Stella Dimoko EX Actress Georgina Onuoha Drags Actress Chioma Apotha For Being A ''Selective Activist''


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Wednesday, March 01, 2023

EX Actress Georgina Onuoha Drags Actress Chioma Apotha For Being A ''Selective Activist''

Four years ago Actress Monalisa Chinda had a moment with Election Violence and when Georgina Onuoha posted about it , Chioma went in her inbox to tell her to stop..
On Saturday February 25, 2023, Chioma had a taste of election Violence and posted about it and Georgina took her down memory lane....
Chioma responded threatening to sue and Georgina made several posts calling her selfish, told her she lacked empathy and practised selective activism....

In another video post she says...

''Oh my darling crying Chioma who is still traumatized from the events of last Saturday.
I hope you are well and I wish you well.
That being said, I still stand by my last post.
Don’t only be a hero or show bravery only when you are playing the lead character in the movie.
Don’t show selective heroism, speak up and speak out anytime or anywhere you see injustice be done.
Those people being killed and injured four years ago most of them are still traumatized and some never had the privilege of being alive today.
I will say the elections of 2019 was even more deadlier than last Saturday’s election.
You minimized their pain and clarion call because your own election booth was safe, so we should ignore others facing gun fires?
It’s really a case of Poetic Justice 😊.
When I addressed you I indicated we were friends for 18 years, I could have elaborated more on that, but left it at that.
If posting the killings of innocent people bothered you that much, why didn’t you get off social media to protect your mental wellbeing?
Rather you had the temerity to slide into my DM to tell me to stop and think more about my brand.
I’ve always known you to be a lover of money. You have character and integrity hence I redefine our friendship.
You are only loyal and care for people or others when it is financially beneficial to you. We call that Social climbing. I bet I have known you way better than anyone you are hanging around with today.
They will have a taste of the real you someday.
I will advise against bringing in family, kids and marriage , it will not go well for you as many people know you well before this repackaged Chioma.
I learnt you shared some doctored receipts “😁.
Thank your God my old account was hacked, 😁 the world would have known what a callous person you are.
So I will stay on course regarding the elections issue, address that and tell us why your trauma or situation is different from what others experienced years ago''

Get well soon dear. Now that you have experienced how those people felt years ago, maybe you will be more empathetic when you see wrong happening around you.
You know you didn’t really have to experience that, to be good and kind.



The first human instinct is to help when you see others in trouble or in need of help not turning a blind and claim it’s traumatizing your mental wellbeing.
Then if you are at the receiving end, you want the searchlight on you!!
The is the definition of a flawed character.
Anyone who does that lacks empathy.
Chioma born March 12th 1980.
Georgina born September 29th 1980
We are age mates, months apart..
So you are not making sense.

You wanna be petty 😊😊
I don’t want to leave you traumatized more than you already are.
Me i remember the incident of 4 years ago..
You , you snap am keep meaning you knew this day will come, so make you keep receipts , it shows your true character. And people are talking about being bitter, you fit that definition.
Thank your star I lost my old account..
Listen to yourself…
Posting about other people’s experiences last year was messing with your mental wellbeing but posting about your own experience is not affecting others because you are a movie star and famous, just listen to yourself.
Zero empathy for anyone other than yourself.
That’s the text book definition of a narcissist. When it’s me, raise alarm, but if it is others, I don’t care, it doesn’t bother me.

You remain a most selfish person I’ve ever known..
It’s all about money and branding I don’t care if others are killed.
Your and your cheerleaders only sway people who are not emotionally intelligent. I am not fazed by your antics 😊.
See that lawyer money, save it for your next year rent and kids school fees before you say Georgina make you go bankrupt 😊.
Stay well and get rest.
Ndi selective activist and Heroes


  1. Georgiee nwanne zukwanuike

    Anyi no na LENT o.

