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Saturday, February 18, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



In 1993, I was in an exam hall, the course was Engineering drawing. I did not know what to draw. I only wrote my name and registration number and sat quietly all through the 3 hour course. You have 10 minutes more said the lecturer. I was overwhelmed with panic and ejaculated sperm on myself, I soiled myself. I was shocked, embarrassed and surprised.

 To cover the soil, the shirt I tucked in, I flied out and waited to pass my empty drawing at least to show I was not absent for the exam.

That particular incident in the exam hall became a re occurrence in my life 30 years on. When ever good thing is on my way, breakthrough, life changing event, I will dream of writing exam with my same classmates in the university, I will not write anything and if it's towards the end of the exam, I will panic, wet myself in real life. Most times, I will wake, hold my pe*s and run to the bathroom to avoid messing up the bedspread. Sometimes, the bedspread gets messed up.

 Sometimes, I will know what to write, write it, towards the end of the exam, either my paper with be torn or something that will make me panic to mess myself in real life. The last two times this evil exam has happened in the past two weeks, I was just walking around in the university complex and noticed I was about to wet myself, I got up and went to the bathroom. This happened this morning too.

I get opportunities and I lose them. The near success syndrome that comes from this is too much. I have gone to MFM for deliverance 3 times. I have prayed (I don't fear to fast and pray).

I am Married, no child. First pregnancy entered ectopic. Second baby died after 5 days just like that. Baby slept and did not wake up. That's what I was told as I traveled. One miscarriage before me and another miscarriage just like that.

Like I said, I get opportunities very well. Two years ago, I had an opportunity to sell land rig, I added $4m to the original given price, buyer was ready to pay. We were 3 to share in the money I added excluding the percentage which amounted to $1.5m. The man that brought the buyers just died. Because of space and time, I can't write all I have missed as in opportunities. Petty reasons knock off my businesses. When about to click, very small excuse will wave it.

The evil exam comes and goes. It came this morning and I have another proposal for another rig and other deals. I sometimes have to beg to feed.

What kind of prayers do I pray? I have prayed, can't sleep without midnight prayers. Those that overcame this form of stagnation, vicious circle, going back to your old school, how did you do it? I don't need to engage in a prayer where they say amen to the general prayer. I need specific and targeted prayers. I'm the only one without a child among my siblings. I have opportunity of traveling to the US this year but I'm not excited as I know if I don't take care of this, I will be wasting my time.

Please, this is not psychological or because my mind "goes there" for those that will want to comment. This is 30 years this year and I don't want to go to any native. That's ruled out.

Kindly help a brother with prayer suggestions.


  1. Lol you’re funny
    You say you lose opportunities then say you had $4M to add to a deal. Did the $4M fall from heaven. Isn’t that a result of opportunities. Miscarriage job loss all happen to everyone....if not one thing, could be another
    Really think of your life in a balanced way before you start running around

    And yes you need therapy because one terrible occurrence when you were younger is shaping your thoughts and causing anxiety

    1. Please read and understand. He (added) increased the selling price so as to make more profit.

    2. Added it as profit o

    3. Don't be quick to judge, the $4M he added is extra amount to the original price. Please read it again.

    4. If you’re part of a $4M you’re not badly in life. You’ve married and having issues with miscarriage
      You’re not the first or last

    5. I will not call it psychological because I know plenty people who have struggled with the same thing but I think when you get delivered you have to act like someone who is delivered, you let fear take control and also expect the next failure so the devil works on your fear because that is his greatest weapon

      Pastor Selma has certain prayers on generational curses and one thing I know about that is that you have to cut all ties with any kind of sin especially perverted sins.

      I was listening to this actor (Williams uchemba) and he was saying something about ancestral curses and why he decided to give his life to Christ in order to turn things around.
      Don’t give you on prayer you can join the hallelujah challenge that is happening everyday at 12mid night and trust God

      Push up (original)

    6. Push your point is good, brother fear can make you become undelivered even after deliverance. And the NSPPD, ODM(Our daily manna devotional) work wonders.please search yourself and stay away from sin.

    7. I used to have this kind of dream but it has stopped now,Thank God. I would see myself going back to my former secondary school,preparing to write waec again. Waec that I have written and passed more than twenty years ago oh. I am now a lawyer with a masters degree and planning to start my ph.d soon,so the dream just doesn't make sense. Even in the dream I know I shouldn't be back in that school since I have long graduated and passed my exams. I don't see any of my former classmates there as of course,they have all passed out. The only reason I can find for that dream is that I left the school in S.S. 1 because I had to go and live with my aunty in another state. I really loved the school and missed my friends so much when I left unannounced. We couldn't keep in touch as there was no phone then. I am not doing badly,married with a good job but still ttc. I didn't really pray specially or anything for the dreams to stop,I just noticed that I haven't had it in years. Now I wonder...

    8. This is beyond psychological abeg, this one is spiritual warfare.
      Poster beyond deliverance, you need to be sure you are living a life devoid of sin as much as possible, are you involved in shaddy deals at work?
      Live a sanctified life so your prayers will be effective.

