Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists - - When The Side Chic/Baby Mama/ Baby Daddy Is Someone You Know


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Saturday, February 04, 2023

Saturday In House Gists - - When The Side Chic/Baby Mama/ Baby Daddy Is Someone You Know

 Sometimes the betrayal is even more painful when the one who betrayed us did it with someone we trust or is close to home.....

Some baby mamas are the friends or sisters of close relations of the wife of the man they had babies for... what a shock right?

Some men become baby daddies to their friends women or ex's...

What could more painful than this? 

Is your husbands baby mama your sister or close relation or a close friend? Oga did you put your friends wife or girlfriend in the family way? or is it your girlfriends friend? Why would a man get his serious girlfriend's co worker pregnant? No shame?

Which category do you fall in? who did you betray or who betrayed you?

Lets gist!


  1. My friend's mother had her (my friend) secretly for her cousin's husband. Truth came out after 20 years. The're was much trouble. My friend was heartbroken to discover after 20 years of living with her step father, that he wasn't her biological father, rather her mum cousin's husband whom she has being calling uncle was her father. After the discovery, her biological father died shortly.

  2. My Sister in law was friends with a woman whose husband she was bonking...she got pregnant for the man and he told her to take it out...she did but almost lost her life as she bled excessively...the woman cooked rice and peppersoup and brought to her in the clinic where she was admitted...and she brought her husband along and kept lamenting to the man how village people have blocked her friend from getting married now they want to kill her...Husband was forming eh ya and they will not succeed...wife prays for her friend very loudly in the clinic and a nurse came to the room to ask that she reduces her volume ...thereafter wife's phone rings and she is barely able to hear her caller, her friend told her to go outside as the clinic had poor soon as wife steps out, her husband rushes and kisses the patient on the bed and assured her she'll be back on her feet. I froze, my shock was shocked . They forgot I was there, he patted her on the cheek and quickly went back to his seat.

    Wife was on a long call and took a while before she returned. Fear human beings o.

  3. A church member who was TTC,took in another church member's daughter to live with her. Both the ttcing woman and her friend were praying partners,the girl living with the TTC woman's family,took in for her husband. It was like the church would break into pieces then. The girls mother's insisted that her daughter must be married. The TTC woman and her hubby were rich and very comfortable,so the man married her. We thought this would break this TTC woman,but she was always full of smiles and took everything with uncommon grace. The sidechic turned wife went on to have 5children and they all are in the same house. The first woman still hasn't given birth but she mother's these children like hers. She just focused on herself and got a federal job outside her state so she visits the house once in a while while the second lady/ woman is full time with the hubby. They are all in the same house. Hmmm,when we think of a saint,we remember this woman.

    In my own case,the side chic was who husband man said was just a family friend and church member. She would come around my husband's business premises after church,ask of me , sometimes go out of her way to greet me if I let her but she will be having sex chat with my husband and eventually they had sex and she has the guts to be telling who cares to listen that if she had agreed to marry my husband,I wouldn't be in that house,imagine!?
    I have left the broke ass fool. They are still on but I deserve more so I can't continue eating shit. Oga is busy saying I am not submissive because I confronted him,involved my family and left. Let him continue his promiscuity while I develop my career and be alive for my children. He and his family's definition of submission is to eat shit and be quiet while at it, shameless lots. His best friend maybe on this blog,Jimmy, shameless cow continue supporting stupidity.God will visit you all;A,Vera,zino..with his judgement.

  4. I was betrayed, but I move. I do take my friend along to visit my fiance, she was my bestie of laive", we got married, she was my chief bridesmaid, I paid rent, bout clothes, fed this chick, but she was banging my husband on the side. She got pregnant and life became good, she refused to disclose whom her baby daddy is. She gave birth and boom, I saw a replica of my husband. I no talk. Until I causally picked his phone to transfer money to myself coz I know the password. Message popped up it says "your wife came to see me at the hospital, I don't know if she connects the dots, the baby really looks like you, I was scared for a sec". My BP rose a notch, my bra became lighter, I panicked, I first of all doubled the money transfer. Husband came back, I didn't wait, I started firing all the cylinders coz I calmed down and read every damn message. The Billy goat and ewe started from school!!! After two years divorced l finalized, I got one house coz my money was in it, a sizeable company share coz I follow build am. We parted, he then married my friend. I never born then. But today I don born 2 via assisted technique. I didn't marry their dad, we are common law partners. I don't miss board meetings which is once a year. Now Oga went and impregnated his secretary and the board was informed, that's how I knew and my ex friend was there that day. She was fuming and crying, I walked up to her and offered her extra handkerchief to wipe her eyes. She managed to bleat out an I'm sorry bae, forgive me. I said I've forgiven you o, but I'm glad I'm not wearing your shoe today.

    1. Friends from put of hell, I don't keep any and I won't keep any

    2. D@mn! 18:47, this story was racy from the first to the last sentence.

    3. Oluwa oh. You truly escaped this guy. Chaii 🙆🙆.

    4. Oh my goodness. You are a strong woman and you sure are a good one.
      You just walked away. Didn't even fight your friend 👍👍👍

      Glad you are in a better place now.

    5. It's well ooo. That's why I don't like this best business.

    6. I like your style of story telling. You are a strong woman. You experienced your friend's karma.

  5. This post is 🔥 Omoh things dey happen ooo.

  6. Stelz self oo..none of my sister or brother on the blog is guan agree dey betrayed na..all we go hear na; one my sister, my friend's sister, my colleague be me talk am ooo


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