  2. Chioma asked you to stop inciting violence . Abi na my eyes dey pain me

  3. I can't read all these but I hate selective activism.
    Georgina,butuo,you've score 2-1 at halftime so leave Chioma's neck before you suffocate her 'osofagus' πŸ˜‚

  4. Wow, they were friends for 18 years.
    Kudos to you G for calling her ass out. All most of them do is clout around. The people that fan you up and down are the ones I blame.
    This is how you call someone out, very mature by the way.
    Chioma, G says save your lawyer money for your rent. Lol


    1. Chioma the local gossip woman..Thank God for internet that opened your eyes I remembered that reality show that she kept dragging muma Gee the singer calling her sort of names because she was way hotter than you! Mgbeke Chioma now you wear shorts and now open your chest up and down..never say never

    2. 12.10

      Yea, Gulder Ultimate Search.
      That was how I knew her as I no dey kuku watch their movies.
      She has a very irritating attitude.
      She's a local gossip..
      God forgive me, I hated everytime she appeared on the screen during that show.
      Princess too was another character..
      Na so she do Cho Cho Cho come make daddy showkey go slap amπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚,.

      Daddy showkey and Emeka Ike, 2 men that don't have time for stress. I loved them.
      They don't envy or feel they're in competition with anyone..

      Dare Alade just dey do gra gra up and down.. him won cry say emeka win, when showkey was visibly happy for emeka .

      Good old days..

      No be as them go carry Toke come this last one wey make me no bother to watch the show.. this made me insult Dotun on twitter when he was trying to play the gender card in Toke's favour, saying we don't want Toke to host because she's a female and other bullshii.. as I nack am better insult, werey block me, I returned the favour immediately.. like say na him dey feed me before.. senseless boy.. I bet they regretted the decision las las cos they didn't have viewers with that their RoToke hosting move...

      I loved The Debators show also..
      Very educating and interesting..
      You see those guys debate on interesting topics..
      I was looking forward to being on that show when I came of age Lol..
      But now, na nonsense reality shows full everywhere

  5. Chioma was rude to Georgina. She didn't pass her message politely, she didn't act like she had Georgina or Nigeria's best interest at heart. She was mad at Georgina for posting the violence that happened during four years ago election, claiming that Goergina was "spoiling" the country's image.

    It's pay back time as far as Georgina is concerned but I think was she was harsh.

    Anyway, everybody should just move on. The 2023 presidential election is over and a winner has emerged.

  6. Chioma will be 43 in March 2023?
    Georgina it haff do. Don't expose her more

    1. Huh? Has she been claiming to be younger? I don't think Chioma has ever hidden her real age. No need to. She has done well for her age .

  7. Hehehe, chioma definitely didn't see all these playing out from the video she posted on Saturday, both of them should just rest abeg. We're still wailing. Obim oo😭😭

  8. They have time and energy.

  9. All I can see is how Georgina treated a friend of 18 years. Your friend of 18 years is attacked by hoodlums and all you can do is call her out in public! Wow! May Gos give us friends who will cover our nakedness when we need it.

    18 years! they would have eaten and drank together shared good and bad experiences between themselves but just one message from Chioma made Georgina act like this and call her all kinds of names. 18 years of friendship no be beans to call someone out on social media and call them a cow! Wow!

    A direct message or ignoring her totally, would have been enough!

  10. This is a Lesson to us all, when you see things going wrong for others, DO NOT FOLD YOUR HANDS or MIND YOUR BUSINESS when you can be of Help or a shoulder. Lets practice Aforehand Kindness. forgetting it can reach or happen to us.

    Raising Alarm only when it hits you or close home is been Selfish!!! Learn to be your Brother's keeper. I believe Chioma learnt a lesson now... she should be open minded to read and digest G's message.

    SHOW KINDNESS when others are going through Pain not when it gets or affects you.

  11. I don’t understand. Chioma sent her own to u privately as a friend (correct me if I’m wrong) but u decided to send urs publicly to shame her. What a friend!

  12. This Georgina is beginning to disgust me. I hate petty people. Youve made your point by bringing out what happened 4yrs ago. Weldone.
    Pls can you now movr on so you don't begin ti sound like a broken record.

    You said you were friends??? Thats terrible.