    9. Push up, did you just put Williams Uchemba and being born again in one sentence?
      Please let’s be serious here. Don’t let activities on social media fool you cos that guy is a user. Everybody that I know that has done a job for him would attest to the fact that he’d underpay you and at the end of the day want to shortchange you so that at by the time you are done you’ll be making little or no profit.
      Abeg no allow me remember Wetin I don forget. Short man devil

    10. To overcome a problem, you have to destroy it. How? Should you ever have the dream again, just laugh. Reduce the dream to nothing and you would become free. Remove the fear it brings to you. And should you see yourself wet, simple stand up and go wash up. Shit happens. But don’t allow yourself to be plagued with fear whenever the dream comes. Am talking based on experience. God has given us dominion over everything. You don’t need a pastor or native doctor. Just your mind. Laugh at the dream. Don’t ever take it serious again and watch out, for open doors. All the best 🤗

    11. Take heart 22:50 I always say it's always a lesson when people have little to no good to say about you in a public space.
      I always say a good reputation is greater, far greater than the finest gold.

    12. 22:50, I've always disliked that fellow

  2. Please pray the NSPPD fire prayers by 7:00am Monday’s to fridays

    1. This poster is on get rich quick pathway.
      Poster did you have a clear understanding of engineering drawing before the exam?
      Come down from your high horse and look for a job that involves less mental dexterity. Try teaching if you have the patience, shop rite sales person etc. If not you will continue running from pillar to post.

    2. Anon, is it a crime for a child of God to be rich? Someone is following the roads that his profession has opened him and you are calling it get rich quick. You think he won't still experience setbacks even as a fuel attendant? Somebody can steal in the fuel station and accuse him of it, they could as well lay false accusation on him as a sales rep at the supermarket you know. The things is that no matter where he is, once ihe chuga ya ka chuga ya there is never going to be happiness in his life. The root cause of the problems needs to be dealt with.

    3. Anon 16:02, you are a terrible person. Hater.

    4. Anon 16:02 is actually pretty smart. Go and watch original living in bondage, and you’ll see that poster is just like Andy. His problem is impatience . Ochoko in Igbo

    5. Pls poster, go to any Catholic church & pour out your troubles at the Blessed Sacrament. Cry out out suffering & disappointments to God your Maker...He is the Omniscient God & knows where the solution lies. You will be free from this bondage. You will testify in Jesus mighty name, amen.

  3. Visit Streams of Joy physically. They always mention this your issue (minus the ejaculation) almost daily during the morning prayers. Go there with these verses in your heart

    "2 Chronicles 16:9 For the eyes of the LORD run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to shew himself strong in the behalf of them whose heart is perfect toward him" and

    " Deuteronomy 4:29 – “But from there you will seek the LORD your God, and you will find Him if you seek Him with all your heart and with all your soul.”

    God's Words are not a lie. Go there to find Pastor Jerry for special prayers or God may just minister your case to him during any of the services. It is well

    1. So if person no go Streams of Joy or join Ns… there will be no solution to the persons problems?
      You people need to stop this talks at this point Abeg.

  4. This is a very serious case of spiritual manipulation. You need to battle it out. You are not afraid of fasting. You need to go on a marathon until you see results don't stop.

    Go on YouTube and look for messages from Olukoya and Joshua Selman on fighting altars.

    To dream and see yourself with your former classmates in your former school is retrogression. First start your fast with Psalm 51. Asking God to show you mercy.
    Deuteronomy 29:29, and Jeremiah the 33:3 says, the Call upon me and I will show you great and mighty things that you don't know. So start from there. Let me check some scripture and come back.
    You can also go to Dunamis Gospel Center in Abuja and for their Healing and Deliverance service.

  5. You have anxiety attack and it builds up when there is an event. Then you overthink or overact or overponder then if shows.

    What is driving you back is fear? For God has not given us the spirit of fear.

    Let the past go. Behold the future. Whenever the panic attack sets in, calm down and recite "For God has not given me the spirit of fear , but of power, of love and of a sound mind.
    Speak that to yourself everyday.

    Stop being afraid.


    1. This comment is the answer to your question

  6. Poster. Poster. Poster. I know that dream. I have experienced it. I know the terror. I know the despair. I remember my tears.
    Poster, listen, church can't help you. Praying and fasting won't help you in this matter.
    Poster, haven't you prayed and fasted enough?
    They will advise you to pray and fast more. You no dey tire.
    Poster, this advice is from someone who went through what you are going through.
    Poster, you need a traditionalist. An Ezenwanyi or dibia( babalawo).
    I know you are Igbo.
    Your ndi otu are on your matter.
    Poster, go home to your village and seek for a good traditionalist and do the sacrifices.
    Poster, you no dey tire? Since 1993, follow my advice because i went through it all.
    You can come to the comment section and ask me questions and i will answer.
    Don't worry. Solution has come.

    1. Traditionalist will not solve your problems but compound it. If I were you I won't take this advice. The devil cannot cast out devil. Only the power of God can do this.
      The analogy given is not correct.
      The amount of time you use in cutting down a big tree will not be the same in cutting down a small tree. Some battles need a longer time to overcome depending on what has been done over time.

    2. Poster, you are probably 50 years old. Are you going to listen to children who know nothing or those who have experienced what you did? Continue suffering or have peace?

    3. Exactly, the devil cannot cast out devil..
      Please don't invite an evil into your life.
      Everyone experiences one challenge or the other in life.

