Stella Dimoko Actress Chioma Apotha Dares Ex Actress Georgina Onuoha For Calling Her Out Over Election Violence


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Wednesday, March 01, 2023

Actress Chioma Apotha Dares Ex Actress Georgina Onuoha For Calling Her Out Over Election Violence

Actress Chioma Akpotha has dared ex colleague Georgina Onuoha to show proof that she was mobilized financially 4 years ago by any political party. She warned that failure to do so would result in legal consequences.

A few days back ex actress Georgina Onuoha accused Chioma of being a hypocrite for lamenting after being attacked by hoodlums on Saturday February 25, 2023 presidential election (See the post HERE). Georgina, says Chioma had shown less empathy 4 years ago when actress Monalisa Chinda lamented the Violence that took place during the election that held in Rivers state



  1. How can I read all these.
    My mood is to fragile to entertain any form of stress. Na only comedy I wan watch today biko.

    1. Not again 🤦
      Chioma please if you can, ignore this woman. The timing is bad.

  2. Having read and listened to both parties,I strongly pray that may Georgina Onuoha not happen to anyone as an acquaintance let alone of being a former friend..
    Considering her close relationship with Chioma ,there is no moral justification for her call out..
    Not even mere colleagues relationship justifies her action..even when relating with enemies there should be empathy..

    Mrs Onuoha needs soul cleansing and ,she needs to forgive herself.. her soul is bitter,you don't treat your enemies like this.

    1. The call out was good. Don’t know if they were friends before, could have gone cold.
      What I see here is Chioma being two faced.
      See the way she kept talking about brand. Y’all are the reason we are where we are today... not holding people accountable for their actions.
      Four years ago, she slid into Georgina’s dm to ask her to stop with her reports about the violence that was going on and then this same Chioma spoke out four years later cos it affected her directly. How about those that lost their lives four years ago? Their lives don’t matter?
      When you see something bad/wrong being done please condemn it. E go reach everybody turn.


    2. Thank you Sluttychic, you've said it all. Chioma is the perfect definition of a pretender. She's good at what she does, look at how her so called goons are rallying round her to support her, trust me they're all birds of the same feather, so they won't see chioma's fault. One day she'll do same to her goons and they'll understand why Georgina called her out.

    3. Poster 8:20am

      Thank you.
      May i never have friends like Georgina. No.

    4. If you have watched the video of how Chioma explained in details of their relationship then,you won't see it from this angle of having the effrontery of sliding into her dm to parayarn...she was a mentor to her,she regarded her Chioma as her big sister..
      So why will Mrs Onuoha bring to the public their private discussion then?
      Then after 4 years she makes reference to it,calling her names in a traumatic moment of hers. That's being vindictive and bitter.

  3. Georgina is mouthed but I am with her on this one.
    How do you enter someone's dm to talk trash, you will take whatever she gives to you.She won't be hearing from any lawyers,forget that thing

  4. Where Georgina dey?

    Georgina, a scandal free actress, I dey like her o.

  5. Receipts don show
    So you didn't even vote but had so much to say Georgina
    Wahala 😂

  6. They both made sense and are both right.

    But publishing private correspondence get as e be

  7. I dnt care again!!
    Obim oo😭😭😭

  8. Women supporting women my as*

    1. I dont believe in women supporting women over bullshit. If a woman messes up, i will treat her mess up same way i will treat that of a man. No preferential treatment just because you are a woman and i want to support you. That's the only way i feel we can all do better and be better. Sorry.

  9. While i do not support either party here...i think Georgina may have over-reacted to Chioma's initial videos of what happened to her personally at her polling unit. Georgina reaction smacks of long-held anger, resentment and any other thing that may have gone down between the two women that we dont know about. Going by their conversation four years ago, i think both parties clearly stated their positions and should have moved on from that. obviously some other shit has happened between them in the four years that has elapsed and i can only wish both women well. Live and let live, Ladies.

  10. I wish Chioma would just ignore this Georgina.

    Hwr chat to Georgina is clear. And that was not two faced.

    If you are not on ground you should not report as though you knkw all that went down. Press the ignore button.

  11. Chioma had no problem with Georgina posting about the violence but rather complained that the posts were becoming too many. She pointed out that Georgina could rather use her platform to launder the image of the country. That for me isn’t selfish but rather commendable. Imagine how we feel when we read about Pakistan? Yet people live their normal lives there too. Georgina then going online to reference Chioma as a “fool” and completely denigrating the whole industry by saying “you all are poor” bla bla bla is a no-no. What Chioma said to her four years ago doesn't stop her from crying out when she was now physically under attack either. The use of her platform that day, helped get quick attention to the polling unit. Georgina should also learn manners as that is something people in “civilized societies” have. Referring to herself as a Nigerian celebrity at this time too is just somehow. You left the scene years ago but throw tantrums online to remain relevant. She has insulted everyone and openly fought with many online. Georgina face the country where you a tax payer, become a celebrity there and leave we; uncivilized lot please.


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