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Monday, January 02, 2023





Airforce inheritance.

Kpoi! Kpoi! I hail o! My people dem dem!

Stellafrancomobileladesktop! How body?! I hail o!

I dey Mama Nedu side,as every where just dey quiet this period.God abeg!

Na im her Sister in law pikin Margaret,begin narrate wetin hapun last December.

She carry her Daughter. Oluchi, go follow her MIL do holiday, as others too send their pikin go there during Christmas.

She say she even happy small say, her and Orbii go fit do kurukere inside haasee without any interruptions. *clearsthroat!!*

Holiday finish, everybody go pick their property!

She say as children resume school for New year, na im one of the Teachers wey dey live for their area, go salon talk wetin dey okurr!

Na the salon wey Margaret go, wey she use her own two ears, hear say nobody wan invite her daughter Oluchi, come sleep over, play date or birthday, say her daughter dey possessed!


Margi say, the salon woman nor know say na she dem dey talk about, abi she know but just wan use the matter poke her?!

I say why dem go say yoir pikin possess?!



Correct MIL

Kpoi! Kpoi! Una doh o! de terrain?! I hail o!

Nna ehn...

Nothing sweet pass make person get in law wey like person pass their own pikin sef!

We dey go do community service for church.  Na inside bus we begin gist after we don sing and dance well well.

Sister Deborah nor joinus, i ask her sister Josephine, she say her sister dey enjoy omugwo fhingz!

I say when she born?! Shesay na last month! I say nor be Aba you say she been dey that time.
She begin laugh say, Mba o, na Debby say make she nor tell anybody for church! *sideeyes!*

If una see this person wah dey talk, her belle nor dey ever show say she get belle. 

She fit just say she dey come now, now, you go jor hear weehn weeehn! *pikin don land!*

She come get MIL wey set like dem Kardashian Mama, she nor dey age at all! 

The MIL nor dey like make wife drop body on top say she don marry or born o! 

The MIL body fit pass anything! Small small gehs nor get anything for her FIL side so!

Na Sister Debby ,first naming ceremomy wey all of us attend.

From where me i sit, i don dey notice one lady wey carry like four people front and back! 

Wey dey use hand push Sister Debby Orbii for head! Like small small.children play! Hian!

This her Orbii wey nor dey follow person smile!

 Even his wife sef nor dey follow am do anyhow for public! Na im this lady just dey use hand malandu anyhow!

E nor too teh wey Sister Debo come out, dey greet everybody. 

I notice as that lady quick comot hand for the Orbii elbow. She begin press phone, do like say she nor rate the wife.

Sister Debby come sidon with we, the sisters of light! Nor be the agent of darkness wey sidon for that side! Dey rub rub person Orbii for head!

We gist gist! Na im i ask her if she sabi the lady?

 She say na her Orbii assistant Team lead be that for office! *you say?!*

 I say ngwa, better hol your territory before this one go assist and lead him inside temptation! 

I never even talk finish wey she say her MIL come drag her from inside room, say make she come use her own eyes see her competition!



Glory stealing Meat

Una doh o! I greet o! dey oraizin?! I hail o!

As i dey waka to go open shop for boxing day. Make i see if me sef go see christmas gift open. 

Na im i see this my customer wey go grind pepper inside market.

 He follow me buy market, he say he nor dey expect visitor o. 

He jor wan dey inside haase, meh he sleep, watch mount zion fim, read bible, chop and enter New year!

I say you nor geh family wey you wan visit?! He say he get, but he nor wan go! 

He say na dem first scatter him life before he begin work for him former oga! 
Say na car business he dey do before, wey better money dey him hand!

He say even the woman wey he been befriend, engage to marry don leave am go as money nor dey!

I say you sure say na because of only money she comot? 

Aftoroh, i know say if woman love man, she nor go mind if na only one dross he get! Oya, talk anada one?!

He say the problem for him business and attack plenty, she get miscarriage after 7months wey she almost die! 

Na her family come carry her from hospital, even arrest him sef say he wan use her for ritual as money nor dey again!

He say na one of his old school mate, carry him go meet one prophet. 

Everything wey dem say make he buy and do, shingbai nor dey him pocket.

 He say his friend say thesame prophet warn him say the spiritual problem wey dey him friend head strong o! 

Say make he nor try to borrow or dash him money to do the spiritual works or na him head the problem go land!

