Stella Dimoko Woman Arrested After Drugs Was Found In The Radio Sets She Was Sending To Her Sister in Dubai


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Monday, February 06, 2023

Woman Arrested After Drugs Was Found In The Radio Sets She Was Sending To Her Sister in Dubai

Pregnant Mrs. Sylvester Gloria Onome was arrested by the operatives of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), after 800 grams of sk¥nk was found in the radio sets she was sending to her sister in Dubai..

Radio sets to Dubai? LMAO!


  1. What an unlucky pregnant woman...I pity the unborn baby and mot you though.

    Circumstances should not lead you to crime

    1. If they had succeeded, tomorrow her sister will open a business in Dubai and be riding a flashy car and tell people she makes money from a business that cannot even pay the rent and some fool will be running to do same business to live her ridiculous flashy lifestyle. Same with someone that call herself an actress and haven’t acted in a pay movie for years that pays herthat pays her but she is driving a Range Rover and live in a mansion? People please stay in your lane and DO YOU! People do all sort of shit and cover it up with something. And btw, this applies to men too

  2. I feel pity for her. She may be innocent. It might be that her sister asked her to collect the radio sets from another person and send to her.
    This was how God saved my brother some years ago. He was to travel to Canada for school. A relative who he wanted to go and stay with int he meantime asked him to collect some foodstuff from another person and bring to her. After collecting them, my dad's told my brother to open them and check very well. That was how we saw drugs inside fish, egusi and other things. The owner had told my brother to hid the foodstuff among his clothes, what if he did not check and they later caught him?
    My dad accompanied him to where he collected them from and they returned all the things. We later made another arrangement for his accommodation over there and warned him to stay far away from that relative

    1. Thank God for your brother, she might be innocent

    2. My goodness!!!!
      Thank God for your brother, imagine if your dad didn't insist?
      Heart of man is desperately wicked I tell you.

    3. This is why it is risky to help somebody and collect something while travelling in between countries but we still do it cos it is helpful

  3. all in the name of looking for money sharp sharp way.

  4. Chai! What if it was smuggled into the items without her being aware? God! things happening in this country now are so scary jooor

  5. Replies
    1. And also peers pressure. So called Influencers/actress but doing Runs to makes ends meet but have a stupid fake business to cover up their shit

  6. I always check anything given to me even from my siblings...sometimes they will be helping friends too and might be innocent of what that friend is doing. also when at the airport dont look after anyones luggage to go and pee or whatever, take your property with you....humans are so mean and crafty these days. if she is truly innocent may God show her mercy


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