Stella Dimoko Actor Yomi Fabiyi Drags Colleague Iyabo Ojo, Tells Her ''Tomorrow Is Pregnant''


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Sunday, February 26, 2023

Actor Yomi Fabiyi Drags Colleague Iyabo Ojo, Tells Her ''Tomorrow Is Pregnant''

 I dont know how this started but Yoruba Nollywood actors are calling out and dragging their Colleague Iyabo Ojo...........

Messy call out upandan...

He also said

''Trouble SLEEP, yanga go WAKE am.
Men DON'T TALK is why some delusionals see as advantage to say nonsense and cyberbully men. You are too arrogant, boastful and have diarrhea of the mouth. Pride cometh before fall.

If my NGO(Break The Silence Foundation) had not raised our voices and fought hard, you, Princess and your syndicate would have had BABA IJESHA sent to LIFE IMPRISONMENT for rape on a child that never existed, a crime police and court trial said has no proof. Just CRIMINAL SET UP.

Even the real pedophiles(one of which is DAMOLA ADEKOLA) whose SPERM was found on the girl after Baba Ijesha's arrest, investigated, arrested,, confessed had you and your squad silent on, you all removed him from the case. Una sudden child right advocacy and emotions did not see that one and demand justice? Is the girl 14yrs old? E beru Olorun.

Even the 5yrs sentence(to spend 3yrs 4months) verdict handed Baba Ijesha around the TRAP set for him which has no propensity in law is under APPEAL. Your co-traveller Princess had RAN AWAY since 2021 Novemeber, just decieving people online. Time will tell.
My kind of struggles and advocacy are what you are never bold and knowledgeable to face. My Human Rights advocacy is NOT selective, I am not an hypocrite. You are the REAL CLOUTH CHASER with zero honest intention for any child let alone knowledgeable of child rights laws. Wanna be activist.

How my advocacy is clout chasing or seeking fame to you amazes me? THAT IS THE DISGUSTING AND MISLEADING POSITIONS YOU FOOLED AND BRAINWASH LOTS WITH on SOCIAL MEDIA. Tomorrow is PREGNANT!
I will remind your likes soon.
Yomi Fabiyi''


  1. You all should get out!!! We are waiting for election result! Nonsense deflection!!! Animals in yorubawood! That’s why Tonto said you all sleep 🛌 in Shrine!!! Eleburu!!!

    1. 🤣🤣🤣😂

    2. Tomorrow is pregnant because she refuses to be tribalistic
      That’s why you will see your friends and neighbors going through pain, harassment and tribalism and turn the other way.
      Two faced human beings
      They all disgust me
      How can you see the truth and not say it

      Push up (original)

    3. Seriously. Like when are these ones ever not fighting?? Next!!

  2. You mean that girl was molested by more than one person?


  3. She said she doesn’t believe in Tinubu as a president. They’ve been dragging her and writing epistles.

    1. Don't mind the "tribalistic" animals.
      They're the cause of our problems

    2. She finished them all with gbas gbas. They were crying because of her blunt truth.

  4. Let everyone doing foundations and charities really take time to educate themselves about the issue they are standing for. Read some books, take a few classes, get certified, look at the stats. Humanitarian work requires committment and passion, not those seeking fame and earthly glory. Don't do this looking for pats on the back. There are too many in pain everywhere, nobody has time for your egos .

  5. Iyabo has the right to support whoever, are you guys mad?
    So because I have benefitted from someone and the person is campaigning for a particular candidate, I must vote that candidate.

    For her, collective interest supercedes personal interest, stop bullying her!!

    Leave her alone you shameless lots.

    I and my siblings all have different candidates and we are still siblings.

    Respect people's choices!!

  6. Iyabo alwys in the news,I hope oga Paulo wont get tired oneday

  7. Is this your problem right now? This is not time to be dragging each other on social media but rather a time to reflect on what will be the outcome of our election.

  8. I can you imagine!
    This guys are Soo disappointing
    I am embarrassed, anyways I trust iyabo, Sha can handle them!!!

  9. How this guy keeps defending baba Ijesha even with the video evidence is alarming. To him rape is when the victim is beaten up and penetrated? It says a lot about how safe it is to leave an underage kid with him.

    I thought they said it's only obedients that have been intolerant to others choice of candidates. Why are they all attacking Iyabo for her choice?

  10. What do you expect from her na,she don dey fuck Paulo.That one nor be Yoruba na

  11. If she is not obi supporter all these wailers won't say anything oh

  12. Iyabo is free to support whoever she wants like the rest of us. I thank God Asiwaju seems to have won though. My love for the country supersedes my ego to tell Obi supporters "I told you so" . I don't know how a former governor who couldn't handle 1 state can be bestowed with the burden of governing the country.

    1. Who is this one? A shocker awaits you!

  13. Lol all very amusing. When these people do these things, do they think we actually care?? Cos I’m sure you could just send these insults and accusations to yourselves but must be because they think we care they bring it out here

  14. So because is is for Peter Obi , they all want to eat her up. Nonsense, I really respect Iyabo Ojo for this.
    It's not everyone's conscience that can be bought with money.

  15. Alaye, gbe ara e da soun!
    Must she support BAT and Oluomo? Radarada

  16. These Yoruba movie people are so shameless to the core! since yesterday they come out with their burnt plantain bleaching skin spouting rubbish on the internet.. una mouth dey smell abeg🤮🤮🤮

  17. Why do I have this feeling that this guy has a thing for iyabo ojo


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