      Licious babe

    4. Please don't visit any traditionalist o, they will only add to your problem. The traditionalist work with satanic powers, so they cannot give you a lasting solution.
      Go to any Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), meet the pastor there for counseling and prayer. Spend time reading the word of God and wake up mid night to praise God.The Lord will fight for you.

  7. Please try Koinonia.

    Tomorrow is Sunday, you can follow their online service, look them up on Instagram or their website. Just type Koinonia or Apostle Joshua Selman. If you're based in Abuja, check for their address online and try to attend.

    All the best.

  8. If you're a Catholic, I suggest you visit the blessed sacrament and cry unto God. Tell God about your problems. Don't be ashamed to lay on the ground, don't be ashamed to cry but cry unto God. Submit yourself. Tell God that for 30yrs the enemy has invested in your life and now you want to take the battle to God. Call on God to fight for you. Put him to remembrance. Affliction shall not arise for the 30th year. For you have been redeemed by Christ Jesus.
    Before you go to bed, call on God to fight your spiritual battles, along with his angels and saints and his virgin mother Mary who has crushed the head of the serpent more than 2000 years ago.
    Before you finalize on the proposal call on the holy spirit to walk with you and move ahead of you and speak on your behalf.
    Also, if you have any regularised sinful trait (the ones you do purposefully and tell yourself after all God forgives) desist from such

  9. Poster, you must go native. THAT IS THE ONLY SOLUTION. Stop deceiving yourself. 30 years of suffering never tire you?
    I await your questions.

  10. Poster, don't say i am jumping up and down the comment section. It's because I experienced this dream more than 50 times. You have been stagnated. You are still in the university in the spiritual realm. You have been stagnanted. You will fail at all your endeavours.
    It's your Ndi otu. Give them what they want. Yes, you must go native. Give to Caesar what is Caesars. That is where your solution is. Take my advice.

    1. What do you mean by ndi otu?

    2. The Original ShugarGirl18 February 2023 at 15:52

      I am not the poster, please what can one use? I am concerned

    3. Pls don't go native. You can't serve two masters. You choose one.

    4. Prayer work. Some people settle their problem through this means though they do it in the church. No be everything be fasting fasting fasting if you go to a correct Bible believing church and they do prayer work for you walahi that problem must leave you

    5. Ndi otu are your spiritual friends. Before you came to this world, you were with them. You now decided to come to earth and made promises to them but on getting here you forgot all your agreements with them so they are angry and what you to notice them and appease them.
      You may think this is make believe but my dear, I know what i am talking about.

    6. He can also do saraka for children
      it will help.

    7. Mine is not in this form but I got married in 2016 by 2017 the marriage was over, since then no marriage is forth coming. I have been struggling with fibroid front and back, I did fibroid removal in 2019 and before I said jack the shit is back.

      I wish to even fall pregnant and have a child since no marriage want to happen. I was told that I needed to settle my spirit husbands which I went home last year February to perform all the necessary right and buy all the things they asked me to buy.

      I have done that and till now no show. Remember I have done fasting, prayers, still no change at all. I have left everything in the hands of God to do what no man can do and to see if things will turn out fine. Just saying this cos of what you said about the poster traveling down to his root to settle. Mine didn’t work as the person who did the work is a known man who has been doing different work for people.

  11. Join NSPPD prayers 7am on YouTube from Monday through Fridays. God will hear your prayers. Congratulations in advance

  12. Concerned Blog Visitor18 February 2023 at 15:42

    Private Holy Communion can solve your problem in no time, If you are a believer in Christ Jesus. (John 6:57)

    Run a search on google for 'Zion Publishing on selar . co' and  go through  the adoption on 'Ovetcoming Food & Sex in the Dream.'

    Alternatively I can send you a publication (free)  if you are open to discussion.

    I don't know how Stella connects blog visitors for offline interactions; you may want ask her for direction.

    I wish you speedy answer to your prayers in Jesus' name.

  13. Piece of advice: Go back to your root and make deep enquiries about your family(both maternal and paternal). After that, seek help spiritually. Then, the opportunity to travel, kindly keep it to yourself and make use of that opportunity. Things might change if the village monitoring spirit stop seeing you.

  14. Don’t visit anything...pastor or otherwise
    When you dream the dream, just wake up and continue your day
    Just ignore it and it wil stop. The End

  15. I think this is all psychological. Perhaps you were told by someone as a child that you were not smart enough, strong enough or something enough to be successful. Perhaps you were always criticized and compared to another family member or friend. Likely you internalized these things and believed them, now your life plays out like that. If that is not the case, perhaps you were abused a lot, even to the point of soiling yourself and the abuse left a great mark on you. There is something in your history that needs addressing. Family dysfunction, abuse, and toxic parenting all leave problems to deal with in later years.

    A very good psychologist can help you uncover the root of your problem, the only issue is that it will be costly. Worst, you have taken on a defeatist mentality which creates more problem. Going to the US may be the best thing for you and where you find your healing, since access to mental health professionals is so easy. If you cannot commit to working with a therapist for even a year due to cost then you will have to find some empowering phrases you create for yourself and repeat them everyday when you feel the fear coming. You can also look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself 'I love you' 'God's love and protection surrounds me and my family' ' I succeed in all things' . These phrases will reset your though processess to help you, but the underling problem will remain untouched, so remember that.

    All the best to you.

