Stella Dimoko Parks Committee Chairman MC Oluomo Says Stay At Home Comment On Election Day Was A Joke


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Saturday, March 18, 2023

Parks Committee Chairman MC Oluomo Says Stay At Home Comment On Election Day Was A Joke

MC Oluomo (real name Musliu Akinsanya) the Chairman of Lagos State Parks Management Committee has said that his warning to Igbos not supporting the All Progressives Congress, APC, in the Lagos election, was a joke.

At a gathering on Thursday, Oluomo had told the people of Southeast supporting the opposition to stay indoors on election day.

In a video on Friday, Oluomo said he could not have threatened non-Yorubas as the APC needed the votes of other ethnic groups.

“I was talking to my sister, Mama Chukwudi (with him in the video), at a meeting I attended yesterday. Next, I saw myself on social media. Please, I’m always at peace. If you notice, Lagos is peaceful so how will I tell people not to vote?
APC is my party. Count me out of the talk you’re spreading. The person I was referring to is here. I called her to come and clarify,”

The governorship and house of assembly poll will be conducted nationwide today Saturday March 18, 2023.


  1. Replies
    1. A joke right?
      Bro you is a clown 🀑

      Thrash and lawma

  2. Just de playπŸ™„πŸ™„

  3. These people have always threatened the Igbo people within any given opportunity, yet they will distort the fact and send the wrong narratives that the Igbo people are the toxic ones.

    Anybody killed today in Lagos, Olomo bitters should be held responsible. These are criminals and nonentities doing Sanwo Olu great disservice to return for a second term in office.

    Pls Lagosians, if not for anything, you guys should endeavor to make Gbadebo your next governor so people like this tribal bigot and thug won't hold Lagos ransom anymore.

    1. Who doesn't know who Oluomo is in Oshodi and Lagos state? I believe this man can never be arrested no matter what

    2. Teejay,

      Steadily and not so subtly planting bile.

      This is the same mistake made with bankyW. Cutting our noses to spite our faces.

      Lagos is a nerve centre and if at all we should want to change the captain, why not someone with work experience eg the Doherty man.

      This is not a joke/ revenge/ payback.

      This is the management of a diverse and difficult state for the next 4years.

    3. Vote GRV for what exactly? What makes hom better than Sanwoolu? Cos he is in LP? So LP members are saints and messiah on a mission to save the world? A beg.

    4. "Vote GRV for what exactly?" Did you really type this? In a democratic dispensation, people should not be free to vote who they want or members of their party as they like? Are you saying that threatening people via thuggery and violence to vote Sanwo Olu should be condoned? I should leave a party that has good plans and that have shown great courage to vote thugs and criminals who are ready to murder as in murder anyone who opposes them? The principalities and powers holding Nigeria are really strong, cos they hold that nation by the balls, including the minds of the citizens. May God deliver Nigeria from blood sucking demons called APC.

    5. @ Teejay, why Gbadebo? There are other competent candidates, ADC candidate Doherty.

    6. I’ve visited this blog for a decade & im usually indifferent to most people but this Tee… guy is the one who implied that some Ndigbo were happy at the murder of Ken Saro Wiwa by Abacha because of his stance on “abandoned properties” ! Imagine! An author fighting for environmental justice for the SS. A region Ipob and Biafra already included in their dictatorial, fictional map of Biafra! The faux outrage at Mc Oluome (who we all agree is a thug) should extend to IPOB the no 10 terrorist organization in the world but no, they pretend that llp did not rig during the presidential elections!

      They actually gave some folks $! All the parties rigged sadly. Lllp isn’t made up of saints but ex PDP members so the notion of an inexperienced GRV ruling the most complex state in Africa and the SW is wrong! The onus is not on Yorubas alone to deteibalize, others too should! Funsho Doherty, Sanwoolu and Jandor have a better resume and are more experienced for the job but now we know that tribalism is not limited to the Fulanis! Other Nigerians care about merit but some people only care about language or tribal affinity like it’s Ladipo market where if you speak the language you get a better price! Their propaganda is terrible. They lied that the Oba of Lagos told GRV to wait, that it was Sanwoolu’s time. Channels TV played the entire tape! The Oba said nothing close. He told them he wasn’t an Apc member, ehikevthe GRV guy sat there, cap on his head, in front of a Yoruba Oba, saying nothing! He shows absolute lack of respect for the people he wants to govern. His godfathers, abide George, PO etc will be the de facto govs if he wins with his resume that has mainly “internship” level experience!

