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Thursday, March 02, 2023




Sending warm hugs your way today.....
I just watched a prophecy of one of these prophets and he makes it look like war
is coming to Nigeria... why do they let these Pastors do these things? Cant these prophets be sanctioned or made to stop with these prophecies? I am so scared for Nigeria after listening to it....
Moving on.....

I have a testimony loading, a big one but let me wait for the good work to be completed first....Miracle no dey tire God ooooooooooh... I cant shout!

Dear XP I saw your comment yesterday inside in house news, na wah for you, see how you just cast me, so wetin we discuss inbox na em you go just come out come open mouth waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah , na wah
Please i did not say SBB is working for my friend, i said he told me who he is working for which is verifiable.. His email address is another name and you told me another name as his and i told you he is not the one you say is a fraud based on the names...that's all oooh, I did not stand up for him....
Abeg there are too many scammers online..

Have a tremendous rest of the day........



This is Akachi Mark Njoku, he used to comment on this Blog with the ID Mark Morgan...
He is a serial scammer and scams money off both men and women, if you are a woman it does not matter whether you are married or not, he knows how to warm his way into his victims heart and scam them. He is a serial money borrower. if you have encountered him on this blog, please tell your story in the comment section and if not please be careful and watch.. His numbers will be posted in the comment section by his victims.....
Please write out his numbers in this format (eg zero eight zero....)
There are so many receipts of his dubious acts with accounts numbers of his transactions back and forth... please be careful if you are already dating him oh.... he might also propose to you to confuse you, all na lie oh, ...he does not have a house or own a car ...shine your eyes....
This guy is a professional n this thing he does and his modus operandi is so smooth, you will see receipts and still be shocked...... He also cries hot tears and threatens to kill himself if you reject him...



'Mind is nothing but a traffic of thoughts' as written up there!!

I have this neighbor, brought his wife (20years old) to join him here after marriage in Nigeria, girl was naΓ―ve, too innocent, young and to an extent uncivilized! In less than 6 years girl has given birth to 6 children (some twins), they still live with the kids in a single room and parlor, each time his mother in-law had to come for Omugwu he either have to travel or beg my husband to stay in our guest room till his mother in-law leaves!

When ever this lady comes to visit us she leaves in tears, in tears because of our lifestyle, she will cry and be like 'why can't my husband see such nice life' ? Me and my kids would Like to taste some of this living please, help me talk to my husband to at least move us from this one room now that the family has grown larger!!

This has continued to a point I felt uncomfortable inviting her over, I pretend to be asleep sometimes when she is at the gate, I lie severally Giving her excuses why I am avoiding her! Imagine such woman with such mind already!!

Recently, wife joined a female group in her church, meeting other ladies and mingling has started making wife to have an overall change! Wife now wants to change her wardrobe(because the other ladies made fun of her that she looks 60), wife no longer want to cook daily therefore asked for a fridge/freezer (even if it is bedside or table top), wife now wants beauty sleep (meaning he should help with heating his food when he finally comes home), wife wants a little shop (as she knows how to sew but never got to open a shop before marriage and becoming a mum), she only sews her children's cloths with the sewing machine that was offered as bride price,

Husband is Angry, and threatening to return wife if she do not stop attending such meetings or listening to other ladies, he now adds beating to the list (when wife serves him Indomie instead of the moi-moi he requested for).. Lol.. Wife is now really sad, confused whether to return to Nigeria but she has no desire to leave the kids behind for another lady to raise them, husband says his children are his PRIDE

Now, such a lady (Mind is a traffic of thoughts) what if that husband comes back home drunk as usually, request for food and wife says she has nothing for him he raises his hands to hit her and she picks up a kitchen knife in panic or confusion and accidentally stabs the man (no intention of killing) but unfortunately the man dies, what would one say????

Husband: feels his greatest achievement was to get married, he married the young lady to show to his friends in his village meeting group that he is also capable of getting g a wife and BRI going her over, to prove to them that he also can be a father hence no year passes without the young woman being pregnant! What does husband do for a living? One would ask::

Well, husband sells used phones in a popular market, husband leaves home 5am to return 9/30/10pm daily (except on Saturdays of course), before man leaves the house he drops little amount of money for the day, man doesn't eat out so all his meals are made by his wife daily (including his native foods that takes hours, time and strength to prepare), no maid to help wife with chores, nothing modern in the house, not even a blender or a washing machine, no money for taxi (as the house is far from the market) literally this woman is a JACKIE!!

