Stella Dimoko Nigeria's G5 Governors Have Have A Uniform


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Friday, February 24, 2023

Nigeria's G5 Governors Have Have A Uniform

These five governors are the new enfant terrible of Nigerian politics...


  1. Thank God for dictionary. #Enfant terrible. Mehn I need to study English Language more 🀦🀦🀦. Smh at myself

    1. And learn some French tooπŸ€—

      Their legs though πŸ˜‚.
      Funny G5 non-conformists.

  2. I used to think Wike was fighting a just battle but I was wrong and I regretted all the times I did support him.

    At the build up of the PDP primary election, Wike told the PDP caucus that power should return to the South. Atiku being a wise and clever man agreed and told him he will accept that on one condition.

    What is the condition?

    If power must go to the south through the PDP, then it should be micro zone to the South East.

    Wike flared up and said No! It should be thrown open to all and sundry than zoning it to the South Eastern region.

    With that and seeing he stand no chance of clinching the party ticket, Peter Obi left.

    Indeed it was a money play between Atiku and Wike.

    Atiku knew Wike would never agree for the South Eastern part to be given the slot of presidency.

    So he threw that option to him.

    Wike thought he was going to win the primary. He wasn't a good student of history else he would have known better.

    Eventually he lost the contest.

    The same man who said the contest should be thrown open to everyone irrespective of the zoning arrangement after losing out came back to his senses and start shouting chairman of the party should go to the south.

    Why didn't he stand his ground on primary to be on southern contenders only?

    He's never a man of his words.

    I pity the governors following him up and down. He will eventually drag them to political suicide if time is not taking.

    Driving Peter Obi yesterday from your state is a sign of your failure already.

    We will shock you tomorrow.

    1. All these yrs we've been saying the man no be am, na now una eye clear.

    2. Thanks for your thoughts. You seem to know about politics. There is something that bothers me and maybe you can help me out.

      If you study lots of Yankee people and their politics, it's usually consistent.

      For instance George Bush can proudly say that the father of his great grand dad was a republican, so was his grandad and so is he. You could see him say he passionately believe in the ethos and tenets of the Republican Party.
      You also see such a person actually guiding their life through that conservative republican party beliefs. For instance you notice so many of them owning their rifle/gun/pistol/semi automatic collection as guaranteed with the party, Those collection
      of ammunition usually is their family precious thjngs handed down drom their ancestors. They are usually Christians and will support anything war or that looks like war in foreign countries..etc etc as there are too many characteristics to properly list out.

      But why e be say Nigerian politicians so different. You see some who have been active politics for over 16years still jumping up and down. Why??

      you don't really see Naija politicians sticking to a party due to its ethos or mandate, always jumping up and down
      This is why esteemed people from around the world see a lot of naija politicians as ridiculous clowns.

      TEEJAY so why do you think we don't have people who are true to their party in Nigeria? Even if its just for their lifetime and their children are free to choose their own?

      It irks me so I am very open to any answers or suggestions

    3. Good question Anon 12:07.

      I appreciate the compliment on me.

      You're kind.

      The reason is simple. In Nigeria, people see politics as a business where they want to go and enrich themselves, families and cronies but I guess this may not be so in other countries.

      This aspect of business mindset to them makes these politicians do anything to achieve power at all cost.

      So if a party doesn't give them what they want to achieve power, they look out for another party willing to give them that opportunity.

      When this happens, you see them cross carpeting every electioneering year. All they want is power at all cost and they end up not having a good or clear road map to tackle the problems facing the country. They can never stick to a party for long because they crave power so badly and quickly as a means to an end.

      How can you solve a problem when you're busy defecting every minutes from one party to the other. This is a sign of a confused individual who shouldn't have a thing to do with governance in the first place.

      Governance need consistent people over the years just like you stated. This is the reason we keep getting it wrong.

      A consistent politician will over the years built himself a value system of its party but not so for a politician always defecting.

      Only in Nigeria you see over 20 political parties. Which country have such number?

      Tell me why would parties in such settings have good manifesto or real intention of governance.

      A system where anyone can just wake up and form a political party overnight.

      I think one thing Nigeria and Nigerians lack is discipline. Yes! We don't have it.

    4. Thank you Teejay.

      I am the anon.

      Your answers make so much sense. If its all business to them, of course they can hop from one party to another.

      It's such a shame though.

      We were bleesed that God created Mandela and a few other people to show us how it's done. It's a pity we don't learn or care to learn.

      Thanks again.

      The Deep

    5. This statement below is another of your usual lies from Onitsha

      “ Atiku being a wise and clever man agreed and told him he will accept that on one condition.

      What is the condition?

      If power must go to the south through the PDP, then it should be micro zone to the South East”

      There was nothing like that. You guys will just come online, beat your chest to any imaginary fallacies and drop them thinking that everyone is a shallow minded as you guys. You always, like your people from that region of the country, claim yo know politics or claim insider information but the fact is, it’s all lies. I pity the anonymous who is asking you about politics in the US when you know nothing except for a few road travels between Port Harcourt, Enugu and few eastern towns.

      Keep deceiving yourself, Mr Emma powerful Jnr

    6. If you that know what happened come and tell us. I have actually heard this story before, not validating though... but surely someone must have known what happened and leaked it... no honour among thieves. Good for both of them.

    7. Anon 16: 55. You condemned what Teejay said and claimed he knew nothing yet you couldn't give a reasonable response to counter him.

      Seems you know nothing too. Stop attacking people's opinions based on their tribe.

      Teejay, didn't collect your mouth from stating your own points....

  3. Clowns πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

  4. Whatever Atiku did to wike pain reach bone, see as he don dey look older than all of them, like a man in his 60ties when he was second to the youngest.let him feel what Amaechi passed through when they fooled him to join apc and betrayed him. Na the same over ambition wey carry Amaechi squander rivers money thing that will buy him presidential ticket na him still carry wike dey sponsor pdp thinking that will get him the ticket. As Atiku has started carrying money upadan, May his ambition fall yakata for ground. Nigeria is not for sale to the highest bidder. Nurture your ambition and woo the masses.

    1. E pain Wike ohh, and I'm here for it.
      Wike that will soon enter political oblivion like dem Fayose. Sore losers fc.

    2. Ur comment is sooo apt.

  5. G5 matter don cast. The five governors are supporting different candidates.

  6. Anonymous 12:07 and TeeJay i love you two for those comments up there

  7. I don't trust this governor's at all
    They're all thieves!
    Governor Ortom have not paid salaries in his state for months!
    Owing every state worker salary, very wicked man
    He is busy buying properties all over the state capital, the most recent is him fixing the road that leads to his land he bought and building, so because he bought he bought a land he is now fixing the road , if not he won't have, no infrastructure in mkd
    Benue is so underdeveloped, makurdi is state capital is something else!!!!!
    It's terrible, that man there is very wicked and heartless
    I can never believe thier G5 nonsense.
    You need to hear of workers dieing because no money for medicine or food
    He has refused to implement the additional 5years added by buhari to teachers year of service since 2020, please someone should ask him why...
    Since 2020.Please you guys should beg him to implement this, and call back teachers he has sent into early retire!
    These politicians are wicked!
    But we have a bigger God!!!


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