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Monday, February 27, 2023

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative



There's this guy who is now my supervisor where I am working presently. Though, I am very much older than him, i still regard him. 

He sends me on errands like i should submit memo, letter, and i put water and tissue in his office and toilet, but I observe this guy is very proud, arrogant and rude.
He always expects me to greet him first, he expects me to use sir but i have stopped since he doesn't use ma for me too.

If he wants me to print, he says hello Mrs so so on WhatsApp. He has never greeted me saying good afternoon, good day or good morning.

The height of it was when he ordered me to always go to his office to switch on the AC and the light before he comes in the morning and he will also order me to ensure i switch off the light before leaving. Even the CEO of a company won't be telling his subordinates to go switch on and off his AC at will. 

What happens to his hands in switching on and off light and AC in his own personal office?.
I know he is the boss but respect is reciprocal and humility is the foundation of all virtues. I am also a graduate like him but I know GOD will take me to higher grounds....AMEN

I dont see anything with him greeting you with your marital status at all....
Maybe you can ignore his alleged arrogant behaviour cos he might have put it up to avoid you both getting too close...
He is your Boss so calling him sir should not be a problem.....
Is there a nice way that you can tell him that providing toilet paper and switching the Air-conditioned off and on is not part of your duties?
Its not easy in most office environment and na sense some people dey take survive am....


  1. Na wa. Some people cannot succeed in a saner climes. Drop the attitude at home, you are still a subordinate until you are elevated.

    1. God will take you to a higher grounds with this attitude? Hmmm

      It is a work place and if he is the one to appraise you and he keep getting this kind of vibe you painted for us up there, bulaba!

      Meanwhile, let me give you a small tip for work place excellence;
      You have two cards. 1 is your productivity card. 2. Is your relationship card. Each of them may keep you on the job but if you are wise, play both cards ALWAYS.
      His your boss, pray for him, love him, help him, work with th him, respect him and go extra miles on your productivity on the job too.

      You want God to see your heart and take you to higher places? Then God must not see this level of jealousy in your heart for someone He has placed over you.

    2. @ Sapphire you are so wrong! Is not part of her JD. Poster let him know, is not part of your JD!!! Nonsense, that’s how you guys turned this country upside down! Do they appraise on switching on light ๐Ÿ’ก and AC mental patients every where. I had an elderly man as my driver then, when I was in the banking sector! I respected him and he use to advice me then,because I can shout once I am upset. He willingly did things for me.
      I told my chairman off and resigned then before leaving Nigeria! Now I work for myself and remotely! You all promote toxic behavior in the work place in Nigeria. Do your job and let him get an office assistant to turn off light and AC.

    3. Annon 23:54, thank you so much for this comment, so the poster should condone nonsense because she has a supervisor that is so lazy to on/off his office light and ac. What happened to office assistant? Abegi

    4. I live in the US and I do things that are not part of my JD. At the end of the day, my job is to make my supervisor's life easter. As long as I'm not doing anything unethical and my dignity is preserved. I have my master's and I'm a senior but I still have seniors and I'm available to make their workflow easier. This poster will not get anywhere with this attitude.

  2. Madam, this man is obviously ur boss so u need to put this ego aside. You can greet him without the sir, you can greet him Good morning Mr so so, since he is ur superior and you are in a Nigerian setting, if he wants u to turn on his AC, pls just do it.

    It’s obvious he’s arrogant and likes to feel superior but except u have another job waiting for u somewhere, I’d advise you just ignore all of his shenanigans and just get paid

    1. Eka she is in Nigeria, she can’t address her boss as Mr. So so, it has to be good morning sir. U ma think am na, when u were still working in naija, were u addressing ur headteacher as mrs so so in her presence?

    2. Eka... Lol
      Very well said.

    3. 16:27, we addressed everyone by their names with miss or Mrs. The only person we addressed with ma was our elderly proprietress.

    4. @16.27 yes you can address your boss as Mr so and so in Nigeria especially if you’re visibly older than the person.

    5. Simply say “good morning mr …”
      You can do all other duties if you are his admin assistant
      You can skip putting on the AC and the light and if he asks, simply tell him you forgot
      When you forget like 10times he will get the memo
      He doesn’t have to address you as “ma” and you shouldn’t even do as if it bothers you.
      Do you other office related work diligently so he doesn’t have anything to report that involves your work.

      Push up (original)

  3. Some folks just do not have respect for their workers. This type of boss needs to be given a resounding SLAP!!!. Very irritating something. Things you can do by yourself, you begin to order people up and down.