Honorable neighbor never misses to stop at his favorite pub for a bottle or two of chilled beer before heading home, on arrival (at that wee hour of the night he expects wife to be awake, to serve him food, to unpack his bag (which will consist of the used plates from the day) and wash them, get it ready for the next day! If husband is in a ceremonial mood wife has to satisfy him sexually also, breastfeed children before getting her sleep!

Now, any day woman fails to cook he rewards her with insults! He regrets the money he used to marry her, he reminds her that her mates are still in the village farming, that she should be grated that she is among the few ladies in her community that have seen Lagos, and more grateful because she has crossed the boarders of Nigeria! Lady will cry herself to sleep after that insults!

Ms K.

I Ran into this in today spontaneous post and i dont know if it one writeup or several examples. Definitely not  a chronicle....
The mind is nothing but a traffic?



Please how can I deliver myself from a colleague that always wants to eat from me. Mind you I dont eat from her, so many times I have refused her offer of come and join me when she is eating.I love to cook my food from home even when I buy food, I dont like the idea of eating with her but she wont let me rest, she will be coming and going and before you know it she will just put her hand. I am just fed up, she just did it again now. Please help me

Maybe you should stop taking food to work if you cannot tell her to stop putting her hand in your food.... or you take a walk somewhere to eat and stop leaving your food alone in the office......



Dearest Stella,

Trust you are doing Great and this meets you well. Please help protect unsuspecting ladies from wicked men. So yesterday afternoon a guy who said his name was Obiora (
zero eight zero three seven three one four eight two eight) called that he got my number from Single of last year, because i didn't apply for this recent one.

His character was extremely questionable so, i played along (communication was via call) first call his already in love, asking me to send my account so he can help me financially which i didn't even give a second ear, After that call i refused to pick his calls anymore. This early morning, he called asking me to come to a mall at ikeja so he can take me out for shopping and i declined. This guy was persistent and he told me he will send his Uber driver to come pick me up and it won't be long as lagos is scanty. He promised to buy me any and everything i want but i refused. he was pissed, yet desperate.

This evening he kept calling 6 calls and i picked, he requested i take it to WhatsApp and send him my pictures. immediately i told him i will not, i haven't finished the statement he dropped the call. you need to see the insults this guy sent me.

Why am i sending this message, is to warn women/ladies in the group to be extremely careful. my number was among the last responses in that particular comment. This guy clearly was saying i call her name 7 times give her instruction but e no work - i really don't know what it means.
i just hope it's not what crossed my mind. The world is desperate, he could be a ritualist, organ harvesters, wicked being nobody knows. This is to avoid ladies from falling victim and hoping that none has fallen victim to him. because he said his been calling people and definitely continue.

Why in heavens name are there so many bad people? why????..... Please i think it is better we start using only meail addresses for the Stellas singles mingle and also advice people to be careful both with men and Ladies.... Tis World don change and things no be as e be before....



  1. Hot day with hot drama everywhere.

    This sun can melt somebody abeg.

  2. Ladies have been falling for love scam since I was born, they will keep falling till the end of time

  3. So them stilll Dey shift Paent for SDK?? Ikwakwakwakwakwa, a girl I met on SnM almost did the same with me, I was like huh? Send u money when I haven’t met you? I just ghosted on her! Stellz I have my own story o! πŸ˜†

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    1. Don't be stingy..... Share!!!!

    2. 🀣🀣🀣🀣 She wan run you street.

    3. eweleke🀣🀣. Thank God she no shift your boxer

    4. 🀣🀣 so kelv you be victim too ba.

    5. She wanted to shift your wallet 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
      Biko share money for the girls, don't be stingy πŸ™„

    6. My People yes o! Dem almost shift my wallet, “bosas “ and sanity Ikwakwakwakwakwa, I’ll try and send the mail to Stella!

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin )

  4. When you preach against racism but engage full time in tribalism, we have to gather word smiths to find a name for you

    1. It is really terrible.
      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @wordsmiths to find a name.
      Sincerely, tribalism in this country is appalling, disgraceful and disturbing.

      Good afternoon to all kind souls out there, the wicked ones should find their kind and collect greetings from them 🚢🏽‍♀️🚢🏽‍♀️🚢🏽‍♀️🚢🏽‍♀️

  5. You’re about to testify of God’s great miracles He did for you!-coybarker


  6. Some people are so desperate and wicked..

    It's time we all need to be careful and smart..Don't be too desperate in when dealing with some people because they tend to use ur weak point against you.

    That's said, how una dey hope hope u all are doing good?

  7. Good Afternoon Beautiful People! I love the caption above,you know your real friends in the storm

  8. Stella I tap into your miracle oh, your silent prayers always work for me, and I really need that Miracle that sounds like a lie in my life right now cos I know miracle no they tire Jesus, I want to share in your Miracle Stella. πŸ™.
    See as Owerri quiet since yesterday.