He say his woman before tell him for hospital say sometimes he go wake up for night begin sound like goat or even ram.

He say as he wakawaka dey find cheap one room wey he fit rent, since he don sell everything wey he get to chop! 

Na for Mama Nedu shop he sidon under hot sun that day. 

Wey person wey dey waka pass, preach to am, invite him for their church service.

He say he lie say he go follow the brother, but he nor get intention of going.

He say na so the wife to be call him say, she dream o say he die!

Say her mama don carry her go church, wey dem tell her say e get where dem go chop Goat and Ram meat!

He say na how that brother know him house he nor know, say he come knock him door wey dem go church together!

He say as he wan enter the church like this, na so belle begin worry am! Body begin scratch am! 

He say the ushers for door, tell him make he nor turn back o! Say na dehvoo handiwork!

He say as he enter the brother church auditorium like this, the belle come be like say fire dey burn! He say he nor fit waka again!

He say na that day he know say power pass power! 

He begin sweat, the brother begin plead blood of Jesus! Members dey pray dey go, minding their business!

Come be like smoke full everywhere for him eye! Like fimtrick, fiam! Everything jor normal again!

He join dem for the prayer begin sweat inside serious AC! *choi!*

He say that night, he sleep like pikin!

The first call wey he receive na about him former oga where he dey work, before he start business. 

He say him Oga nice well well. Even add money for him to start his own business that time. 

But na every New year,,this oga dey do party and invite everybody. 

As he get money reach, he nor dey buy cow o, na either goat or ram the oga dey kill.

He nor know say na that meat the oga dey use to put them inside bondage, if dey wan prosper pass the limit of the oga, the thing go press im head down again! 

He say nor be say instant poverty o. Mba, he say na slow and steady! No suspicion or traces!

He say after he do mistake enter that church, wey dem give him some prayer points for the church, he say nna ehn, na the following day he hear say him oga fall from seat inside parlour, nobody push am o. Na stroke hit am!

He say he go visit him former oga but the wife say he nor wan see anybody! Say he wan rest!

He say he try see if him wife-to-be family go gree make he at least hustle, make dem marry. 

He say the Mama say mba! She say their star nor match! Make he face front!

He say as that church brother don teach am how to pray and scatter darkness with fire, his business don dey come up. 

He don dey reason to move next month inside self-con. As na faceme i finish you he dey. 

He say he nor dey ever for him life go person house to chop any thing even if na naming! 

I say na real wa o! Things dey okurrr o! To branch and chop firewood Jellof and Goatmeat now na war! 


New landlady offloaded!

Una doh oo! I salute e! ya terrain? I hail o!

This fine Aunty wey Gatecrash our End of the year party, say Landlord don give her belle and She nor fit comot am o! 

Na that same night wey this Aunty show, one Bros use korope bring her load!

Landlady dey vibrate! Say she nor go gree yen yen! Say she go divorce, collect everything! Akuko! *wey the everything biko?!* sideeyes!

Aunty say she nor come marry o! Say she jor wan come spend few weeks with her Baby Daardim! 

People put mouth, landlord nor deny o! 

He say na only tip he put inside! 

He nor know as the thing come be like! 
*na who off light?!* 

Landlord, nobody off light! Na landlady dey test transformer for your face! *sideeyes!*

So Aunty how long you gonna wonna stay?! 

As i dey look this babe, she go like enjoyment!

She go balance for balcony with bumshort wey nor gree oga harvest see road! He don go greet landlord ten times in a day!

That driver wey help this Aunty bring load frown pass the problem wey dey worry Nigeria! 

Na so Aunty follow dey live for upstear o! 

Oga harvest turn boy, boy. Na im dey run errand for her!

Bobo nor even mind say im papa wan bring another terrorist come this peaceful world! 
He dey follow her play card and Ludo for yard!

Everywhere dey silent! We nor dey settle kworeh!

Landlady nor dey follow landlord talk!

Anybody wey do mistake go carry rent money give landlady for landlord go collect quit notice!

Na everything we dey follow observe!

Na end of January this Aunty pack her load! 

Oga driver don come carry her load! Do us like fimtrick! 

Na im i greet this aunty, i say you dey travel?

She say Mba o, she dey comot?!

I say why now?! Nor be your pikin papa haase you dey so?! 

She say she nor think?! You nor think as how?! She say she nor think say she get belle! 

Ha! You nor think and Armageddon happen hia the night wey we wan hep carry your load enter yard!

