Stella Dimoko Chrisland Schools Issues Press Statement On The Death Of Its Student Whitney Adeniran


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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Chrisland Schools Issues Press Statement On The Death Of Its Student Whitney Adeniran

The management of Chrisland School has put out a response to the accusations of negligence levelled against the school by the parents of Whitney Adeniran, who slumped and died while the schools Inter house sports was ongoing...


The management and staff of Chrisland Schools Limited, with a deep sense of loss, announce the death of our precious student, Whitney Adeniran; whose painful exit occurred on Thursday, February 9th, 2023.

We are heartbroken and distressed. Whitney was one of our Day students who opted not to participate in the inter-house sports match past for reasons we were not very sure of. However, on discretion, we respected her decision to err on the side of caution, because on the 20th of January, 2023, it is in our records that she had complained about a not-too-buoyant health and we immediately contacted her parents. Her father, Mr. Michael Adeniran, came to the school to take her home. We emphasized to her parents to take a critical look at her.

It is instructive to state, that Whitney slumped in public view and not under any hidden circumstances, whatsoever. Our immediate response was to take advantage of proximity to first-aid, by identifying the nearest medical facility to take her to, where the Doctor on duty, administered oxygen and every aid possible on her.

Even as her family made funeral plans for her immediate burial, we differed politely and reiterated the need to establish a scientific verification of the underlying cause of her death, as mandatorily required in circumstances like this. We immediately notified regulatory stakeholders and agencies to allow for a comprehensive evaluation and assessment of the developments.

In spite of the compelling imperatives to fill any information gaps in public space, we stopped short of making any media sensation out of this, because the deceased in question, was a minor and is deserving of our unqualified respect. We also prioritized according respect to the privacy of the family and were with them consistently, to mourn together. This is a painful loss for all of us.

As parents, we feel the deep pain of this loss and our thoughts and prayers, are continually with the family and friends of our beloved Whitney.

As we continue to uphold the sobriety of this moment, we resist any urge to join issues on her treasured memory, in media trends.

As we await the outcome of an independent post mortem process, we remain unwaveringly committed to supporting the family at this critical moment and pray fervently for the fortitude to bear her painful loss.

Chrisland Schools Limited.


  1. If she was sick, why did her parents allow her go for the inter-house sport? And why didn't Chrisland come clean to her parents? I think an autopsy will solve this questions, if her parents are psychologically ready to allow it. Rip to this beauy angel

    1. Pls read
      Whitney was one of our Day students who opted not to participate in the inter-house sports match past for reasons we were not very sure of. However, on discretion, we respected her decision to err on the side of caution,

    2. The statement is somehow, seems like they want to exempt themselves in what happened. So inter house sport participants must have a reason other than wanting to be part of the school activities abi day students don’t participate. As you know she wasn’t ok why allow her to participate too
      Una story no clear

    3. Whitney did not participate in match past simply because she is one of jw. She don't want to sing national anthem or salute any flag. She was hale and hearty. That dead trap school should tell Whitney parents what happened to their daughter. They are only interested in protecting the useless image of a rubbish school. The wrath of God will never depart from the owner of that school , their management and anyone who knew what happened to this girl and refuse to speak up.

  2. Chrisland =deaththrap

    1. They carefully exempt themselves. Imagine them saying they quickly located the nearest health facility, what happened to having standby medical personnel on ground?

    2. Sometimes people post stuff that makes one think if you've got any brains at all or we all should run into shells because of social media single story condemnation.

      Many of us here went to great secondary schools and some were even better quality than the schools collecting millions today.

      How many of your schools back in the day had ambulances and medical doctors waiting around for kids to slump during inter House sports?

      Apart from their usual glucose and sickbay nurse staff, which school plans for their students to die and then fix an inter House sports competition?

      Unfortunately, this particular school has been in the media for some wrong reasons but they possibly haven't done anything different than any other school in Nigeria might have done.

      What if that was your establishment that you've done your best and nurtured for year but somehow bad things keep happening to there?

      Everyone wants the school to go down, it's well if the law finds them doing something wrong in this case but most of you are just bad belle and hate the school because you can't afford it and believe those who can are mumu.

      Just stop the hating and allow rational reasoning.

    3. Ahhhhhh Chrisland is lying. My niece said they told them in school on Friday that she was electrocuted when mistakenly touched the candy flossing machine. Ahhhhhh Awosika family, May God fight for Whitney. Ahhhhhh Jesus Christ. Why VC are they lying 😭😭😭😭. There’s even an audio in circulation where some school mates of hers that witnessed the incident said she was electrocuted and her tongue disappeared before she fell and they poured her water. Imagine!!!!!

    4. Billikuma, I went to secondary school 200-2006 and my school had ambulance and nurses at inter House sport. Infact when we go for endurance trek and jogging, there's always an ambulance on stand-by. The girl might have a condition that was unknown to all but the school should have had a medical team. Even if not doctors, nurses at least and an ambulance. At this point, I wonder why parents are still sending their children to Chris land.

    5. @Bilikuma, though I'm not supporting the anonymous that called the school a deathtrap but at the same time twice is many.

      Your drafted reasons may not be too rational based on the fact that you are not related to the said girl.

      If many offices and schools don't have a standby medic, that doesn't still make it ideal. We should flush our brain of those days that the best medical attention is glucose.

      I'm not here to apportion blame anyway. It's already a painful and agonising experience on both party. Let the case be investigated and the loopholes be corrected.

      May her soul rest in peace and I pray God will heal the painful hearts of the parents.

    6. My school in a small town in delta state always made provisions for medical personnel during interhouse. We called them Red Cross. Even the sports officers who are mostly physical health education teachers they had an association ( Napher or something like that) had first aid they were the primary sports officers In charge of inter house in most schools not the school teachers. My problem with us citizens is that we like making excuses for negligence in this country.

    7. Not much less a school that the parents pay millions for

    8. If I'm paying #580,000 as school fees for my child per term, that school better be worth it. With these huge school fees and there's no ambulance, or any provision made incase such casualty occurs? Haba nah! So what am I paying the fee for? Because they teach them ballet and violen and flute and other serenre?

  3. The school should have gone straight yo a doctor
    Not waiting for the parents to come

  4. An autopsy should be carried out at this point

  5. They should do an autopsy, this is very painful 😖

  6. Let them conduct an autopsy that will help matters.

    Chrisland school you people need serious prayers in that school. Hope you are not using the children for renewal of your wealth 🤑

  7. Firstly every school should have an emergency response plan, more so when you have a sporting event where people are engaged in strenuous activities any one can have an injury while participating or sudden ill health. How can a school of this magnitude have as first aid to take patient to hospital no onsite ambulance even rented with a nurse. This child obviously died before getting to the hospital. It is well May God comfort her parents bc no one can understand their grief unless they have gone through it.

  8. This is soo painful. Rest on little angel.

  9. The mom said her daughter's corpse was very dark. That she wondered why her daughter looked so dark.

    This makes sense if truly she was electrocuted as the viral audio narration.

  10. How do you pour water on someone that was electrocuted?

  11. What you people don’t know is that the awosika family is cursed. Do you know the daughter has been is court for years with her mum?

  12. This school has no business in Child building.

  13. They should permanently close down the school and rededicate the school to God Almighty. Most importantly change the name of the school to a God glorifying name and provide the necessary medical and learning facilities for the school as well as inculcate The work of God into thier curriculum. The school needs overhauling before reopening. That way old things would indeed pass away all things will become new. Permanent close down is better if the govt is reasonable.


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