  16. Hmmm
    Now listen really good,u need a prophet to see and tell u the root cause of ur problem,u are just praying blindly,do u even know what u are praying about or against?do u even know the kind of prayers u should pray?.
    Go to a great prophet not pastor and ur life will not remain the same..
    Something or someone don't want u to move forward, spirit of stagnation,delay, wasted life,not amounting to anything..? what are u still waiting for?

  17. Search for Prayer Center Church of God on YouTube listen to their program,if you re convinced, you can visit for an encounter.

  18. Come to Conquerors house of prayer ministry ijegun akinjo satellite Town lagos.
    We pray Holy spirit inspired prayers.
    Send me an email...God bless you 🙏

  19. so sorry to hear dear Brother. My advise is for you to actually LEAVE the country and relocate to the US. Who knows, maybe the bondage is only limited to Naija environment. I have heard of people who had similar experinces and after they relocated, all those experinces stopped. Besides, you will also get to see better therapist over there who can make a better disgnose and offer a lasting solution to it. LEAVE naija...all those witches for there no fit pass more than 1000km for air..their broom go break, lol. Also....NOBODY must know your'e relocating, just keep it HUSH HUSH...and should they ask where you are, just tell them you dey brazil or UK or even south korea, but never your real location. Pele again.

    1. It's not witches that are afflicting him. They are his ndi otu. They can reach him anywhere anytime. They are not humans. They are spirits.
      He won't even be able to go to any US because they have been trying to get his attention for 30 years. They have planted some many affliction into his life for 30 years or even more because before they resorted to using that dream to stagnate him they must have tried other gentler ways.
      After appeasing them, he will have to cleanse himself of so many negativity and bad luck.

    2. If it’sa visitors visa , he’ll likely get denied. It’s just statistics. Doesn’t mean anything

  20. GUY go find alfa or priest make dem do work for you .. everything is not christian way

    1. Hmmmn, can't believe we have people that have this type of mindset

      Licious babe

    2. Licious I follow you surprise o. Go native, meet Alfa or priest at this age and time?

  21. Poster if you're in Lagos, go to Ago there's a ministry call Zion prayer movement outreach Evangelist chukwu Ebuka Obi . They're closing their 21days prayer and fasting today and tomorrow. I don't need tell you about him for they say seeing is believing. They stream their program live on Facebook, YouTube etc. You can check it now just type Zion prayer movement outreach by Ebuka Obi

  22. I used to get this dream too but with mine I was in secondary school and the exams as always mathematics on rare occasions French. I noticed it was FEAR that was causing those dreams.. fear of the unknown.. fear of failure... i used to be unemployed and these dreams kept on coming till I made a covenant with God about my employment situation and the particular company i wanted to be employed at and Glory to God i got a very good role over there. Now after i got the jo these dreams have reduced.... it only reoccurs when Im deeply afraid in my spirit.. when i feel my job is at stake etc.. The bible tells us not to be afraid.. Do Not Fear appears in the Bible more than 300 times, i will suggest you arm yourself with the word of GOD, eat it, drink it, commit all fears and concerns to the Power of the Almighty God.. do not allow small small demons cripple you with fear..

    1. Thank you. You said a part of what I wanted to say
      1. Tie your progress steps to vows. But please ensure you pay your vow quick once the progress is achieved. This vow method has worked well for people for generations. Remember the story of Hannah. It still works today.

      2. Help people from even the "little" you have. I said little because you have married, you live under paid roof, etc. E go shock you that some of your age mates can't afford the marriage requirements and are squatters.

      3. For prayer points, get Prayer Rain by Dr. Olukoya (MFM).

    2. True anon.

      Fear ,doubt and the kind of words or advice you listen to triggers these things. Years back, in church they would teach about eating in the dream and it's effect in someone's life, from there I started believing the existence of these things,and it started happening to me in the dream., I found books of dreams and their interpretations, I read the book, this made me to believe these things more and the more I prayed, the more i ate in the dream. I went to a ministry and the prophet called me out and told me about how I eat in the dream and when I wake up I feel pains in my stomach... They gave me passages of the bible to read and pray. I pray and it stops, then it starts again and even gets worse than before, it now became an everyday occurrence. What was my sin. I did nothing to deserve that happening to me. One fateful day I was listening to pastor Chris Oyakhilome when he was laughing over how a born again child of God could actually believe that a demon can feed him/her in the dream. ... He says, if I eat in the dream, it is the holy spirit that fed me and I will eat it with gladness.... Since then I stopped believing in being fed by the evil spirit and from that very day till today I have not had any of such dream. How you condition your mind has a way of either making the devil or God to take over your life.

    3. Please the word of God part is very important, study and claim it with faith. With that you don't even need a pastor for deliverance.

    4. Poster don't make any vow. The only sacrifice he needs from your according to the scripture is; a broken spirit and a contrite heart, knowing who God says you are, and leaving a life that pleases God. Those are the ultimate qualifications for God to look into your case.

  23. Hmm sorry about your predicament Poster.
    Principalities and powers are on your case.
    It might be 30yrs, or 3yrs, whatever has a beginining definitely has an end.
    You just need to be steadfast, thansk to God you are focused on prayer.
    You may have to involve your wife if she doesn't know about this. If she's truly yours she will stay and join you in this prayer.
    Go to church where the Word of God is richly dished with power. Keep praying God is aware.