She say Landlord nor get money say na packaging!

I say ehyah, you nor want make your pikin come suffer?! 

She ask if i get ear problem?!

I say be like, as my ear nor correct wah think say she be better persin!

Wah almost collect elbow from landlady as we follow dey beg for stepcase! 

I don know say if landlady nor gree, na me landlord go beg, make she sleep till next morning for my side!

Person wah nor know if she dey convert to 'certain elements' for night! 
Anor want biko! Na my beg plenty pass!

We for put her for Baba room, make he nor go turn her to Tuber of Yam before daybreak! 

Oga harvest say Landlady own too much! Say make dem no beg her! *clearsthroat!*

Who nor know say na sense wey cat go use carry fish he dey find!

 I carry slippers stone am, make he nor go carry wetin pass am! As na only me sabi him mama village! Road nor dey, talk of hospital!

She say she think say the gold chain wey landlord dey rock na real gold, say he dey travel!

I say na real gold wey Abu dey sell until better hot sun hammer am!

You fit get luck make e nor quick fade, if person nor dey too rub cream!

I say that travel matter depend on how you see am! Landlord dey travel true true! He nor lie! 

Na you nor ask where the destination be!

She look me, i look her! 

I say Lagos to Ibadan na travel!

If you sidon near driver for front, Na business class be that! 

Na last row for back, wey you go hang leg on top person load wey dey under your chair be Hicnormi! 

Dem Hostess sef dey for different location, the one wey go gee you gala, biscuit, bonse! That one na before take off! 

The ones for mid air na dem dey get boiled corn, akara, fried yam and the rest! 

Stopover sef dey! That one depend on the destination! Una go enter bush or public ginigwanu and clear ya ferifera to commence the journey!

If you worry say how safety! That one no be issue o, once driver begin nod, if the business class people too don nod! Na to open window and find ya way! *life nor get spare part!*

Or you begin lead praises, make driver nor fit nod! Carry tamborine, whistle and flute! No peace for the wicked! Set the whistle near driver left ear!

Abi meh you hol the driver for head, juju nor dey finish for those pipu hand. Shullincase driver wan disappear, na two of una dey go! 

Meh God help you, meh una nor go land on top container wey dey middle of Atlantic!
Before end of upper three years, una go reach Apapa!

She say landlord promise her heaven and earth, he chop and run! Say he nor know say she go catch am! 

Say na her Brother dey aside for the bus, say dem think say he get money. Make she come collect her share! 

I open mouth dey look her! I say if landlord come be Ritualist?! 

She say for where?! She don weigh am the day he carry her for club!

I say so people still dey carry strange gehs, dey follow strange men! This ones nor even wear protection! 

Nna ehn, as she carry her load finish! Landlord nor talk pim for balcony! Na im she enter bus comot! 
Na one full month we use settle kworeh between Landlord and him wife!

Before this eccentric Landlady go kpai landlord for midnight,sell haase and run!
Anor too trust her wakawaka! House too corss for Lagos abeg!


Yard End of the year party!

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi! Una wehdone o! Yard pipo dem!

Stellangelicolacaprio... how markeit? I greet!

I remember the Christmas wey we do for yard after lockdown year!

E suprise me say even as government say no movement. Na that period this Baba get customer pass!

Na hia wah see wey Baba dey follow customer do video call for ipad * e shock you?! Baba get router, data nor dey finish!

I say but why he dey waste data?! Nor be calabash and white cloth for wall im ancestors been use? Odi evolution!

People nor dey learn! 

After God don show us say na only him get power to protect us, money nor fit prevent corona, or buy good health!

Infact, any problem wey money fit solve, na im easy pass!

The time wey people suppose use the lockdown time to find God by diasef, inside dem haase with prayers and quiet time! 
Na bluetooth wakawaka dem still dey do!

Na how to destroy another person destiny! 
How to make another person horseband wey miss road come dia side, nor remember go haase again after lockdown! *na real wa!*

Nna ehn, plenty horseband lorss that period o! Some juju expire, wey no movement to go renew the thing! 
Some women chop beating as their kurukere moves, come dey exposed to their spouse. 

As na 24/7 dem dey inside haase together! Some wakawaka horsebands too frustrate nor be small! 

The ones wey nor get time to raise good shidren, na so dem begin reap am upclose and personal! No escape!

And some get marriage become gidigba after that time!