    1. I hope she takes your advice.๐Ÿ˜…

    2. Wait oh, don't take my advice oh. Ha ๐Ÿ˜น๐Ÿ˜น. Am just putting the way I feel when I am going to do those orders ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„

  4. Madam, is he your boss or not? You see him atleast 5 times a week so why are you telling respect and humility parables to us mere readers instead of to him whom you regard?

  5. Madam, he is your supervisor. Please accord him with the respect attached to that position. At the office,he is your senior, so, greet him. I don't see a problem with that.

    Pretty girlie

  6. You forget that you are in a country where bullshit is like a norm. I know a married woman who went to resign because no one will respect her but forgot that it's not her father that owns the office. She's at home now for 3months . Election process is not making it easy to look for job.

  7. Madam, in a professional setting, age doesn't matter. He's your boss, please if switching on and off the ac doesn't fall in your job description, then definitely find a way of communicating that professionally. Also, if he addressing you by your first name worries you, you can either address him by his 1st name too or tell him you prefer to be called Mrs. ...
    Above all make sure you are on top of your job so he doesn't disrespect you.

    1. Your boss will still come down from his high horse, just be calm and do your job. Ignore his excesses one day he will also be valudated by his superiors and surely it will work in your favour. You can be diplomatic in the other duties that isn't in your job description . Just be calm and wise. In the end you will win. You can b mixing the Mr and Sir together. Today it is Mr tomorrow sir so that he wouldn't be able to detect if you are trying to prove a point.

    2. Na wah! This poster doesn’t need a job. I’m a professional in the US and we talk to our patients like they are VIPs, professors talk politely to students etc. I once had a subordinate who was 76 when I was 35 years and she had NO problem taking instructions from me even if it was to turn on the heat, anything. As long as it’s not personal errands. You seem to be a proud person. My interns call me my first name, though on the 5th floor. This geriatric mindset is one of the problems with our people. You are older but his subordinate, be humble or God will humble you.

    3. @12:12 where in the US? Because is in the US, you don’t order anyone around! I guess you work in the care sector! Even office assistant in the professional setting in the US will take you to court if you do pass yourself! So make una Dey lie small small small on here! Working is not slavery!

    4. Anon 23:59 I have lived and worked as a high level professional in 4 states here for decades and it’s NOT a big deal to take out my office trash as the boss. I own my own practice for years and get coffee for my employees if I’m out for a meeting or something. It’s archaic to think it’s a big deal that your supervisor asked you to turn off AC or doesn’t address you as Mrs. Many of my subordinates may not even say “hi” to me in in the morning. It’s no skin off my back as they may be having a bad day!

      Working is no big deal and my spouse who got his PhD too from a top school here in the 80s gets called by his first name by colleagues, subordinates and neighbors. I prefer to be called by my first names. Even my friends who are grandmas don’t like being called so. In Nigerian gatherings where the young kids tend to call some of us grandmas because we are much older than their moms, we quickly correct them to just call us “Aunty”. Our people just don’t seem humble. “Ordering around” is her subjective perception due to pride! I have met many of our people who squirmed when younger colleagues called them by their first name in the US till they got used to it. It’s not a big deal and I don’t need to tell you where I am in the US. It’s the reason I post anonymously so no need to call me a liar. I take exception to your rudeness.

      She is the one who describes it as “ordering around” and our use of English may sometimes be ambiguous as he probably asked her to do those stuff. My 76 year old subordinate many years ago had worked in that location for 45 years! As long as you are not sending anybody on PERSONAL errands, the labor laws cover you. As an employer in the US, I know the labor laws. Her supervisor is within his rights as employment is at will and anyone can resign or be fired. No need for insults if you are ignorant.

  8. My dear there are battes you don't fight; save your energy for proper battles. You wanna start a workplace warfare? Hmmm.
    He is your supervisor. That means he is your senior at work even if you are 109 years older and married, while he is single
    Haven't you heard of workplace politics?everyone is playing politics. Play yours and keep moving.
    All the things you mentioned he said you should do are nothing absolutely nothing: doing them will take nothing from you. just do them Jare and face your front.
    You don't know where your next promotion recommendation will come from...
    Do it for yourself, do it unto the Lord, do it for your work and just move on please

  9. Poster calm down it is not that serious. You don't need the show of power. You answer am Sir and keep it moving. Will your skin peel off if you do? He has said Hello Mrs...that is enough greeting... There is no senior prefect in the workplace but respect must be established.