  24. Poster this is strong o.
    It's good as you are not thinking of native doctore/spiritualist cos those people will only eat your money for nothing and drag you deeper into mess. I have gone to native doctor and even Prophets who do spiritual work, dem chop my mama money no be small. The last one we went we swore never to go to such places again and stick to our living faith Church. We have a testimony now.
    Poster I recommend you listen to words from Papa Oyedepo, and even more relatable listen to Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo on YouTube.(SEARCH ON YOUTUBE BIODUN FATOYINBO OR COZATV)
    Words are life changing, it recreates your world if you truly believe. Remember Pastor Chris Oyakhilome saying repeatedly the world is powerful, keep speaking it, don't stop speaking it.
    At this point the world of God is what you need!
    This has to do with your foundation.
    Something similar happened to me.
    As a female I never got any good job, my relationships were never good, always with the wrong men.
    Whenever I was about getting a good job or life opportunity I will dream of sitting in class in the secondary school, wearing school uniform,sometimes I will be dragging chair self. And that's how the opportunity will go, for no reason.
    This continued for 13yrs. It started when I was in 200l until 2021
    I have gone for deliverance in about 4 churches. I don't even know how to fast or pray, but I do the one I can. Sometimes I felt discouraged that I wasn't praying well.
    Gradually the dream pattern changed I began seeing myself in secondary school but no longer in uniform, no longer entering classes, most times going out of the school gate.
    Then I no longer see myself in secondary school.
    I started seeing myself in the university, I graduated, Inside dream again, I left uni, and then everything changed.
    My dreams have completely changed, things now looking rosy. I'm very hopeful, getting the the things I want.

  25. With God all things are possible. The first step is to consciously give your life to Christ Jesus. The life of Jesus now comes into you, only then this evil situation will bow completely to you and be destroyed forever. Also, if you are living close to any living faith church, I.e Winners Chapel, attend the Bible school which is currently going on, and after the Bible school, certainly you will recognise your authority in Christ and you will definitely come back here to testify. The choice to win is in your court now. God bless you.

  26. May God see you through in His faithfulness. This is too much but with God all things are possible. Just forget about visiting any prayer centre. This is the time for you to grow spiritually. You are the only one that can deliver yourself by yourself with the help of the Holly Spirit through a good knowledge of the WORD OF GOD. If you like pray and fast for 70days; if you don't have an in-depth knowledge of God's Word, you can't get delivered even if you get delivered , it will come back. The word of God hidden in your heart will help you condition your mind into accepting God's promises to his children. So that once someone comes to tell you something different from what God says concerning your life, you quote to them about what God's word says about a situation like that. Not just quoiting. You quote because you strongly believe. Never you nurse doubt and fear in your heart anytime you hold God by His word. Faithlessness pieces Him.

    When my dads elder brother died in 2019, relatives, and friends who attend various spiritual houses came telling us that that evil force that killed my uncle has marked my dad as the next victim. They told us that their pastor says we need family liberation if not my dad will be next. My dad agreed to invite them for liberation but I spoke to my dad and quoted some passages in the scriptures , the scriptures I quoted unbelievably boosted his faith and thank God he listened to me. One of them met me to express her fears concerning my dad's life but I quoted one one scripture to her. I told her that my dad is now a praying man and he is now in Christ Jesus "and there is no condemnation upon they that are in Christ Jesus" my dad will not be condemned for death because he is in Christ Jesus and I am praying for him. God did not tell us that he will only listen to pastors prayers. It was in the only testament that it was made that specific persons has to pray for the power of God to come down. This is the time of Jesus, He will answer anybody's prayer so long as you are in a right standing with God and you have faith that every other power is subject to God's command.

    Since that time them dey watch us to see if what their prophets said concerning my dad will come to pass. They said it won't be up to one year before my dad will die. But here we are today... I thank God for life.
    You don't need to make any sacrifice. Jesus has made all the sacrifice we ever need at the Cross. His Blood speaks more than the blood of bulls and cattle's or any other animal. (If you meet the foreign gods for deliverance, you may get delivered but the spirit may come back to your grand kids). I am telling you this because someone might come preaching you about giving to Cesar what is Cesar's.. .

    Jesus has made the sacrifice once and for all. The only sacrifice He needs from you is; a broken and a contrite heart which He says He will not despise. As you read the Bible, allow it to minister to you personally. The words you see in the Bible are God Himself. They are very powerful only if you strongly believe. Know who God says you are. Don't take any word you see there for granted. An evil spirit cannot dwell where the spirit of God dwells. Invite the holy spirit into your life. Your prayers everyday should be about you asking the Holy Spirit to come live permanently in this temple. Desire the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Tell Him to come and live in you. Your body is His temple. I repeat, don't only pray but read the bible and pray; inviting the holy spirit to take over your body. Tell God to possess you with His own spirit.

  27. Continuation....
    Read psalms 51, 91, 35, other times 70- 76. The psalms are totally different from the proper scriptures I asked you to study and hold God with.Make sure you start from Genesis to revelation Even though I don't rate pastor Chris Oyakhilome 100%, the pastors teaching can help you boost your faith. I also recommend pastor Bankie100% Always listen to their teachings to boost your faith.

