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Monday, February 20, 2023

Sisi Senaponi's Corner - Broadcasting Horseband

 Na wah!!!

Una doh o! Yard pipu dem! I hail o!

Stellasmoothieweygetswag...i greet o!

This life, nor be to find husband be the only prayer o! But to find husband wey nor dey see him wife as competition!

Na so i go clinic, mah greet Matron.

This very beautiful woman just kpai like that!

I say wetin do her?!

Matron say na her husband get habit, to dey report anything wey him wife do up and down!
He get small concern say the children like their mama pass him!

For husband wey get pepper body, join hot temper, abeg how the children go wan dey close to am?!

Na from report, wife go work come back house, she nor fit stand up frrom bed or waka again!

Small time, she nor fit do anything!
Her belle come be like calabash dey inside! Dem do scan, nothing dey inside!
Swell like blomblom!

All the tests wey dem carry her go big big hospital do,they nor see anything!
They nor even see person direct dem go fire church. Sure me say she for make am!
Na so i ask Matron, wetin she really see inside the matter?!

She say she sef waka for the woman matter as na her senior she be for nursing school. And she really help her that time!

Matron say her pastor tell her say, na the husband go report her matter give him friend wey dey silently jealous his peaceful marriage and successful wife!

Wey he go run errand to press the woman head down, make she nor chop her labour!
The husband go the hospital only once!*hian!*

Matron say na how she sef take know say, na serious prayer make person nor marry him enemy o!
The man don use style comot for house, before the sickness hit the woman!Like say he don already know!

This woman humble ehnn...this thing pain me abeg!

Matron say, the woman eldest son say their father go make their Mama wey don dey 59years old, to kneel down, when serving him food! And their Mama nor ever complain!

For woman wey dem born and bred for abroad o! Wey get better regard for culture!
The son say she go comot uniform, a whole oga for her hospital wey she dey work o!
She go come house begin turn amala or pound yam at 10pm!

This man nor go greesay make the children boil rice make dem chop!
He go wait her, till she come house!

After standing full day, dey treat patients, she go still carry the weak knees greet and serve the man!
Abeg, how the grown children nor go know say na evil man he be?!

Matron say the son say sometimes he fit even say the soup no sweet, he no go chop am! Or carry and pour for dog for backyard, enter house begin carry malice!

Woman wey na seven years she use to take care of the husband and six children,when he nor get job.

He come get big job, begin find excuse to do anyhow aside, go carry matter give agent of darkness!

She say all the money wey run into millions, for the hospitals, na the woman life savings! And she still kpai!

Abeg when those children decide to consult somewhere and know wetin really kill their mama, How dey nor go wan kpai the man or abandon him in his old age?!
Matron say nor be say dem carry the woman put inside cauldron dey boil o!
She say dem tie her for stick, begin turn and roast her for fire like Goat!

She say na the day after dem share her meat for Airforce hq wey she pack load go meet Baba God for heaven!

Matron say nothing wey she fit do, make she sef nor go enter! The kain pain wey the woman suffer nor be small! As dem dey roast her, she go dey shout inside ward!

Choi! I never recover from the matter!


  1. Jess, this tory pain me reach bone even as I nor no the person. God nor go let us marry our enemies

  2. She has gone to a better place with no more pain. Those responsible for her demise will receive God's judgment, however He chooses to deal with them.

  3. Na WA ooo make God no let us meet this kain person and save us from evil eyes

  4. Hmmm, women should learn not to carry husband for head o. My friend's uncle lost the wife last week, the woman is yet to be buried, the first son was at unter house sport on Friday, the man was in school platform commenting like nothing happened. And this is a woman that carries family on head, always the one dropping and picking kids from school,heard her major concern when she was sick is how the family will cope , they never bury her,dem dey dey cope.

    1. You said a word and some. Let everyone learn

  5. It marvels me how some women who are powerful outside the home, become like an ant when they enter it, turning to servant. Imagine losing your life to overwork, and overwork for whom or what? Man will remarry in three months and new wife will enter the house you slaved to build. Children won't even visit graveside to pull out a weed for years. If ppl knew how quickly they get forgotten when they die they will think many things over. Some don't even get a prayer or true tears to send them off.

  6. Chai Sisi this your story dey painful o.
    Anyway Sha na those children go treat the man fuckup las las.

  7. Evil insecure man

    Women you are not a fixer, run from men with complex and issues

  8. These accusations that the "fire church" that has not solved Nigeria's problem or those of their members cannot prove... The guy was a slave driver and his wife enabled him by staying in the marriage and entertaining him whims. Now she succumbed to mental and physical exhaustion and left her children with one of the worst parents in the world. May she rest in peace.

  9. Evil world, this one touch me oh.


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