Stella Dimoko Actor Yomi Fabiyi Opens A Can Of Worms On Baba Ijesha Saga And Says Colleague Iyabo Hid The Truth...


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Friday, March 03, 2023

Actor Yomi Fabiyi Opens A Can Of Worms On Baba Ijesha Saga And Says Colleague Iyabo Hid The Truth...

 This is shocking!

I regret ever responding to this IYABO during Baba Ijesha case. Folks like her are always arrogant with ignorance.

She is not a voice, not an activist, not a child right crusader but a complete wannabe. She knows nothing about RULE OF LAW at all(they were only aided and their ignorance massaged).

▪︎ How do you claim to be a CHILD RIGHT ACTIVIST but cover up, kept silent when Police investigation shows that "ONE DAMOLA ADEKOLA, an ally to Princess was arrested and he confessed to have slept with the girl? What about PRINCESS SECURITY who equally had canal knowledge of same girl?

▪︎ How do you claim to be a CHILD RIGHT ACTIVIST yet support the use of a "MINOR" as a BAIT for gathering sexual evidence? Even if it is a 30 seconds truama the minor go through, those who planned the SET UP are culpable.

▪︎ How do you keep quiet over PARENTAL NEGLIGENCE on the part of your co-traveller Princess when more than Three Men the girl confessed slept with her excluding Baba Ijesha?

▪︎ How do you keep quiet that PRINCESS was beating the same girl on the spot after they baited Baba Ijesha?

▪︎ How old is the girl truly? You all couldn't prove the age but sent a man to jail, ruined his career with una ORGANISED CRIME/SET UP.

▪︎ Etc

MOST OF YOU HAVE ACCESS TO SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS(LARGE FOLLOWING) BUT WRONGLY GROOMING UNSUSPECTING YOUTHS adding more to their ignorance, creating problem for government, especially when you see CHEAP issues to hide behind. You do everything to KILL voices of people who are authentic and sincere using the advantage of modern witch-craft. I ONLY PITY THOSE GETTING MENTORED BY YOUR LIKES AND BLOGS.

You are all WORSE OFF.


SHAME on you ALL.

Yomi Fabiyi


  1. Oga she can't fight all, You fight the once you just mention

  2. Yomi, what is the colour of your problem? Rest and stop ranting. If you feel you need justice, go to supreme court.

  3. 🙄🙄🙄

  4. Sometimes, I wonder how busy these people soul will always be. Always fighting, this is beyond seeking publicity.
    They need to pack some Yorubahood actors for poise training and probably a mental one
    See the way they've bastardize Human right activism and all it stands for,anywhere belle face people.


    1. Let yul and co graduate from there first.

    2. How did it become tribal exactly? Cos the likes of Tonto, Yul and cohorts are beacons of good behaviour. Just stop it is embarrassing

  5. Nothing shocking here madam Stella. One can’t send all the paedophiles to jail at ones. But we can start with one, so that all the others can learn. All them can’t be fought at ones else the plot would be lost. The question is did Baba Ijesha sleep with her or not? He did and should rot in jail. That being said Yomi stop being a scavenger and an obsessed Iyabo’s you becoming quite nuisance.

  6. He's kinda blaming the girl... Trying to paint her as lose coz his friend was the Scape goat.

    1. You can imagine his warped reasoning. Rape apologist🙄

    2. Exactly what he is doing.

      As if Baba Ijesha is innocent.

      Nonsense and concobility🤬

  7. That still doesn't change the fact that baba ijesha was guilty of the charge. Just include the new culprit with baba ijesha that's all . We saw how baba ijesha was begging for forgiveness in that video. Baba ijesha is not innocent

  8. You the true activist should pursue justice instead of shouting online.

  9. Yomi fabiyi, stop ranting..

  10. He comes out now and again to clout chase, when it seems he is becoming irrelevant. I pity who will marry this one.

  11. You should give us real evidence not words


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