    1. Yeah, I noticed that.
      Was rushing my deals to leave O town just in case

  9. Welcome IHN πŸ’œ
    Greetings everyone
    God save us from these scammers ,let's us all becareful pls

  10. When God looks at you, He sees things that others ignores. Don't accept the opinion of others because they do not see what God sees.

  11. From the comment on spontaneous post. There’s no demand this wife has made that is actually outrageous (poster, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying u said that it insinuated that). Why should I be looking 60 when I’m not 60. Why should I have to cook everyday when I have 6 kids to take care of. I think she has finally joined the right cycle of friends sef.

    You are unable to take care of a wife and kids yet u went ahead to marry and now that she has requested the barest minimum, you are getting angry.

    God forbid bad thing.

    1. Six children in these economy. six children in a room and palour. I pray the woman find grace be empowered. God abeg.

    2. Don't mind the horseband man,,, foolish man, en for try am with en mate nah!

    3. The woman should use the authorities in that country to teach him a lesson . Get evidence of his abuse and report him. Useless man.
      Ms K pls advise her

  12. A I U, Asiri Improvement Union.
    One person, two or three different mouths. What they gain from it, I don't know.
    Anakogheri... Tufiakwa!

  13. My people, I greet una this afternoon oo. Today's IHN is loaded.
    Stella, may the miracle you're expecting come to manifestation πŸ™
    Make una enjoy the rest of the day.

  14. Good afternoon Jewelu and Bvs. The mind is the most powerful weapon in humans. Miracle no dey tire Jesus.

  15. The world has really changed and full of wickedness. God save and deliver us all.

    I love the sign our meme

  16. At a point in life, dreams become smaller as we age and reality comes into focus. Responsibilities, deadlines, bills become the motivation. The luster of possibilities typically dims.

    Sometimes, nothing makes sense to me anymore and all that was once clear is now being clouded with doubt.

    I begin to realize just how fragile I am.

    Life sometimes may take a different turn, but one thing I have learned is to look up and hold unto God.

    The peace that comes with pouring out myself to God is unmatched.

    May God protect each and everyone of us from harms way.

    There are a thousand and one way to make a genuine and legit way of living than giving in to scam/fraud.

    See you guys hopefully by Saturday or Sunday.

  17. Belated happy birthday to your Bambino SDK.

  18. He called her name seven times and gave her instructions, e no work? Ritualist!

    God saved you poster. A greedy lady would have fallen prey. He asked you to send account details so he can send you money, you refused.

    He asked you to meet him in a mall so he can buy anything you want for you, you refused

    He asked you to send your pics, you refused.

    See, some ladies ears would rise at the mention of account details, they would rush and send, from there, the ritualist will fish out their real names.
    Now add pictures to the mix and everything will work well for him .

    Enter cab and leave your house to meet him, anything your eyes, if you live to tell the story, thank your stars.

    1. This one was smart. If na dem dem, they for don send account number to receive surprise 5k. Buahahahahahahaaa 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    2. 15:52

  19. Good afternoon everyone, ihn is here with plenty update.

  20. Chai that man is wicked, why turn a young girl into a slave all in the name of marriage

  21. Lol..

    Since when Una begin allow long throat people call themselves Foodie.. Una Don commot the shame wey dem suppose dey feel, now dem dey do the long throat with pride, as a Foodie is concerned.. see as the Foodie won frustrate that babe for office.. now madam heart go dey beat fast anytime wet she won commot food chop.. how food won digest so lol..

    Same thing with 'prostitution' and 'Runs'..
    Same with 'fraudster' and 'working boy'..

    The early we stop white washing nonsense with woke names, the better for us all..

    1. 🀣🀣🀣longthroat don turn foodieπŸ˜„πŸ˜„.
      I will advise the poster if she can afford it to pack food for her colleague in a separate flask or sternly warn her to stop putting her hands in her food.

      Mama Lo and Behold, much love and respect I have for you.

  22. Husband and wife matter. That up there is a typical attitude of most Nigeria men especially those brought up by parents who see men as mini god. They feel they have done a woman a favour by marrying her. She had two options. Either to stand her feet and say enough is enough or continue acting to the desires of her husband. Her son's will grow up and continue from where he stopped while the daughters grow up to a life of soul dependent on a mans desires.

    So many people will want to crucify that wife who killed her husband from CCC's post this morning but forgeting that when you maltreat a human for long, he/she becomes a moving bomb which can explode any time.
    Every human matters, treat them well.

