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Wednesday, January 04, 2023




Its me wishing us all a Prosperous New Year and better days ahead, there will be no better yesterday in our lives amen.
Still reminding you guys that i am single and I will not marry myself, mbok.

From BV Chilaka Christian, AKA Triple C, AKA One Big and Happy Family.

LMAOOOO Chilaka are you looking for a wife from this Blog? Thanks for letting us know. There are many single Ladies here but they are looking for a ready made man oh... 



The Singles mingles for Valentine is loading... I will post it on February 5, 2023 around 8pm. Valentine this year is on a Tuesday.... My new blog PA will keep reminding you all of the date.
My new Blog PA will be announced on Friday and a new email address will be posted. Please note that the identity of the Blog PA is always anonymous to avoid what happened with my first Blog PA whose identity was not hidden. The trolling and hate was shocking....

Please send in your happy or sad Chronicles, we learn and rejoice or we give advice. Hmmm i see that some celebs have also opened Chronicles on Instagram, this people wan pull paent comot for person waist oh, only dem wan be celeb and blogger..... The one i even saw was the Joro to Joro type...LMAO..
Anyway the sky is big enough for all of us.

Have a fruitfully blessed day.



When I was in the university, I had a course mate who lived with his uncle whose house was close to our school. This guy would move to my apartment when his uncle's wife delivers a baby.


The smell in the atmosphere where there is a new born irritated him.
He would stay with me for about three months before going back to the house.
This happened twice in our five years stay in school.
I thought he was sick back then, which normal person would detest the smell of a house where there's a baby? sweet babies?

Fast forward to when I got married and we had our first child. It is worthy to note that I had not lived in a house where there is a new born baby prior to this moment, I only visited friends and family who gave birth, in their house and would leave after an hour or less.
I was at work, her mum was with her and I only went to see mother and baby after a few hours. As I entered the hospital ward, this strong smell of Dettol, mentholated balm, spirit, medicines and the rest hit my nostrils and I remembered my dear course mate.

I hugged wifey and gave her a kiss on the forehead,  exchanged a few banters with mum inlaw and then she proceeded to hand me the baby. My people yours truly could not carry new born baby, she was so tiny, soft and fragile, my hands shook and the poor woman quickly collected her from me.

Back home the following day, the smell in my house changed. I don't know if it was my friend's action back then that influenced my nostrils but I could not stand the smell of all the gbogbotigbo used for the poor baby. 

Where would I run to ? I went to the shopping mall and got strong air fresheners which I installed in every corner of the house. This made my situation better until after a few months.

My second baby, the devil disappeared from my nostrils, the smell was now sweeter than expensive perfume. I also became a pro in holding new born babies, I would hold him for hours and even change his diapers while wifey takes care of other things. Lol

My former course mate too got married, when his wife delivered and he called to inform me, I asked him whose house he was calling me from, he laughed. Told me that old things have passed away. LMAO

Are there still people who don't like the smell of the environment where there is a new born baby? thinking back now, I think it was weird of me and my friend.

WOW, i find this strange, I love baby scent and all the gbogbo used for them...I miss that smell!

This column is open to everyone
Inside the mind of a mother
Inside the mind of an uncle
Inside the mind of an aunty
Inside the mind of a friend
All going through motherhood through learning......
The former poster of this column can also still send in if she wants to but it is no longer exclusive to her alone.



The Pastor that i used to collect the Nuggets from is attending a seminar out of town and says he will continue when he returns next week.... Is there no preacher on this Blog that can be sending in little motivational /inspirational things like i used to post? Not the same things but something that will bless those reading it...Even if you are not a preacher, still try!



  1. Divine Health Confessions!!

    Today and always, I exercise my divine right to reign and rule over the circumstances of life and to exercise dominion over Satan. I reign in prosperity with peace, health, and an abundance of wealth. I enjoy the supernatural life in Christ Jesus.

  2. The attack the enemy sent and meant for evil, God will turn it to promote you and do you good; what you lost will be restored‼️πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ—deebowmanbarker


  3. Replies
    1. BV Chilaka Christian may the Lord answer your prayers and happy new year to you.

    2. Interesting fatherhood experiences.

  4. 🎡🎢I don't wanna act too high and mighty because tomorrow I may fall down on my face. Lord I thank you for sunshine, Thank you for rain, Thank you for joy & Thank you for pain, It's a beautiful dayayay, it's a beautiful Day! πŸŽΆπŸ•΄πŸΎπŸ•ΊπŸΎ

    PS: Why has Ellen or Oprah not invited that boy yet? 🫀

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. That boys voice is something else and I love the song too

    2. Ellen show is done

    3. Really, Ellen show is done πŸ˜”πŸ˜”

  5. This is a year of advancement and over flowing joy. I pray God have mercy on us all and shower us with his blessings.

    We move

  6. Good afternoon to y'all on here and πŸ‘‹ hope your Wednesday has been pretty okay sfsg?
    The harmattan is all out and no jokes at this point.

  7. Good afternoon everyone.

    May God grant you all that your heart desires chilaka.