Anyway, na so Landlady suggest say make we do yard christmas party to thank Almighty God!

We get tenants wey nor dey celebrate Christmas for their doctrine. Landlord say make we kukuma make am end of the year party!

So everybody go contribute One taasand naira! And can donate anything join!

Mama Ejima drop Basket of Pepper, Landlady drop bag of rice, me i drop Purewater *sideeyes*

I add plastic minara, make bitterness wey dey some pipu mind less small! *clickstongue!*anor put bottle own, before dehvoo, go enter one person after burukutu, begin break bottle!

Sister contribute smallchops, her younger sister get small, new business that time.

As i open one meatpie, na one strand of meat dey inside! Anor know if na yam she put, come be like person dey chop poundedpie! 

The fishroll wah collect, nothing resemble fish inside! Na the more you look, the less you see!

Oga harvest say he get Malaria and, Thyphoid hol him pocket join! *sideeyes!*

He say if he well, he go provide music! Bobo say he go bring Father Christmas!

Nna ehn, aneva see father Christmas wey thin reach this person! Be like ogologo with pillow for belle!

Na white krokodie boot he wear come! Come Be like say one leg nor get sole, na as he dey limp, i say mah hep am find the sole, he say the sole dey with shoemaker! *sideeyes!*

Na during dance with the children, one eye of the father Christmas glasses comot fiam! Land inside person food! *hian!!*

The black belt wey he use hol the trawziz, nor go ever cross the border of this country in another life! Na celotape he use wrap and hol!

Children nor gree make he carry them! Gift sef, he nor bring! *anevasi!*

Na as he dey chop Jellof, na so he dey hide kpuff inside trawziz!

Na later i hear say na zamfara dem post the boy wey do father Christmas! Say he just come back, hunger don run am street, im shoe sef follow see shege! * no wonder he dey send shidren to go hep am collect more jellof!*

Baba drop goat, he say make dem use do Asun with Beer wey onoda tenant bring!

I notice say this Baba Goat nor dey familiar! e dey very rude! E nor dey greet person and aneva see am chop for aside! Na baba dey feed am for corridor! *clearsthroat!*

I nor kukuma follow dem chop am, I jump and pass! Baba pikin too nor chop! Mama Ejima use sense collect but tie am inside nylon, go troway! 

Sister chop only kpuff wey she know! Na God bless you she use and reject am!

Landlady sef use sense say she nor get strong teeth!

Na our Santa Kulors chop al most all the Asun! He dance pass celebrant wey be Jesus!

Small time, we nor see am! Children wan follow am snap pisure! Where he dey?! Where he dey?!

Na so we nor see am again! Na call he say he wan receive. Shidren toy wey dem put inside ghana must go don follow am go!

Oga harvest wey promise music, we nor see anything!

Na as plate of Rice dey enter him room, na empty plate dey comot! 

Oga harvest follow chop Asun, he say he nor get any destiny wey remain, for person to thief! *kiikiikii!*

I kukuma put my palito for window, dey play Sunny Bobo! 

Baba nor trust tenant to follow and chop rice because everybody na suspect!

Na the rice wah follow cook, dish with my hand with fish wah put inside room, i chop!

Except Mama Ejima and sister put something inside my food remain! 

And na dem i go pity, as my spirit nor go bother tie any yeye white wrapper, like inside fim.Mba!

Na tracksuit with better pestle i go carry! 

No peace for the wicked! Na per hour-per hour, i go dey pursue the cultprit for bustop and public!

By the time she don run from like Oshodi reach VI, She go join me!

Mama Ejima kukuma need to lose weight, as na her belle all the garri wey she dey conquer dey align! *she dey wake for 2am, sidon for corridor dey wack swallow!

Na so we dey o, wey one Babe enter yard, say she wan see landlord. 

Landlady wey don drink like three bottles of stout, dey dance Alanta for Celine Dion song!

When Landlady hear say the hot babe tell Sister say she dey find her Daardim wey get this haase! 

Anor know which one dey clear faster, if na stubborn evil spirit wey jam cele prophet broom or the way the kweshon jam the spirit of stout wey don carry Landlady go where we nor know!

God abeg o! I dey come, mah go find wetin nor loss inside my pot!


Balogun packaging

Kpoi! Kpoi! Una doh o!

Stellascoticscosco...i hail o!

Person wey lie give village people say he dey obodo oyinbo.