    1. @ your last paragraph, Eziokwu πŸ’―

    2. Exactly my point when I responded to that post this morning!! The write up is a true life story I am still neighbors with this couple, we live in same street just a stone throw from each other! I see her daily (if am not avoiding her) now she is currently 36, with 6 kids. Eldest child (a son) is about 10 years old or so, woman is still sweet N obidient and loyal but the hubby is just a piece of a**as sleeping around, beating her upNdown, when you interference he says 'give me back her bride price and add her as your wife number 2! So, me and my oga stopped talking! We only helped pay a private teacher to help her with English language so that she can maybe secure a good job or to help her gain admission into a tailoring school (or what ever they call those institution).. If e no get Y, I would have even not mind having such beautiful soul as co-wife but, only the husband is so blind to see such qualities in her. E dey pain me sha!! I pray daily for her that her mind don't get too corrupt to think about raising something against the yeye man of a Horseband. And be charged for murder that she didn't mean to commit.

      Ms K.

    3. Ms K pls advise her to gather evidence of his physical abuse next time and report him to the authorities. You can even record him secretly while beating her and report him, or call the cops on him next time he hits her. He needs to be taught a serious lesson. Useless man. They know the type of women they try shit with

    4. Please murder is not the solution to any matrimonial problem.

      We (especially we the unmarried) should stop insinuating the idea of it into the hearts of married people.

      No matter how bad you think your brother or sister is in marriage, you would not advise he/she be killed by their marital partner.

      The solution to a bad marriage are one of three - leave on best terms you can get; seek change of all bad circumstances, or seek a middle ground of the good and bad circumstances you can manage with.

      Anybody who has lost a family member in marriage related challenges always say why didn't he/she leave - leave all and move on.

      Experience is the best teacher. But sometimes, its lessons are bitter.

      I speak from experience. As it is said my side of Nigeria, who no go, no know.

  23. Perfect sign out meme. Stella thanks once again for unveiling scammers. Thanks to all those who report inspite of those on this blog who shame them. You are doing a lot in preventing others from falling victim. Please let us all be careful.

  24. If u are you not watching 81 hours marathon praise then u are missing 😭

    1. When and where is it airing? Kindly share

    2. I'm not.
      And I'm not missing anything.
      What has all the prayers and prophecies achieved so far in the country?
      Is there any area that has improved?

    3. Sharon, I am not missing anything. Watch your marathon peacefully. Hope it changes your mindset positively πŸ™„

    4. 🀣🀣🀣

  25. Good afternoon everyone πŸ₯°πŸ₯°
    My darling Starr,I saw your shout-out this morning,I am fine.hope you are good too?

    1. Yes boo, na just too much work stress dey worry me..say me hi to your babygirl

  26. Stella this @LADIES READ THIS AND BE CAREFUL is not only by men. Ladies are into it too. We participated in one of last year's single and mingle and up till now we still get requests and calls from both guys and ladies both on my email and his line.
    I think it is perpetrated by the yahoo people on this blog. You'd be surprised how many yahoo boys and girls and their cronies read your blog. My question is, what happened to the latest edition? Why not pick from it. Curiously, you will wondering why go back to the ones that have birthed 3 or 4 newer editions? Where were they when that former one was made.

    1. They pick their victims batch by batch. For instance, they pick ten victims this month, by the time they are done with them, it would be months already, before they go back to get more victims

    2. Who is the we?
      Una dey do tag team dey do SnM?

  27. This MM scammer guy will have plenty blog IDs. He will still be operating silently.

  28. Xp cast you, you too cast her. First half 1:1🀣🀣🀣🀣

    I transfered both my house/ shop rent to the respective landlords on tuesday night and I'm still in sifia pains fam. I hate spending my money😭😭😭

    1. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ,, Miss Aboki do you want to use the paper and sew ball gown and bubba? Lol.. money is meant for spending!

    2. Kudos Aboki, I love your growth. You now pay your rent and other bills from your purse, you don't wait for giveaway anymore.
      I pray that God comes through for others here who are still waiting for SDK to give them small change before they can do something meaningful with their lives.

    3. 16:12 Hers is a success story. Many of them have begging in their blood. They are ready to beg till the end of time. And when they receive they can never ever give. One shingbai can never drop, it is forbidden. And they wonder why there is no growth in their lives.

    4. 16:11 see how you shaded both the poster and others 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣

    5. I like your growth babe 😘

    6. More wins with plenty money my love

  29. Nawa oo things are really happening. The office lady, please if you don't have the courage to caution your colleague, just stop taking food to the office. She's a long throat period.

  30. That is how some guys here always do, you will post during Singles mingles they won't call or message you, it is after 6 months they will be calling and messaging you claiming they saw your post on Singles mingles, bloody liars, sons of the devil with negative plans, na so una plans no go ever work in Jesus name

  31. It takes nothing to be an honest man/ woman, if you sum up the money you (MM) have scammed people, it not enough to erase the dent on your image. Too bad!