    My dear you own is to work and wait for salary at the end of the month. You don't expect everybody to behave like your CEO. Since he is your supervisor, you can suggest that you want to print out notices to paste in some strategic areas to encourage staff to always put off ACs and other appliances around the office....Then you can place the notice near his door so he sees it and do the needful at the close of work. My dear office space na tactics and wisdom dem dey do something. All the best

  10. He is your boss so sir is a must if you are too big then look for another job that is why I like military once somebody is above you in rank even if he is ten years younger you have to respect them without any reciprocal effect

  11. Hello is a greeting too. Waiting for good morning, afternoon or night... Tor l don't know for that one. I turn on and off my boss's Ac and TV if nobody does it b4 me. It doesn't bother me. Its my boss. Anyway my boss is polite

  12. I understand your pain. But understand that most arrogant people have their good sides too. Despite his arrogance,he is somebody thatcan go to any length to help you when it arises. Please find out his soft side and take advantage of it. Office work na brain you go takeqork an

  13. Firstly, if he is ur superior, addressing him as sir, is almost a duty, meanwhile he is not obliged to address you as ma, ur subordinates would do that.
    Secondly, if putting tissue and turning on the AC is part of ur job schedule, kindly ignore his arrogance and do it, that is the job u r paid for. However, if it is not part of ur job schedule, ignore him. Don’t confront him and don’t turn on the AC, when he calls you and asks, just say sry sir and ignore him, the following day too don’t turn it on, eventually, he would get the message that you won’t do it and he can’t query you since it is not part of ur job description. Don’t ever tell him face to face that you won’t be doing those things, it would create problems for u. Let him figure it out from ur actions.

  14. Poster if he is your boss and senior in that office, and the duties he assigns to you are withing your job description, please do them.
    That is what you signed up for.
    He doesn't owe you any Ma(Ma means Mama/mummy)
    Mrs so so... is the best and most appropriate way to refer to you.
    If he doesn't greet, just ignore, or you try to teach /corrwct him, if he doesn't agree with you then mind your business.
    What if he directly employed you, like he owed the company won't you greet him Sir ?
    You too sef get shakara for body

  15. Mrs. Madam, what are you employed to do in that office.

    Do your job well. Discuss with him politely that you will not do what is not your job. If he insists on his way outside your job, take the matter up with HR Department, first verbally and act as directed by HRDept . If your company has no HR Dept, present the matter before his superior.

    In all please don't take it as an aggro or a fight. You just want to do your job right. Isn't it?

    Above said, you read like the female version of some men (mostly older men) who refuse to give women, especially younger women their due regard in the office place simply because they have women as wives at home or are fathers of children, including female children who are age mates with or older than their female bosses at work. Your reference to being older than the man and indirect reference to being married is telling.

    If you travel to work abroad, you will do all you complain about without pim. And how many people will be doing ma ma for you?

    You are also proud and you are looking at him with the mindset of "after all, I have an husband at home who won't ask me to do these things."

    If the man is asking you to do your job, do them. Leave your "age, marital status and who I be" at home. If he is going outside your job scope, resolve the matter amicably.

    Truly, there is no difference between a man and a woman. Most women just like to think there is.

  16. You didn’t tell us what type of supervisor and what type of job. If you’re in a professional setting eg an attorney, this is completely unacceptable as he’s a senior colleague and not a boss. You can take it up with hr but first start by simply telling him no, I don’t think I should be going that. Sometimes a little eye raised when he asks or just not getting around to doing the tasks because you were busy doing your job will end some of this crap
    However, if he’s your boss and you’re his PA or something like that. Or if he owns the company and essentially is the final say, then do all those things. In fact set an alarm to remind yourself to do those, address him as sir, ask him if he wants you to get him lunch.

  17. I see in some oyibo movies where older staff brings coffee to their younger boss,answer sir sir to him,bring their clothes from the drycleaner. This young boss prefer older women who won't be a bother to them and they also prefer to work with women most time. So suck it up.

    1. That’s probably because the person is a PA, EA or something similar and such requests are within the remit of their role. I have a professional job in the UK and if my boss loses his mental faculties for some reason and asks me to put toilet paper in his bathroom, if I’m in a charitable mood, I’ll let him know that I will pass on the message to his PA who will ensure that the appropriate person deals with his request. However, it depends on the context and the request. My boss knows that I love plants. Whenever he goes on annual leave he asks me to please look after his office plants because his PA would kill the plants. I don’t mind doing this and he always asks nicely. My PA runs personal errands for me but I would never ask her to turn off lights etc. However, things in Nigeria are very different. Employees seem to have very little rights, are mostly underpaid and are sometimes treated like slaves. It’s a really sad state of affairs. Unfortunately, the poster has to pander to his ego or leave the job. Just think of your pay check at the end of the month to keep you going.

