Stella Dimoko NigeriaDECIDES - Presidential Election Results In Some States...


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Monday, February 27, 2023

NigeriaDECIDES - Presidential Election Results In Some States...

The results of your votes are trickling in.....

Alhaji Abubakar Atiku of the PDP Wins Yobe State

Yobe Presidential results
APC: 151,459
LP: 2,406
NNPP: 18,270
PDP: 198,567


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of the Apc Wins Kwara State

Kwara State Presidential results
APC: 263,572
LP: 31,166
PDP: 136,909


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of APC Wins Ondo State

Ondo State Presidential Results
APC: 369,924
LP: 47,350
PDP: 115,463


Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu of APC Wins Jigawa State

Jigawa Presidential results
APC: 421,390
PDP: 386,587
NNPP: 98,234


Rabiu Kwankwaso of NNPP wins kano state

Kano Presidential results
NNPP : 1,179,889
APC : 773,528
PDP : 143,213


Peter obi wins of Labour Party wins in Enugu State

Enugu State Presidential result
APC- 4,772
PDP- 15,749
LP- 428,640


  1. Kwa Kwa Kwa. Rigging galore. "WELCOME TO NIGERIA" in Christopher Sabat's voice 😂😂😂😂😂

  2. Oluwa shanu. Yobe no dey smile at all. Ekwe.... 2,406 votes. Hian 🙄🙄. INEC isonu 🚮🚮🚮🚮

  3. The PU results that was uploaded from Kano showed that LP got some votes but from what I am seeing LP did not get any vote. What a wow
    Ekiti state people have started protesting that they did not vote Tinubu.
    Fingers crossed. Miracle no dey tire Jesus.

    1. Exactly what I noticed , LP even won some polling units but this their doctored result isnt showing any record for LP

    2. But the votes from Enugu, a pdp stronghold were not rigged?

      The people you are fighting for are not just friends but brothers. When the fire you are stoking without any evidence gets to you, the best you will get is a photo-op and few coins when they come to inspect the ruins. The people egging you in from the diaspora are not going to hang around to suffer with you. Seek evidence and don't hyperventilate and stoke fires based on whims.

    3. Kano that we voted LP like no other?

      This is riggggous

    4. That's why they refused transmitting the results electronically na

  4. Kano State 😳😳😳 Funke!!!!!. Wonders sha never end.

  5. How about the LP votes from Sabongari in Kano state? Abi what is this?

    You mean our votes no count?

  6. The scores don't make sense.
    How is it that the people who voted LP for Senate &House of Reps that nobody knows and the votes for LP President are so low??? How??? Which kind of juju manipulation is that???

  7. Done deal and over to swearing in ceremony

    1. With stolen votes abi?

    2. na so e easy?
      rigged election. Already condemned by E U And International observers

  8. My Obi😭😭😭
    I feel hope leaving my body

    1. Hang on to that hope. Even if Obi does not win now, he has made great impact. Watch as events unfold in the next few years.

    2. @metoyou after another 8 years?? 😭😭

  9. Nigeria is a disgrace of a country. Like I am so disappointed in this country. All those riging the election, the inec officials, the corp members and the political thugs do they have any Nigeria different from this one?

  10. They can claim anything from the North, with the rate at which underage vote there, a boy of 7 years is on the queue to vote, why won't they have outrageous results.

  11. I already knew that Obi cannot win. In Nigeria, the seat is given to whoever the cabal chooses. Votes do not count.
    SDK I was saying this on IHN last week, that Obi does not have the connection and power and popularity to win but you swallowed the comment.

    1. Shebi the cabals are ordinary mortals that can disappear even before June 12?

    2. I really wanted a free and fair election because I wanted to see the true support each candidate has nationwide. It was for me the most interesting campaign. Regardless of who won, I wanted to see their strengths free and fair. APC rigging it so blatantly is unjust. I hope justice can be served

  12. The North some areas didn't do election, they stayed in a room and thumb printed on all ballot papers.

  13. Shame on APC, stealing votes from Labour party, you can even see the biro canceling numbers from LP and readjusting it to APC numbers. Stealing from the very people you want to serve. You have no honor, shame!!

  14. Where are the party agents? If they're not ready to prove these discrepancies, the ppl will start uploading the result sheets obtained from the polling units, themselves. For those living in the past, the era political 'abracadabra' is dusted!
    We move!


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