    Baba God I dey wait for my own miracle ooo, Good hot afternoon country people!

    1. Did you calculate the single a f or married pants shifted on false promises?

  32. I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers, may God have mercy on us and save his soul. I appreciate all your prayers, God please hear their prayers and help my family.

  33. Good afternoon everyone 😊😊
    It's a sunny day ☀️☀️

  34. I hate gluttony with everything in me. Where I worked a long time ago, some of my co workers will dip hands or spoons in my food when I'm eating. I find it repulsive so I'd always leave the food for them when it happens. They'll want to drink from your bottle of soda, satchet water etc. I don't join them to eat theirs, so why won't they leave mine? One day, I just had to politely but sternly tell them to back the hell off! And they did.

    In my former neighborhood, there was this pregnant woman that owned a grocery shop. One day, I was in her shop gisting while she was eating. So this lady Clara was coming to the shop. As soon as the woman heard Clara's voice, she quickly hid her food under one of her shelves. She was so fast, I was confused. The lady dropped a few idle gossips, asked the woman if she 'never cook' and left. When she left, this woman brought out her food and continued eating. She told me she hid the food because the lady would have pounced on it uninvited and the food is too little to share. She also does it to every other person. Chineke Nna. This is a working class lady doing well for herself o.
    What a shame! Akpiri ogologo! Do people hide their food when they see you? Or change their mood when you join them uninvited? CHANGE!

    1. If u are not my close friend, I am not touching ur food or drink even with a very long spoon but my friends and I, gbagbe, we don’t have shame when it comes to eating from one another

    2. That was how my neighbour entered my sitting room, saw my imperial bread, grabbed it and wanted to start eating from it. I jejely took it from him and cut for him by myself. Another day, he wanted to do same with my glucose D, I shout give am and warned him well. Do not take my stuff without my permission. Shame catch am small. Lol.

    3. Exactly Castle, I try as much as possible to avoid people's food, so why would you join me to eat mine? Some things are not needed to be voiced out, as a reasonable human, you ought to know what is right and do it.

      I can only share with you if we're at home, not when we're at work or school and you don't even know of that's the only thing I have to sustain me through out the day. When I've enough money with me, I buy for my friends tho and vice versa.

    4. Not just agbiri ogologo, poverty follow join...more of such would happen

    5. Don't let people share your drink by putting their mouth on the same bottle or straw you are drinking from. I don't even do it with with my kid make e no get used to am for house. Kids learn from what they see not what you tell them not to do. I honestly can't understand how people drink from the same straw or bottle with people they barely know. A colleague was drinking a new brand I hadn't seen and I asked her if it was good. She kindly asked me to take a sip but I couldn't and declined. My shock was that she asked me me to drink from the same bottle that was in her mouth few seconds ago. Hepatitis is real abeg.

    6. 15;46, that your married male neighbor that you give foodstuff to? Leave person husband aloneπŸ™„

    7. Married male neighbour no dey shame to enter single woman house to drag food?
      Im wife no dey feed am? If the woman disrespect him now, he will start snivelling.

  35. An average Nigerian has a scammer mindset.
    I'm not surprised.
    When these yahoo boys are busy scamming the white people and some of us you see Nigerians hailing them, even in a church meeting my mom attended, her "friend" & some other members were hailing a particular guy who hit it big in his yahoo-yahoo business, hailing him for dealing with the oyibo, my mom was surprised and numbed!
    She began asking them please what did the whites do such that you guys are hailing yahoo boys and asking them to deal with them by scamming them off their hard earned money? They all went quiet .
    So you see if these yahoo boys can do it to oyibo man or woman(love/business scam) then nothing stops them from doing it to any boy/girl/man/woman they meet on a daily basis or by any chance.
    Make una continue.
    My dad was a victim of yahoo men until he finally died from shock and heart attack.
    So you all should continue, curse go follow everything bad go follow, you think you are enjoying money you didn't work for.
    One day your cup will be filled, every dog get him own day...

    Omo that story about the mind being a traffic...
    It feels very sad that women/wives have been reduced to mere slaves all in the name of marriage.

    God forbid

    1. Same way a woman in my area was hailing and praising her Yahoo twins saying she's proud of their smartness and sharpness. That she born better children.