  8. If you are TOO BIG to WORK, please, make sure you are also TOO BIG to BEG!
    Una Gud Afternoon...#ALiSpeaks

    1. Lol
      No be lie bro. Back then when I used to works as a sales girl on the Island after my SSCE. Most guys around that area almost had nothing doing, than every morning na to shine shoe, kit up , jus siddon dey gist and be hailing Igbo boys dem wey get shop there. Na wa!

  9. Best wishes everyone.

    Good afternoon.

  10. Good afternoon everyone..

  11. Buy air purifiers.... They come in different brands, some are the sizes of split unit ACs. What I don't like is the smell of breast milk, some chics don't use breast pads, so they leak and dont change tops, it will dry on their bodies and omg!

    1. Blackberry this is one of the dirty habits of new moms like I stated below. They will now repeat that top that was stained with breast milk and it will be smelling of stale milk

    2. I though I am alone here,very disgusting smell.

    3. Some women are dirty.

    4. Very disgusting habit. I've had two children and though the second one is still breastfeeding, if I don't mention it, you will never know. Other than that, motherhood is a very sweet and exciting experience. I pray every woman that desires it, get to experience it in Jesus name. Amen

  12. Thank you Martins for yesterday concerning the ready to wear business i’m about to start. will work what you advised. Anything else I should know let me know.

    Those two words above are enough to save, deliver, and prosper anyone and any nation. The underdeveloped nations are often very religious, but generally lack men and women of INTEGRITY who deal HONESTLY. The developed countries, on the other hand, are often irreligious, but generally deal HONESTLY, with INTEGRITY!

    An Hausa bike (okada) rider conveyed me from one spot to another some time ago. When I got to my destination and gave him money, he didn't have change to give me. So, I said to him, "Do you remember that shop where we stopped on our way here? Kindly give the guy there my change later."
    He promised to do so. And he did!
    That's much more than I have received from many 'churchy' people who have promised to do one thing or another, and have REPEATEDLY failed to keep their word.

    The Psalmist said, "Let INTEGRITY and UPRIGHTNESS PRESERVE me, for I wait for You." - Ps.25:21.
    In fact, that's the Scripture I quoted in my resignation letter in 2004, when I walked away from a good job with a Christian Organization. I got sick and tired of the 'double faced-ness' there!
    Leaving that job (one that could have taken me round the world, and I could possibly have become an executive director or CEO there) made me and my young family suffer terrible hardship, but INTEGRITY preserved us.
    Good afternoon everyoneπŸ’‹πŸ’•πŸ˜πŸ’ŸπŸ’žπŸ’œ❤πŸ’™πŸ’–πŸ’–

  14. May God grant your heart desire Triple C
    Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

  15. Good p.m beautiful people.
    @bv Triple C, Amen to your prayers πŸ™
    May God give you the bone of your bone & the flesh of your flesh.

  16. One of the major reasons of being a faithful man is don't keep unfaithful men as friends. You can't and won't survive it.

    They gon mock you until you start seeing your loyalty as a weakness while you resent the innocent woman at home.

    Company is energy; energy Is contagious.

  17. There's this guy that sells shoes in a big market I normally go to. He usually wears scarf and pierced both ears but I didn't count it as anything. Today, I went to the market and saw this guy on make-up. Nice foundation and red lipstick with eyebrows. I was shocked! As I was going, I saw three guys with a local nail tech (the technicians with no shop) fixing their nails. One of the guys was done with his own and the nails were so long. He painted them purple. The other ones were painting theirs black while o left. Is this thing now becoming a norm? Crossdressers everywhere

    1. Which market? because port Harcourt people are not as accommodating as Lagos people when it comes to cross dressing

    2. That's the in thing for some guys now oo. Some even pierced their nose coupled with painting of both fingers and toenails. I still don't get the thing behind it. Dem plenty for my former area

    3. It is really disturbing.
      Ndα»‹ I was born this way, trying super hard to force their sick orientation down our throats.
      God forbid evil!
      It is not only in Nigeria, even in the aboard, they thriving hard to sell their abnormalities!
      God forbid evil.

    4. Hope no be for east and other places o? Because na only for Lagos Dem fit do that nonsense and get away with it.🀒

    5. Guys that paint their nails are many in my place

  18. Good afternoon everyone. I love the smell of new babies, infact I love baies so much and children below age 5.

  19. Welcome IHN πŸ’œ
    Greetings everyone

  20. I hate phone calls so much! If it's from family members and close friends, yeah. But people that call just to talk about unecessary things?. Am I even normal like this?

    1. Very normal. Checking up, Important or necessary discussion? Yes. But those unnecessary talks or forced conversations that even makes it look like both of you don’t even have what to say again? I hate it too.

  21. Fatherhood poster, it might be that his uncle's wife was dirty. Stella, some women nursing baby are dirty, everywhere will just be smelling of baby poop and urine. They will remove soaked diapers and drop it in one corner, they will soak dirty clothes for hours or till the next day. Cleanliness does not breed bad smell

  22. Wow I see myself in all 9

  23. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone and how's your day going.