    1. Georgina seems to feel that just by being in America, she’s better than everyone else here. Look at how she lumped all the celebs together referring to them as poor and uncivilized or enlightened in the response to Chioma four years ago. Isn’t Joke Silva on that list? Isn’t Olu Jacobs? How about all our other greats? So Georgina is now richer and more civilized than everyone in nollywood? She’s going on and on and on because she wants to cast Chioma in a bad light as much as possible. Chioma “snap am keep” but didn’t bring it up. It was you who only “remembers” who brought it up! Why not get offline and come home and actually put action behind words for the downtrodden instead of being a keypad warrior? What has she ever done with her platform except callout and curse? Low-budget Tonto. Chioma said you had made 10 posts in a day. You have started piling up the posts now as well. It must be so hard to live in the same house with you. What would you have shown us about Chioma if your old account was intact that would be new under the sun? I don’t know Chioma but I hate friends like you. There was no where Chioma insulted you in her DM but you have called her how many names? Made how many threats? I wish everyone would ignore you. You left Nollywood years ago but cling to the tag of celeb with no relevance except from throwing tantrums online. Stella abeg I no want make my comment lost please.

  13. Georgia was actually really effectively and salient waiting for the prefect moment to strike back at Chioma. Let's call a spade a spade, she was too damn harsh! There's obviously more than to this than the DM Chioma sent to her 4 years ago. All this was bloody unnecessary mehn! I'm not fooled by Chioma's good girl in Nollywood appearance but me wey dey yarn here, no be say I be better person o, we all have our faults and failings. That said, Georgia, you strike like a viper...go for deliverance.

  14. I really don't like Chioma much but this Georgina fit get winch. And it's not just about her issues with Chioma. Just as Chioma has always been rude, this Georgina has always been bitter, envious and confrontational. At least Chioma don repent small with maturity.
    People like this Georgina will look for anything to hang you because of the envy and bitterness in their hearts.
    Person tell you say make you no post only the bad part of the election so as not to make people agitated and incite violence. Which is right. Cos once Nigerians just relocate abroad they like to cast Nigeria in the bad light like say everything for Nigeria don spoil finish.
    Even though the way Chioma said it was rude, there was no where she said you should protect your brand. Rather she said use your brand to pass the right message as people look up to celebrities. E get as celebrity go talk matter pass people don jump start to protest.
    But you choose to twist the matter because you dey find as you wan take hang Chioma since for reasons I don't know.
    Imagine saying she was shouting like a cow. I won't even say that about my enemy if they were going through a hard time.
    Na you know the inner demon when you dey find.

    1. Please leave that matter of casting Nigeria in a bad light. There is nothing that Nigerians abroad say about Nigeria that is not true and not their experience. Integrity in not a word in Nigeria and when you do actually feel ashamed as a Nigerian when you are new abroad and showed your lack of integrity and everyone is looking at you like a leper. Is it really wrong if we want to send some of the good culture and discipline home just like we slave to send money home to our Nigeria all with the best intentions? Yes I believe 4 years is enough for Chioma to grow and have a change of heart so Georgina shouldn’t have been harsh like that. I know a lot of my Yoruba friends that campaigned and voted for apc 8 years ago. Since the last 4 years they have wiped out apc from their facebook account and didn’t even campaign for any party in this election.As with most quarrels, there may be other things said behind the scene that we are not privy to. We learn and grow and no matter which party you support , to build a better Nigeria, You have to first support Integrity, Justice,truth,Equity, fairness . And although this election might have been rigged, but there were some improvements from previous election processes in terms of the conduct. I think the next National Assembly should put a strict and heavy punishment for riggers and the people they use to rig. The people that are used to rig elections are taking us back to Stone Age. The win at all cost must stop. Honestly I’m obidient although I couldn’t vote but I would prefer he lose than join riggers. I wish the youths should continue their good work until we plug all loopholes in the electioneering system and get credible leaders that were voted and not rigged in. The quest for a new Nigeria is ongoing and shouldn’t stop because Tinubu has been declared winner. We should still go ahead and sensitize Nigerias about the true process of election not the one we were taught which was cheat and win. Let’s end electoral malpractice, start teaching your child is okay to fail than cheat to pass, it will make them study harder and actually acquire the knowledge, and even if they fail in that, there are other things they will excel in.let the politicians work for the vote they get by showing the good things not bogus accomplishments in their communities and their characters not by acquiring thugs and riggers, being the highest bidders, inciting ethinic and religious hatred etc These are not particular to any party and candidates but to all Nigeria.

  15. Georgina come back to Nigeria if US don tire you. You pick on people unnecessarily. I doubt if you are really occupied US nurse. Biko, show those your girls some level of decency as a mother. Moreso, 43 years old woman should be conscious of her age and accordingly.


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