    2. Could you people stop these negative blanket statements about Nigerians? I don't see Indians making these statements about average Indians being a scammer even though people in NA get constant calls from Indian based scammers frequently and a documentary on how huge these fraud call centers are in India has even been made to warn Canadians. I don't see an average American classifying themselves as serial killers and mass murderers, even with the gin violence that exist on their country today. Why should average Nigerians be labeled because of actions of a few? What is the population of Nigeria vs scammers? If you weren't raised to be honest, some were and are still honest and principled in their daily grind.

  36. OMO who send me this afternoon? see hot sun that can roast yam oo.

    Election is over can we please go back to our normal life TUBU? ( Tinubu and Buharia)

    lemme gist una small wetin my eye see yesterday as I dey look for cash to go out.
    First got to the bank close to home at about 7:30 am and waited till they started sharing no. na with fight o, before you say jack ... awon alagbara don collect the nos. finish. Me no kuku get power to drag. na so I wait oo till.... they finish. Luckily we wey no get no. don form another line and kept praying make money remain for us as na 3k only dem dey give.
    My dear brethren... as I enter for my own turn , the Bank lady collected my card slot in. I enter my pin , she punched 3k, na so machine display.... unable to dispence cash. I died and woke up again 😭 past 12 already.

    with determination I waka go one filling station and spoke with the sales guy to help me with cash or any customer that wants to buy in cash to use my ATM. Guy say they don't use pos there.
    I was just walking and contemplating what next when I saw this shop and the woman dey sell Well well.
    She finally agreed to give me 5k for 1250. I no fit shout, Madam abeg bring am . God bless you !
    Na so my Naira chronicle waka take go.

    Cheers as the day progresses famz 😍.

  37. This MM story is quite shocking tbh!! Everyone’s darling turned out to be a sham lmao, my omo is omoed!!! I’d never have guessed, really!

    Stella I recently saw your memo to me some days back asking if he scammed me lmao, I haven’t spoken to him in almost a year, we barely spoke for a month after you have him my Email address before I cut him off; not because he did anything to me but because he’s typically not the kind of person I’d associate with (not to sound elitist) despite your matchmaking efforts lol

    And you should tell BVs the full story about the birthday gift he wanted to send me that I rejected several times but you eventually convinced me to accept it as it wasn’t a big deal but none of us knew his true nature.

    After saying no, you sent me this email:

    “ I wonder what u r scared of.....

    It was Mark morgan that asked for your account details
    he wanted to buy you a cake thu me but i told him giving food to strangers is not a good idea so i told him to give u the cash equivalent...he says he likes u.
    he wont be commenting on the blog for a while cos he is travelling outside of naija for work....

    i can give him your email if you allow me”

    After this email above I still rejected the offer because I wasn’t comfortable with the whole idea but then you sent me the message below:

    “it is a gift, let him do it...i already drilled him, its nothing serious or a big deal..he likes how you comport yourself...
    stop behaving like all these babes that piss of someone abeg......u r being offered a gift without anything and you are doing sakara for what? abeg abeg abeg

    dont reject that money and please just be yourself...i drilled him and hes ok..he is even gifting {redacted} money for his {redacted} burial..please dont mention this to him...
    i will give him your email....”

    Pls y’all should stop dragging me over a miserly 10k Abeg, it’s not even up to half of what I use to get my nails done 😫

    And only God knows what woman he scammed to gift me that cursed birthday gift but I already told Stella that I’m returning that shit expeditiously, I’m also tripling it and she can gift it to one of his victims or whomever she deems fit, idec

    Back to stealth mode Abeg πŸ˜’

    1. LMAOOOOO, 'I drilled him don't worry accept it.' 'I drilled him go ahead, he's ok.' As a drillers that you are. 'Hes going out of Nigeria, I wont be commenting.' (Because there's no internet abroad my people πŸ™ƒ)
      I like this Akachi mark Njoku's tory. E sweet me for belle no be lie.

    2. So you make your nails for 25k/30k/40k etc Osheeey rich kid! πŸ˜‚

  38. Hello ihn 😘
    Good afternoon everyone and how's your day going.

    Chai,the sun today can roast corn, talking about 🌽 yesterday I saw fresh roasted 🌽 and I almost shed a tear,I couldn't buy and how can I ask the seller if she collects transfer πŸ˜ͺ Emefiele you no try at all.

    Jewelu,I'm happy for you and I tap in your miraclous tesrimtes,miracle no dey tire Jesus.

    SP post,that man is the real definition of horseband. So because he maeemar a naive woman he wants to turn her to a maid,even a maid will run away from his type of oga. Her demands are nothing out of the ordinary sef.

    Scammers na wa o,I'm sure that guy is a ritualist.Poster thank God for your kind of person,some long throat babes would have fallen for his trick.

