Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Groom Inside Kpotokpoto!


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Friday, January 20, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Groom Inside Kpotokpoto!

Una doh o! SDK yard pipo dem dem! I greet o! you dey?! I hail o!

This very beautiful sister wey marry one time like that; Nna ehn, the wedding dress be like,na from snow the thing take sew! White pass the conscience of the Groom sef!

Na as Guests dey carry Bender, Microwave, Rice im some people even carry AC go house with Fridge!

Na according to the Aso ebi wey you buy!

The Bride Mama do am level by level!

Comman see competition between the Mother In laws! Choi! Money talk finish, booshiit odi walk away!

If your Aso ebi na like twenty taasand, the souvenir fit be like blender or cake mixer but if na the ones wey dem big big people buy, na that one dem dey carry AC, Generator, two people even collect free trip to Dubai inside game o!

Na the Bridesmaid even gift me the Aso ebi, as i help her with her plenty wakawaka inside Balogun that period! E nor easy abeg!

At least i carry Blender and those pot wey person nor fit use and cook, if monitoring spirit dey follow person live for haase! As na from the glass cover, meat go dey lorss!

But the wedding nor last! Pain me ehn!

They tell people say na their Blood group get problem!*sideyes!*

*Be like these people nor know say because we nor cross airport, nor mean say we nor sabi sometin!*

Na later Matron been tell me wetin really occur!

She say she hear say the Groom like Man!

You say?! *sideeyes*

First na Blood group, when Bride mama na trained Matron for Teaching Hospital!

How she nor go first don confirm the details with her daughter! Anor believe!
Nurses wey dey very detailed pass anything!

*Abeg,anor mean dem Aunty Saidah, wey port from cleaner inside hospital turn 'Noorse' for yard! Wey dey give you chloroquine for headache! Mba! Nor be dem!

I even remember, during one of those Balogun waka, one of the bridesmaid cancel her travel, say she geh serious Malaria, na there Bestlady talk am say AA people dem dem like the Bride, wey their Blood dey sweet Mosquito pass anything!

Later dem say na Man, Groom like! I say nawa!!

This Groom, wah even get people wey sabi am for Enugu that time! He like plate pass anything, Na im the Bridesmaid gimme gist say, the groom dey dangerously ambitious!

She say the company wey he dey work, to secure some kain hooge projects, you gatto follow dem play inside kpotokpoto And the person wey be link, to wetin the Groom dey find that time, hate women pass anything!

Infact, she say if the Man see Man wey he like, with Woman, he fit harm the Woman!*Hian!*

Anor kukuma blame God as he do Sodom and Gomora!

Bridesmaid teh me say Groom nor like Men o!

Say he jor dey pretend all those times, so he go fit inside that circle and cash out!

With the kain confidence wey she dey use talk say he like woman...*side eyes* be like say she dey do pass 5minutes silence for the horse's mouth! real wa o!

I say why he nor explain give the Bride that time na?! Jor waste all that money on top wedding!

She say na Bride go snoop inside Groom phone 3months after wedding As he nor dey stay one place And na so so late night and coded phonecalls.

Na how she see chats between him and another man with plenty plenty manhud pisure!

Say she sef nor know say man dey wear G-string until Bride show her for phone!

So the two families agree to just lie say na medical something! But na the real something be that!

I say na wa o! No be male runs tins be that?!

He choose money over marriage, e nor go too teh wey he go follow dem, dey really do the do!

Anor trust dehvoo,He too cunny abeg!


  1. Hmmmm maidia things dey occur

  2. The kain things wey pesin de hear these days ehh....nawaa oo.

  3. Ohh Sisi I couldn't quite connect the two stories but I had a good laugh and you know, there really is power in prayers.

    1. I couldnt either.
      I also thought I recognised the plot of some thailand horror films, wey dey get plenty cut and join plots wey las las no make sense
      Sisi e be laik say u like Asian horror films bah?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. In English o biko! I could not finish the story.

    1. Read the chronicle instead. All in English. Pidgin is not for everyone.

  6. Ogbenge Tori........society don bad reach this level,sisi I throway salute give you joor


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