Stella Dimoko AMEBO CHRONICLES - Every Mallam With His Kettle


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Sunday, February 05, 2023

AMEBO CHRONICLES - Every Mallam With His Kettle

Love is good and to be loved back is amazing. I don’t care about the age of the parties involved, just treat each other right and when you are tired please tell the other person you are tired not waste their time and make them go crazy.

I have a friend that is beautiful and gets them in all ages, friends say she is fortified hence the luck with men, they hide their husbands and suitors from her. lol

I go there every week for delivery and I stay a little to chat. Her phone rings like a bank customer care line and we both laugh about it.

 A young fine guy came to the store carrying bags, she greeted him casually and he wanted to hug her but she looked at him with one kind eye then told him to sit outside. The busy body in me coded and I asked her if he is her lover and added  awwww to the question..

She sent him food, drinks and everything sendable but he never squeezed his face, he smiled all though and was grinning from ear to ear when she gave him her leftover. He looked content .jeezzz

What baffled me was that all the things she sent him he didn’t collect a kobo so I asked if he was handling her cash, she said, no. Why will she give him money? Is he not the one that wants a woman? Wow so he isn’t even a sugar boy he is taking care of her. See love

A car parked in front and another man came inside the store, she told me she was going out and asked where I was heading.

Turns out the man that came in was another lost puppy because he carried her bag to the car and was calling her My Queen.

Young lover just stood there looking like “mummy is going out” and I felt sad for him. He is an adult and madly in love.

I ran into him again another time ,she was inside on a video call so i decided to chat and laugh with him then I asked him if they were family lol

He boldly said she is his woman and he will work really hard to win her heart and marry her. He says he knows what I am thinking and he doesn’t care. E do me like to sand this boy better slap to oblivion haba! She treats you like a slave mtchewwwww

What is my own, every mallam with him kettle.


  1. Men enjoy being treated like slaves with jazz tho 🀣🀣🀣

  2. Somebody here will be really pissed with these menπŸ˜„

  3. The young man is obviously in love. No matter what you tell him, I doubt he would listen.

  4. Hmmmm, it is looking like this woman has the secret of something............ But ya aproko dey try sha 😁

  5. I miss those days as a single girl. My shakara no be here. I don’t think it’s jazz, some girls just have a certain aura that a lot of men find hard to resist, it’s not even about sex.
    Also I observed most men aren’t really crazy about girls that are crazy about them. I was quite coquettish and had a lot of men eating out of my palm and doing my bidding, even knowing they weren’t the only men after me made it even more competitive.
    Marriage really calmed me down and actually gave me peace. No more my phone going off every minute.

  6. Lol.
    Known fact: 50% of men prefer that babe that treats them like trash. That's the exact babe they want to kill or die for.
    Most Men don't like babes that fall so hard for them & treat them like a king.
    Real men though don't act like this.
    Ladies don't be a door mat. Be bitchy sometimes, it's a spice.
    This babe in this story is not using jazz.
    My younger sister is like that, all my life I have not had 1/3 of all the men that flock around her begging for her attention.
    They spend even when she doesn't give them sex. It's funny to watch and annoy too.
    Such is life.

    1. My personal experience inclines me more towards your reasoning The Lifted.

  7. Some ladies have a lots of men around them while some don't have any guy

  8. Most time, it isn't jazz. This is my story even after getting married. Men love to be around me


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