Stella Dimoko Nigeria DECIDES - Presidential Election Results Update


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Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Nigeria DECIDES - Presidential Election Results Update

More results from Saturdays Presidential election...

Peter Obi of Labour Party wins Anambra State Presidential Election

Anambra Presidential election results


Peter Obi of Labour Party wins FCT presidential election

FCT presidential election results


Peter Obi of Labour Party wins Delta State Presidential election

Delta State Presidential election results


Peter Obi of Labour Party win Imo state presidential election

Imo state presidential election
LP- 352,904
APC- 66,171
PDP- 30,044
NNPP- 1,536


  1. But it’s looking good for LP na why are they fighting for reelection? Will they still want it if they win?

    1. If you are following the process, you'll know that what they are fighting is the manual transmission of results instead of the electronic transmission as required by the Electoral Act.

    2. It's looking good coz of the set that was posted fah ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  2. Where's Eesah in all of these?
    I am pretty sure there won't be cries of the results being rigged this tune around
    Political fanatics sef

  3. You think the people rigging dont know what they re doing, follow due process, is what we are saying.

  4. All rigged. LP got way more than those numbers.

  5. Can INEC pls stop this charade, wasting our precious time . They should just announce their winner and let's go back to normal life .
    What The Heck !!! Nonsense !

    1. My dear,I tire. Are we supposed to be adding all the scores? The whole process is tiring. Election of one day, results for one month

  6. The international observers have all left Nigeria.
    Huge huge embarrassment.
    I felt bad after watching video clips of Thabo Mbeki's live conference.
    Nigeria in the mud.

    This same Inec spent 4 years preparing for the election.
    Nothing changed since 1999 except that previously some northern states had 4m PVCs collected, 4m accredited voters, 4m valid votes.
    Now the BVAS didn't permit manual voting with the face capture many cards didn't turn up.
    So, now they turned in 1,027,000 voters.

    1. Noisemakers wailing as usual. Keep ranting.

    2. INEC is a fraud. In fact, INEC is the latest new form of yahoo yahoo

  7. INEC have ONLY one assignment.
    So far, they not only fail, but, FAILED WOEFULLY!

    They claimed and promised that B-VAS would work and it would be used ENTIRELY for this Election.
    That the B-VAS machine would be computing and loading data on real time basis!!!!

    At the 11th hour, everything was compromised and rigging ensued!

    YET, INEC is claiming ignorance of the massive rigging, burning of ballot boxes and papers, destroying of B-VAS machine, yet, they are claiming that this process is free and fair!!!

    The AU, European observers have given a conference on how highly compromised the ENTIRE PROCESS HAS BEEN, based on their own on-ground ASSESSMENTS.

    YET they're still going on with the collation of this SHAM of an election so called!

    Say no to rigged elections.
    Nigerians have spoken, INEC & calabs in APC STOP PRESSING OUR NECKS, WE CAN'T BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. They failed woefully, what a show of shame!!

    2. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ Crying baby

  8. Nonsense and inec, please let them just declare the winner let's move on.

  9. I wonder what Dave Umahi of Ebonyi state is playing at, that their results have not been seen,it's not as if anything hindered the election process in that state. We all know Dave is APC,but he shouldn't try anything funny.

  10. INEC NIGERIANS ARE NOT FOOLS. We are eagerly awaiting the final result of the presidential election and then we Nigerians will answer you and your cohorts. Note this INEC, we all voted for Peter Obi the Labour Party candidate for the presidency. Do the right thing if not, Nigerians are coming for you.

    1. You and who, pls next time don’t generalize, there is no we here. I didnt vote for him and neither did my people. It is evident from the result.

    2. 22:52, evident from rigged result, abi?

  11. My people that understand this election well. Has APC gotten the required 25% required in 25 states.?
    Can LP and PDP form alliances at this time against APC. Maybe they can decide to add their votes together and give one party.
    Can they form alliance in court and demand for a rerun or cancellation of the results.
    Please make una no vex. I need to know because so many things are flying up and down and we don't know which to believe at this time.

    1. So all the noise you and ur cohorts were making, you were not even abreast with the laws of the land.
      When most of u were shouting upandan, and we were trying to educate u, u guys said its a lie, we shud go and eat our agbado in peace. Forgetting that some of us are politically neutral, we just know the law.
      To ur question, the results have not finished coming in, but Tinubu is heading towards getting the requirement.
      To all those shouting fire and brimstone if their preferred candidate didn't win, y’all should know that Nigeria is bigger than you. If u do rubbish, you see rubbish. Goodluck!

  12. If an igbo man cannot rule Nigeria please give us Biafra. Enough of the rubbish you guys want to rule igbos but igbos cannot rule

  13. That is how market people where shouting with joy that Peter Obi has won the election.

  14. The one thing Buhari attempted to do to salvage his image or legacy of poverty, He also failed woefully in it. He no let us hear word for the past few months that he wants to leave a legacy of free, fair and credible elections, here we are! he couldn't even manage that one.

  15. INEC declares Tinubu a winner already..
    APC 8,794,726
    PDP 6,984,520
    LP 6,101,533
    So sad..But Peter Obi still remain our hero because people actually voted for him, they actually wanted a CHANGE..

  16. I feel sorry for all the Nigerians that tried to do the right thing and were intimidated by thugs. Has anyone seen some of the videos captured??? Corrupt inec officials, thugs threatening people, discarded voter cards- wasn’t this shown on national news????


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