Christmas reach, dem begin wait am make he come carry wife, build house and drop dollars!

Na lagos he dey o! E nor cross Ikeja bridge talkless of enter helocopter!

He say he wan collect loan in 4 places, wey he go use buy 'yankeelike' things inside Balogun market to Carry and go village!

I say, you nor know say e get as the box of people from the abroad dey smell when dey open am?! 
E get one unique, nice scent wey go dey everything wey dem bring come, plus their own body sef!

I say how you wan do am?! With this Lagos smell wey be mixture of borleh, igbo, burukutu and so on?!
He say village people nor go  know the difference once he spray perfume.

Issoraite! So you mean am?! He say yes o! He gonna go oppress and retain level! 
Inside this Hicnormi wey na management we dey!

He package and go o! Go jam person wey from come canada legit with him own family!

They begin ask am which side him dey for the abroad, he use laff and sense cover am!

I bin wan whisper middle belt give am! 

When the small pikin from the abroad begin look am one kain, he say he wan piss for body. 

Una know say these obodo  oyinbo children sabi embarrass person with kweshon. They nor dey fear to ask adort why him mouth dey smell?!

He do do finish o, twist tongue well well. Dey nor suspect say na wash o. 

Na as he wan come back lagos he hear say the real couple wey from come canada don do paper for one young boy for their compound there! Make he go do school there!

He wey nor hold hundred dollars wey nor be aboki fake before, jor go waste money to impress, come back Lagos to start the hustle again!

He say na the night before he comot for next morning, the canada bros call am for one corner ask him if dem deport am?!

 He wan take offence and become defensive.Mumu say that's an insult bro! 

That one say no offence meant, make he nor vex, say he jor wan understand the situation of things as family wey him be with the wife.

 If he need any assistance. 

Na so he jor lorss opportunity to really travel go the abroad ontop Balogun packaging!

I don go check if he open shop today! 

Na okpa and koko he beenwack for shed!

He say that him canada cousin wey be the wife carry belle for secondary school and na only him finish secondary and even go poly.

 He say he nor fit come allow make people say after everything, na she come dey successful pass him. I say oooh! I hia you o!

Shame nor dey to beg and ask for help! Worse, the person go say No! E nor mean say God nor fit open anoda door!


Philanthropic carrier

Kpoi! Kpoi! Kpoi! Na who dey o! dey markeit? I hail o!

Small time now, when dem dey mention philanthropists, some coconut headed people sef go wan raise hand!

I remember the time wah dey gist with one quiet lady wey collect room near Mama Ejima.

She gist me say for work as receptionist wey she be, plenty men dey always give her card and lunch money.

She say before she land here, the agent of confusion wey suppose help her find house. He say na serene area and very lovely compound!

Na when she pay him, as he rush her say na popular house, wey celebrity dey live! Make she nor go lose the room! 

She ask me say who be the celebrity, i say na Baba, as na only him get ipad and dey follow people from obodo oyinbo do business! Na VIP people dey find him come!

I don forget sef, we get anoda one, na Bobo, na celebrity im be! He say him be Artist! 

Na everyday people wey nor dey baff, with dada hair, trawziz wey small pikin suppose wear and dark glasses dey find am.come!

Na soso coke coke dem dey follow me buy! 
Dey nor dey drink water! 

When dey open Bobo door, you go think say na Sango dem follow do meeting! 
Even baba wey dey follow dem ancestors do zoom meeting, anor sure say smoke fit reach like that!

Them go say dem be artist, with head color like lizard! Draw draw plenty nonsense for body! Skin wey nor even fresh at all! Come carry confusion add for im problem!

Landlord say incase we know anybody wey wan adopt pikin, since he wan add terrorism to im stupidity! 
Landlord  say he nor go collect money, say no need to even fill adoption form as he nor want make Bobo remember road come house!

I say even if person carry Bobo give Bobo, Bobo sef nor go collect!

Bobo wey dey tell me say he dey see Angehs inside sleep! Say dem dey give him inspiration to be Artiste. 

Bobo wey him middle name na samuel, he jor dey waste him time! When God don ready for am! Na by himself he go surrender give God!

Our tenant say she notice say even as Bobo dey follow all those lizard people, he no draw tattoo or dye hair.

I say Bobo still get sense pass the rest of them! Him mama nor be roadside woman o! Na trainning camp he dey here so! If kasala burst, na inside airport he go miss enter im country!

