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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Boredom Eliminating Post



  1. Replies
    1. Reason(s) please..

      I will like people to support their answer with reason(s)

    2. It’s not overrated but it’s not as serious as people make it out to be… let me explain myself.
      We (my hubby and I ) do not take ourselves so seriously, we understand that we are human beings first and so naturally we are flawed, not everything has to be one serious argument or fight when we are both adults and can sit and discuss.
      Even when we do disagree, we take time out and come back when we are calmer.
      We understand that we made a choice to be together, it’s not by force (cus we would still exist even if we weren’t together) but since it’s our choice we decide to make it work as partners.

      Marriage is not one title that once you enter you start acting a certain way, rather you have to be a certain way (mature) before you even enter into it.

      I think people try to be fake in marriage or act, oh!! Don’t talk about this! don’t do like this or like that! Knowing in their hearts that’s not what they really want, (eg women that say “oh as long as he is providing I am fine if he cheats” when in your heart you know you are not fine) it’s really not that serious.
      Yes there are times you may question it cus the love cannot be 100percent all the time but your ability to choose your spouse regardless of all the other flaws shows how intentional you are.

      It’s not overrated because no matter how many cases of divorce, there are still great ones out there and even those that claim it’s overrated if they are honest to themselves, they can pin point what exactly they contributed to its failure (either from the male or female perspective).

      Push up (original)

  2. No!

    Anything instituted by God can never be overrated.

  3. Depends on your expectations going in. Me I got exactly what I expected and more. It's not over-rated for me at all. It's all good.

  4. I think I will say YES. I used to think otherwise but I now believe people's actions and reactions are proving that notion already.

    I say this cos, marriage is now being used as a yardstick to judge people's success, intelligence and most especially the single folks and their achievements.

    Again, you see and read things like, wait until you get married before you can proffer answers or opinion on an issues. If that is the case, does it mean vocational persons like the priest can't admonish couples and families? Or aren't they successful in their field?

    Lastly, in this part of Africa, people see marriage as the best thing that can happen to a woman and the pressure to get married is on the rise from most families. This is the reason of most divorce in the society when expectations aren't meant after the pressured marriage.

    In all, the bitter truth remains, no be everyone go marry las las.

    1. I kinda disagree with this… like you have rightly said “peoples actions and reactions” … now that’s not marriage.
      The institution of marriage itself it’s not overrated but you see that “action and reaction”… that’s what makes it fail.
      There are certain things you should do to make it work (outside the anomalies) are your actions or reactions willing to align with those things? If yes! Good, if no! then You, are not ready, and that’s no fault of marriage itself.

      It’s like saying getting a degree is overrated because some people go to university and become drug addicts… the university did not make them so, they chose to be so.

      When people are ready to be real with themselves then they will get it right.
      If you know you like a certain kind of lifestyle, sex drive, meal plan etc find someone who fits into that or accepts what you accept, don’t marry someone who doesn’t then try to force it to work, cus it won’t.

      Push up (original)

  5. Marriage is not overrated. How can the bedrock of a sane society be overrated?

  6. It's all time overrated
    Most peeps overrate it to the extent that they have made others go astray sef
    Yup yup

  7. Maybe not, but women certainly get the short end of the stick.

    Marry because you want to, and because you find your person, not because of family or pastor or society or whatever rubbish anyone tells you to put you down.

    Have your own finances, don't let anyone tell you that is the same as cheating, because having your own stash will not cause you to have incurable STIs, or cause you physical and mental trauma, but will instead be a source of freedom and embolden you to get out out of unpleasant situationships.

    The story of the man who killed his pregnant wife and all other stories you read/hear should be an example to you.

  8. Nope,when you're with your companion

    1. ๐Ÿ’ฏ๐Ÿ’ฏ✌️

  9. Yes.
    Nothing that you cannot similarly achieve as a single person even more.
    Only primitive backward areas like Nigeria di they carry out it their head like gala because Nigerians know they haven't excelled in any other sphere of life.

    1. That’s because you have the wrong notion of marriage, marriage is not supposed to help you achieve your dreams, it’s just supposed to provide you the companionship and partner you need by your side while you accomplish them.

      Someone you call when you get a promotion to share your joy or a shoulder to cry on when you lose someone… it provides you a home (not a house) a sense of belonging.
      In old age you can have that person who can share all your memories with.
      Wo, a good marriage can never be overrated Abeg
      Make I no Dey shalaye ๐Ÿคฃ

      Push up (original)

    2. @Push up, why should one person have that responsibility?

  10. No
    If you marry a good person, you would appreciate the institution of marriage more.

  11. Lagos Mainland Girl7 March 2023 at 18:44

    Marriage isn't over rated

  12. In my opinion, the institution of marriage is not overrated at all. It's amazing how two people of different backgrounds could find love with each other, get committed and decide to live together forever. It's simply amazing.

    With the frequent divorce cases in the news, and then a lot of fairy tales of happy living by couples, who in reality, their endurance cup when filled up would leave the streets of social media messy, with a competition of who has more sad and implicating tales about the other; I understand why a certain demography would see it as overrated.

    Inspite of all those cases, there are still a thousand and one other marriages that passed the test of time and are still peacefully waxing stronger.

  13. Marriage==Family, stability, security , safety, trust, support, companionship, love. How can it be overrated? I mean what else are we in this world to do that to establish lasting connections?
    My parents marriage created a haven for me to grow up in. I dont take it for granted and it would be hypocritical of me to say its overrated when i reaped the benefits of it. i strive to create the same in my home and for my kids.

    People just need to be better, and choose better. The problems with marriage are man made, nothing wrong with the institution itself.

  14. False prophet ♡7 March 2023 at 18:52

    You'd see it as overrated if it doesn't bring you the anticipated fulfillment, it can be highly individualised. Same as asking if real love actually exists.

  15. Marriage is not overrated but some people actions and words make it look so.

  16. Not at all. One of the best thing that can happen to a human if you marry your friend and with God as your anchor.. Oh!! you will experience heaven on earth. The man will attain his peek and utilize his full potentials. The woman will achieve all her dreams physically and spiritually and the children will live a satisfied and happy life.

  17. Not at all, if you don't get into it for selfish reasons.

  18. When you marry for the right reasons and the right person... You'll get to realize it's not overrated.

  19. Maybe I’m biased because I have a great marriage but as far as I’m concerned, it’s not overrated at all. It’s just perfect if it’s with the right person


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