Stella Dimoko EFCC Raps About POS Operators....


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Friday, February 17, 2023

EFCC Raps About POS Operators....

 Are you a POS Operator and acting like Frank? LOL


  1. All pos operators bvs,take note. One of the p squares said he paid 30% to collect money. Effc go and ask him who sold him money

  2. It's not just POS, Nigerians living in Nigeria need total reorientation! How can we be so mean and cruel? Someone said she was charged 700 naira out of the 2,000 naira she collected! Where is our humanity?

  3. It's not the POS people alone, they should question why banks are giving only 2k across the counter after spending hours in the bank.

  4. The worst is there is no money, the little money that is out there some people are selling them

  5. This one is not helping matters, giving POS demonic ideas.

    Celebs should be more sensitive, not everything should be spread just to show off say you getti money.

    Besides I thought his principal said we should Obey and bear this terrible situation.

  6. Nothing professional about the rap
    Trivializing serious issues with childish rhymes

  7. Myschewwe is this supposed to be funny , suffering and smiling nation ,Una never even see anything,it's just starting,zombies!!!!!

  8. This is a silly post by EFCC. Frank is business man, his goal is to make profit, he knows he is not the only POS guy and he did not force the buyer to patronize him. The buyer can choose to get his money from alternative sources, Frank has NOT committed a crime according to the constitution of the FRN.
    EFCC left the FG, CBN and Banks that allowed this type of unnecessary situation to thrive and they are fighting the little guy. This is called bullying and harassment, Frank should sue the EFCC for false arrest and intimidation whilst trying to earn his daily living.

    1. You must be a Pos operator. Evil and wicked bunch.


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