Poor man pikin wey dey follow big man pikin find trouble, na for kirikiri their day dey dawn!

I say make she nor give up, fit be say na her horseband side, the agent bring her come so! So fit be say na help he help her like this!
 She say she see shege before she even land her receptionist  job. Say one time one man wey fit born her invite her come an event for one saturday.

She say he promise her work for oyel company as the philanthropic celebrity wey him be! 

She say the time wey she dey work for one laboratory like that, Nothing wey her eye nor see!

 She say the man nor even recognise her say na she run the tests for am years back!

I say why she nor introduce hersef give him.

She say he pretend like say he remember her when she try say they don meet before.

 I say which man sef go see all these clubs wey you dey support home and abroad wey nor go famz you! *kiikikii...she carry in good proportion!*

Na the condiment this man see for reception one year after, wey he nor know say she know say he get HIV and  he been try bribe the tech guy make he do fake result for am but that one nor gree collect money!

And she dey date the tech guy that time, so he tell her in confidence how he for jor turn big boy overnight, but na against his believe and ethics!

Now na the same manwan use his blokos and dismantle her glorious destiny on top oyel job!

I say you get luck o!

Person wey dey live in denial say he nor well!

He still dey carry women upandan!Na so you for jor go collect table and chair for hellfire, begin do meet and greet for your fellow participants! 

Una know how much the melecine for that thing corss?! 

Na the day wah go that hospital for Idiaraba, wah lorss for those their corridor wey dey identical.

Anor know road, i say mah jor use sense navigate before one samaritan sekuriti man direct me. 

Na when i ask if dem dey do PVC registration for one place, wah see plenty people sidon aside for bench.

 He say no na HIV people be that!
I say dem dey do awareness abi campaign?! He say na dem get the thing!

Anor even know say my mouth dey wide open. Fine fine, healthy, young and old people na im full dia o!

Na make God nor put pur food where e go hard o! Na so the philanthropy for carry this geh go where she nor know, if to say she nor turn mermaid o! 


Unauthorised avenger

Na who dey haase e? I hail o! your side? I salute o!

Oga phebian tell me say him customer go like follow me buy market. 

As he call me, i go block the man for im shed, mah fit direct dem come my side by mysef! 

Anor trust these our fellow people, wey dey rub rub fawol head for mouth, dey use and thief person customer! 

Na im the man phone ring, person tell am say him step daughters get accident, dem dey hospital!

They nor wan gree am comot, Oga Phebian say the man get High Bp. 
So he put him boy to watch shop, he follow and drive the man make he nor go jam person for road!

Na the next day Oga phebian say na God save the girls o! 

I say wetin really happen?!

He say small girls wey their Mama dey follow person kworeh, dey put mouth for the matter to defend their Mama!

Na so these tiny shidren follow their friend go meet one babalawo to help them deal with their mama enemy!

Na the death wey dem pay for the woman, go locate they themselves before they even reach house!

You don minit! 

E mean say their mama enemy get coconut head be that!

Oga phebian say their Mama carry slippers, begin wipe dem ontop the POP wey nurse dem put for their hand and leg! 

Say she dey shout say she nor send dem errand o! Gini gwanu!

The man begin contemplate say maybe na their mother go don show dem the way to dey do juju!

The friend wey carry dem go, nothing do that one at all. No single scratch for her body!

Their mother call the enemy, put am for speaker begin apologise give the woman. 

The woman say she nor understand wetin dey happen or how she dey suddenly nice o! Say shebi she and her daughters  say dem go deal with her?!

Oga Phebian say the man just vex comot for the ward, go sidon inside car.

He say he ask the wifewetin really cause the fight? 

She say her customer dey try locate her new shop inside Balogun, come go  jam this woman shop. 

Instead make the woman and her sales girls direct her customer to her own side, She begin market fabrics give that one. 

Na so the customer forget about her, begin order and buy plenty plenty bundles worth millions of naira!

I say so na because of money she wan loose her only two children! Person wey don hit menopause! Where she from start?!

Oga phebian say only God know the kind back to sender wey that other woman use! 

You nor fit use darkness fight darkness! Na only light fit destroy darkness. 
Come go run errand wey the person wey get the war nor authorize!

Oga phebian say the man say he nor go trust to chop any food for that house again! 

I say the man nor born?! He say he born one boy with him first wife, but he don grow and marry before he marry this woman and her daughters join!




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