    Note that the devil can still possess someone with tongues of demons as one could be speaking in tongues thinking it's tongues of Angels that you are speaking in. That's why you see people dwelling in the ocean of sin and still speak in tongues deceiving the people who don't have the gift of discernment of spirits. The Holy spirit can't dwell in a fealty environment. As you desire the gifts of the Holly Spirit, make sure you desire the gift of discernment of spirits, and tell God to speak to you personally through your dreams not through any other man.
    Let me just stop here

  28. Revelation 12:11
    And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.

    read out 10 chapters of the Bible anytime you pray, pray in the holyspirit for minimum of one hour thereafter, pray the hourly prayers. That is every 3 hours, starting from the midnight.
    Do this and your testimony will change for good

  29. Cont...

    Weather it is a phycological challenge Or a spiritual one just know that God can still take care of them for you if you stop believing that an evil spirit can take hold of your life. The one who did not give you life cannot destroy You. Build your confidence with the Word and listen to teachings from Pastor Chris and Pastor Bankie.

    Don't sow any seed to no one. The blood of Jesus is the only sacrifice neededs to save you from this

  30. 'The Secret' by Rhonda Byrne...
    Leo inspired!

  31. Greetings poster, Jesus said in John 3:3, except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.
    I am sure you've said salvation prayers - but there is a dimension of power and relationship you come into when you are truly born of God's Spirit.
    I want to encourage you to meditate in the scriptures on what Jesus Christ has done for you on calvary and truly repent.
    God gives His Spirit liberally to those that ask - Luke 11:13.
    Ask God for His Spirit and His Spirit will show you what to do, He will lead you. Your solution may be practical and you may need to go for counselling or relocate.
    Your solution may be more prayers or worship.
    The starting point is you growing in your relationship with God so God can show you Himself.
    Too many voices from the crowd can bring confusion but Jesus said my sheep know my voice. I want to encourage you know Jesus and know His voice. I'll also pray for you.

  32. Poster , I forgot to add this to my previous comment. For the fasting aspect of it; I would advice you not to fast. Why should you fast when the master Jesus Christ lives within you. He only wants you to always communicate with him through prayer and supplication. Not through fasting please. He has risen. He died our death and bore our pain that we may have good life. The disciples fasted
    before his resurrection not after His resurection. Don't go and kill yourself with fasting o. It is not your fasting that will move God but your level of understanding and faith in God and your personal relationship with God. If God does not speak to you personally through your dreams or visions that means you have not really gotten involved with God. You need to study more. I have been receiving miracles without fasting. I have had a lot of life's challenges but I never fasted to get myself out of any mess no matter how weighty that it seemed as if I was never going to be free from it.
    Your faith can do the whole work you need without a fasting. People who fasted and get prayers answered will think that it is because of the fast, lol, No, it is their faith in God and prayers that did it

  33. Google this your dream and you’ll see lots of people have had them
    You’ll also see the interpretation

  34. People be telling you to go visit your kindred spirit and offer sacrifice to them... They don't know that the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. The world and everything that dwelleth in it belongs to God. For he founded it upon the seas and established it upon the waters... Evey other spirit are subject to God's command. God owns this world. He has total authority over your life and everything He created. No kindred spirit has authority over your life if you are truly in Christ. Only if you strongly believe. You need to know who you are in Christ. Tell them you are born again and your are of the bloodline of Jesus Christ. spirit that tormented other people has no place in your life. You are made in Gods image and likeness therefore you resemble God. Since you resemble God, you also have the power to cast out any spirit that is working against your life. Read Genesis chapter one and you will see how God created the world in 7daya. Ask your self, where was the kindred spirit when God was creating these things. Since they did nor create them with God then they will never be the onces to deliver you from any life's challenge. Pray, praise, and read the word with a broken and a contrite heart but don't fast. Fasting has no significance. A broken and everything contrite heart with strong faith in whatever you see in the bible will save you