    2. I own a professional practice and don’t give a care if I grab coffee for my staff or not. If I see an area dirty, I may not call someone, I just do it. Like Nike “just do it”. The attitude of the poster is not the best. I grab lunch and ask my staff if they want me to grab anything for them!

      These things aren’t a big deal. If you japa a twenty something year old will address you by your first name and you will respond with a wide grin! Who cares about your age in many societies or your “mrs” status? It’s just “Hi” or nothing. Pride is not productive. Your boss is your boss. Do your job!

    3. 22:21 obviously you are abroad.
      When you you guys get abroad, you are quick to adopt the practices you meet thetr for your benefit.
      But here una go dey throw una shoulder upandan as per boss wey dem never see for this World.

    4. Anon 07:13, I’m the Anon 22:21 and I left as a Senior manager in a multinational in Nigeria over 20 years ago! I never threw “my shoulder around anyone”. I was privileged to have had very good jobs with official drivers and all since my early 20s, I’m in my mid 50s now. Never in my life have I done what you insinuated. There are too many assumptions and generalizations among our people. I started at entry level when I got here and I had no issues because pride is not a part of my being. The poster is like many folks who want to be addressed as “something”. My house is filled with degrees etc and when we send out Christmas greetings, it is those who “bought” doctorates that tend to put it even on their Christmas e-cards than those who earned it. It really costs nothing to do anything & I can for my children, staff or subordinates, it’s an ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธattitude worthy of copying but it’s also like Jesus Christ who washed the feet of his disciples, the most menial thing to do.

      Stop insulting folks you don’t know on this blog. I don’t care if a 30 year old calls me my first name like some do, it’s my name! Disrespect is not asking someone to do something or calling them without a title nobody was born with. It’s the insults that many like you throw around that is actually disrespectful.

  18. Woman, you have a job. Don't loose it because your boss said turn off the ac.

    1. Nawaoo just to turn off the AC or switch off the light you come dey vex.
      what's so had to do, get tissue or water either to your boss or senior colleague. You never ready to work.
      Meaning that you can't work in my office.

      Licious babe

  19. Poster, every environment is different. The workplace is where someone much younger than you can be your boss. There is nothing to do other than work your way up if you are able to. You can try to start your own business, you could even do it while still doing your office job. You can go back to school and get a Master's or go into a completely different field. Please just focus on why you are employed, to earn an income. There will be all kinds of personalities in an office, and arrogance goes with youth, so forgive him. Please face front, go earn your income and forget about all the drama. If it gets to a point that you can no longer handle it, then look for another job or go into business for yourself.

  20. How do you know you are older than him? Is it because he is not yet married like you? I may be wrong but from the way you described him, he seems like a single guy because you even addressed him as a guy instead of a Man. It may shock you to know that some of these single guys are older than some of you married women but because they look young facially and have not developed pot-bellies like their married counterparts you deem them younger.

    Let's even pretend you are older than him like you claim this is a professional setting and not a family gathering. Is he your immediate younger brother? Are you related?
    There's no difference between what you are doing and what most men do at the office. They would grumble when they are taking orders from a female superior like she shares the same resemblance with their wives at home. She might be a female but is she your wife, your younger sister? What is her business that you are a man and your ego is being bruised? so be professional and do what you need to do.

    Always carry out your duty but never do anything outside of your job description. So If putting off the AC is not part of your duty please ignore his request till he gets the memo

    You probably knew he was waiting for you to greet him first because you were also waiting for him to greet you first else how did you suspect?

    Some people are Drivers for people young enough to be their grandchildren and some are cleaners for people young enough to be their daughters and everyone does what they need to do without grumbling.

    In the future, if God decides to elevate would you want someone older than you to be rebellious to you simply because he or she feels you are younger and not because you lack supervisory capabilities? Hope you know you can not be older than all your subordinates

    You don't know what everyone goes through in their workplace just to put food on the table. Do your best and pray for God's help.

  21. You are probably working for one of those Akaru &Okwudili Group of companies.
    Because putting tissue, turning off appliances are the function of the cleaner or the executive assistant.