    7. 17:32,

      I stopped actively engaging Teejay about a year ago.

      Every now and again, like earlier on, I respond to his comments.

      But the worst type of people to spar with are those that are ignorant yet parade themselves as informed.

      It is dangerous to have conversations with these set of humans, because they spew so much misinformation, with arrogance that some people believe them.

  4. Watched that video and I can boldly say MC Oluomo is a good actor. Do these people think we are daft? I hope he has paid Iya Chukwudi, don't want to hear any complaint tomorrow

  5. Aivies Shawarma18 March 2023 at 08:24

    He must have gone craaaaazy. In this same Nigeria where the common man is harassed and picked for hate speech, this one is still moving around freely and untouchable... #sighs

    It is well with my country.🚢🚢🚢🚢

    1. Like seriously! Few months ago, a young man was arrested for making jest of the 1st lady. This guy was detained for days! Now, a whole NPF spokesperson is telling us to take MC Oluomo words as a joke. This country should be on Netflix

    2. We can't be on Netflix, as it is we are already over subscribed with over 200+m by force viewers πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘

    3. His threats are REAL.
      My friends at Opebi-Ikeja can't leave their estates, they're so scared.
      Few were able to get on,be accredited but they block you thereafter showing you weapons to go home or make sure you thumbprinted the APC row. Haba!

    4. Yes ma the threats are real,its no joke. He knows too

  6. Chai. God bless Peter Obi of the structureless party that is changing the structure. This man and his likes has been doing this for years and nothing has happened to him or anyone challenged him. He thinks it's business as usual.. Obidients have shown him that power belongs to the people. They dragged him sotey he forgot his name and went to deny something that the evidence is everywhere.
    Where is that Oba that hide palliative. It's only a matter of time. Nigeria will be great again. No individual owns this country. It belongs to all of us.

  7. You don't joke with such things, this are sensitive times and your utterance is capable of destroying things. Nobody dseserved to be bullied or under duress to vote for your candidate.

  8. Let me laugh then since it's a joke, hehehe hahahaha kikikiki,hohohoho etc

  9. Tout will not rule Nigeria by Gods power. Amen.

  10. Liers, as I type now many parts of Lagos thug are there chanting if you are not voting for APC that you should not vote at all. Tribalistic bigot.

  11. Una eye go clear this time around.

  12. Its no joke. He meant everything.

  13. He has passed his message already

  14. The simple solution which continues to work in democratic and non democratic nations alike: the UAE, Japan, China, etc: your votes should be limited to your local area of ORIGIN. Wherever you choose to live, your vote should be counted from there as votes from your ward, LG area and state of origin. If you don't like the politics of where you live, vote with your feet as an outsider and let the indigenes make their mistakes. Non indigenes have no business weighing in on political decisions in a land that is not theirs.

    A person from Ekiti or Ebonyi, Calabar or Sokoto should have no say in who governs Eko or sits at it's state assembly. If the place wasn't good enough, you won't be there.

    It is easy for Europeans presiding over stolen lands in the USA, Australia and Canada to give land of a suppressed people and offer citizenship on stolen lands as a matter of birth but it's simply impractical for a group of nations with the tendency to dominate and histories of empire to play the same warped game. It will only end badly for all sides, South Africa's slow decline is a case in point. The lines drawn across Africa to form countries are not African and the history of having states in Nigeria by Gowon was always the principle of divide and rule.

    The port is not an entitlement. The world had many landlocked countries who sort out their own logistics.

    This is the same way the Niger Delta was roped into a war for a "country" whose national anthem was in Igbo and their young sons kidnapped from home and placed in the Frontline as shields for the preferred: those who are now torn between being "detribalized" and going back to their own country.

    They celebrate those who led them into an unwinnable war and have shown absolutely no regard for the forced partners who shouldered the shame of defeat while their hero ran away to a soft life of skirt chasing before coming back to Nigeria for more of such chasing, doing absolutely nothing for those who lost so much while following him.


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