    1. I had to prayerfully type this , so I am not leading anyone astray!
      You are a chosen one, but you come from a bloodline of marine
      Covenants, hence the ndi otu gibberish. I will advise you to finish your prayers before you go to the US! I have been here in Nigeria taking part in these prayers; if you can go to your ancestral territory to carry out this prayers ; as I speak, anywhere I go in the world, they come after me! I have lost many opportunities, I have been in Nigeria for the past 6 months doing my prayers! Forget Joshua Selma and NSSPPD , or any prophet! I will advise you not to do any spiritual work with any prophet or prophetess! They are helping to renew the covenants made on your behalf by ancestors; it will only relieve you for a while.
      You must fast and pray, and make your Bible your companion! Look for a strong Mfm pastor / branch around you, A Catholic Church and A Christ Embassy Church! Go for the Catholic charismatic program! I remember pastor Chris Oyakhilome using the Catholic Bible for this prayer! Tobiahs3. The prayer of Sarah against Asmodee Spirits, Sarah was a virgin, but her forefathers worshiped idols! Her husbands kept dying on the wedding night, because the spirits were attacking the men !That’s why you see in Catholic Church you hardly see this spirit spouse operating there; is Pentecostal churches they operate because most don’t have the knowledge and that part was edited from the real Bible, but it’s in the Catholic Bible ! Most of my Catholic friends are married! Another thing is their parents had only one spouse! Polygamy breeds witchcraft and competition, women going to different source to protect their children and for their children to be the husband’s favorite and for the husband to love them more! The near success syndrome and the dreams is the strongman coming to empty you to the wicked people in your family! Why you lose the opportunities, they are making mad money; because they are appeasing the spirits! I will advice you and your spouse to go solo concerning your accomplishments!!!keep it away from friends and family: because satan is not privy to your information, he plants agents around !I guess your spouse is a consecrated person, hence the attack on you both procreating. Lucifer likes to produce its kind but limits Godly seed, if you look at the world the demonic people are having children easily because satan know his population is multiplying!you must follow G0 Olukoya on YouTube on their weekly program, Manna water, mid month deliverance, PMCH! Ensure you go for deliverance with the pastor of the Mfm you find! You can do Christ Embassy online or physically as well, if it’s close to you.
      Then you must sow heavily into the Gospel! I just made a vow of $10,000 to CE yesterday; as I just realized that I have lost a lot like you, because this evil covenants in my bloodline, so sowing into God’s Church helps me make it clear that my heritage is in Christ Jesus! I have lost millions in Naira and dollars; so it safer for me to put my seed in God’s hands!
      The 4 Churches that I put my money:
      1. Christ Embassy
      2. Mfm
      3. Baptist
      4. Catholic
      Who did you marry, is the person adding to your problems; with their own evil bloodline; ensure your spouse is not holding any marine property; for me, as a woman, no more braids, weave on, even up to earrings, I had to give them back!!!
      I have been in this battle for the past 20 years; so I understand what you are saying!
      You must continue to pray; because these demonic strongholds has been in your lineage, some 10,000 years; but you just about 50 years, so they can wear you out; and make you go astray! You have been chosen to come out by God! Most times these evil ancestors foolishly told the spirits to come after any of their descendants that refuse to serve this evil spirits! Hence the battle against you, because you have decided to follow Christ; it’s legal for them to hound you, because your ancestors went to them for wealth! Now you can only gain true wealth through Christ Jesus.

      By Lilly!!!

    2. Continuation;
      If you dig properly, the
      people who are prospering in your family are serving these spirits; even if they go to church; they appease them! Most even hide behind church, like in my family, most of them are billionaires ! I will not name the Church, but it has GO; most of them are in that church; and are witches and warlocks; some are Freemasons, but they are all hiding there, because there is no fire in that Church.
      I will use an illustration All them Whitney Houston, John Legend, Aretha Franklyn just to name a few, started in the Church, but because of these kind battles over their lives: although they had gifts and talents, satan did not allow them make wealth and fame, until they went to Hollywood to make satanic covenants. They were already destined for greatness, but did not have the tenacity to wait for God to do it. So they ended up with illuminati congregation ; which is doom for most of them are still alive unless they repent.
      Thank God for more revelational knowledge from Bishop McClendon, who dissected this thoroughly on the Praise-a-thon that just ended today with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Pastor Benny Hinn.
      I am waiting on God to direct me if , I am to go back to the US, Europe , the Middle East or stay back in Nigeria after elections; as I have had so much peace; because I had to cut off a lot of Pastors; who have evil altars disturbing them; that wanted to come add their own problems to my own. Don’t allow anyone lay hands on your head for prayers in Mfm , it is do it yourself!
      I trust God to come through for you in Jesus Mighty Name!!! Amen

      By Lily; a proxy for me to complete my comment.

  35. Sometimes all it takes it's your faith ,prayer and you going traditional when I was pregnant of my second baby I did settlement cos everybody saw me dead in their dreams, my pple were calling telling me their dream ,my husband has to settle them by buying what is required, where I'm going for prayers in a church the prophetess did her own , I continued praying till I delivered, after my Cs operation I had a fatal breakdown stayed in the hosp for one month going for cleaning of the site everyday ,you can imagine the traditionalist said , they came for your head but thank God on your side.
    Poster look for a good traditionalist back it up with prayers and you ll will be set free sometimes if you don't juo ASE (inquire) you suffer

  36. Poster go and get St Micheal prayer book if you are catholic and start a 21 day novena at midnight. St Micheal is known to reveal problems. You will have revelation and be free indeed. It is very powerful.

  37. Is not about specific prayer points but is for God to take away that evil from you. Join NDPPD or locate the church in Abuja and give God 3 months to see if your life will not change for good.

    Hope you didn’t disappoint any lady or did business with someone and you refused to pay. Go back to your 30 years earlier life and make such you didn’t have someone you offended.

    1. I forgot to add this, you must trace your roots! My father was a freemason member and he made so much money early, but died without having any money, but gave his life to Christ, before he passed which is my joy, he also had marine background from my understanding they worship crocodile, which is leviathan, a very though marine strongman! My mom too from a marine background, but left so much wealth behind,and she also died in Christ, she could not understanding my battles as she did not have very deep spiritual understanding of things of the spirit! It was from my conversation with her,that she told me that before she accepted Christ, when she dreams she sees her hair verylong in the river and she was very pretty. Ask your parents questions, if they are still alive. I hope this helps. I am beginning to see results now,because by God's grace ,I am always full of joy. Stay thankful always, because when I became depressed and bitter ,because the spirit would attack anyone that tries to help me and I always receive more favor abroad but since it wasn't cleared, anytime I want to make monumental progress, I am forced back to Nigeria to pray!This is like my 5th time coming back to Nigeria to pray! You will be fine. Just trust God.
      By Lily.