    Fatherhood poster,I know that smell and it's a smell I pray for every home. I and a friend went to visit a new mum and this babe just pushed her nose up. The next she asked the new mum was is she had air freshener that she should spray some cause she feels like throwing up. Chai I was so so embarrassed and disgusted.Now she's also a mother and dwelling in that smell. When I asked her,she said experience is the best teacher.

    Bv Chilaka looking good. Happy new year to you and I pray that God answers your prayers this year and bless you with your "own" wife.

    Foodie my lover 😘, wishing you a beautiful and prosperous New year,show face small na.

    Bvs I hail o.
    E go surely be ✌️

    1. That smell is usually powdery and baby oils, atleast I've been around newborns. Anything outside that, need to be checked, dirty clothes ,used diapers, etc.

    2. Lol, experience is truly the best teacher. This column is interesting abegπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ.

      Hello osundi😘😘

    3. Hi Ms tee my good neighbor 😘 how are you and yours doing.

  24. This ideology that first borns should always accept whatever is bullsh’t. First borns are to be pampered, stop making them feel they are slaves for their juniors. Stop bombarding them with responsibilities bigger than their age. Stop asking them to give something up for their siblings. They are human, they made you a parent and as a matter of fact should enjoy more.

    1. I love baby smell oo
      I remembered whenever my aunt gives birth,I pack my bags and go to hers.The whole atmosphere with baby scents is always heavenly 😍

    2. Unfortunately it won't stop. Firstborns have always been assistant parents.

    3. So aptπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

    4. Not my own brother ohh .. chai I suffered in that guys hands!

  25. I love this parenting column.
    Baby scent, I love it! Nice one, poster.

    Hello everyone ...

  26. Laughing so hard at the fatherhood poster. Me that use to sneak out of our house those good days to run unassigned errands for any woman that gives birth at my neighborhood. This life sha

  27. Good afternoon sweethearts

    Best wishes πŸŽ‰

  28. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊
    New born baby scent is so cool 😎😎

  29. Have I wished my people here happy new year?? I'm not sure
    Happy new year my loveliest,I'm so happy to see you all this new year.
    We will all grow and prosper together. Amen
    Good afternoon my neighbor's πŸ₯°

    1. Amen. Wishing you a beautiful and prosperous New year πŸ’ž

  30. Fatherhood poster I love how you transitioned willingly 😁. You come later become 'pro' .
    Bv Chilaka Compliments May you locate ya missing rib in Jesus name.

    Missing baby and wahala, thinking how to get her attention 😁 so I sent her a message .
    Me: Hey Omolope your Mother is not feeling fine oo.....
    Baby Geh Sharply called me on WhatsApp after yabbing me, said I should go buy Nutri Milk
    Me: I don't have much money I'm managing.
    Geh: Buy the Nutri milk, snap and send ne that you really bought and I will send you #300 for the Milk

    Cunny man die cunny man bury am πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. See me see sense

    1. πŸ˜†πŸ˜†πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Does she work? Even if she does please don’t start giving her that mindset that makes alot of girls forcefully enter street simply because they have been made to feel they have to provide for their parent even while still in school. Please, this came from a good place.

      Tomorrow now she will want to have a bf to start tasking because she wants to buy malt of shoe for her mum. A good intention but very premature.

    3. Anon what you typed is the absolute truth. I had wanted to write same but I didn't bcos she might misinterpret it. God bless you.

    4. Dear, anons...
      Thanks for your concern !!
      You don't know "Us" ,and therefore don't have to be so negative minded.
      God bless tΓ³o !!

  31. Bv Chilaka Christian, may you find your love. Happy new year to you.😍

    Fatherhood poster, some people are like you and your friend. So don't stress it. Me I don't like the smell of hospital too.

  32. Beautiful day to you all peeps.
    Work starts tomorrow officially. God bless our hustle

  33. Good afternoon everyone, trust our day is going well?

    I love new born baby scent, God i cant wait to scent it in my home, Remember me Lord.

    I just heard a woman trusting God for the fruit of the womb for 11years now is Pregnant, chai this God is too Good.
    Am so happy for her.

    1. Amen.Thank God for her. Our God is faithful.

  34. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs.

  35. I love the smell of babies especially when they just finished having their bath! Babies are adorable!

  36. Stella thank you for the singles and mingles

  37. Ihn..,........Mr Triple C,pick one already they plenty here.. just call name and leave the rest to us Single and Mingles on the way, congratulations ahead to all who will body wan dull again, hustling all the way.
    Fatherhood......awwwwww new born smell is my favorite,I sometime take baby soap or powder just to smell.
    Wisdom nuggets.......the bible is even wide...may be we will start preaching Genesis to Revelation in 365days.

  38. My sincere apologies for my comment on Fancy and Alex issue.

    No matter how right I think I am, I am wrong. These people are hurting and I should have used a soothing tone. May God heal Fancy and Alex. May God heal everyone hurting.


  39. Hello IHN, it's always the greatest of all time ☺️😊


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