    Personally I get very irritated will all this Ma Sah rubbish but Nigerians will always be Nigerians.
    Truth is, most people know how to be bosses, most people don't know how to be leaders.

    So, unless you have another job lined up, continue to do your duties while looking for a job where they will call you Ma and hopefully treat you how you want to be treated.

  22. This is the reason why I find it difficult trying out other companies since I have been working with my present company 10years now. I dont know if I can get a Boss like our Boss elsewhere. MD who is humility personified. He cleans his table himself, he clean the toilet after himself, mob the place when he splash water on the floor etc. He pays you salary according to your usefulness not by your degree and treats everyone respectfully. Abeg make I dey manage my 120k here with other bonuses and be praying for increment. I nor dey look for any other work

    1. So you are are satisfied with 120k after 10 years?
      Anyway it is better a crumb with peace of mind than buffet that gives never ending diarrhoea.

  23. Poster carry your arrogance and put in your pocket. He is your boss and your superior. In the work place superiority has nothing to do with age. In fact, you should be the one greeting him. You are very rude and condescending.

    1. True.

      Leave am make she dey wait for ma sah.

      On a second thought, she may be working in the civil service. That's the tradition there. All she complained of is taboo in civil service if done by a younger person to those Mamas in civil service who let service payers stand for over 30 minutes plus while they gist about nothing and still want the person to greet their lineage before attending to the service paid for.

  24. Poster, that's an office environment and like you said,he is your boss.pls you have endure his attitude so you can be happy at work.if you can't always put on/off the AC daily, you can politely discuss this with him and get a much younger colleague to do this instead.just make sure nothing comes between you and your peace of mind in the office.goodluck!

  25. Madam tread softly to keep your job except you are ready to resign. I am learning to love my job, salary not much but gotta peace and the respect you crave for. Being married leave work at will to pick kids from school and stay off when busy.

  26. Poster l think you're just been petty, because all you ranted about is just pettiness.
    He is your supervisor for Christ sake, pls try to do do your job and face front. He's not your son for you to be expecting him to greet and 'ma' you everytime.
    If he has refused to act his age pls be the bigger person and do your paid job efficiently onless you want to resign and start your own firm where you can employ people who will be greeting and Ma-ing you everyday.

  27. What type of job is it so we can advise accordingly? What is your Job description? Are you an office assistant or a cleaner ? How long have you had the job ?

    If it is a private company, if you need the job and he ask you to put off the AC, please put off the AC.


  28. You’re in no place to require humility or respect from your superior.If they are respectful and humble,it’s their prerogative and you’re not entitled to it.Do your job and if you don’t like the errands you’re being sent,you can quit and stop with this pity party and entitlement mentality. Have an amazing day.

  29. Oh dear,i usually tell my assistant to turn off the ac when it gets really cold,I wonder if she feel this way about it.

  30. Poster why are you the one putting toilet tissue, turning on the AC? Don't you have cleaners that clean his office? That is their job to drop tissues and turn on the AC.

    Are you his secretary? Even if you are his secretary that is not part of your job description. Just look for the cleaner cleaning his office and instruct that clean to clean and always drop tissues in his office according to how you replenish it. You should greet him and add air nothing special about it after all he is your boss.

    In my place of work I call almost all my colleague sir, alhaji, Oga, boss and so also they call me madam even managers oh. I guess cos of the way I address then that is why they also add madam, ma, aunty to my name. I so tell them to call me by my name but they will never agree , these people are married men oh, elderly people and I feel the way you present yourself to people also matter with how they will respect and approach you.

    You need to develop a more working relationship with that your boss cos with a good relationship with him you both will not have time for sir, ma. Respect your boss so that when God finally promote you others will accord you proper respect.

  31. Madam, Pls ignore his arrogance. office place is office place. Do what he asks, it doesn't reduce who you are. All that power ends there in the office. Outside the gate I bet he wouldn't dare such. So for your job security Just adapt and play your cards well. Shikina ๐Ÿ‘Œ

  32. When I was working then I have people older than me that I send on errand, so I don't see anything bad there. He is your boss for crying out loud though I only asked them to perform official duty only. And if there is anything personal that I will need them to do, I always use please. But focus on your goal.

