. Bad shild like u, u carry long tummy collect cow girl kikikikikiki
    Congrats, ur mama na indabosky, madam biko give grandma another cutie joor, don't keep her waiting

  15. I had a good laugh๐Ÿ˜„
    Congratulations Mama.

  16. You are funny, thank God for your successful delivery.

  17. Didn't know delivery bills could be contested. Congrats on your delivery.

  18. Your mum na real Liquid Metal buhahahahahaga

    Contractions are punishment it is nobody’s mate abeg!!!

  19. your mum for me joor,no nonsense woman

  20. Your mom is the mvp


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