Stella Dimoko NigeriaDecides 2023 - Winner Of Presidential Election Yet To Be Announced.


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Sunday, February 26, 2023

NigeriaDecides 2023 - Winner Of Presidential Election Yet To Be Announced.

 On Saturday February 25, 2023, Nigerians trooped out to vote for a new President, one that would rescue them from the hardship dealt them by President Buhari (who is recently behaving like a saint that Nigerians owe thank you)

The wait is on for the election body INEC to declare the winner of Saturday's election........Please accept the winner in good faith and do not riot or go into the streets causing damage or harm....


  1. we are still waiting Stella!
    What's going on

    1. The collation center will officially open at 12 PM today. So ignore all results you've seen so far till they begin collation.

    2. They are busy manipulating the figures. So Jonathan conducted a better election than Buhari. What happened across polling places is a shame. Look at small Kenya, conducted a better election.

  2. Not when Nigerians are being cheated. The election in the north was peaceful with no much incident except for some cases of child voting. The south was entirely a different beast. Lagos, Rivers, Kogi, Imo was full of incident of violence, bullying, election malpractice and many more. We will not remain silence, we will defend our votes with all the evidences. If this include protest, we will protest. We can not be continued to be cowed because of fear.

    1. INEC don't know what is about to hit Nigeria should they manipulate the real figures in this election.

      The evidences are so glaring.

      So no one should sugarcoat us into calming down or accept fraud. That's why Nigeria is the way it is today cos people keep telling us to calm down even in the face of fraud.

    2. Egbon, nothing will hit Nigeria. Any one that wins will be accepted after the initial brouhaha.

    3. Boko haram attacked in the north

    4. My fellow Nigerians and noisemaking!

      We are not yet ready, and think politicking is done on the streets of social media.

      LP had a good showing in parts of Lagos. They may/may not win Lagos. It's a close call between APC and LP.

      Let's be honest, the southwest will not vote Mr Obi, the same way the South East will not vote BAT and Alh Atiku. If we think otherwise then we are very much still dreaming.

      The Northern votes will be distributed between Alh Atiku, Mr Obi, BAT and Kwakwanso.

    5. Let's pray that all will be peaceful

  3. Hmmmm this election eeh na wah oo! Nigeria the world is watching until we get it right we will never get or earn the respect of the international community! I can't believe what is happening in LAGOS STATE! Threats, thuggery, violence are we not tired? So APC are afraid. May the best man win ooo 🏆

  4. Watching how a staff of INEC at the Apapa office was altering the results to pave way for his paymaster. So sad and pitiable. A woman I guess is a colleague was telling him in Yoruba that his action is very bad. Yet he kept doing what he was doing.

    Shouldn't that man be arrested?

    Is this the structure they boasted about? I also watched the video of the youth corper that was removing labour party votes and replacing it with APC votes. She began apologizing when she was caught

    Is this the Nigeria we all want?

    Those who knew me here few years ago knows how I have always criticized Nigeria and held the belief that it's beyond redemption.

    This time I decided to put my hope for the last time believing I won't he disappointed. I knew some persons who mailed me, some even called that I shouldn't waste my time and effort but keep away from Nigerian elections that it won't be any different.

    I pray these people don't say they warned and told me.

    This election to some of us will go a long way to prove just one point.

    Until then. Let me keep my fingers crossed.

    1. Teejay,

      But aren't you going to Biafra again?

  5. Nigeria will continue to ba an underdeveloped nation! So nobody has come up with the idea of how to eliminate the snatching of ballot boxes! Hmmmmm! Tomorrow we say we are giant of Africa! SMH!

    1. Snatching of ballot boxes isn't the only problem. Why didn't they upload the results after announcing it on each polling unit?

      Isn't it time we go electronically in voting?

    2. The boxes are back up
      Result already went in

    3. @TJ that's why they have the BVA so it can be uploaded,but they started counting paper! God will punish Yakubu and all who don't want us to have peace in Nigeria! This is not business as usual! I personally will take the federal Government to court! Then they should get ready to see anyhow from tomorrow!!! They are mad!! My Pastor was saying we should accept any result today!I
      In my mind, we will not be accepting rubbish this time around.

  6. If have been keeping quite for long and they kept on manipulating us with their evil leaders. This time around the youth are ready to do anything if INEC does not do the needful.

    Enough of accept whatever you see , time for action cos we are watching what they are doing online.

  7. Take what in good faith?
    If inec didn't give us the result of what we voted.


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