Stella Dimoko Relationship Coach Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Sums Up Most Nigerian Marriages..


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Thursday, January 05, 2023

Relationship Coach Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo Sums Up Most Nigerian Marriages..



  1. So True...

    Story of my life.

    BV Ron

  2. Esp society- what will people say

  3. Marry today, divorce the next day. The thing is tiring.

  4. So correct.

    If not for what people will say so many would have been living in separate homes.

  5. He said the truth. It's really a pity.

  6. Sometimes I don't know why people are called clerics .. so what are we do with such information. A lot of times people spew random shit to add to the chaos. So 90% of marriages end in divorce solo what...make we no marry again.
    Marriages ended long ago but keeps my kids(make we throw way dem), poverty (rich people marriage no dey end... My dear ALL OF TOU SPEAK LIFE INTO YOUR OWN SITUATION, now most clerics and "men of God" feed off your misery ...

    1. Sir/Ma
      Hope everything is OK?

    2. You’ll be very unwise to take a single sentence that was probably made in the middle of a one hour sermon/talk and make it into something bad, the way you’re trying to do

  7. Replies
    1. God forbid you die prematurely cs of the marriage, your husband would be the only one to enjoy your kids, leave before it's too late

  8. Bitter truth. I am sure that most women in the older generations held on to their marriage because, in those days, men were the sole providers. Now that women are earning, most don't take shit from their husbands. Any small misunderstanding leads to divorce. I think we should go back to the era when men were the sole providers. At least, we won't have children from broken homes and polygamy should be to eradicate baby mama business

  9. Tappers everywhere are now in confusion and worry with a statement like this不不不

  10. God Bless you sir!

  11. I have a feeling many do not get that marriage is really for companionship in older years, maybe it’s the reason many older folks, male and female were more tolerant than a lot of Millennials seem to be today.

    Minus domestic violence and other forms of abuse, cheating, laziness with extreme poverty, a good marriage is a an imperfect journey by two imperfect people from two imperfect backgrounds through life. Note the exceptions, abuse, violence, laziness-induced poverty & infidelity. Not one mistake in a quarter of a century, not habitual or regular cheating, disrespect of the vows. Take these deal breakers out, there is no perfect union this side of heaven. It is about constantly deciding to love, to respect, to help , to forgive, to nurture each other through thick and thin. Marriage is imperfect, even the best marriages are, but they are for COMPANIONSHIP. Older couples of all races read newspapers, watch TV, “gossip” together, “quarrel” in a comical way even to their 70s, 80s & above. I have some senior friends as neighbors in this lonely country with brutal winters. The US isn’t just lonely for us immigrants, it’s an individualistic country that is lonely for all. Sometimes the weather in my region is so bad you are stuck at home for days on end. Having a companion makes it bearable, builds a stronger bond especially where there is love & mutual respect. The best couples are not perfect. Mistakes happen but the test of whether it’s just a mistake is not in saying so. However some women get to know and confront their spouses about rare indiscretions, the men denied, got back in line, respecting their wives &the vows. Is this to justify any bad behavior? No. It is to say there is “nothing new under the Sun”. Forgiveness & respect will help keep you together. Bitterness is a no go area.

    You will need each other as friends when everyone has left home to continue the cycle of life. That’s the phase when the sex may not even be all that, but the friendship, companionship, respect etc keeps you together. I hope it’s not what many Millennials & Gen Zs are calling “endurance” because it’s deeper than that. Loneliness is very real especially in older years when you cannot go around to friends places or owambes like you used to. When your children are busy with their lives & families. The worst MILs are those from polygamous marriages or those who don’t have friends or husbands. They will sit in their son or daughter’s homes, to continue the cycle of emotional abuse. I’m an empty nester, it’s lonely as you get older. That’s when you appreciate each other more. A house is just a fancy concrete/wooden/ box without someone to do life with. Unless you move to live with your adult kids, I can tell you this generation don’t want their parents permanently in their faces, build your marriage as an investment in a lifelong friendship that will yield dividends of companionship in older years. Run from domestic, emotional, financial and psychological abuse. Those are not acceptable in any relationship.


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