Stella Dimoko Rivers State Governor Wike On Quote


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Friday, February 17, 2023

Rivers State Governor Wike On Quote



  1. Truth is that, Bukola would have done better. His time at the Senate made me understand that he wasn't a man to be caged or manipulated. He wasn't a rubber stamp President at the Senate. Those who brought in Buhari didn't do that cos they want the good of the country. They did it on their selfish interest and today they are the ones crying.

    Imaging bringing one into power with the intention of taking over after him.

    Sentiment aside, if ever at all we're going to savage what is left from the country, all those who brought this current administration into power shouldn't be entrusted the country to govern.

    Again, those who have been in the corridors of power and we saw how abysmal their performance was, shouldn't be given another chance to govern.

    Let me end this comment with the words of Sent. Datti Ahmed the vice president aspiring of the Labour Party.

    ''Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come. That idea now is that Nigerians have decided to vote for competence that you can trust, characters that you know, compassion that you can feel, and capacity that has been proven. We shall meet at the polls."

    1. Gbam 🙌🏽

    2. Imagine the treasonable statement of El Rufai, a man who have the intention of becoming a Nigerian President someday in the future. Isn't this a clear indication that he won't obey the law and constitution when he becomes the president?

      A man who can't obey the president will equally not obey the court or listen to the citizens.

      If it was an Eastern Governor who made that statement, by now a combined team of DSS and military personnel would have barricaded the government house.

      Let someone say to me again that Nigeria isn't sectional. Some black people can never be redeemed.

    3. Teejay, prepare to continue wailing because Tinubu WILL be your next president.
      I am Igbo but unlike you , i use my brain to think.
      Some Igbos support Tinubu and I happen to be one of them.
      I am Igbo and i will vote for Tinubu.
      Nothing and nobody can make me change my mind.
      Continue wailing.

    4. Anon, I have no problem with your choice and I can't fault you on that. I've never done that to anyone and will never do. Everyone has the right to choose whoever they want. So feel free and do that. I will only express myself at all time why I think my candidate is better but will never force him on anyone.

      Bro, just do you and let me do same.

    5. @11.42 I am Yoruba and I support Obi with my whole being. We all have a choice . All we want is a better Nigeria and Obi is the Moses that can lead us out of the mess we are in right now.

    6. TJ. You somehow need to take a step back. There is nothing treasonable in what El-Rufai or any other Governor has said. They have a Supreme Court judgement (whether bought or twisted) that backs their position.

      Buhari is not above the Supreme Court or any other court and can’t veto the power of the court.

      Whatever the good intentions of Buhari and his close contacts, you can’t allow 200m Nigerians to suffer because you want to go after some selected few that have stolen money.

      Guess what? Those selected few they want to go after are the ones that have a huge part of the new naira notes in their hands now and that is why there is no cash in the public.

      BTW, it sounds like you are not a student of political history. Bukola Saraki would have been a bad President for Nigeria. If his father were to be alive, he won’t vote for Bukola.

      Whether people like it or not, as of today and based on political landscape of Nigeria, there are only 2 options on the table. The military or Tinubu except God decides to take him out. That is a harsh reality but it is the reality on ground non the less. Plan accordingly going forward. Know this and you know peace.


    7. Anon 12:42 my response to your first paragraph. What is treason?

      The crime of betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government.

      Trying to create a parallel government, to you what does that mean? Do you know his action of telling the people to use the old currency is trying to override the President's order, thereby creating a parallel government. By so doing, he had betrayed the government he swore an oath and allegiance to.. If that isn't treason in the build up, then I'm afraid I don't know what else to tell you.

      On your conviction that your candidate will win or Military take over. Let's watch how it will all play out. All we're saying is a free and a credible election. That's all what we want.

    8. TJ. Please read El-Rufai’s address again. He quoted the Supreme Court judgement and that is what he relied on. Let us not embellish a simple case. El-Rufai’s statement does not amount to creation of parallel govt.

      In actual sense, a President has no power to command a governor on what to do in his state under the constitution and anyway, el-Rufai’s address was necessary to avoid a security situation in his state. Likewise those of other governors.

      You mentioned in your last post that if it were to be a Governor in the South that is in El-Rufai’s position, he would have been arrested. Are you aware Wike already said same thing? Has he been arrested? Even Sanwo-Olu has done same?

      BTW, where did I refer to Tinubu as my candidate? The issue with some of us is we refuse to accept reality even when it is right on our nose. I only advised you to plan based on reality on ground.

      Please do us a favour. Can you list the states in Nigeria that you believe Peter Obi will win comfortably and those he will likely win with reasons. Just so we can share ideas.


    9. Anon 14:32, I never said Peter Obi is going to win. All I've been saying is for a free, peaceful and credible election to be conducted. Whoever becomes the winner will be appreciated.

      Secondly, can you be sincere enough to tell me if truly the apex court have the jurisdiction over that matter? Do they? Tell me I want to know. We can quote the law here but first let me know your answer.

      Lastly, you said Wike said what?

      Pls look at this quote below and tell me if Wike said same then I will engage you further.

      ''For the avoidance of doubt, all the old and new notes shall remain in use as legal tender in Kaduna State until the Supreme Court of Nigeria decides otherwise. I therefore appeal to all residents of Kaduna State to continue to use the old and new notes side by side without any fear. The Kaduna State Government and its agencies shall seal any facility that refuses to accept the old notes as legal tender and prosecute the owners. If need be, we shall take further consequential actions according to the law.''

