Stella Dimoko Boredom Eliminating Post


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Saturday, March 11, 2023

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Fulfilling my destiny and achieving everything God has in plan for me
    Just being my overall best self and living a very good life full of love, care, satisfaction, peace and everything good

  2. To be successful in the way I define success and making God lead my life

  3. To make heaven if it qualifies as a goal😊

  4. My greatest goal in life now is to do me everyone else will be fine. My goal is to live my best life. I’m done putting children first that don’t give a rats arse about me. All they care about is themselves. I’ve been sick for a while now and I have to beg them to do things for me these are people I sacrificed everything for. I’ll be very very selfish onwards 😭😭

    1. Lagos Mainland Girl11 March 2023 at 22:55

      Oh dear
      Sorry to hear that.

  5. For my family and I to be rich and remain rich

  6. End SIMPing..

    This would transform the world,. Wokeness, feminisim, entitlement, senseless and dumb behaviours are all products of SIMP men..

    This I hope to achieve as an act of sustainable development. The coming generations deserve better..

    1. Lol
      You are just something else
      Btw,where is your brother called Ceaser?

    2. Wahala wahala

    3. You lie Dante.
      You lie.

      Feminism shouldn't make your list please except you don't have working women in your family or lineage.
      Ask about the organogram of some good firms, you'll be shocked at the rungs of the ladder of excelling, feminism is changing those today.
      Give a woman a chance, is it too much to ask for?
      Unilag has gotten the first female vice Chancellor, finally "sigh"ask around how tables are turning,visit UNILAG Dante. Visit!

      Another example, if you as a woman, has a presentation on a slide for a class of 12 executives,high ranking executives of 3 ladies and 9blokes🤷, then 2minutes into the presentation the guys excuse themselves one after the day, protesting that a woman shouldn't be tutoring them on say "precincts of their career"?
      How's that blockade effect they pulled on the lady SIMPING?
      Helluurrr🙄 If you were a woman, what gives? How would you feel?

    4. Lol.. @XP

      Feminism in theory is different from what we see in practical..
      It's being practiced as men haters, prostitution support and increase of immoral values..
      Kindly take a look around you and the internet to see the people who claim to be feminist, only about 10 percent are the ones you describe, the rest 90 percent are ndi "strong women" and my body is my body I can do whatever I want crew..

      Can you please take your mind back to last two years I think, when even Chimamanda had to cry out that what dem girls be practicing isn't feminism but just plain toxicity, (forgotten the exact words she used)..

      @your last paragraph, if I was a woman, I'd spill date bills, pay my own tfare, have some self respect and dignity,. I mean, how can I collect a so called feminist number 4 days ago only for her to use the famous MM lines of her bank app not working to bill me yesterday.. who fvckin does that? -a feminist.. shameless individuals

      Maybe you should reorient them girls on what feminism is truly is,. It's been bastardise.. just look at the females here that claim to be one.. you'd be ashamed to group yourself with them..

      Blessings XP🙏

    5. And XP,.

      Can we please not include ones family and lineage when making a point next time?..
      That's crossing boundaries in the rules of 'argument'.. and somewhat disrespectful.. everything you said can still be said without you involving my family in the discussion..


    6. What you describe as feminism Dante is not feminism. It is toxic and it is not feminism. Some of it is due to extremism and then also ignorance or misinformation. Besides, the main people that do what you point out are not feminists. Many don't claim to be feminists and they do the most. XP is very right in that feminism is the reason women have any sort of rights today, the right to vote, work, school and excel in the work place. Even today things are still very hard for women, though more are breaking barriers due to the ladder feminism provided for them. In mentioning generations I don't think XP is abusing you but trying to make you see how the lot of women have improved through time and the difficulty they are still facing. If you don't want to acknowledge that, that is on you. Your obsession with trying to defend your gender is beyond ordinary because most times you argue even without reason and bring everything down to the issue of gender. There are bad and good people irrespective of gender.

    7. Dante... First of all,I'm sorry if you read me wrongly,not trying to malign your lineage it was to buttress my points.
      Read my comment again.
      Anony 12:25... Thanks for the backup lines.

      Back to the matter.
      Chimamanda is a Cishet, full blown heterosexual that's why she got pissed when the LGBT Q community came for her.
      On Nigerian level; what many are practicing is pure toxicity,Chimamanda hammered on that; share bills and abuse the hell out of the male folks?that's meanness, immaturity and way out of what feminism is,you Dante is getting it all wrong probably you have the wrong girls.
      She told them point blank without minding whose ox is gored that feminism and meanness aren't on the same table.
      Feminism is sharing;of capabilities and love. Real love.
      The Unilag VC, maybe you don't know she "practically worships" her hubby,calling him Bobo Shege at will and rubbing hands on his chest unconsciously in public,she buys 2 bottles of water, keeps one on the car bonnet then opens one first for her hubby? Haha. Dante, this is feminism. It comes with respect not gra gra. Real feminists have men around them under wraps, virtually a great percentage of the men.
      They "codedly" worship their spouses. Look well!

      One day you'll get to hear what Chimamanda's hubby calls her then you'll understand why he's her greatest supporter. Find it.
      They turned her from their once epitome of womanhood to a Pariah because she tried changing the narrative from bitter to happy. Haha. She never paid them a mind.

      Look Dante, on this blog, you have to understand that there are extremely responsible ladies then another set of extremely irresponsible ladies. You draw the line and stop the bickerings.
      Some are bisexual, or transgender or even queer,so I rate their thought processes according to the comments they drop. Then I avoid them.
      Motherhood is still a price but don't sit at home baking pies, have a struggle,you could be an Iya Ogede, Mummy Didi Style, Mama Oshuka Egun,Sisi Cold room or A bank CEO ,even a Well Engineer in Chevron but please join the struggle for women liberation.
      As Baba Wande's truck is discharging a heap load of unripe plantains from Okitipupa in ondo State,let a second truck discharge plantains for Iya Ogede,she doesn't have to wait and buy from Baba Wande's shop to resell because SHE'S A WOMAN.
      If Mummy Oshuka Egun transfers money for 8 cartons of the ice fish,give them to her don't block her saying she's a woman, how many customers she get?
      If Chevron is allocating managers for a rig or a drilling contract, if a male engineer gets FkN406-Well let a female engineer also get the next FkN407 Well.
      Pay same salaries for same job done!🥺 That's what feminists are pushing for.🤷


  7. Career fulfilment and a happy family.

  8. To be happy. I just want inner peace

  9. To hv a peaceful n loving home..... God please answer my prayers.

  10. Being the best version of me possible

  11. To be happy always and have all that is needed in life.

  12. Fulfilment of my God given purpose in life ,be successful and live a happy life with family

  13. To be extremely weathly and never lack in life

  14. To become whom God created me to be and to give my children the best.

  15. 1.To have money that would be able to cater for my needs and that of my siblings.
    2. Lemme be able to make heaven at last

  16. To be financially capable of coming through when needed

  17. To have total peace of mind.

  18. To be a fulfilled woman, career and family wise. So help me God.

  19. To be a mother, so help me God🙏

  20. Peace of mind.

    It encompasses a whole lot;
    Make heaven.
    Have a sweet home.
    Raise Godly kids.
    Ah, Baba God, help me.

  21. To be successful
    To own a house 🏘️
    To own a car
    To own a big perfume shop


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