    Bvs I salute you all.
    E go surely be ✌️

    1. Honestly I wanted to buy tomatoes,the woman doesn't collect transfer,I just went to buy beans from my customer that collects transfer,I don tire

  39. Good afternoon everyone

  40. Poster that her colleague is always eating out of her food, please be careful before you are initiated into witchcraft. That may be her ploy to get you to eat her food since you may feel she's been eating from yours. Don't fall for it.
    Stand your ground and tell her to STOP! God knows I'll throw my food away in her presence or make her finish alone if she dips her hands into my food. I CAN'T EAT TOGETHER WITH A STRANGER, no matter what!
    Similar thing happened to me, a close colleague told me to bring her my food from home, I told her I will NEVER try that. She was like, " I trust you now, you can't hurt nor poison me" I still maintained my stance, next she asked me for spoon πŸ₯„ and I willingly gave her but never used it again, I brought a new one from home and kept the used one in my drawer in case she needs it next time. One day, she borrowed it and never returned, I kept calm and waited for the day she'll ask me for spoon, not long after , she did and I plainly told her 'No'. She was shocked and tried to guilt trip me by threatening to eat the food with her hands, I simply told her to go ahead and she did. Omo, enjoy your beans and bread with hand, na im sweet pass sef. I hate sharing personal items with people who are not my immediate family.

  41. 'Mind is nothing but a traffic of thoughts,' was the good morning message from you @Stella on SP.. And someone wrote about the death of her neighbor who was accidentally stabbed by his wife over food related conflict and some people were already blaming the wife and calling her name already hence I thought to share this long real life story of my neighbors! It is not a chronicle at all, just someone's daily life style that is yet to change which we all are praying it changes for good and not i n disaster as the BV shared! People should not be quick to blame the other, my neighbor has been living a sad depressed woman but, always put on the best and most contiguous smile that no one would know except you are a close friend of theirs! Someone like me I would not be shocked if I hear that she decides to fight back but like I already said.. We all do not want it to end in disaster.

    Ms K.

  42. Mr Obiorah I told you your cup would soon be full, didn't I ? This is just the beginning.

  43. Phobia are the things we are scared of, while Phile are the things we love.

  44. Let me gist you guys
    There is man in my area he's a medical laboratory technician married with 3kids all girls. Abandoned his wife because she gave birth to girls married another woman last year , she gave birth yesterday oga don abandoned her for hospital because she gave birth to a girl also funny enough he was he one that did her scan which the results was a boy and was pampering her oo. Now madam don born girl. Both of them were mocking the the first wife ooo when she was pregnant.

    1. 2 extremely dense people.
      So the medic doesn't know that it is his chromosome that determines gender of the baby?
      Daft thing.

    2. Haba!!!! Wahala be like bicycle!!


    3. Useless man
      I blame ladies who accept this type of man back after years of abandonment, when the girls have become successful. Someone like me, you try that with me and my kids, you won't be able to come near a mile from where I and my kids are in future. You will die a lonely sad, man.

    4. Some men ehn...
      My dad's former best friend's first wife had 2 girls before she died. He remarried and the woman gave birth to 7 beautiful girls. Wealthy man like this. Left the marriage and started running upandan with one widow with 4 boys, because yeah, boys gather her stomach. She has 2 girls for him now. He's now so wayward, drinking anyhow. Used to work in a very big company but was laid off cos of his wayward lifestyle. Smh

    5. 16:41
      It is proverbial, but not always true.

      Not all men who abandon their first family die broke and lonely.

      Some die richer in love and wealth.

      Here is not to support waywardness by any man or shallow thinking as in the voted case.


  45. PART ONE:

    This Akachi Mark Njoku's story apologies if this sounds unfeeling but anyone who fell for this kind of scammer is either hungry, desperate or mentally slow.

    Like very very veeeeeery slow.

    I was actually expecting to see someone totaly different.
    I thought that the pictures posted were a mistake.
    So I checked him on Facebook.
    ....C'mon now, this is the person who works in a multinational company BAT???? That is CEO of his own company???? The one they said was hustling for 1GB data??


    You see why I say many of you are extremely slow? This man looks like one of those guys who repairs phones at Banex.

    The way some of you rush to give strangers your account number once you hear free money is embarrassing

    Because of how porous our banking system is, people can actually check your account balance and if there is anything tangible there, you know what follows.

    Lastly I saw one Anon's comment talking about why didnt anyone warn anybody yadi yadi ya.
    Aunty with all due respect, nobody owes you shit.
    The sooner that life lesson sinks into your skull and you adopt it as a life practice, I promise you, the better the world will be.

    When you know nobody owes you jack, your 7 senses will always be at high alert. Because if people do good, we thank God. If people do bad, yadiba.