  38. Poster it is for reasons like this God called Apostle Selman....please do well to connect to koinonia every Sunday from 6pm, especially our miracle service which is the last Sunday of the month. Better still if you live in Abuja, find your way to the live center. Also poster what you need is not just prayers and fasting, but word based prayer, prayer is more effective when you pray with the scriptural backup, so please do well to shove yourself to study, so you don't pray amiss.
    May the Almighty deliverer deliver you from every stronghold holding you captive in Jesus mighty name.

  39. Like you said, you need to pray strategic prayers at this point. This is not psychological at all. In as much as you have to prayer by yourself, you also need people that will pray along with you in agreement. About the kind of prayer you should pray, first of all prayers and the word go hand in hand. You cannot pray effectively without the word and you should not study the word without praying. You may be praying but with lack of scriptural understanding to back up your prayers. Remember, the devil you're fighting against also understands the working of scriptures. So praying with scriptures gives you an edge over the devil.

    Also, it is only when you have come to the realization of who God is that you can both pray and understand scriptures. So how is your relationship with God like, have you genuinely and consciously given your heart to him. Believers face trials but not such that will consume them. There is always an inner hope that you are not alone.

  40. The truth is your have a loud spirit you spirit is loud but full of negativity. You need to quieten your mind, speak good into your life daily (morning and night), take good news and bad news and same news therefore respond the same way. Cancel all evil thought and word you have said in your life knowingly and unknowingly.
    Listen to the game of life by SCOVEL SHIN. You are alright, avoid loking at your adversity daily or discussing your fear but be full of thanks .

  41. Poster, are you the only person in your family suffering from near success syndrome and the other things you stated? please look at every member of your family including external check if there is a pattern. if there is a pattern then you are are dealing with EVIL FOUNDATION....

  42. Lol there's only one solution to your problem. Go on your kneels ,tell God you surrender your will and everything you are to him and he should fight your battles for uuu and conquer. Don't bind o don't do any command. Just beg Jesus to come and help you fight and release you. That's all

  43. Change your lifestyle, avoid sin and occasions of sin. Purge your heart of every malice, greed, envy, wickedness etc. You have to go into prayers with a pure and contrite heart. Enter into fasting and mercy prayers and beg God to deliver you from any satanic manipulation and direct your steps.
    Also if you have that dream again, don't be all downcast, instead become angry in the spirit and rebuke every evil exam in the dream. Then speak good things like prosperity, health, financial restoration, fruitfulness into your life. Also thank God for your deliverance (believe in faith that he'd do it for you).
    Remember, when the dreams and attacks becomes severe, do not despair at this point cos you're close to your freedom.

    1. I forgot to add, cast away fear. You see this spirit of fear, it is enough to cause satanic oppression. Do not be afraid, they feed on your fear and become stronger. Put your complete hope and trust in God, he'll deliver you.

  44. In your day create times of prayer. Find a book of Psalms that will allow you go through the entire psalm in one week. Memorise verses from the psalm and speak them whenever you find yourself in that situation. Use the psalm to bless yourself and your family. Most important DO NOT SIN while in prayer. The devil always attack prayers for deliverance. If someone is begging for malice make it a point of duty to buy gifts for them. Only you know how the attack comes recognise it and cut it off.
    Make a list of people who have offended you and bless them in fasting and prayer. In blessing them you have called their guardian angels and family angels to your cause. So whatever evil is fighting may succeed when you are alone but not not when angel armies are at your back. Please do not cabash or do back to sender prayers. Just focus on pouring out blessings over yourself and your enemies. And watch God work wonders in your life.
    Don't practice the weird Christianity being practiced in Nigeria. Where have their own definition of good and evil. Consulting ancestors is sin. Fleecing people is sin. I don't even want to go into workplace sins. If the bible says it is wrong avoid it. If you follow this advice when your miracle happens please share it

  45. In your day create times of prayer. Find a book of Psalms that will allow you go through the entire psalm in one week. Memorise verses from the psalm and speak them whenever you find yourself in that situation. Use the psalm to bless yourself and your family. Most important DO NOT SIN while in prayer. The devil always attack prayers for deliverance. If someone is begging for malice make it a point of duty to buy gifts for them. Only you know how the attack comes recognise it and cut it off.
    Make a list of people who have offended you and bless them in fasting and prayer. In blessing them you have called their guardian angels and family angels to your cause. So whatever evil is fighting may succeed when you are alone but not not when angel armies are at your back. Please do not cabash or do back to sender prayers. Just focus on pouring out blessings over yourself and your enemies. And watch God work wonders in your life.
    Don't practice the weird Christianity being practiced in Nigeria. Where have their own definition of good and evil. Consulting ancestors is sin. Fleecing people is sin. I don't even want to go into workplace sins. If the bible says it is wrong avoid it. If you follow this advice when your miracle happens please share it

  46. Dear Poster, you likely have some mental illness. Unfortunately it is made worse by living within an environment that is pretty backward and people lack critical thinking abilities. Check the internet to see if you can get advice on how to work through these psychological issues. If either the churches or traditional healers were able to do what so many of the respondents believe, Nigeria will be developed and millions won’t be fleeing to the abroad. Check for psychological disorders, clinical depression, etc. better yet if there is someone that can treat you from your location, invest in that- a mental health professional. God help Nigerians.


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