Stella Dimoko Entrepreneur Steve Thompson's Estranged Wife Sandra Reacts After She Was Dragged For Flaunting New Man


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Thursday, March 16, 2023

Entrepreneur Steve Thompson's Estranged Wife Sandra Reacts After She Was Dragged For Flaunting New Man

Hair Entrepreneur Steve Thompson's estranged wife Sandra Iheuwa seems to be in a relationship with a named crooner and she flaunted a video of them stealing Kisses on her Instagram page and Nigerian Netizens dragged for flaunting a new relationship so fast... Some say she is on her way to her fifth child...

ME- When a woman has money, she moves on fast from a failed relationship.

Sandra posted...

''This is what I noticed and some have experienced as well as what some women go through in naija Vs when a man goes through the same thing.

Single women searching for love
Naija mentality: She has bad character that’s why no man wants her.

Single mother searching for love
Naija mentality: you don’t need a man focus on your children and life.

Married woman in abusive / toxic marriage
Naija mentality: Make your marriage work, you are a woman it’s a woman that keeps the home. If he be@ts you, you must have done something wrong…..don’t leave the marriage make it work

Married woman didn’t leave abusive marriage but ended up dead
Naija mentality: why didn’t she leave? she wants to d*e na she want to answer Mrs / Married woman yen yen yen

Married women leaving an abusive / toxic marriage
Naija mentality: That’s why she couldn’t keep her marriage, no man can stay with her, she’s the problem.

When a woman moves on
Naija mentality: She needs to rest she too like man, can’t she do without man? She must have a very low self esteem.

When a woman shares a little glimpse of her happiness
Naija mentality: Social media validation, hide your relationship, she must have low self esteem….yen yen yen

When a woman hides her relationship from social media:
Naija mentality: she must be dating a married man, she must have snatched another person man….she’s not proud of him yen yen




  1. show me the lie.

    Nne, move on fast and allow someone to love you. Do not allow anyone talk you into anything. So netizens are expecting you to continue crying over a failed relationship and they will be the ones to laugh at you. Depression is real, no need to die in silent. Allow love lead biko.

  2. Just do you, the universe will adjust. While at it, ensure you are not hurting others along the line.

    1. @Ribs, I live by this...thanks

  3. She isn’t lying. It’s toxic out there. People don’t mind their business. However I also think blogs contribute to this too.

  4. Sandra loves to pepper her exes and show then how fast she can move on. Same way she wanted to pepper father ubiham and landed with uncle Steve. She should just be careful sha.

    1. How do you know she is peppering her exes? Are you not one those people she just mentioned up there. She should have been doing hide and seek to please you and the ex. She didn’t die of depression considering the national disgrace Steve pulled. Oh, you are pained she held her head up and had the gut to love again or even laugh sef. I’m sure people like you are like that Steve and would be thinking this must ultimately break her and it didn’t. I kinda admire her and ehi only that ehi keep going for married men. I hate that about her. If not they would have been the chain breaker that would have liberated many women in Nigeria from writing their life off because of what the society would say.

  5. Haunty, first, you are not happy! You are only doing so much to pepper who no send you and it always back fires!

    Second, netizens will drag both male and female public figure with no morals.

    Them drag Ubi, drag 2 face, so what are you saying???

  6. The way society apportions blames to women is something else

  7. She said the truth but it is dangerous to rush into a new relationship few months after a messy breakup. You need to test and try your new partner in many ways to know if he is worthy of your love before going ahead with the relationship except there isn't going to be any emotional attachment in the new relationship but consensual sex alone. I know we can't know all about our partners even after 10yrs but high percentage of their hidden identity could be revealed during those trying and testing period and that will really help alot.
    Another thing is; one needs to stayaway from relationship for some thme to find out the cause of the failed relationship , if the fault is from you, then you make amends where necessary ,but if the fault is not from you, then you ensure that you don't fall into the hands of a wrong person for a seconds time by carefully selecting through compatibility and not just looks and how big the persons pocket is.
    I am not about what the society will say but how the concerned person will be able to bear another heartbreak. This advice is not for Sandra alone. Any other person can heed to this advice if you will.

    1. Test new partners in so many ways
      Are they cars?
      These are humans with emotions.

      You better stop testing people.


  8. She chose to speak the language of truth.


  9. No be lie. Nigerians are so so judgemental, there's never anything you do that pleases them

  10. Men will marry 8 months after divorce, 6 months after wife's death.
    If its women, their mouth will stretch like pigs testicles.

    1. Men who moved on quickly are dragged too. Recently, even on this blog, the question was asked of a man whether he was not involved with the new wife while the other marriage was on.

    2. 6months is too long sef.

      Maybe the man you knew who mourned for 6mths is a person with dignity & selfrespect&conscience.

      Men in these parts, don't see value in women and so they move on swiftly. 1 month of mourning late wife is too long for those ones. And they have maximum support of society.

      The women (Non Northerners and non muslims o) that attempt to try this, even 1 year after husband died will only have support of anonymous in social media, in her real life she knows the h.e.l.l she will face!!

      Northerners have it easy, for divorce, just say one word 3 times and move on sharp sharp.
      For death of a wife, its also same, that's if he doesn't take 3 more teen girls to replace the dead wife.
      Everything the babymama/divorcee wrote is very very very true.
      I hope for a day that things will get better for girl children in 3rd world countries

  11. So true Sandra. Just live your life for you.

  12. Nothing but the truth, Sandra live your life.


    SDK my dear older lovely friend, Aunty ******, lost her hubby years back. When she turned 70, about five yrs ago, it was a biiiig deal.. She is a grandma and may soon be a great grand ma.

    Do you know she is still being gossipped?SANDRA, I SAY, DEM STILL DEY TALK WHY SHE (70+) NO REMARRY? WETIN DEY DO HER?? that why she no remarry.

    Yes she look young, is strong and has a tiny voice like you SDK, but the thing shock me say, so when can a woman rest from talk talk??. I COMOT CAP FOR WORLD PIPU&BAD MOUTH DEM O!!!

  14. What she wrote makes sense on a normal day but this woman is always in the news “fighting” one ex or the other, not on professional grounds? What exactly does she do for a living? She also seems to think her US passport is a “man Catcher”, or a huge deal! I’m surprised she didn’t include it in this write-up as she constantly alludes to it! I don’t even live in Nigeria but I know her due to online arguments with exes! She needs to see a therapist and heal from one relationship before entering another. S*x isn’t food! By the time a man or woman is on number 3-4 partners in marriage, the person is the common denominator & needs to look inwards. Before insinuating that I’m jealous of her US passport, my whole family and I own ours but will never flaunt it like she does. Anonymous is not a way to flaunt anything.


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