Stella Dimoko Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Aunty Cup 50!


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Friday, February 24, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Aunty Cup 50!

Stellalamboroyce.... lol

Una doh o! I hail o! you dey?!

Inside life...
This young lady wey dey follow me buy market, she fine well well.
Anevva see any man comot from their compound with her.

Na solo waka she dey waka.
Na im i use sense ask one other lady, wey she from dey sew clothes.

That one come tell me say as she dey like that, be like any man wey see her, go jor dislike her! *airforce things!*

Say she ask her one time if she nor wan marry?!
She say the first bobo wey she been date when she dey Uni, and he been work as banker.

The two agree say no fornication, until they marry.
Na im she go the Bobo house unannounced, she sabi where he dey keep key.

She say make she suprise am with her visit as he dey always complain of loneliness and that weekend na him birthday.

Na so, as wife material wey gather stones and sleeves, she begin arrange him room for am.
Inside cupboard, she see candle wey never burn finish!
Under bed she see tip of condom.

He come back, he nor suspect anything as she nor arrange the wardrobe intentionally.

He enter baffroom, go baff, she say she wan use him phone download music.
Na im she use corner eye, catch the password.
For night as he don sleep go like wood. Banking job that time, be like person wey go do bluecollar inside whitecollar!

She reopen the phone, begin see love messages, even one Aunty send am hooge hooge bwess!

*Na only Nedu go fit hep us ask him, wetin he send give the lady to deserve such generosity!*

Because e plenty! She say her body begin vibrate! Na final year she dey so. Where she wan start?! Five full years don waste! Just like that!

She don pursue other guys comot from first year, plus single young lecturers wey propose give her! She dey tell dem say she get man for house! She dey wear promise ring upandan campus sef!

Na im the next day she go back her school as na saturday. Na Bobo even go drop her for school.He no suspect anything!

This Bobo don introduce her to his entire family o! Her own senior sister sef don sabi the boy!

Even though the Bobo parents are separated, but he dey very close to them individually and she even met his mother. and s

Na the day wey her future MIL dey pray give her say anything wey the son do, make she dey over look am! Na there she suppose don tie her sokoto!

She reach campus, tell him say she nor dey date again o! Make he go meet aunty wey get worldcup size 50!

The Bobo begin swear and deny o! God abeg!

He deny everything! If no be say she snap and and munch evidence, send to her own sister, person for nor believe her!

Na im this Bobo entire family members and neighbours, begin call her to beg, say make she come marry their son and brother by force!

Mba! She nor gree o. She change line and face front!
Na years later wey no man gree near her. Person carry her go church, she do 7days fast.

Na there them tell her even show her inside sleep say, na that Bobo go report and lie give him mama say she dump am over nothing!

*he play victim card say na shakara say she don reach final year, she no need am again!*

So the mama wey be Airforce Public Relations Officer, come decide to show another person pikin pepper!

Na why as she fine reach, she be like old woman for men eye! Wey she nor fit marry!

She find out say the reason the Bobo Parents separate na because the Papa wey don dey suspect, find evidence who him wife be, as he na Pastor. Light and darkness cannot co exist.

So as Bobo dey collect prayer points, na so he dey collect otumokpor! Join join everything!

Aunty Tailor say na for facebook the girl see say Bobo don marry the Aunty Cup 50 just 3months after dem break up o! She say the Aunty carry belle do wedding sef, as e show for the pisure!

I don lock shop, i dey go house.



  1. Hahahaha, no lock shop come back make we do chechepole in Liberian voice.

  2. Evil being, Make she no worry GOD is working behind the scene for her. Her appointed time don near

  3. Hmmmmmm. Someone needs to be spiritually connected and strong with God

  4. Nawa o, Some people just dey play god on top another person head☹️

  5. With all the mama airforce power, she no fit see say her pikin dey lie!

  6. Make the babe go for better Deliverance that airforce general go run mad. Her son don marry yet she no gree free the young lady.


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