Stella Dimoko CORONER Rules That Peju Ugboma’s Death In Lagos Hospital Was Avoidable


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Friday, March 10, 2023

CORONER Rules That Peju Ugboma’s Death In Lagos Hospital Was Avoidable

A coroner’s inquest into the death of a Lagos-based chef, Mrs Peju Ugboma has determined that her death was avoidable.

Giving his verdict on Thursday in Lagos, the Coroner, Chief Magistrate Mukaila Fadeyi said Peju died after medical negligence.
Ugboma died on April 25, 2021, after undergoing hysterectomy (removal of the uterus) to remove fibroids.

The surgery was done 48 hours earlier at the Premier Medical Centre in the Lekki area of the state.
Ugboma was transferred to Evercare Hospital due to complications but she was pronounced dead shortly after.

The coroner said an autopsy revealed that the deceased died from massive intra-abdominal bleeding, as 500ml of blood and 900ml of clotted blood were found in her abdomen, NAN reports.

Fadeyi observed that the deceased’s medical history was poorly documented and that doctors of Premier Medical Centre failed to engage appropriate surgeons.

He questioned the absence of vital machines and unwillingness of the doctors to address the issues immediately after surgery.

The coroner recommended that state governments should not limit funds to public hospitals but extend funding to private hospitals.

“Government and medical regulators should ensure that the standards by the World Health Organisation for Packed-Cell Volume (PCV) of 38 per cent before any surgical operation should be maintained,” he added.

Fadeyi added that he could not award damages as requested by counsel to the Ugboma Family, noting that he only carried out an inquest.

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  1. I still don't why people go private hospitals for serious surgery like this,where they have limited doctors and unqualified ones too..
    Rest in peace to her✌️🕊️

    1. My aunt was in a private hospital after fainting at work. I didn't like the feel of the place, it just felt like a glorified clinic. Even simple disposable underwear they didn't have. I am sure there are amazing ones, but most these places are just glorified clinics setup for profit driven motives.

    2. I had my at a private and God had his way

  2. My God! May her soul rest in perfect peace.

    Father Lord I thank you for a successful surgery

  3. Omg
    This is sad
    Greedy doctors that couldn't bring in specialist for thier selfish reason
    Keep resting on

  4. Anything surgery in Nigeria, Federal Medical Centres are generally a better option. More practitioners/consultants on hand; usually more equipment and more scrutiny.

    It's really sad. May she not have gone in vain and may Almighty God comfort her loved ones.

  5. May her soul continue to Rest In Peace.This is why I somehow prefer government hospitals to private


  6. So, what is the essence of going to court if at the end of the day, nobody pays for the negligence by the hospital?

  7. May her soul continue to rest in peace, such a beautiful woman.

  8. Chika(hello iya boys)10 March 2023 at 10:53

    This is sad..Father Jesus Christ we all reject sudden death in Jesus mighty name...

  9. Please a learned person should enlighten me. From the verdict, the hospital is found culpable. So why can’t the family be awarded damages? Which one is inquest???

    1. Ask Google, you will get a detailed explanation. A coroner can't award damages , only a court case will do that

  10. Continue to rest in peace beautiful 🙏

  11. Her face looks familuar, like someone I watched on You Tube.

    Didn't the deceased have a thorough pre-op assessment before being cleared for surgery?From the report, the surgical team apear very lackadaisical in their aftercare. Imagine paying big money to a place that doesn't even move speedily when trouble arises.

    Hysterectomy is not a minor surgery, it is MAJOR surgery. I am sure the deceased did a thorough research and chose this place for a reason, they did not treat her as she should have been treated.

    For anyone going in for major surgery please try to use a good public hospital that has the equipment and talent readily available should an emergency situation arise.

  12. I remember her husband's account of this incident. It was very heartbreaking..........


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