  33. I had a colleague who shared similar views with the poster here. We both reported to the same line manager but she's married so she had this mentality that we were supposed to accord her some extra respect including our bosses. They used her ehn... I felt for her. At some point she started to say we were jealous of her. Our line manager started sending her to boil water and wash plate when the attitude was becoming too much. She wasn't even doing well on the job so when it got to out GM's table for appraisal, they gave her 2 options - resign or be fired. While I'm all for equity and equality, we must understand that the workplace is not a circus. Sometimes, we may need to stoop to conquer. Me I just see it as honor, so that I don't get angry and it has favored me very well. So poster, maybe you should just change your outlook to these things and look for a way to manage it. Life is not always white or black. It doesn't always have to be about you or what you want.

    1. The woman no know anything if you force an adult to boil water or wash plates their's no how you will be at peace to use it.
      Even small children when you force them to fetch drinking water for you the will spit inside it.
      Note I can never force an adult to do some domestic Stuffs for me because a lot can go wrong.

    2. That is an extreme situation. Who washes plates in the office? Anybody would run the coffee machine or do the kettle, there is nothing special in that, even the ceo would run the coffee machine if it was empty. But I honestly do not understand Nigerian office culture to really speak on it too deeply. Everywhere I have worked had dishwashers so everyone just put their dirty dishes and the overnight cleaner or office manager would run it.

      There is a lot of cliques and politics in offices. The poster has to decide how she wants to play.

  34. Madam, I know how you are feeling. Just do the right thing. When you see him say " Good morning Mr ..."

    He's your boss, ignore his arrogant, he will meet his match one day.

  35. I love reading this blog. It helps me know the mindset of a subset of our people without statistics. Many of you want to Japa but will have serious attitude problems. I have set up companies, worked for fortune 100 corps and I’m familiar with the labor laws here.

    1. Labor is not cheap here unlike Nigeria where a whole human being can be a garage opener, typing/tea making Secretary or a manager has a driver. Some drivers make over $60k here (add payroll, state, Mcare & other taxes & the cost to you as an employer is almost 100k) per year, so you rarely see even billionaires like Oprah have personal drivers. There are limousine companies for them when they want to attend an occasion. Most people drive themselves. I went from a madam with drivers in Naija to driving sometimes in bad weather about 600 miles per week! It just makes you appreciate the work of others you would have looked down on!
    2. Due to the fact that labor is costly, the “oga” mentality or “I’m too big to be asked to do this” is almost non existent here. Like Nike shoes motto, “ just do it”. America is automating as many jobs as possible so four people can share a Secretary or not even have any. Vending machines are available for so many things. A full time maid to clean after you is impossible unless you are a millionaire. My cleaning lady takes $150 for 8 hours cleaning & automation & robotics is taking over in many sectors! She drives her own SUV, who cares if it’s not a luxury car. She lives well as she cleans many homes like mine. You are supposed to know how to type, use PowerPoint, word, excel, any software you need to do your job etc so where you will have a Secretary in Naija, you won’t have it here. You simply send the documents electronically or via the cloud to the printer and pick it up yourself!
    3. For tasks like cleaning, refilling toilet paper etc there are contract cleaning companies with poorly paid illegal immigrants who may come in once a day early around 3:00am to clean so as not to disrupt the flow of business. Big corporations & public places may have them come in more frequently. If tissue paper runs out during the day, you go and get it from the storage & refill it. Anybody does that. If the toilet is messy and you did it, you use the plunger to fix it and clean it up. The supplies are all there. Even at home, I have learnt some plumbing, painting, fixing etc because the plumber may not come the same day or charge extra for immediate visit, handiman aren’t so easy to get so you “just do it” yourself! I was my children’s barber & hairdresser up to 17 years ago as it was easier & cheaper than us taking them to the salon! If you are too big to do some things, you will not be ok with ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ. It’s a fact.
    4. Calling you by your name or not using your cherished title means nothing to most people here. My cleaning lady calls me by my first name, my employees and subordinates, younger friends etc. it’s only when we are among Nigerians that the younger ones address us like we are in Nigeria.
    5. Pick your battles. Jesus was humble and washed the disciples feet. ๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธwill humble the proudest person. Everything is now being treated like customer service. There is rate my professors website where students can literally mess us a professor who is not yet tenured, there is websites to rate your physicians, pharmacists etc which can cost them their jobs or even licenses. Many professionals in hospitals sometimes report to folks who studied Health care administration who can write-up a professional if need be. Due to these checks & balances, the workplace is humble and it’s one of the things that many may have a hard time adjusting to. My staff can tell me to help them grab the coffee if I’m making some and it’s not an order, it’s part of the culture. If you cherish your ego, age, position or title, ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ‡ฌis the perfect place for you✌๐Ÿพ


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