    Then lastly lastly, if you are genuinely a woman of means, when you are on social forums understand that you are a target of jobless loafers, young and old. They will surround you buttocks clapping looking for what to eat. You are their next meal ticket if you allow them. Protect yourself.

    If I feel the need to make a comment on anything I've acquired, new house, car, etc I do it as anon. Yes anonymous. I'm not here to impress anybody and I dont care to know anyone here. I also dont want to attract the usual fff, ffmts, from, because them boku here like sand. When i was in the UK for 3 months i was commenting like someone eating amala at White House.

    No personal pictures of me or anything I own on my SM pages. So many times I see people have crawled through my personal pages looking for what they can use to their advantage.

    Exercise is futility.

    Protect yourself and keep your eyes peeled.

    1. You're very correct. People get hurt by others because of what they know about them most especially their financial capabilities

    2. They were not slow,they showed desperation then he climbed on it .

    3. They are SLOW!!
      As in drawing like ogbono & okra slooooooooooow.

      You can be desperate and HIDE it.

      The person trying to scam you is he not DESPERATE TOO?
      Desperate for your money, your coochie, your car and anything else he can get.

      But he HIDES his DESPERATION.

      Why can't you hide yours too?

      Because you are sloooooooooooow.🀦‍♀️

  46. Miracle no dey tire Jesus. I need a miracle that sounds like a lie.

    Poster with the food issue, why not just tell your colleague to always bring her own food if she knows she's interested in eating in the office. Which kind wahala be that na, some people are just outrightly shameless

  47. Stella like seriously?
    I opened my mouth waaah, you initiated the waaah when you pinched your keyboard prrriiii to enable the comment from that pained anony yesterday bearing my name. Am I the "causer" of their problem?
    Am I their blog principal abi matron who ought to have prevented them from being scammed abi?

    Do you even know the age bracket of all these dick starved women?
    They stay typing Amu Na Ekele and you enabled, you think these bobos won't crave them?
    Rapum aka o.

    We both know my reply was heavily edited,no let me write the full version,some will no longer sleep,you sef go get heart attack.

    Mark did wrong,yes,was he lured?instigated ?Oh hell yes.

    Please allow me enjoy my lunch.
    Will be back at night.


    1. 'Lured' who?
      'Instigated who?
      Is he a child?
      This over 40 year old married man with head full of white hair is who you are saying was 'lured'??? As per tara or what?
      May God not let us see shovel and call it serving spoon.

    2. *as per tata

    3. I doubt he's more than 40.

      Yes,they lured him,go find old posts,he was shying away for a better part of the funny period.
      When he is absent for some days, they complain.

  48. So I hope all akachi mark njoku's friends and supporters here and all those ladies he was exchanging lewd commentary have reached out to him?
    Abi the 'friendchip' no pass ya teeth.
    His gender nko?
    Una don go greet am as per bro level?

    1. They won't reach out to him, they're busy venting in anonymous but when they were parambulating and monkeying around with him,they did so boldly with their blog IDs.

  49. Stella that number that was posted on yesterday's IHN by a lady has contacted me before, not once but twice because on the 2 editions of S and M i participated in, i used different numbers( lost the first line so i got a new number). He claims he is a business man in one of the biggest markets in lagos and a big boy in Lagos, He has a very bad attitude and he is quick to throw abusive words.
    He thinks all participants on s and m are desperate, so he dangles the "marriage card or send me your details so i can credit you card" the moment he chats a girl up. The moment you refuse any of his offer he starts insulting you.
    Personally I think he is a mad man because 5 days after we started chatting, he called but i couldn't pick because i was busy. Do you know by the time I was done with what I was doing and wanted to call him back, i saw four text messages from him. They were all filled with insults, i wanted replying but i realized he had blocked me everywhere.
    Who acts that way if not a mad man.
    He later unblocked me and apologized, after 2 days he started his madness again, i kuku sent him back all the insults he sent me, added Jara on it then blocked the idiot. There was no more communication between us until he contacted me using my new number on the 2nd s&m i participated in. He introduced himself using a different name but the same format he used the first time. Didn't bother going further with the chat after i realized it was him.
    His real name is Michael(although he has used different names like Ken, Obiora), his business name is Jakels ventures, he is tall, dark skinned, bald and stupid, he is into plus sized women and he does married women too. This is his number zero eight zero three seven three one four eight two eight. I have his pictures if you are interested in seeing what he looks like.

    I hope this info helps someone out there who is planning to settle for him or is rejoicing she has found "the one".

    1. Send Stella the pictures with the receipts let her post. One innocent sister has probably gone to do introduction with this caricature.

    2. This is the number that he contacted me eight one three six three one three eight nine three


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