    10. TJ. The Supreme Court has jurisdiction over the case. Even the attorney general accepted there was jurisdiction and that was why the Emefiele (through the President) had to say they have already destroyed the N500 and N1000 that people deposited in their accounts and offered to release the old N200 notes. This is a high stake game being played and unfortunately, average Nigerians are the ones suffering.

      I take back the talk about Wike. He only threatened the banks to make new notes available but Sanwo-olu has said the same thing that el-Rufai said and nobody security outfit has arrested him. Perhaps SE Governors haven’t said anything because they not joined in the suit filed by some states.

      Do you know the President can’t order the arrest of a sitting Governor? Governors have immunity under the constitution. Only thing a President can do is to cause serious chaos in a state and declare a state of emergency. Thereby removing the Governor but the President will still require Senate approval to do such.

      Even security agents can’t arrest or detain an individual under the protection of a governor in government house. It is the law. They can’t break into government house.

      Again, the quote from Kaduna state Governor is not treasonable. It has a court order backing it and you can see it in your comment that el-rufai referred to it.


    11. Was CBN among the party the governors sued?

      Hear the words of the AGF;

      The AGF, in a preliminary objection filed through his lawyers, Tijanni Gazali and Mahmud Magaji argued that the Supreme Court lacked the jurisdiction to entertain the matter.

      The AGF contended that the plaintiffs have equally not shown reasonable cause of action against the defendant.

      ILet's also see from Kingsley Moghalu a former CBN deputy governor.

      Moghalu disclosed this on Thursday afternoon in a Twitter thread, amid the ongoing dispute between the Nigerian Government and some states over the CBN’s naira redesign which they say is causing difficulties for residents. 

      Moghalu’s point: The former CBN Deputy Governor explained that the Supreme Court’s original jurisdiction is between the “federation” and states. He said: 

      “My understanding of the laws of Nigeria is that the Supreme Court of Nigeria has original jurisdiction (jurisdiction to hear a case in the first instance) only when there is a dispute between THE FEDERATION and a state or between a state and another state or an appeal from a Court of Appeal.” 

    12. Who takes a case straight to supreme Court? Support Tinubu if you want. Is anyone holding you? Does your being Igbo mean you are not focused on your vested interest? Abegi!

    13. TJ. The Governors sued the FG including the AG through the CBN because the CBN is under the FG. You need to go and read the suit properly if you haven’t.

      Good that you have now agreed that the Supreme Court has jurisdiction to hear the case because it is state vs FG and not a small case. What the court did was to grant an interim injunction stopping the implementation of the February 10th deadline pending when the substantive suit will be heard and this is normal.

      I don’t think you have read the CBN act 2007. Please go and read Section 20, subsection3 and read section 22 as well. It will shock you to know that CBN lacks the power to declare naira currency as non legal tender by any specific date because you are allowed to turn up with any of your old money at CBN at any time (even in 50 years) and they have an obligation to redeem its full face value except if it has been defaced or torn or destroyed etc.

      This part of the CBN act is what CBN is now implementing by asking people to bring their money to CBN but they initially made people to think they will lose their money if they don’t deposit it before Feb. 10th

      My question is who collects N2.7 trillion old notes from the populace and then decides to print N400 billion for the same populace? How will that be distributed? Can’t you see it is a flawed implementation of policy and in a sane society, the entire CBN board (including the thieving Emefiele) would have resigned?

      What people don’t realise is that the CBN in connivance with DMBs plus the lazy bank executives have always been cheating Nigerians. You do transfer to someone and you will pay fees and recipient will pay fees too.

      Imagine how many transactions happen in Nigeria everyday and an average of N75 is paid (stolen by banks) per transaction. This act alone kills small businesses and doesn’t allow fast comic growth. Why won’t the populace prefer to hold cash?

    14. Anonymous 19:17, it is a case between States vs FG. It goes to the Supreme Court and it is allowed.

  2. Stella there is a live
    Video of men in sacks of money in front of cbn in kano state

  3. we dey on our own ooo !!!

    - APC made a monetary policy

    - APC started complaining about it APC’s policy

    - APC says APC has introduced this policy to stop APC from winning the election for APC

    - APC went to court to stop APC’s policy

    - APC politician is the CBN governor

    - APC is the ruling party

    - APC is the opposition party

    - APC justices at Supreme Court tried to stop APC

    - APC refused to obey APC’s court order.

    - APC campaign slogan is Rescue mission.

    - APC wants to rescue APC from APC.

    - APC is currently on trial against APC.

    We na look we dey look 👀

  4. All of them should keep Kweeet and allow us vote in peace.

  5. APC has completely destroyed Nigeria

  6. I would I have preferred Bukola Saraki as president though.

  7. Supreme Court, Supreme Court has given us order!!

    Where were these Governors when JUSUN went on months long strike for financial autonomy of the Judiciary as constitutionally enshrined? Did the Governors agree?

    Nigerians like to play.

  8. For those saying this is for free and fair elections, you already know that's a lie. How is pushing the citizens to anger free and fair? This monetary policy by Buhari directly compromises the election.
    He is inciting anger against the ruling party which from all indications he is no longer a part of. It's like directly committing a crime you know someone else would be accused of because you're wearing the same colour of uniform, when you've already ordered another colour that will arrive in a few weeks.


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